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Propair Flight Scheibe Falke SF-25: The FSElite Review

Propair Flight SF25 Falke The FSElite Review

Well over two centuries ago the idea of gliding soared into the world. As early as 1799 an English engineer and aviator known as George Cayley began to discover the characteristics of flight and successfully flew his kite wing glider concept in 1804. The Wright brothers later expanded upon what was possible with gliders. By the end of the first World War gliding really began to takeoff. Throughout the 1920’s and 30’s Germany began developing more efficient gliders all while discovering how the weather can sustain their flight for longer periods of time. By 1940, Germany alone had 50,000+ glider pilots, partly thanks to Peter Reidel who popularized competitive gliding.

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Turbulent Designs KGPI Glacier Park International Airport: The FSElite Review

TURBULENT Designs Kgpi Review Fselite FEATURED
Turbulent Designs has been making waves in the flight sim community for some time now. Whether it’s developing stunning mountain airports, busy inter-city hubs, or utility products to enhance the quality of the trees within the sim. The next big thing for these guys was developing exclusively for 64-bit platforms only. Not long after the release of Prepar3D V4 they
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FlyTampa Boston-Rebooted: The FSElite Review

Flytampa Kbos Review FEATURED Image
FlyTampa is, without a doubt, a household name within the world of flight simulation. They have continuously provided the community with high-quality airport scenery packages and often pushed the limits of what was deemed possible within a simulator. When FlyTampa released Boston originally for FS2004 and FSX all those years ago, no one thought it would get any better. In
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Latinwings / PILOT’S Almeria (LEAM): The FSElite Review

Latinwings Almeria
Almeria is the latest in a string of scheduled releases by the developer Latinwings. Currently Almeria is only available from the PILOT’S store for 24.99 Euros.  Almeria is located in the southeast of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean situated between Malaga and Murcia. Much of Almeria’s wealth comes from agriculture and thus makes it a very busy shipping
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ToLiss A319: The FSElite Review

Review Header
2018 is shaping up to be the year of the Airbus in flight simulation. We’ve so far been blessed with the release of the FlightFactor A320, with talk of an updated A350 on the horizon too, and let’s not forget the FSLabs A321 and A319 that are abuzz in the P3D/FSX hemisphere. The hype was no different during the development
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Captain Sim 757 III: The FSElite Review

757 Review P3dv4 Fselite
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The Boeing 757: an iconic aircraft for many different reasons. Designed for both short and medium haul flights, while remaining perfectly capable of crossing the Atlantic, there just isn’t anything else quite like this beautiful narrow-body twin-engine jet. With a limited amount of planes built compared to other Boeings, and only a handful of operators still using it, the plane has well-deserved its iconic status.

You can imagine how happy we were when Captain Sim announced that they were working on an update to their 757. With all the aircraft we have for our sims, it seems like this one just never quite got the love it deserved. And what was there just didn’t hold up anymore in today’s age of 64 bit simulation.

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Leonardo SH Fly The Maddog X: The FSElite Review

Review Image
The Fly The Maddog 2008 and later 2010 Professional was an iconic Maddog add-on from the FS2004 days. It was far ahead of its time, offering multi-crew abilities, in-depth study level systems and more. It eventually made its way to FSX and remained the go-to MD80 add-on. With the release and subsequent major boom where P3D became the main platform
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ImagineSim KATL Atlanta 2016 (P3DV4 Version): The FSElite Review

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is an incredibly busy airport; it’s the busiest and biggest airport in the world. It has about a million aircraft movements and more than 100 million passengers every year. It’s a major hub for Southwest, but Delta is the main airline in Atlanta. Atlanta is also jokingly called “Delta International Airport”. The airport has about 300
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