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Flight Sim Stuff Throttle, Prop, Mixture, T/F Controller: The FSElite Review

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Years ago it was easy to find a light aircraft throttle, prop, mixture controller at an entry-level price. Today, they are harder to find and often when you do, the price has increased to what you would pay for a top-tier FAA approved component. This of course is retailers and second-hand sellers taking advantage of the new surge of interest in Flight Simulation.

But now there is hope in getting one for $200 and below. This is made possible by Flight Sim Stuff. They offer handmade 3D printed, plug and play USB controllers.

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Windsock Simulations Shares New Previews of Madrid in XPL

Windsock Simulations Madrid Xpl (7)
Following a degree of silence from Windsock Simulations, Emma and Ashley from the team have shared a range of previews for the upcoming conversion of Madrid Airport (LEMD) for X-Plane 11. In a statement on Facebook, Windsock Simulations said that some personal issues had to first be resolved but now that they are sorted, they wanted to share a "bumper crop"
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Brand New Aerosoft CRJ Previews In MSFS

Aerosoft Crj Msfs Feb 21 (6)

Over on Facebook, a series of new images for the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The brand new previews highlight a series of new liveries and parts of the external modelling. Furthermore, there are some eye-candy shots of the aircraft in action from the pilot’s perspective.

On the official Aerosoft forums, there was also some new tidbits of information regarding release timelines for the 900/1000 expansion pack. When answering the question about when customers could expect the CRJ 900/1000 expansion packs, Mathijs said that the current plans are tentative but possibly available “between 6-12 weeks” after the initial release of the CRJ package for the new simulator. In addition, it was confirmed that once you start seeing streamers and content creators showing off the CRJ through their channels, customers can expect a release about a week after that. There’s still no exact clarity on when the Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release.

We have now seen numerous previews of the aircraft in action for the new simulator. We’ve seen various previews and you can even read a draft of the first volume of the manual. We’ll keep you informed of any new information.

You can also read more about the fact that FS2Crew is developing a CRJ package for the aircraft in the new simulator.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Update: FSElite First Look

MSFS VR First Look
When Microsoft Flight Simulator was released back in August 2020, the list of features that were yet to be implemented at the request of the community was still quite long. One of the most requested features that were on the desired list was the ability to fly using Virtual Reality technology. In a subsequent update just before Christmas, developer Asobo
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Imaginesim Atlanta for Microsoft Flight Simulator: The FSElite Review

Imaginesim Atlanta For Microsoft Flight Simulator The FSElite Review
INTRODUCTION Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport saw over 110,000,000 passengers in 2019, 10 million more than the next airport. With Atlanta not being one of the handcrafted airports included with Microsoft Flight Simulator (it later was added in the USA world update after the Imaginesim scenery was released), this scenery is a welcome
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Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant: The FSElite Review

Honeycomv Bravo Review Featured Image
The Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle Quadrant is the second release from the hardware manufacturer following on from the extremely successful Alpha Flight Control Yoke. The Bravo Throttle Quadrant looks to give users a multifaceted approach to a throttle quadrant, which allows customisability for an endless amount of aircraft. After experiencing Honeycomb’s Alpha Flight Control unit, I was very excited to
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