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How-To: Using the New Orbx Central App (V4.0)

We take you through all the new features of the brand new Orbx Central app, along with quick step-by-step on how to install your first product using the new built-in payment system. The above video will go through your initial set-up of the new application along with how you can migrate your products over to the new library system.

You can read all about the new update on our previous post.

Download Orbx Central:



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Aerofly FS 2 | KLGA Expressway Visual RWY 31 | Airbus A320 (FYC)

Aerofly FS 2 KLGA Expressway Visual RWY 31 Airbus A320
The Flight Sim Deck brings you a video in Aerofly FS2 on the LaGuardia Expressway visual approach for runway 31. As one of the more famous and challenging approaches in the country, it's crucial to have scenery with the proper visual cues. This is where Aerofly really shines! After you've received clearance for the Expressway Approach you will cross Prospect Park.
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) Learjet 45: Swiss Connection (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience Learjet 45 Swiss Connection
The first of the 2018 Aerofly  FS2 virtual tour series, Bel Geode is back in the cockpit to examine the sim, and wax poetically about the aircraft and scenery. This time around will take us to the majestic alpine land of Switzerland. The learjet 45 will be skirting the country on a course from Zurich to Geneva, in this introduction
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F4U Corsair: Rocky Mtn, Hi! (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift ExperienceF4U Corsair Rocky Mtn Hi
Colorado is HERE!! The week of November 6th, 2017, Aerofly FS2 users were treated to the release of the FREE DLC for the entire state of Colorado, USA. With over 30 usable airports, and loads of new scenery making tricks, Colorado has become a feast for the eyes. For tonight's flight, Bel hops into his favorite World War II fighter-
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[Bel Geode] (Aerofly FS2) F/A-18C Hornet: Area 51 (FYC)

AeroFly FS2 Oculus Rift Experience FA 18C Hornet Area 51
In the last episode, Bel spoke about the HMD or Helmet Mounted Display. Tonight you will get the chance to see what it looks like in the Oculus Rift. For this flight, we will be flying from Twentynine Palms, in California, to Homey Airport, on Groom Lake... Better known as Area 51. Posted as part of the FSElite Featured YouTube Community project.
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