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X-Plane Previews

Gaya Simulations X-Plane 11 and P3D Vienna Airport Previews, Releases this Week

Gaya Simualtions Loww Vienna (7)

Update: We have added the official trailer from AviationLads.

Gaya Simulations has confirmed that Vienna Airport (LOWW) will be releasing this week. To accompany the news, they also shared a range of screenshots from the X-Plane 11 version, along with night previews for the Prepar3D version. Both sets of previews were posted on their Facebook page.

X-Plane 11 Version

There are a few additional screenshots on Facebook.

Prepar3D Version

There are a few additional screenshots on Facebook. 

As mentioned before, both the X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D versions are due to release very soon via OrbxDirect. Once they’re available, we’ll let you know.

These new previews were shared before FlyTampa updated their website to tease a possible update to their Vienna scenery also.


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Skyline Simulations Shares New Gibraltar Previews on X-Plane

Skyline Simulations Gibraltar X Plane 11 (8)
Developer Skyline Simulations has shared a set of new Gibraltar previews on X-Plane 11.  We first announced exclusively that the team would be bringing the airport to both X-Plane and Prepar3D just over a year ago and we have seen various previews of the airport since.  In these new previews, we get to see some more renders of the buildings included,
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Torquesim SR22 Development Update 5

TS SR 30Mar 8 1024×598
Weeks after weeks, Torquesim keeps updating us about their SR22 development progress. This week's update is about the aerodynamics of their upcoming general aviation plane. The aerodynamics model of the Torquesim SR22 has been created by an external developer called X-Aerodynamics. They are known for their previous works on the Aerobask DR-400 and DA-62 as well as  many other addons
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Orbx Shares San Jose Airport (KSJC) Renders

Screenshot 37.jpg.a4156d08fd317c40a72231bf3f00ef96
Orbx Ed Correia has shared on the Orbx forums some renders of their upcoming San Jose International Airport (KSJC). These previews show the modeling and texturing of the terminals, which have yet to be shown in game. The Orbx San Jose Airport was first teased this month along with Palm Beach. John Venema, CEO of Orbx, further added in the
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Aerosoft / Windsock Simulations Ibiza Final Previews Before Release

Windsock Simulations Ibiza (6)

Windsock Simulations announced that they are hard at work converting the SimWings/Aerosoft Ibiza Airport to X-Plane 11. Since then, the team has been somewhat quiet, but earlier today, the team shared what they regard as the final previews before the release.

The new previews highlight the modelling work with terminal buildings, the ground clutter surrounding the airport and impressive texture work on the buildings themselves. Windsock Simulations also said in their Facebook post that the airport would be coming “VERY, VERY soon.”

The original airport came out on FSX/P3D a little while ago and opened up some nice flying opportunities to the Balearic Islands off of the Spanish coast. We’ll keep you updated with any updates as and when we see them.

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Magknight Shares New 787 Previews

Unknown (2)
Developers Magknight has shared some new 787 previews via their Discord server. The new previews are renders of the cockpit, but lack much of the 3D modelling for various components. This is very much just an indication of where the team are currently with the development of the cockpit redesign. In addition to the new cockpit renders, a few other
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TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 4

1a Aerate 1024×598
TorqueSim has taken the habit to update the community on the progress of their SR22 on a regular basis. The 4th update starts with a statement concerning the COVID-19 situation and further elaborates their approach to the engine behavior model. Covid-19 Statement The TorqueSim team is currently monitoring the situation, and since the team works from remote places, they have
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Rotate Shares News Previews of the MD-11 FMS System

Rotate Md 11 Fms (8)
The developers at Rotate have been rather quiet lately, but have broken that silence with new previews for their MD-11 FMS system. Developer Kucoman said that 30 individual pages are on the roadmap for development, and many of them are already operative. Below are some new previews of them in action. What's interesting to note is that each of the MCDUs
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Skylines Simulations Previews Gibraltar (LXGB)

90243227 1333344613523487 5328673144263671808 O
Back in 2019, developer Skyline Simulations had revealed they were working on a Gibraltar Airport (LXGB). After a long periods of silence, the developer has finally previewed on Facebook more images of the ground textures. The screenshots show the use of PBR materials and various ramps and taxiways markings.
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