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Boundless Simulations Southend for XPL Trailer


A new trailer from Boundless Simulations showcasing their upcoming Southend Airport on X-Plane 11 has been shared. London Southend is a pretty fascinating airport. Located in Essex, Southend-on-sea became quite a popular hub airport in 2012 when easyJet opened its base there in time for the London Olympics. Since then, other carriers like Ryanair operate regularly to destinations across Europe. However, the short runway (6089ft) means that quite often airlines will have to operate within strict weight limits. However, in recent times most airlines have pulled out of the airport leaving only a handful of operators at the small airport.

That said, Boundless has decided to create an authentic-looking airport that is littered with details. As per the trailer, we now know that the airport will come with airport vehicle traffic, custom 4K HD buildings along with accurate night lighting. Beyond the airport perimeter, the product will come with high-quality ortho imagery. One of the cooler features is the ability to take advantage of the autogate marshallers at select stands. Finally, HD PBR Static aircraft will populate the highly detailed apron at Boundless’ Southend Airport.

We don’t have a confirmed date or pricing for the product yet, but you will be able to buy it from the iniBuilds store in the near future. You can see a range of previews from the announcement post here.

Boundless are no stranger to London airports as they did a great job on their Stansted Airport scenery for the platform. If you’re a Microsoft Flight Simulator user, why not check out their Alderney Island product.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this and be sure to inform you of any further development news.

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iniSimulations Previews upcoming A310-300 ON THE LINE

IniSimulations A310 300 ON THE LINE The Trailer
Known for their rendition of the Airbus A300-600R/(F) and Beluga for X-Plane, iniSimulations has released a trailer for their latest aircraft project, the Airbus A310-300. The A310 first flew in 1982 and entered service with Swissair in 1983. The A310 was Airbus' second aircraft venture and was produced to fill the demand for a smaller aircraft than the A300 and
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Chudoba Design Václav Havel Airport Prague Teaser

Václav Havel Airport Prague For X Plane 11 Teaser Chudoba Design
Over on YouTube, Chudoba Design has posted a teaser of their upcoming Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR) scenery for XP. The trailer shows the modelling and textures on the terminal buildings, night lighting, and an extensive amount of planes that are parked on taxiways. The trailer also previews some animations, such as a water salute by two firetrucks. The scenery
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JARDesign Group Previews Avitab for Airbus A340-500

Jardesign A340 (3)
X-Plane aircraft manufacturer, JARDesign Group, has released previews of their upcoming Airbus A340-500 with the integration of Avitab. JARDesign first announced their A340-500 product back in 2018 with initial renders of the aircraft. With the latest screenshots of the aircraft's cockpit, it is evident to see that great progress has been made with the development including the addition of the
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iniSimulations Development Update Posted

Inisimulations A310 Xplane (17)

After a successful release of the A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11, iniSimulations has started focusing its efforts back on the A310-300. The latest development blog posted by Ubaid shares a few new details about the upcoming aircraft, along with some previews of the plane in action.

Before the previews were shared, Ubaid wanted to update customers on the fact they are creating four new pieces of cargo for people to fly around in the Beluga. No specifics were mentioned, but they expect to be ready in the next few weeks. Alongside that, Ubaid said that iniSimulations are trying to work with the developer behind BetterPushback to bring a new towbar specifically for the Beluga. However, whilst iniSimulations has completed the work required, they haven’t been able to follow up with the BetterPushback team since. They hope to be able to update customers soon on when the towbar is ready.

Moving onto the A310, the team said the development has been moving at a “great pace.” It was reconfirmed that the product, when released, will include the following variants of the A310-300:

  • A310-300 Freighter – PW & GE
  • A310-300 Passenger – PW & GE
  • A310-300 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) – GE
  • A310-300 Medevac – GE
  • A310-300 ACJ (Business Jet configuration) – GE

To accompany this news, the team shared a variety of screenshots. It was also commented on that the modelling work is almost completed and that the iniBuilds team will soon be using their team of painters to put the finishing touches to the model and create liveries for each model variant (but not the ACJ yet as more information for that will come in due course).

Building on the aircraft even further, iniSimulations has also included a “comprehensive” failures package, which will also be made available in the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) in the future. In addition, the IDC/RMP unit will be able to be toggled to either a more modern configuration or the classic version. Finally, it was confirmed that the A310-300 will use the Experimental Flight Model.

As the A310-300 was commonly used in long-haul operations, the team has added a host of ACARS/CPDLC features, along with a functioning printer directly in the flight deck which will print out the latest information for you. There will be further details on this in the future.

Ubaid closed the forum thread by saying that the development of the A310-300 is coming to a close and that the product will enter an extensive beta testing period before it is eventually released. It was reconfirmed that current owners of the A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE will be entitled to a 35% discount on the A310-600 once it is released. You can check out the full forum thread and see even more previews here.

If you’re keen to learn more about iniSimulations’ aircraft, check out our first look on the BelugaST.


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FlightFactor Shares New Previews of 787 Pro

Developer FlightFactor has shared an additional number of previews for their upcoming 787 Pro for X-Plane 11. The progress comes from their 3D team and highlights improvements made over the past few previews we have seen from the team. We've seen numerous previews of the 787 Pro since the initial announcement of the aircraft back in September 2020. On Twitter,
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Airfoillabs Shares Renders for Upcoming DC-3 on XPL

Airfoillabs Dc 3 Xpl (2)
Aircraft developer Airfoillabs has shared a range of renders for their upcoming "study level" DC-3 for X-Plane 11. The developer took to both Facebook and Twitter to share the previews of various parts of the flight deck for the aircraft. We can see in the previews parts of the navigator and radio operator stations, along with other aids such as charts.
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FlightFactor Previews Further 787 Renders

X-Plane aircraft developer, FlightFactor, has taken to twitter to further preview their upcoming 787 project with some in-sim cockpit screenshots. The renders show a near complete, textured cockpit but without any lights, systems or working displays however, they do show PBR texturing and the quality finish that is to be expected from the aircraft developer.  The team have been making
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