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MK-Studios Lisbon: The FSElite Review

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Humberto Delgado Airport (LPPT) is Portugal’s largest airport and serves the capital city Lisbon. Serving 26.6 million passengers in 2017, Lisbon airport is Europe’s 25th busiest airport and caters to a wide variety of destinations throughout Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Asia, operated by over 60 different airlines which provides great route diversity into and out of Portugal. Humberto Delgado Airport is TAP Air Portugal’s main hub and it serves a majority of the routes into and out of the airport. TAP’s short-haul routes stretch throughout Europe with their medium and long-haul flights extending to Africa, South America and North America.

Since the release of P3D v4, those who use the ESP platform have been without decent Lisbon scenery for well over a year as Aerosoft’s rather dated version of Lisbon was never converted to the ‘professional’ line in order to make it compatible with v4. Although some people were able to get it working (to an extent), it was never quite right. However, MK-Studios stepped up to the plate and began to build Lisbon. Known for their high-quality sceneries, LPPT was a highly anticipated release by many, especially considering the size of the airport which made the release just that little bit more exciting. MK-Studios have set a precedent with their last few products including Lanzarote and Tenerife South. Their latest has proven to be no exception and is an excellent scenery which makes the most of what P3D v4 has to offer whilst keeping high levels of performance and detail throughout this product.

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29Palms & Captain7 Nuremberg: The FSElite Review

Review Nuremberg
Nuremberg Airport by developer 29Palms and Captain7 may well be one of the best sceneries in my library. Thoughtfully laid out and with a clear attention to detail, 29Palms and Captain7 have captured the essence of this cozy Bavarian airport. Nuremberg International Airport (EDDN) is located in the heart of Bavaria, and is the second-busiest airport next to Munich Airport
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MK-Studios Lanzarote (GCRR): The FSElite Review

MK-Studios has taken the simming community by storm by releasing a prolific string of scenery focusing on the Canary Islands, with their latest being Lanzarote Arrecife airport. The Canaries, as mentioned in previous reviews, are a very popular destination for travelers from all over the world due to their predominantly year round sunshine and picturesque landscape. In this review we
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JustSim UUWW Vnukovo: The FSElite Review

Ah, Vnukovo; where do I even begin? Moscow Vnukovo is one of four major international airports serving Moscow and is currently the third-busiest airport in Russia. Starting its life on July 1st, 1941, it served as a Soviet airbase during the Second World War, with passenger service starting after the war had ended. April 20th, 1956 marked the first passenger
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Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog Mk2A: The FSElite Review

When I think about war planes from the 1920’s, there is one plane that has always stood out. A plane with not only style, but power, efficiency, and quick to repair. All of these are the ingredients of the Bristol Bulldog MK2a. As a second generation war bird, the Bulldog gracefully carried the Royal Air Force through the post WWI era. By 1930, 100 Bulldog MK2as were produced. Because this time period was right between the first and second World Wars, the Bulldog never saw combat. Instead, the Bulldog was used for security and as a trainer before moving to other air forces around the world.

Now nearly a century later, you too can experience what it was like to fly the Bristol Bulldog. This is made possible by the developers at Aeroplane Heaven who first produced this aircraft for flight simulation 15 years ago. Now in 2018, they have remastered the Mk2a with a high-definition model and new features for FSX and Prepar3D.

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Orbx Netherlands TrueEarth: The FSElite Review

ONL Review
Orbx, too, has ventured into the area of photoreal regions. Undoubtedly inspired by the popular ‘Ortho’ addons for X-Plane, Orbx’ first photoreal area is Netherlands TrueEarth. So what is ‘TrueEarth’, what does it mean for Orbx Regions and of course, how good is this addon?   Presentation Let’s start at the beginning: what is TrueEarth? For a few years now,
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Grand Island Sim GBYD Banjul: The FSElite Review

Banjul International airport lies in Northern Africa and serves as the gateway to The Gambia. Built during World War II, and rebuilt in the 1960s to accommodate increased tourism, Banjul has flowered into a popular tourist destination for Europeans, with many airlines (such as Thomas Cook, TUI fly, Brussels Airline, Arik air, as well as others) flying to Banjul during
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