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TheFlightSimDeck: Propair Flight Falke SF-25 C First Look (FYC)

Today we’re in Lake Tahoe, NV getting ready to depart on a gliding mission in the obscure German motor glider known as the Falke SF-25 C developed by Propair Flight.

An FSElite video and review will be coming very soon!

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[Flightsimguy] Fort Lauderdale FL to Kingston Jamaica feat. Flysimware’s Learjet 35A – pt. 1 (FYC)

FSX Boxed Fort Lauderdale FL To Kingston Jamaica Feat. Flysimwares Learjet 35A Pt. 1
Please note, this is NOT an official FSElite review of the Flightsimware Learjet 35A. There are only 2 payware LearJets for FSX, and Flysimware's Lear35A is one of them.  This is a serious business jet. Today we're going from Fort Lauderdale Florida, to Kingston Jamaica while we evaluate this Learjet. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. My
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[Flightsimguy] How to Configure Your Router For Multiplayer in FSX Steam (FYC)


This clip shows you how to setup FSX Steam for multiplayer flying.  A few points to remember:

  • Only one player (the one hosting the gaming session) needs to do the port forwarding.
  • You can only multiplayer with another person using steam.  You can’t multiplayer with other flavors of FSX thru port forwarding alone.
  • Using the VPN won’t make a difference.  You still have to do port forwarding.
  • Only FSX of the same flavors will work together.  If you have FSX boxed and want to Multiplayer with another player using FSX Boxed, this technique works BUT you need to forward a different set of ports.
  • Different flavors of FSX, P3D, and even X-plane can fly together in a Multiplayer session in several ways:  Use a service such as VATSIM, or a peer-to-peer client such as Joinfs.  Will post that video next week.
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[Flightsimguy] [FSX SE] Milviz Weather Radar Review (FYC)

FSX SE Milviz Weather Radar Review
Please note, this is NOT an official FSElite review. Today I'm taking RealAir's Beech Duke through some rain (from Columbus to Cincinnati), to test the Milviz Weather Radar simulator. Now, you can always have real time weather with you when you fly GA aircraft in FSX, FSX SE, or P3D. Like my facebook page at: Posted as part of the FSElite
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FSElite Exclusive: FlythemaddogX MD80 Beta Footage – Part 1

FSElite Preview FlythemaddogX MD80 Beta Preview
The team at Leonardo Soft House has given FSElite the opportunity to have hands-on access to their upcoming FlythemaddogX MD80. Having such unrestricted access to a product prior to release enables us to really dig deep into the aircraft and provide you with lots of footage, screenshots and impressions whilst building up to the release of the product. Today, I present
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[Flightsimguy] Flight Simulation’s Most Popular Approaches: Innsbruck feat. Aerosoft CRJ 900 (FYC)

FSX Boxed Flight Simulations Most Popular Approaches Innsbruck Feat Aerosoft CRJ 900
The approach to Innsbruck is not a particularly difficult one, however it is one of the most scenic runs there is. Innsbruck is located in a valley 2k feet up on the Bavarian Alps, between Germany and Austria. Today I'm taking a quick hop from Munich to Innsbruck. I'm using the Aerosoft CRJ 900 because they just issued a major
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