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X-Plane Previews

Carenado Previews 690B Aero Commander For X-Plane 11

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In a post on their facebook page, Carenado showed several preview screenshots of their latest aircraft conversion to X-Plane 11: The 690B Aero Commander – A small twin-engine G/A aircraft.

Carenado has not announced a price or release date, yet, but have announced that the aircraft is coming ‘very soon’.

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Aerosoft Previews Dortmund For X-Plane 11

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Earlier this week, Aerosoft posted 4 preview screenshots showcasing their latest work in progress for the X-Plane 11 platform. The scenery will include Dortmund Airport - a minor international airport in North Western Germany - as well as the whole city of Dortmund, modelled with detailed objects and satellite images. Aerosoft has not announced a price for the scenery, nor
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JARDesign Previews VR Compatible Ground Handling v4 Plugin

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With more and more Virtual Reality headset products hitting the market, and simulators adding native VR capabilities for added immersion, developers are starting to take VR a lot more seriously than they used to. It's because of this that JARDesign has begun to show off previews of their upcoming Ground Handling (GHD) v4 plugin for X-Plane, which promises to be VR-friendly.
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Seattle City XP and Seattle Airports XP

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Drzewiecki Design has recently posted on their facebook page, showing their latest work for the X-Plane platform. The post showcases the X-Plane conversion of their most recent releases on the ESP platform: Seattle City X and Seattle Airports X. Seattle City XP will include thousands of custom objects and photoreal scenery to accompany, as it accurately renders the city of
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Avia71 Announce Aerostar 601P

Avia71 AEROSTAR 601P Announcement
Avia71, a relatively small GA aircraft developer for the X-Plane platform, has announced their next aircraft as a Piper (formerly Ted Smith) Aerostar 601P via YouTube video, which is already in closed beta stages. The Aerostar is most recently well-known for being the star (alongside Tom Cruise) in the Hollywood movie American Made. Sadly, the aircraft used in this film - N164HH
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FlyJSim Preview Upcoming 727 Version 3 Update

727 V3 June 01 (2 Of 56)

FlyJSim is arguably one of the best aircraft development groups on the X-Plane platform, having given the community a great variety of classic airliners over the years including the Dash-8 Q400, 727 Series, and the recently updated 732 Twinjet.

Flash forward to today, and FJS is getting ready to release the long-awaited update to the classic tri-engined airliner, the Boeing 727. The current version 2 was released back in 2016, just prior to the release of X-Plane 11, and therefore suffers a lack visual and audible goodies that we’ve come to expect alongside high-quality aircraft simulations nowadays. With the upcoming version 3, the developers are aiming to address these issues in order to maintain the high standards that we’ve come to expect from their products.

In an e-mail to industry media outlets, FlyJSim has previewed and detailed the upcoming update with a wide selection of screenshots, along with an exciting feature list to salivate over. Check out these fantastic shots, and make sure to check the full gallery at the bottom of this post.

The big-ticket items coming to Version 3 of the 727 Series are as follows;

  • Upgraded flight model for all three variants to suit X-Plane 11
  • PBR texture upgrades inside and out
  • Updated cockpit manipulators and additional mouse wheel support
  • Upgraded support for the X-Plane 11 native FMC
  • Updated menus, similar to the FJS 732 Twinjet Pro
  • Upgraded maintenance system
  • Upgraded pressurization system
  • New enhanced replay system, similar to the FJS 732 Twinjet
  • Highly immersive FMOD sounds

No word just yet on when we can expect the release of this gorgeous new version, but FlyJSim are attending FSExpo next weekend, so there’s every chance that we may see a release during the expo.

Keep your eyes on FSElite during the expo, as we’ll be there all weekend to keep you posted on all of the new releases and announcements!

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Orbx Previews KVUO Pearson Field for X-Plane 11

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Bill, who recently rejoined the Orbx team has announced the X-Plane 11 version of KVOU - Pearson Field. This announcement comes just a week following the release of the FSX/P3D version of the scenery, which shows just how quickly Bill can work. No word of a release date or exact price, just yet, however, it is commonplace for the release of
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UK2000 Preview Edinburgh for X-Plane

UK2000 have stated in a Facebook post that after some difficulties, they have set their sights on a release date for the Edinburgh scenery for X-Plane. The scenery is said to make use of many X-Plane features, such as Sloped runways, PBR and autogate. The post also included a few pre-release screenshots to display the fine artwork present in UK2000's products.
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Polish Airports Vol.1 V2 for X-Plane

Drzewiecki Design recently announced on their Facebook page that Version 2 of the highly acclaimed Polish Airports Vol.1 scenery will soon be available for X-Plane. The post included screenshots, showcasing the high quality of this scenery package, accompanied by a caption informing us of the upgrades. All Airport: Default AI, ATC and ground handling compatibility. Updated custom navaids. Gdańsk Lech
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