Rotate Previews MD-11 Night Lighting

Rotate Md 11 Xpl 11 (2)

Development on the Rotate MD-11 has been ongoing for a considerable period, but it would seem that development is slowly coming to an end for the team. On forums, the team shared a number of new previews of the cockpit with the interior lighting added.

According to the post, the team said that all light sources have been simulated to provide a realistic looking night scene. Furthermore, Rotate said that instrumentation and systems are now “mostly complete” and that the VNAV elements are under heavy testing.

Whilst this aircraft has been in development for a long time, it appears as though the end may finally be in sight. Their post hinted that the development phase is coming to the end, which is evidenced by the fact that they’re working on the night lighting.

You can also watch a short video trailer for the aircraft as you wait for Rotate to finally release the iconic plane for X-Plane 11.

If you want to know more about this highly anticipated XPlane airliner, feel free to head over to Rotate’s official webpage, where you will be able to learn more about it and the features that it is supposed to come with at release.

As always, we will keep you updated regarding any potential future developments on this topic.

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Axonos Releases Gold Coast Airport

266977 Custom Size 60
Developer Axonos has released their rendition of Gold Coast Airport (YBCG) for X-Plane. Gold Coast Airport serves a number of airlines in the Asian Pacific Region, and is the sixth busiest airport in Australia. Axonos has developed Gold Coast Airport alongside their soon to release Gold Coast landmark package. The airport includes the most recent layout changes, such as an
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WF Scenery Studio Releases Hong Kong International Airport for MSFS

266408 1
WF Scenery Studio has released their rendition of Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) as expected. The developer showed some final previews just a few days ago, and from the state of the scenery in those shots it was already pretty clear the airport would soon be available in our simulators. The popular airport barely needs an introduction. Successor to Kai
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Aerosoft Tenerife Sur Released for MSFS

Gcts Msfs 08
Aerosoft has released Tenerife Sur (South) airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Tenerife South (GCTS) is the larger of the two airports on the Spanish island of Tenerife. The airport is served by a number of European airlines with a large list of year-round as well as seasonal routes. Aerosoft's version of Tenerife South airport has been developed by Sim-Wings. It
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POSCON Now Officially in Open Beta

Chrome 2021 02 19 10 28 46

Positive Control Network (POSCON) has officially opened the flood gates for anyone to now sign up the “next-generation flight simulation network.” Announced on their Discord, anyone can now sign up and join the Open Beta of POSCON. Users can now sign up and will get access to all services provided by the online network.

The post on the Discord channel confirmed that all restrictions on entry have been lifted and enable anyone to register. For those looking to join their ATC network, registrations are still being accepted. The team confirmed they expect a major onboarding in a weeks time when the ATC permissions are developed for the server.

We last wrote about POSCON back in February 2020 when closed-beta invites were about to be sent out to pilots. A lot has changed since then, but many of the core features are still available for pilots to now try and use. As mentioned, POSCON will be compatible with various flight simulators and include an advance pilot client and voice system. The entire product has been built using modern technology to provide powerful model matching, incredibly fast refresh-rates and a large number of simultaneous connections. A full list of pilot client features and the voice system is listed down below.

If you’re interested in joining the POSCON Open Beta, you can sign up now via their website. We’re working on some first look impressions and be sure to report back to you soon. You can also join the POSCON Discord to stay up-to-date.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Spotlight Series: UK/Ireland Streamers

Spotlight Series UKIreland Simmers
This week has been a big week for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the release of the new United Kingdom and Ireland world update. That update, released on Tuesday, added plenty of new points of interest, new hand-crafted airports and updated 5 primary cities with new photogrammetry technology. To celebrate the big release, a new Spotlight Series has been released focusing on
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IRIS Simulations Announces Hornet FA-18C for MSFS

IRIS Simulations Fa18
Fighter jets continue to be developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developer IRIS Simulations, following on from the announcement of their FA-39 Vampire, has confirmed they are working on the Classic Hornet FA-18C for the simulator. This appears to be Announced in a post on Facebook, IRIS Simulations said that this is one of "my favourite fast jets" and this will
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RegDesigns Releases Lihue Airport for MSFS

Newcomer RegDesigns has released Lihue Airport (PHLI) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai serves multiple airlines to other destinations without the US. American Airlines, Dela and Southwest all visit from parts of California and Arizona, whilst WestJet seasonally flies to Ligue from Vancouver. Whilst this is the first project from RegDesigns, they have included
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ATSimulations Releases Focke-Wulf/Piaggio P.149D

ATSimulations PiaggioFocke Wulf 149D For MSFS
The Piaggio P.149 first took flight in June of 1953, featuring nearly the same components and design as its predecessor the P.148. The upgrade included an improved cabin with seating up to five, a more powerful engine, and a retractable undercarriage. Piaggio constructed 88 P.149 aircraft, and Focke-Wulf produced 190 FWP.149D (P.149) aircraft under license in West Germany. Between 1957
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