Content Writer (X-Plane)

The Opportunity

FSElite has an immediate opening for a Content Writer dedicated to X-Plane and it’s third-party developer add-ons. We’re looking for a writer with a solid writing background to cover developing stories through the week and find news of interest to our readership. Content Writers also have the opportunity to produce Editorials under the guidance of our experienced editors.

We value ambitious reporting, well-crafted prose, an engaging voice and savvy use of social media. Ideal candidates will have the proven ability to report and write well in diverse areas, such as news, first looks, and reviews.

Rewarding Impact

Making an impact isn’t something reserved for people in corner offices. At FSElite, it comes from people in all corners of the globe. People with ambition, optimism, and integrity. Those that share these traits will be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. With such a vast community comes plenty of opportunities for us to return the favor and provide incentives.

  • We provide a full training package to ensure you’re fully ready to take on the challenge of contributing to the largest Flight Simulation website on the net.
  • Our popularity means we’re able to put you in touch with your favourite developers and publishers. Ask them for support, submit your ideas and be their first pick for beta testing in the future.
  • We always put our people first meaning that if an opportunity comes up with our partners, we’ll put your name forward for any potential contract work.
  • If you produce, develop or publish content for flight sim, we’ll do our best to publish it through our channels to help with your exposure.
  •  Our team is made up of industry insiders, real-world pilots and content experts. Seek their advice, pick their brains and engage with some of the most passionate people around for both your simulation and real-world needs.
  • Content to enhance your sim experience for both review and personal use.

The Day-To-Day

Below are some of the responsibilities you will have as a Content Writer (X-Plane).

  • Report, engage and inform on the latest news in the X-Plane community in a timely and coherent fashion.
  • Source and investigate X-Plane related news and content, then share it with the FSElite community.
  • Review X-Plane content, both written and oral, alongside providing relevant screenshots enhancing the user experience.
  • Build rapport with the community through the commenting system on FSElite and social channels.
  • Manage relations with X-Plane developers in a positive way to build rapport.
  • Provide recommendations to grow communities, social media followers, and engagement
  • Increase engagement and follower subscription through FSElite community and social media efforts


Below are the minimum requirements for this role.

  • Proficient in the English language
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with exceptional interpersonal skills
  • 18 years of age or above
  • Good standing within the flight simulation community
  • Highly organized with excellent attention to detail
  • Must be comfortable being a self-starter, working independently, and creating concrete plans with input from a variety of sources and team members
  • PC capable of running X-Plane to a high standard
  • X-Plane 11