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The Journey to Virtual Fly: The FSElite Original

Let’s take a journey to Virtual-Fly, in Spain, using the Xcub and Virtual-Fly hardware(YOKO+, RUDDO+, TQ6+) in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


PC Specs

  • Case: Lian-Li 0-11 Dynamic XL
  • Mobo: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
  • CPU: Intel i9 9900K (Stock Clocked)
  • GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080Ti
  • RAM: 64gb G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4 @ 3600
  • 850W Platinum certified power supply, 280mm Liquid-cooled
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LatinVFR Hartford Bradley International Airport KBDL: The FSElite Review

YouTube Thumbnail Template 2019
In this video, I give my review of the P3D v4 version of LatinVFR's Hartford Bradley International Airport KBDL. We will be taking a look at the building and ground modeling and textures, included SODE features, seasonal variation, and more. Don't forget to subscribe to the FSElite YouTube channel for additional reviews and other content! Software: Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4.5
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iniBuilds A300-600F: The FSElite First Look

IniBuilds A300 600F The FSElite First Look
Tim and Lee share their first impressions of the iniBuilds A300-600RF: On the Line. If you are looking for a new widebody 'bus for your hangar, this aircraft is worth a look Music - Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata from YouTube Creator Studio Links:
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Tour of Kiribati

When Microsoft announced the release times for the new Flight Simulator, many of you immediately decided to immigrate to the Republic of Kiribati. This small series of islands out in the Pacific Ocean was the talk of many flight simmers today who were keen to get their hands on the simulator as soon as they could simply because it was the first country in the world to be able to unlock and download the sim.

To celebrate what has been quite the geography lesson for many (I didn’t even know where the island was before today), we thought we would give you a tour of this hotspot. If you look closely enough, you’ll see hoards of flight simmers with their PCs still downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Anyway, it’s just a few hours to go until the rest of Europe and the Americas can get their hands on the simulator we described as “the most graphically, technologically and most accessible flight simulator ever made.”

This video was produced by one of our Video Producers, NickFligthtX.

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Exclusive: Orbx LOWI Innsbruck Airport For Microsoft Flight Simulator

Exclusive Orbx Innsbruck Airport For Microsoft Flight Simulator
Incase you missed our live stream earlier today, we've captured some exclusive raw footage featuring Orbx's Innsbruck Airport (LOWI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Video was captured using Ultra settings at 1440p, exported at 1080p. It should be noted that these previews are from a pre-release build from Orbx and these previews do not indicate an immediate release as no release
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Watch our Microsoft Flight Simulator AMA

16×9 2133×1200 Highres Airbus A320
Last week we recorded live responses to many of your questions and requests for places to go and fly over and explore. We took your requests on Thursday 30th, spent all day capturing footage for you and then answered all of your questions (or at least as many as we could) over an hour session. Of course, there's still plenty to
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