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FSElite Exclusive: New Previews of Cancun from FSimStudios / Windsock Simulations

Fsimstudios Windsock Simulations Cancun Xplane 11 08

Announced a few weeks ago by both FSimStudios and Windsock Simulations, Cancun Airport will soon be made available in X-Plane 11. Working closely with our development partners, we’re pleased to provide the community with some brand new and exclusive previews of the airport being developed.

Originally developed by FSimStudios on Prepar3D, the X-Plane port is being handled by Windsock Simulations to provide the same level of detail as the P3D version, just with the added feature set which is only found in X-Plane 11.

All of the previews are still work in progress of the complex project and the developers continue to listen to feedback and make any improvements on the project. If you’re interested, there is another collaboration project between the two developers which is Panama City.

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Skyline Simulations Drops More Previews of Dash 8 Q100 for X-Plane

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Over on their Facebook page, Skyline Simulations has posted more previews of their first aircraft project, the Bombardier Dash 8 Q100/Q200/Q300 for X-Plane. The work in progress shots shows rendered overhead panels of the short-range turboprop aircraft. The Bombardier Dash 8 series first flew in 1983 under the development of Canadair. Following the sale to Boeing and then to Bombardier,
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Carenado Announces Dassault Falcon 50 for X-Plane

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Developer Carenado has announced over on their Facebook page that their next project for X-Plane will be the French executive jet, the Dassault Falcon 50. Carenado has previously released the executive jet for P3D, Carenado is now in the process of porting the aircraft over to X-Plane. The Dassault Falcon 50 sits in the super-midsized range of executive jet and
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New Flightbeam / iBlueYonder KPDX Update and XP Info

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Whilst Portland (KPDX) from Flightbeam / iBlueYonder was released a few months ago, updates are still being developed for the add-on. Posted on Facebook, iBlueYonder (Bill Womack) gave a detailed look at some of the new features to come with an upcoming update, along with some new previews of the X-Plane 11 version. Teased a while ago, the all-new Atlantic
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Windsock Simulations Drop More Panama City Screenshots

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Courtesy of Facebook, Windsock Simulations has further previewed their Panama City Airport for X-Plane. This time they’re showcasing the airport at night. The developer claims the scenery is nearing completion and will be released later this month. Earlier this month, they announced a partnership with FSimStudios to bring the airport to the X-Plane platform. Some of the features included with the airport are: SAM gates, Orthophoto ground textures, PBR and HDR lights.

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Fresh Previews of Vidan Design’s Aalborg on X-Plane 11

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Vidan Design has shared further previews for their upcoming Aalborg on X-Plane 11. The Danish airport sees a variety of traffic from airlines such as Norwegian,  KLM, Vueling and Scandinavian Airlines. On Facebook, developer Vidan Design said that these would be the last previews before release. The city of Aalborg is the 4th largest city in Denmark, and the airport handled
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JAR Design Share 330 Version 3.2 Progress Previews

Jar Design 330 Update Apu (3)
JAR Design continue to update their 330 aircraft on X-Plane 11. The long-haul aircraft has seen various improvements over the years and version 3.2 will continue that trend. In a closed group on Facebook, the team shared some new images for a new feature coming with the update. The new update will feature APU FIRE, complete with functional ECAM memos
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SuperCritical Simulations Group Video Preview of the CRJ

CRJ 700 WIP 2019 05 27
A brand new video of the SuperCritical Simulations Group CRJ has been shared online. The 3-minute video gives a brief overview of the aircraft in X-Plane 11, including the news that systems will be added to the aircraft once the 747-8 from the same team has been released. The video is very much a work-in-progress version of the aircraft in
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