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Imaginesim TBPB Barbados: The FSElite Review

TBPB Barbados Review Fselite P3d
Located amongst numerous Caribbean Islands, Barbados is known for its lush tropical landscaping, year-round sunshine and charm. With plenty of beaches, vibrant festivals and an enriching history, Barbados is a popular tourist space. Travellers from around the world visit the island each year for that tropical getaway or to start their cruise around the numerous surrounding islands. As such, for
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PESIM Bordeaux Merignac Airport : The FSElite Review

Introduction PESIM’s Bordeaux (LFBD) is the biggest project of PESIM to date after La Mole and Montpellier Airport. Bordeaux Merignac Airport, as the airport is called, is ranked 8th by passenger figures in France, with 7 million passengers. While the high speed train line from Paris to Bordeaux that was inaugurated in 2017 was thought to hurt the airport passenger
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Aerosoft A330 Professional: The FSElite Review

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Be sure to watch the video review above. The Aerosoft A330 has been one of the most highly anticipated add-ons for Prepar3D v4, and it has finally been released. The first announcement came almost 6 years ago, and after facing many delays and setbacks, it's great to see it all finally come together. But was the wait worth it? The
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PMDG 737 NGXu Base Pack: The FSElite Review

REVIEW Pmdg 737 Ngxu Base Pack
Initially, PMDG sent the community into a bit of a panic when they announced that the long-awaited and fabled NG3 would instead be heading to Microsoft Flight Simulator and not to Prepar3D. At the time, the product named NGXu was never known to the community until a few hours after the initial announcement. Whether you think it was PR suicide
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X-Crafts ERJ Family: The FSElite Review

X Crafts Erj Family Review
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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

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One of the main reasons I have recently added X-Plane to my computer is for the availability of some planes that aren’t available for Prepar3D. One of the main aircraft types that piqued my interest was the Embraer family of airplanes. Predominantly used for shorter regional flights, the planes fit my primary flying style: flights that last 1 to 2 hours from major hubs to smaller airports and mostly based in North America.

Widely used by major airlines to shuttle passengers based on the ‘Hub and Spoke’ model, the planes often take passengers to their final destinations as a connection. Check departures and arrivals on Flightradar24 and you will see airplane identifier codes in the 130’s, 140’s, 170’s and 190’s. Those numbers represent the family of airplanes made by Embraer.

With their headquarters located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Embraer produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft. Most aviation geeks are familiar with their ERJ aircraft, comprised of the smaller 135, 140, and 145 series. There is also the slightly larger E-Jet family, which includes the 170, 175, 190 and 195. The E-Jets offer airlines an alternative to Boeing’s 737 series of airplanes. An interesting side note is that, pending a bunch of red tape, Boeing plans to purchase an 80 percent stake in Embraer’s E-Jet business by the end of 2019, adding the small jets to its commercial line.

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SimWorks Studios T-37B Tweet: The FSElite Review

Introduction Manufactured by Cessna, The T-37 “Tweet” was introduced in the USAF inventory in 1957 as a basic primary jet trainer. Along with the T-38 Talon, it has been the backbone of the USAF pilots training programs since its introduction in service. Due for retirement in the 1980’s, it was eventually replaced by the AT-6 Texan II prop aircraft from
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TrueEarth US Northern California X-Plane 11: The FSElite Review

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Introduction This is where it all began, for myself anyway... Born and raised in Northern California, I was thrilled to learn that Orbx was developing a True Earth scenery for the region. Located on the west side of the United States, Northern California is a beautiful and diverse location both environmentally and culturally, filled with valleys, beaches, mountains, and metropolises.
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Head-to-Head Review: FSDreamTeam and JustSim EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

Head To Head Review Basel
.fluid-width-video-wrapper { padding-top:0px !important; min-height: 430px !important;} REVIEW UPDATE 3-FEB-2020 @ 21:30z Thanks to multiple members in the comment section, I was able to resolve issues with the winter textures. After three reinstallations of the scenery, I was able to successfully have winter texture within the JustSim product. In light of these new findings, we have adjusted the score of the
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