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Virtual-Fly Ruddo Rudder Pedals: The FSElite Review

VIRTUAL FLY Ruddo Pedal Set Featured Review

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Rudder pedals are an important  piece of equipment for any serious simmer. Whilst the effectiveness of a rudder axis on a joystick is okay, it’s not exactly designed for more complicated scenarios. Rudder pedals provide that extra sense of realism and control needed for serious pilots. They’re often one of the first things someone will purchase when looking for new hardware to enhance their setup, but finding a decent pair is sometimes hard. This is not only because there’s a huge selection out there, but also because they vary in style, quality and price.

The Ruddo Pedals from Virtual-Fly have been designed for professional simmers and cockpit builders alike. Regardless of your sim setup or design, the basic design of the Ruddo Rudder Pedals lends itself nicely to anyone’s set-up. Inside the packaging is the Ruddo pedals themselves, the USB cables to and from the product to your PC, and a manual. There were also some additional bits which I’ll cover further down in the installation of the product.


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