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New Magknight 787 Update Previews


Magknight continues to provide development updates for the 787 update they will be bringing to X-Plane 11 in the future. The new previews shared Mitchell Chen’s Twitter (@sp33dm) highlight the new wing modelling that will be included in a future update to the aircraft.

From what we can see, the new renders showcase an improvement in the overall quality of the modelling with a lot more detail in the wings than what was present beforehand.

As the development of the aircraft update continues, you can view a little more on the FMS/EFB update that the team are working on for the aircraft type.

In the meantime, you can purchase Magknight’s 787-9 Aviator Edition from the X-Plane Store for $44.95

Thanks to Gold787FlightSim in our Discord for the tip.

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Stairport Sceneries Greater Moncton In Beta for XPL, Coming to MSFS

Stairport Sceneries Cyqm Greater Moncton Airport (8)
Developer Stairport Sceneries has announced that their upcoming Greater Moncton Airport (CYQM) is now in beta for X-Plane 11. The Canadian airport sits on the East of the country with various airlines visiting including Air Canada Express, Canadian North and PAL Airlines. In addition to passenger traffic, the airport sees various cargo operators such as UPS and FedEx Express visit.
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Single New Preview for FlightFactor 787 Pro on XPL

Flightfactor787 X Plane 1
FlightFactor has been sharing snippets of previews for their upcoming 787 on X-Plane 11 for a little whilst and the team has shared a new preview of the aircraft's texturing. As pictured above, the screenshot shows off the throttle area, including fuel cut off switches, throttle levers and flap controls. It also highlights part of the radio stack and also
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iniSimulations Showcases A300 Passenger Edition

Inisimulations A300 Passenger X Plane 11 (1)
The upcoming free update to the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE product on X-Plane 11 will include the passenger model. Whilst this in itself is not news, the all-new previews shared by the team are fresh and highlight the virtual cabin users can expect from the product when it releases. The new post on the private iniBuilds Facebook post shared new previews
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FlightFactor Shares New 787 Pro Cockpit Renders

FlightFactor has brought to the forums new renders of the cockpit of their upcoming Boeing 787 Pro. The renders show very detailed modeling of the entire cockpit, but have yet to be displayed with textures and in-sim. The exterior model has not been displayed yet either. The aircraft was announced only a month ago, and scarce information about it
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Just Flight Previews VC10 In X-Plane 11

JUSTFLIGHT Vc10 Xplane 11 (5)

Just Flight has spent time lately previewing their 747 Classic series and their 146 Professional, so it was time to give some attention to the VC10 for X-Plane 11. The aircraft already has been available to download for Prepar3D for a while, but X-Plane users have had to wait. That wait continues but the development team has shared some new shots of the VC10 in action within the simulator.

In the Facebook post, Just Flight shared screenshots for the VC10 Standard, Super and RAF version of the aircraft. When it becomes available, the aircraft will feature 3D instruments, authentic-looking texturing across the cockpit and accurate flight dynamics based on input from real-world VC10 pilots. More details and information will be shared in time.

You can continue to follow progress on the Just Flight VC10 X-Plane 11 product page or via their Facebook page.

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JustSim Previews Helsinki-Vantaa Airport for XP

121636335 3951815938166484 2842976901246427861 O
Over on Facebook, JustSim has shown some previews of their upcoming Helsinki Airport (EFHK) scenery for X-Plane. The team delivered Helsinki-Vantaa Airport for Prepar3D at the end of last month, and by the looks of it the scenery will be out for X-Plane soon as well. The previews show off the entirety of the airport; from close-up at the gates
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Airfield Canada Further Previews Halifax

121111586 668276014083429 568150047250661632 O
X-Plane sceneries developer Airfield Canada has brought to Facebook a few screenshots of their upcoming Halifax Airport (CYHZ) for X-Plane. The developer further explained that the scenery would ship with a custom mesh made by Maps2XPlane, however a patch would be made available for those who prefer to use Ortho4XP. Over the past weeks, the developer also shared details of
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Rotate MD-11 Development Update

1283011020 Rotate MD 11 2020 10 0316 35 09.jpg.69b3a23556182dbaa5006d62f5bc41ee
X-Plane developer Rotate has shared on the X-Plane forums a couple of screenshots of the aircraft cockpit. One was taken during cruise where we can see some navigation ongoing, and the other was taken on the ground, with numerous failures message displays. The developer commented that it was still largely a work in progress and users might easily spot some
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Further Previews of Boundless Birmingham Airport for XPL

BOUNDLESSS Bhx Airport Xpl (5)
Scenery developer Boundless Simulations has shared a handful of new previews for the upcoming release of Birmingham Airport for X-Plane 11. The new scenery based on the UK airport is nearing completion as stated in the latest post on the forums. The developer goes into some detail about what to expect in the product including the fact that the
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