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Skyline Simulations “Billy Bishop” Toronto City Airport FSX/P3D: The FSElite Review

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In this video, I give my review of the FSX and P3D version of Skyline Simulations’ “Billy Bishop” Airport. We will be looking over the texture work and modeling of the airport objects and city, as well as, seasonal variation/blending, performance, and more.

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FSDreamTeam GSX Level 2: The FSElite Review

FSdreamteam Gsx
It should be noted that I received the product approximately 1 week before the public release to assist with testing of the product. The purpose of this period was to test any bugs that would be show-stoppers for releasing the product. I did report some quality issues discussed in the review prior to release. When GSX launched back in 2013,
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MK-Studios Lanzarote (GCRR): The FSElite Review

MK-Studios has taken the simming community by storm by releasing a prolific string of scenery focusing on the Canary Islands, with their latest being Lanzarote Arrecife airport. The Canaries, as mentioned in previous reviews, are a very popular destination for travelers from all over the world due to their predominantly year round sunshine and picturesque landscape. In this review we
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Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog Mk2A: The FSElite Review

When I think about war planes from the 1920’s, there is one plane that has always stood out. A plane with not only style, but power, efficiency, and quick to repair. All of these are the ingredients of the Bristol Bulldog MK2a. As a second generation war bird, the Bulldog gracefully carried the Royal Air Force through the post WWI era. By 1930, 100 Bulldog MK2as were produced. Because this time period was right between the first and second World Wars, the Bulldog never saw combat. Instead, the Bulldog was used for security and as a trainer before moving to other air forces around the world.


Now nearly a century later, you too can experience what it was like to fly the Bristol Bulldog. This is made possible by the developers at Aeroplane Heaven who first produced this aircraft for flight simulation 15 years ago. Now in 2018, they have remastered the Mk2a with a high-definition model and new features for FSX and Prepar3D.

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Latinwings / PILOT’S Almeria (LEAM): The FSElite Review

Latinwings Almeria
Almeria is the latest in a string of scheduled releases by the developer Latinwings. Currently Almeria is only available from the PILOT’S store for 24.99 Euros.  Almeria is located in the southeast of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean situated between Malaga and Murcia. Much of Almeria’s wealth comes from agriculture and thus makes it a very busy shipping
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Orbx Half Moon Bay: The FSElite Review

Featured Image
Along the Golden Coast lies a beautiful oceanside town called Half Moon Bay. Home to fancy restaurants and private golf fields, Half Moon Bay is quite a high-end place, and the views you can capture there are nothing less than that. It’s the kind of airport you would fly into for the afternoon, grab a bite to eat at the
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