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X-Plane Previews

Study Level A380 Cockpit Previews

A380 P3dv4

It’s been a few months since we heard the news that a Study Level Airbus A380 has been confirmed for Prepar3D v4 and XPlane 11 being produced by Matt Davies and his team. Via Matt’s Twitch Stream he has previewed the internal model for the flightdeck of his A380.

He confirms that this is all working progress, but it’s great to see some shots of it!

The clip of Matt showing off the A380 cockpit can be found here. Warning this video does contain explicit language.

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Flight Factor Airbus A320 Ultimate – Prepare for Takeoff Preview for X Plane 11

Flight Factor Airbus A320 Ultimate Prepare for Takeoff video is released. It’s made by Thomas Rasmussen and can be seen above. It really makes the A320 come to life and it sounds glorious. Note that the final product by FF might look different than in this video.

For more about this A320 by FF go to X-Plane’s forum. A previous post we made about this aircraft can be found here.

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UK2000 Manchester Xtreme X Plane Preview

Manchester Xtreme by UK2000 for X Plane has been delayed until Saturday 16th of September. They are awfully sorry!

UK2000 has released preview shots of Manchester for the X-Plane platform. It was made for ESP flight sims at first, but has now been converted. This means that all assets from the Flight Sim platform such as custom ground textures and autogate are included.

I and everyone else just loves Manchester so this will be a great addition to XP users. It’s a quite an important hub for many UK airlines – both long-haul and short-haul. UK2000 have really been pushing forward on he X-Plane platform lately, so it’s great to see them continue this trend.

Price is not yet announced but as soon as we know we will update.

Release date is September 9th as per the source. To learn more, take a look at UK2000’s Facebook page.


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Flight Factor A320 Wingflex Video

FF A320

Flight Factor, the group that is creating the A320, has released a preview video showing the wingflex in X-Plane. It’s a good sign that FF reach out to their customers with an update and show us the latest news.

According to developer Ramzzess the A320 is getting closer and closer to public beta – there are only a few things needed to finish.

For more go to Flightdeckx website and this forum over at X-Plane.

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