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X-Crafts ERJ Family: The FSElite Review

X Crafts Erj Family Review
One of the main reasons I have recently added X-Plane to my computer is for the availability of some planes that aren’t available for Prepar3D. One of the main aircraft types that piqued my interest was the Embraer family of airplanes. Predominantly used for shorter regional flights, the planes fit my primary flying style: flights that last 1 to 2
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TrueEarth US Northern California X-Plane 11: The FSElite Review

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Introduction This is where it all began, for myself anyway... Born and raised in Northern California, I was thrilled to learn that Orbx was developing a True Earth scenery for the region. Located on the west side of the United States, Northern California is a beautiful and diverse location both environmentally and culturally, filled with valleys, beaches, mountains, and metropolises.
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Active Sky XP: The FSElite Review

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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

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There is no question about the impact of ActiveSky for P3D and how it really brings the weather to life. HiFi Simulations has been working on bringing their renowned weather engine to X-Plane for about three years. In December of 2018 Active Sky for X-Plane (known as ASXP) was born. The add-on is a welcome addition to the default simulator weather and injects a more realistic and exciting feel to flying around the globe. I’ve had ASXP for a while now and I would say I have just about mastered the complexity of the system. If you were sat on the fence as to whether you should take the plunge, then I’ll hopefully help you make that decision.


Initial installation was quick and easy, the system installs all the necessary files into your X-Plane root folder, including ASConnect – the plugin that allows the system to communicate with your sim. Once all that is done, all you need to do is login to ASXP with your email and password. You set this up on activation, where you’re also prompted with the question ‘would you like to install the ActiveSky weather textures?’ This alone is worth the cash – the upgraded textures for clouds in X-Plane really make an immediate difference. Not only do they look great, they are easy on your frame rate too. I normally get about 40 FPS in the air using the FlightFactor A320 rendering overcast skies with ASXP. This isn’t too dissimilar to using the default X-Plane clouds and weather system. By no means are these volumetric clouds, they are just texture replacements, so you still get the rotating cloud effect, but this does make a big difference to the clouds and realism overall.

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Orbx TrueEarth Washington For X-Plane 11: The FSElite Review

TrueEarth US Washington X Plane 11 The FSElite Review
Introduction Washington has always been a popular destination among flight simmers and developers. With the beauty of mountains like the Olympics, Rainier, stunning cityscape and of course home to one the busiest international airports in the country, Seattle International Airport. Its no wonder why Orbx chose to take on the beautiful state of Washington with TrueEarth. The realism of this
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