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Aerosoft Napoli X: The FSElite Review

MK Studios’ latest release of Naples International is a development that I've been following for quite some time. Originally, I only become aware of it when I was investigating their Madeira Evolution product on Facebook. Needless to say, Italy has had quite a prolific streak of scenery releases over the past few months and Naples X, published by Aerosoft, makes
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FlightSimCon 2017: The FSElite Review

Last year when FSElite started, I gave a lot of feedback on how FlightSimCon 2016 was covered. In summary: I wasn’t impressed. News sites, developers and publishers all fell short of really informing the community outside of the convention about what was going on with their products. It left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth and I wanted to
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Turbulent Design’s MBS International Airport (KMBS): The FSElite Review

Turbulent Designs is a relatively new face in the world of Flight Sim developers, but the team have been around for many years. Through the years, Turbulent Designs has built their team, and always increasing their ambition to create highly detailed and interesting airports for the sim. Their previous project L35 Big Bear City Airport was a favourite of ours,
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LatinVFR Barcelona (LEBL): The FSElite Review

Barcelona almost seems like a sore subject within the Flight Sim community. Aerosoft did a good job a few years ago, but it was soon outdated and didn’t perform well enough for modern machines. Then suddenly, THREE developers all announced / released / previewed their version of Barcelona. We’ve also reviewed JustSim’s Barcelona, and now it’s time for LatinVFR’s version
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BlackBox Simulation Cessna L19 Bird Dog: The FSElite Review

Let’s first address the elephant in the room: I’m not a huge fan of the BlackBox Simulations Airbus series. I’ve personally had problems with it, but I know that many people have enjoyed the simulation. It certainly caught the community by surprise when people saw that the developers behind the “prologue” series were working on other products at the same
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FSLabs A320X: The FSElite Review

The Flight Sim Labs A320 is a study level simulation of the Airbus A320 platform that released for FSX on August 24, 2016 with the P3D version releasing on January 20, 2017. The price tag has come under fire as for being what many call “too expensive” for a single aircraft. For years this add-on was highly anticipated as the
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