X-Plane Previews

Just Flight Shares Video Preview of the 146 Professional on XPL

Those of you are who are excited for the upcoming 146 Professional on X-Plane 11 will be pleased to know that a short teaser video of the aircraft in action has been released by Just Flight. The new in-development video highlights various features and elements of the upcoming aircraft.

The 2-minute video is a good tease of what you can expect from the aircraft once it does land. The video shows us the custom sounds being used for the aircraft, along with how the user can interact with the plane to adjust elements such as the autopilot and the various dials. Furthermore, the video shows a very quick engine start-up sequence, along with a take-off to give you a flavour of the plane. Engine effects are used to simulate the heat from the exhaust whilst animations are used effectively to show the engines running. You can watch the full teaser video above.

The aircraft is currently still in development as it is brought across from the already-released Prepar3D version. No release dates have since been set as to not disappoint following the delays the aircraft has seen in recent weeks. That said, stay tuned to FSElite so we can keep you updated with the latest.

The product page for Just Flight’s 146 Professional is online now with the latest information and you can also sign up to get a newsletter notification once the aircraft has been released.


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FlightFactor Shares New Previews of 787 Pro

Developer FlightFactor has shared an additional number of previews for their upcoming 787 Pro for X-Plane 11. The progress comes from their 3D team and highlights improvements made over the past few previews we have seen from the team. We've seen numerous previews of the 787 Pro since the initial announcement of the aircraft back in September 2020. On Twitter,
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Airfoillabs Shares Renders for Upcoming DC-3 on XPL

Airfoillabs Dc 3 Xpl (2)
Aircraft developer Airfoillabs has shared a range of renders for their upcoming "study level" DC-3 for X-Plane 11. The developer took to both Facebook and Twitter to share the previews of various parts of the flight deck for the aircraft. We can see in the previews parts of the navigator and radio operator stations, along with other aids such as charts.
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FlightFactor Previews Further 787 Renders

X-Plane aircraft developer, FlightFactor, has taken to twitter to further preview their upcoming 787 project with some in-sim cockpit screenshots. The renders show a near complete, textured cockpit but without any lights, systems or working displays however, they do show PBR texturing and the quality finish that is to be expected from the aircraft developer.  The team have been making
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iniSimulations Reveals A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE Trailer

IniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE The Trailer
After noting that their latest aircraft had moved into beta testing just last week, aircraft developer iniSimulations has premiered a trailer, showcasing some features of their upcoming A300-600 BelugaST ON THE LINE aircraft for X-Plane. The video premiered on YouTube and showcased the aircraft in action as well as the Hawarden scenery, commissioned by iniBuilds to accompany the aircraft upon release.
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ToLiss Shares A340-600 Progress Update

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Developer ToLiss has shared a long-awaited updated for their upcoming A340-600 aircraft for X-Plane 11. The new previews are part of an anniversary special being held by ToLiss in celebration of their A319 and A321 releases.

The new previews of the long-haul Airbus jet highlight the completed cockpit 3D modelling. Whilst the cockpit is still missing many textures, things are in progress to create an authentic-looking Airbus A340-600. In addition, the team confirmed that animations are also in development. Also, we can see that modelling on the virtual cabin is also underway with various classes in the cabin and even the lower-deck galley/toilet area found on specific aircraft.

In regards to the systems, performance handling tuning is complete, but there is still plenty of work to go before the aircraft will be ready for people to use in the sim.

Finally, it was confirmed that the target release date is currently the second half of 2021. There is still plenty of work to be done, but to see the quad-engine jet for the sim this far into development is reassuring for those ready to explore new destinations in the aircraft.

Stick with FSElite to stay up-to-date on the ToLiss A340-600.

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New Previews of Boundless Stansted Airport for XPL

Boundless Standsted Airport Scenery Xpl (5)
Boundless has sent us some brand new previews for their upcoming release of Stansted Airport for X-Plane 11. The new previews highlight various terminal areas and also how night lighting has been implemented with the product. Stansted Airport (EGSS) is one of the UK's busiest airports with Ryanair making it their largest hub flying to over 100 destinations over Europe
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Just Flight Shares New 146 Professional for XPL Previews

Just Flight 146 Professional Xpl (4)
Whilst we were hoping for the 146 Professional on X-Plane to release last month, Just Flight continue to develop the aircraft in preparation for a release. The new development previews highlight the progress the team is making on the X-Plane aircraft including the new AviTab EFB integration and also the cockpit night lighting. The new previews also highlight various avionics
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Boundless Announces Stansted

148346169 113988400662831 7979674079023205604 N
Relatively new scenery developer, Boundless, has announced their latest X-Plane scenery development as Stansted (EGSS). Over on Facebook, Boundless posted screenshots of a particular location on a UK motorway describing that they have managed to create variable speed, custom road traffic that drives on the left-hand side and even reacts to conditions of the road. After guesses from the community
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Origami Studios Details Gatwick Release

Screenshot 2021 02 06 At 12.31.41
Origami Studios, the team behind the Scottish Aviation Bulldog and SimToolKitPro, has disclosed further details of their first scenery project, Gatwick Airport (EGKK) for X-Plane. Gatwick is the second Busiest airport in the UK and although it has two physical runways, these are positioned too close together to operate them simultaneously. This gives Gatwick the accolade of having the second
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