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Welcome Nick To The Video Team: An FSElite Introduction

We’re hugely proud to announce a new addition to the growing FSElite video team. It’s with pleasure that I welcome Nick to the team. Nick has many years of flight simulation video content creation and will be joining the team as another producer.

I’m going to keep the text short as Nick does a wonderful job of showcasing his talent, who he is and what he will bring to the table.

You may also know Nick as NickFlightX. He has produced a bunch of video for simulation including promotional content, real-world vlogging and more. You can check out that channel on YouTube.

Please join me in welcoming him to the team. We can’t wait to show you the content we have in store for you guys.

Finally, we’re still keen to build our growing global team. If you’re interested, you can find out more on our newly re-designed join page.

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Virtual-Fly Yoko the Yoke Video Review [The Flight Sim Deck]

Our friend and fellow video producer TheFlightSimDeck was also lucky enough to get his hands (literally) on the Virtual-Fly Yoko The Yoke. Whilst this review is independent of the FSElite written review we published late last year, the comments on what Patrick liked and disliked are very similar. Furthermore, as we work closely on a daily basis, it only made sense to share this review with our community. Let’s call it an ‘unofficial’ FSElite review in that sense.

Regardless, you can visually see the Virtual-Fly Yoko the Yoke in action thanks to Patrick’s video.

If you’d like to read our written review, you can do that here. Or you can visit our Virtual-Fly hub to stay up to date with the latest news, reviews and content from the team.

Be sure to subscribe on YouTube to him for more hardware content in the future. If you’re feeling generous, give us a subscribe also!

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Happy Holidays from FSElite

Just a quick message to our community wishing everyone a happy holiday from the FSElite team. 2018 has been incredible from the number of releases to the amount of support we get from the community every day. We are really humbled by it all and it really drives us to continue making the site bigger and better.

2019 will soon be upon us and we’re super keen to start bringing out even more amazing content. For now, myself and the rest of our amazing team of volunteers will be taking it easy over next few days, spending time with family and recharging batteries. We have a few things scheduled to come out, but do forgive us if we don’t update as frequently as you would expect.

Please enjoy our short video wishing everyone well for the holidays and into the new year. For now, thank you again and speak to you all very soon!

Just a quick reminder to take part in our Holiday Grand Raffle.

Also, if you’re keen to share the journey with myself and the rest of the team, why not have a look at our positions and apply for something! We have some cool stuff lined up so we’re looking for some new talented people to join us.

Additionally, if you’re after a bargain, there are still plenty of deals on-going. Details can be found in our Festive Sales Round Up post.

Finally, our first big event taking place in 2019 will be our annual Community Choice Awards. More details on that soon!

Thanks everyone!

The whole FSElite team!

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Interview with Oz Flight Sim Expo [Via NovaWing24]

Our friend and YouTuber NovaWing24 took the time to make a special edition of his NovaWrap to talk to Oz Flight Sim Expo organiser Dan. Taking place in the HARS Aviation Museum in Australia, the event intends to bring simmers from the country together in one place to look at the latest hardware and flight simulation software.

Taking place on Saturday November 17th and Sunday 18th, the event looks to have a range of exhibitors and speakers talking about their products and showcasing some new stuff off. With plenty of people expected to turn up with the wonderful back-drop, it should be a pretty exciting event.

We’re lucky to be able to re-confirm FSElite will be present at Oz Flight Sim Expo this year and we’ll be sharing some exciting new product announcements live at the event.

In the mean time, watch the 30 minute behind the scenes footage NovaWing24 recorded and find out a little more about the show taking place in just over 2 weeks.

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