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Just Flight Previews Even More BAe 146 Professional Previews

Just Flight 146 Professional Frieghter P3d (7)

Just Flight continues to share numerous previews with the community for their upcoming BAe 146 Professional coming soon to Prepar3D. The new previews this week from the development highlight the VIP and freighter edition of the aircraft type. You can see the previews below or on the Just Flight Facebook page.

It’s worth noting that the VIP and freighter variant of the 146 Professional from Just Flight will be sold separately following the initial release of the product.

Just Flight has included the 100/200/300 variants of the aircraft for P3D for the initial package release. Throughout the development process, JustFlight has been granted access to G-JEAO an airframe currently preserved at the De Havilland aircraft museum and the Royal Flight’s ZE701 based at RAF Northolt. Numerous other previews can be found in our past article.

The Just Flight 146 Professional is also coming to X-Plane 11.

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LatinVFR Fort Lauderdale: The FSElite Review

Kfll Review
Sitting less than 30 miles north of Miami is the beautiful town of Fort Lauderdale. A year round average temperature of 75 degrees makes Fort Lauderdale an exciting getaway in both winter and summer. About 2 miles inland from the warm and white, sandy beaches is Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Fort Lauderdale is a focus city for jetBlue, Spirit, and
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Orbx OpenLC Africa: The FSElite Review

OpenLC Africa
IntroductionOrbx OpenLC Africa is one of those add-ons that seems to have been in development for such a long time, one does not recall when it was first announced. Plagued by many delays, it even seemed to be pretty close to cancellation not so long ago. In the meantime, with the introduction of the True Earth Series, the landclass technology
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MK-Studios Keflavik: The FSElite Review

Kef Poster
Simmers have been waiting for a proper rendition of Keflavik airport for a long time. The scenery developed by Aerosoft, which through a little fiddling worked in Prepar3D, dates back many years and is missing a lot of the expansions that since then have been added to the airport, including an entirely new parking apron and a terminal extension. When
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Gaya Simulations Vienna International Airport P3D: The FSElite Review

Product Information
Gaya Simulations
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Gaya Simulations
FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

As per our Community Charter, all of our reviews are free from bias, prejudice and favouritism. Don't forget, each reviewer has their own style and thoughts, although they all abide by the Review Guidelines - something I suggest you read.

In this video, I give my review of the P3D v4 version of Gaya Simulations’ Vienna International Airport. We will take a look at the airport modeling, textures, special features, seasonal variation, performance, and more.

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Overall Summary
The airport can cater to a wide variety of simmers from short-haul to long haul and cargo ops. Despite a few minor issues that could be fixed with an update, the airport has more good things going for it than bad and if fixed it will be one of the better airports out there. With that in mind, its price is also up there even surpassing many other top tier developers. If these minor issues mentioned are corrected and the performance improved, I could see that cost being justified, however, I feel like in its current state it could be sold for a few dollars less given that it doesn't necessarily bring anything new or revolutionary to the table, it's just a great looking airport at this point.
  • Performance
  • Minor errors in static and animated objects
  • Floating objects
  • Price

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ToLiss Airbus A321: The FSElite Review

ToLiss Airbus A321 Featured Image FSElite Review
Introduction The Airbus A321 is the larger brother of the A320 family and is established as a major competitor within the short to medium range category, having sold over 2000 units. The twin-engine narrow-body can typically carry up to 236 passengers over 3200nm. Thanks to the aircraft developer ToLiss, who also released the A319, the Airbus A321 is now available
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Imaginesim TBPB Barbados: The FSElite Review

TBPB Barbados Review Fselite P3d
Located amongst numerous Caribbean Islands, Barbados is known for its lush tropical landscaping, year-round sunshine and charm. With plenty of beaches, vibrant festivals and an enriching history, Barbados is a popular tourist space. Travellers from around the world visit the island each year for that tropical getaway or to start their cruise around the numerous surrounding islands. As such, for
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