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Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog Mk2A: The FSElite Review

When I think about war planes from the 1920’s, there is one plane that has always stood out. A plane with not only style, but power, efficiency, and quick to repair. All of these are the ingredients of the Bristol Bulldog MK2a. As a second generation war bird, the Bulldog gracefully carried the Royal Air Force through the post WWI era. By 1930, 100 Bulldog MK2as were produced. Because this time period was right between the first and second World Wars, the Bulldog never saw combat. Instead, the Bulldog was used for security and as a trainer before moving to other air forces around the world.

Now nearly a century later, you too can experience what it was like to fly the Bristol Bulldog. This is made possible by the developers at Aeroplane Heaven who first produced this aircraft for flight simulation 15 years ago. Now in 2018, they have remastered the Mk2a with a high-definition model and new features for FSX and Prepar3D.

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Orbx Netherlands TrueEarth: The FSElite Review

ONL Review
Orbx, too, has ventured into the area of photoreal regions. Undoubtedly inspired by the popular ‘Ortho’ addons for X-Plane, Orbx’ first photoreal area is Netherlands TrueEarth. So what is ‘TrueEarth’, what does it mean for Orbx Regions and of course, how good is this addon?   Presentation Let’s start at the beginning: what is TrueEarth? For a few years now,
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Grand Island Sim GBYD Banjul: The FSElite Review

Banjul International airport lies in Northern Africa and serves as the gateway to The Gambia. Built during World War II, and rebuilt in the 1960s to accommodate increased tourism, Banjul has flowered into a popular tourist destination for Europeans, with many airlines (such as Thomas Cook, TUI fly, Brussels Airline, Arik air, as well as others) flying to Banjul during
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TropicalSim Porto International Airport 2018 – The FSElite Review

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TropicalSim seem to have a knack for being able to release multiple sceneries for FSX and P3D almost every month. With the release of P3D v4, they went back and took a look at some sceneries that could do with a well-needed update for v4, and this is where we find Porto. With the previous version of Porto released in 2014, compatible with FS9, FSX and P3D v2, a P3D v4 update was greatly needed.

Porto International Airport is currently the second busiest airport in Portugal, located in the municipalities of Maia, Matosinhos and Vila do Conde, just 11km northwest of Porto itself. The airport has an array of interesting routes, with airlines including Easyjet, Ryanair, TAP Air Portugal along with its subsidiary TAP Express. This means that LPPR hosts a wide variety of flights around Europe from short-haul to medium-haul length. Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport has a modern, spacious terminal, which has ranked within Europe’s top three airports numerous times.

The airport is positioned in very close proximity to the Costa Verde coastline, with surrounding greenery on one side of the airport, and the sea on the other. I especially recommend doing the 17 approach over the city, with the coastline on your right hand side, allowing for some charming views.

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Turbulent Designs KGPI Glacier Park International Airport: The FSElite Review

TURBULENT Designs Kgpi Review Fselite FEATURED
Turbulent Designs has been making waves in the flight sim community for some time now. Whether it’s developing stunning mountain airports, busy inter-city hubs, or utility products to enhance the quality of the trees within the sim. The next big thing for these guys was developing exclusively for 64-bit platforms only. Not long after the release of Prepar3D V4 they
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FlyTampa Boston-Rebooted: The FSElite Review

Flytampa Kbos Review FEATURED Image
FlyTampa is, without a doubt, a household name within the world of flight simulation. They have continuously provided the community with high-quality airport scenery packages and often pushed the limits of what was deemed possible within a simulator. When FlyTampa released Boston originally for FS2004 and FSX all those years ago, no one thought it would get any better. In
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Latinwings / PILOT’S Almeria (LEAM): The FSElite Review

Latinwings Almeria
Almeria is the latest in a string of scheduled releases by the developer Latinwings. Currently Almeria is only available from the PILOT’S store for 24.99 Euros.  Almeria is located in the southeast of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean situated between Malaga and Murcia. Much of Almeria’s wealth comes from agriculture and thus makes it a very busy shipping
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