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Just Flight Showcases Robin DR400 In X-Plane 11

Just Flight Robin Dr 400 Xplane 11 (6)

Just Flight continue to port aircraft to X-Plane 11, with the latest being the Robin DR400. Shown off already on Prepar3D, the aircraft will likely feature many of the attributes we’ve seen previously from Just Flight’s X-Plane aircraft. That includes 4K texturing, PBR work and plenty of custom-coded features.

Whilst we await the information, a selection of previews were shared with the community highlighting some early development work.

You can follow Just Flight on Facebook to stay updated with any new progress.

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JustSim Previews Stuttgart Airport for X-Plane 11

JUSTSIM Edds X Plane 11 (2)
Released yesterday for P3D, JustSim/Digital Designs' Stuttgart Airport will also be coming to X-Plane 11 in the near future. To demonstrate the progress, developer JustSim has shared a range of new previews for the airport. The new previews, originally shared on Facebook, show off the terminal buildings, aircraft apron and a few areas from outside the airport fence. No word
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Verticalsim Previews Myrtle Beach for X-Plane 11

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Verticalsim announced their newest airport, Myrtle Beach International Airport, on Facebook. Myrtle Beach International Airport is 6 miles southeast of the central business district of Myrtle Beach and is right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The airport has a single runway, a passenger terminal, and served over 2.4 million passengers in 2018. Both Allegiant and Spirit maintain a
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[Update: Correction] FlightFactor Teases A350 Update

Flight Factor A350 V2 New
Update: Thanks to members of our Discord community, we may have made a mistake from the original Tweet. It may appear that this isn't V2, but actually an update for V1. We'll see what we can find out. Thanks to those who gave us the feedback. == Original Article == X-Plane aircraft developer FlightFactor has teased a that a new version
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GayaSimulations Shares New Vienna Vehicle Previews

Gaysimulations Vienna X Plane (5)
GayaSimulations continue to tease out previews for their upcoming Vienna scenery. This time, the focus is very much on the ground vehicles, which will populate parts of the airport. A variety of vehicles were shown off including baggage dollies, maintenance vans and push back trucks. They are branded to match the real-world ones at the airport and include a range
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Aviotek Simulations Final Previews of Treviso Regional Airport

Aviotek Treviso Regional Airport (3)

Scenery developer Aviotek Simulations has shared their final previews for their upcoming Treviso Regional Airport on X-Plane 11. On the Facebook post, the developers said that there are “some final details are still under development but we are almost there.” The Facebook post also had a few accomodating screenshots to share with the community.

The airport product will feature PBR glass and effects, 3D people and static aircraft, custom ground vehicles and also various 3D landmarks all over the airport and surrounding area. The airport has been designed based off of official blueprints for the airport itself.

No actual release date was stated, but we’ll be sure to let you know once it has been released.

Feature List

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Orbx TrueEarth US NorCal – Final Previews Before Release

True Earth Nor Cal Xp 11 (9)
As is usual from Iain at Orbx, his final shots are now available before TrueEarth US NorCal is released for X-Plane 11. The previews depict the diverse region in North America. Orbx has hand-crafted the orthoimagery to ensure it's high in quality and fits the world of X-Plane. As usual, the scenery package also includes a wide-range of points of
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GayaSimulation Vienna X-Plane 11 Previews

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As promised in their previous update, GayaSimulation finally seems ready to preview their upcoming Vienna scenery in a simulator, as opposed to the renders they have been showing up until now. The previews give us a clear picture of the ATC tower from different directions, and show some signs that can be found at the airport. We also get a
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Orbx TrueEarth Northern California X-Plane 11 Previews

Orbx has posted a handful of previews of TrueEarth Northern California. These previews are showing off the Oakland area specifically, but we can expect other parts of NorCal in the future. The stunning detail makes it feel like you are looking at a real photo of downtown Oakland. This is of course with every Orbx product, but with these new
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Imaginesim Reveals Atlanta Trailer for X-Plane 11

Imaginesim KATL Atlanta XP11 Trailer
Popular developer Imaginesim has taken to YouTube to showcase their upcoming release of Atlanta (KATL) for X-Plane 11. Just under a month ago we revealed the final screenshots before release and we now know that Imaginesim is working hard for a release this weekend. In this trailer, we see the airport in many scenarios including night time and wet weather
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