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Aerosoft Bali X (WADD): The FSElite Review

This review took me somewhere completely out of my comfort zone to a destination I’d only glimpsed at in luxury travel magazines. You may know from my previous reviews that my preferred flying style is inter-Europe -mostly short hops not exceeding 4 to 5 hour sectors. Aerosoft’s Bali X really pushed the boundaries of my concentration and stamina for that
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Flight 1 GNS530: The FSElite Review

The Flight 1 GNS530 had to by far be one of the hardest products to review I have ever seen. It's not perfect no. But any problem I could find with it could be excused by simply saying “That's how the real thing works.” Normally that's a terrible excuse! But this time, given the way this particular addon works; Well it's a
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Aerosoft Mega Airport Rome (LIRF): The FSElite Review

Rome's Leonardo da Cinci International Airport or Fiumicino Airport is Italy's first airport and Europe's sixth largest based on traffic volume. It was built 18 miles southwest of Rome city center and accessible via both car and train. The airport was originally planned from 1939 but the project was abandoned due to World War II. Construction began again in 1947
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Orbx Innsbruck (LOWI): The FSElite Review

Welcome to Innsbruck. Capital of the state Tyrol (Tirol) and hidden in the Alps. Historic home to the Olympic Winter Games not once, but twice. A busy hub for many tourists particularly during winter. With challenging terrain, tight turns and forever changing weather, it is arguably the most dangerous airport approach in Europe. If that sounds familiar: that was the
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Aerosoft Madeira X Evolution: The FSElite Review

In early 2015 MK Studios posted a cryptic terrain mesh of an airport that needs no introduction and asked the community if they knew the airport. This would lead to months of excruciating anticipation for the community. However almost two years later the saga was brought to an end and we welcomed Madeira Evolution X with open arms. I think
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Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III: The FSElite Review

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Piper's PA-28 Arrow III is part of the the iconic Cherokee family, battling the GA sky's against its rival Cessnas 172. When I heard the team at Just Flight were working on the Ferrari of Cherokee's, with it's 200 hp fuel injected Lycoming engine humming at a maximum cruise speed 146 ktas over a range of 697 nm up to 15,000
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Aerosoft Menorca X Evolution: The FSElite Review

Recently we’ve seen a lot of new exciting scenery released for various islands across Europe. One that caught our attention is Aerosoft’s Menorca X Evolution. Aerosoft have always been well known in the European scenery development and rule the market when it comes to small islands and holiday destinations such as Madeira, Gibraltar and more. Today we take an in
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