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RFSceneryBuilding release Tenerife North (GCXO)

RFSceneryBuilding can add another impressive project to their growing list of airports. Today they have released Tenerife North (GCXO) airport, formerly known as Los Rodeos airport. This airport is infamous for the biggest disaster in aviation history in which two 747’s collided. Today, Tenerife North serves as one of the main hubs for the Canary Islands, connecting all seven islands with each other and the mainland.

Tenerife North comes with custom buildings and vehicles, custom lighting for runways, taxiways and light masts, very nice textures with glass effects for windows and automatic season textures. Furthermore, there is support for a large amount of third party ground textures such as Orbx FTX Global, free photographic scenery of Spain, FSSimVR-Spain VFR Mesh for Canary Islands and last but not least for Taburets Italy Mesh. You can pick this scenery up for AUD$23.85 right now from the FlightSimStore. It is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v2 and P3Dv3. One slight note to add is that RFSceneryBuilding recommends using Orbx FTX Trees HD.

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Envtex SP1 announcement

In a post on Facebook, TOGA Projects have let us know that they have updated their popular Envtex addon to version 1.0.5. This update improves several features, and is great news of course. But the real news is the announcement of service pack 1. According to them, SP1 will bring a complete revamp of the user interface and ‘bring modern visuals’, as suggested in our review of Envtex. SP1 will also add new customisation options and more.

More details on the 1.0.5 update can be found over here. Make sure to follow us to keep up to date with Envtex SP1!

Carendo PA46 Meridan FSX/P3D Coming Soon!

Over on the Carendo Facebook Page they made an exciting announcement about their latest project the PA46 Meridan! The light aircraft which is manufactured by Piper Aircraft in Florida, has the capacity of 5 Passengers and 1 Pilot. The aircraft will be welcomed in our community as no other developer has released/developed a PA46 Meridan! No pricing or release date has been announced so stay here at FSElite for further updates!

Black Box Simulation v0.850 – Fully Functional Demo and Introduction to the Pre Flight Manager

Update: There seems to be some confusion. Just to clarify, the update to v0.850 will be FREE for anyone who has already bought the product. The demo will be free for those wishing to try it out. The Pre Flight Manager comes packaged with the update for FREE.

Hope this helps.


Black Box Simulations have come under a lot of fire lately, from various different sources, regarding their Airbus products.

As a direct result of this, BBS have decided to really step up the game and provide a free, fully functional demo of their aircraft to help people decide whether it’s the Airbus for them or not. The demo will be the full thing, giving you the chance to try the full aircraft just under a time limitation. In addition to the aircraft, you will have the chance to read through all the manuals and tech support guides that come complimentary with the product.

They are also fixing the complaints of too many liveries coming with the product, and again, going forward, only the Black Box Simulation liveries will come pre-installed with the Airbus aircraft. Fear not, as you’ll be able to use the brand new BBS Pre Flight Manager to download new liveries, as well as updates, etc. The Pre Flight Manager will notify you and give you the opportunity to download and install them all automatically, which is pretty cool!

No update would be complete from BBS, without showing some new images.

As mentioned above, BBS will be bringing a new Pre Flight Manager to your Airbus aircraft, really giving you more options for your aircraft. Everything from airline configuration, load and fuel pages, and ensure your aircraft is loaded correctly with the weight and balance page.

We imagine the release will be soon, but for now, head over to their Facebook page for further details.

Aerosoft Bali Airport – New Previews

It’s preview Friday, and so we have some brand new previews of Aerosoft’s Bali Airport.

Mathijs would like to remind us, that these are all work in progress, but you can already see just how detailed Bali Airport will be when it’s released.

Alabeo’s PA44 Seminole Released!

That’s right, after a last minute gauge cockpit addition, Alabeo’s PA44 Seminole is now available for FSX/P3D.

The PA44 is a common twin engine training aircraft among many flight schools as it is smaller and easier to control. I can’t wait to pick up a copy myself and getting a head start on my twin engine rating!

Alabeo’s version comes with
-Steam gauges and G600 panels
-Flight1 GTN 750 integration
-Reality XP GNS530 integration (only for FSX)
-Alabeo G600 and GNS530
-Takeoff run and landing real rolling movement effect
-Full FSX – Steam and P3D v2.5 and v3.0 compatible.
-Cold and Dark start option
-Superb material shines and reflections.
-Volumetric side view prop effect
-Gauges reflections
-Knob click sounds
-Windows scratches and blades shines
-High quality 3D model and textures.
-Realistic behavior

Pick up your Seminole from for FSX/P3D for $34.95 (31.43 €)


Carenado Phenom 100 HD Series Updated to v2

Since the initial release a little while ago, people have voiced their concerns and feedback back to Carenado regarding their Phenom 100 HD series.

After listening, the team have now updated the Phenom series to version 2, complete with bug fixes and a host of new features:

  • Improved Autopilot behavior
  • T.O. config implemented
  • G1000 improvements
  • XPDR different modes added
  • 3D knob technology improved
  • GPU implemented
  • TOGA button
  • Seat belt/Non Smoking sign added
  • Power setting display on MFD
  • 2D detachable autopilot
  • MFD flap indicator fixed
  • Test sound added
  • Minor bugs fixed

If you’re going to download, don’t forget to uninstall the old version first!

Let us know what you think.

AMD Announces $199 Radeon RX 480 – VR For the Masses

After Nvidia announced their mightily impressive GTX 1080, AMD have hit back with a card that will bring VR to the masses. By using their new 14nm Polaris architecture, AMD will be brining the Radeon RX 480 for the low price of $199.

Launching on June 29th with 4GB of VRAM, the Radeon RX 480 will have “VR capability common in $500 GPUs.” AMD hopes that by pricing the card at a low price, it will help the VR market, by driving down the cost of the headsets for consumers.

“VR is the most eagerly anticipated development in immersive computing ever, and is the realization of AMD’s Cinema 2.0 vision that predicted the convergence of cinematic visuals and interactivity back in 2008.” said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group.

He added, “as we look to fully connect and immerse humanity through VR, cost remains the daylight between VR being the purview of the wealthy, and universal access for everyone. The Radeon RX Series is the disruptive technology that adds rocket fuel to the VR inflection point, turning it into a technology with transformational relevance to consumers.”

This news was also pleasing for Dan O’Brien, vice president of virtual reality, HTC, said “We congratulate AMD for bringing a premium VR ready GPU to market at a $199 price point. This shows how partners like AMD survey the entire VR ecosystem to bring an innovative Radeon RX Series product to power high end VR systems like the HTC Vive, to the broadest range of consumers.”

As for the specs, below you can find the breakdown of this impressive, yet cheap, card.

As more develops, we’ll let you know.