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PRESS RELEASE: FSElite and SimMarket Partner-Up

Thursday, July 27th 2017

LONDON, UK. FSElite is proud to announce a new partnership between flight simulation media group FSElite and flight simulation store, SimMarket.

This new partnership allows FSElite to continue delivering relevant and impartial reviews to the community at a quick pace. SimMarket has been around for many years and have always provided simmers a quick and easy way to purchase and download their favourite add-ons.

Calum from FSElite said “This new partnership is a testament to how quickly FSElite is growing. To be recognized by one of the leading flight sim stores around and to be selected for partnership is a fantastic thing. This will really benefit the community as it allows FSElite to continue writing plenty of product reviews!”

Miguel Blaufuks, CEO of SimMarket, said that “We are pleased to be partnering with FSElite. They are a site that we have been following since it was created and we believe best represents the future of FS journalism and information. SimMarket is the first and oldest online store for flight simulation software and hardware and we have been sensing the pulse of the flight simulation community since the humble beginnings. We are excited to welcome FSElite as our partner.”

Thanks to this partnership, you can enter our first SimMarket contest where you can Win A Free Copy of Drzewiecki Design’s New York Airports V2.

We’re keen to reiterate that the community will always come first. Regardless of our partnership, we’ll always ensure to remain unbiased, fair and committed. It’s part of our Community Charter.

About is all about community driven content. FSElite covers everything from flight simulation news, reviews and editorials that the community wants to see.

We are comprised up of multi-aviation backgrounds from all around the world teaming up to bring you the best in Flight Simulator and Real-World Aviation experience.

At FSElite, we aren’t short of experience. Our team is made up of a wide range of experts (certified flight instructors), industry insiders and those new to real-world flying and earning their pilot’s license. But our team expands to the many friends and connections we have made over the years throughout the aviation realm, and we stride to expose you to the many sides of flying, both sim and real-world.

Check out our FSElite podcast, where we compile interesting topics and discussions – ranging from debates over which aircraft is better and which hardware is best for flight sims of today, up to bringing on various developers or well known people in the simulator community to engage in conversation about what’s going on in our favourite hobby.

You can find out more information at

Or you can email FSElite @ [email protected]

About SimMarket

SimMarket is a central place for hobbyists and professionals to register and purchase software, hardware and media. It’s also a central place for Authors, Developers, Publishers and Manufacturers to sell their products by using the simFlight Networks. Using the simFlight networks allows for a truly free marketing environment for your products.

You can find out more information at:

You can contact SimMarket:  

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Introducing the Just Flight ‘In-House Developed Titles’

Just Flight is well known for distributing flight simulator add-ons from a variety of different publishers from around the community. But did you know they also develop their products too, including aircraft, scenery and more? Well, to help showcase their in-house developments, they have created a whole new section of the site to help you.

There’s a huge range of products available. Some of our favourites include the PA-28R Arrow III & Turbo Arrow III/IV BundleHawk T1/A Advanced Trainer and VFR Real Scenery Vol. 1 – South East England. We even interviewed one of the in-house Just Flight developers during Developer Month.

Be sure to check out the page and see if there’s something in there you’d like.

We’ll have more news regarding Just Flight and FSElite very soon! We can’t wait to share it with you.

Just Flight and Real Flight Shop – More Products Available to Download and Buy

Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Typhoon

Just Flight and Real Flight Shop are proud to announce Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Typhoon.

With it’s high power engine and capacity, the Hawker Typhoon became one of best ground attack aircraft in WWII.

You can buy from RealFlightShop for around $22. Remember to use your exclusive FSElite discount code found on the right.


Just Flight Miles Hawk Speed Six – For FSX and P3D

Are you an air racer? The Miles Hawk Speed Six was built in the 1930s and 1940 as a sturdy, light weight and efficient light aircraft. Aeroplane Heaven perfectly model this aircraft with a visual feast and easy controllability. You perform various aerobatic maneuvers with it’s great performance in your simulator.
Just Flight and Real Flight Shop are proud to announce the release of Miles Hawk Speed Six.

You can buy from Real Flight Shop for around $16. Remember to use your exclusive FSElite discount code found on the right.

Real Flight Shop Announces Partnership with Just Flight

Real Flight Shop are pleased to announce partnership with Just Flight.

To celebrate the cooperation, Just Flight download title come with 33% off until 10 March 2017.

As a special promotion for ALL FSElite users, you can grab an extra 10% off using our exclusive code when at the check-out. This means you can get 43% off all Just Flight products via Real Flight Shop until March 10th 2017. After that, you can still get 10% off!

Exclusive code:


More information here:

Why are FSElite posting this?

FSElite are proud to be partners with Real Flight Shop and work together to bring the community the best deals for Flight Simulation products.

You can read more about our partnership here.

Be sure to read our Community Charter for more information on FSElite.