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Skyline Sim Chicago O’Hare, Cincinnati International, and Long Beach Preview Mega Post

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The last time we shared any previews of any of Skyline Sim’s upcoming projects was earlier this month, and January before that. In that time, I’ll admit we did miss large number of previews from Skyline of Cincinnati International, Chicago O’Hare, as well as Long Beach, and I do apologize for that. Earlier today, Skyline showed off more previews of their upcoming Cincinnati International scenery, and I thought it’d be a perfect time to compile all of the previews Skyline has shared over the past few months that went uncovered by us!

Do note that this is a mix of screenshots as recent as today but dating back to February, and are all of course work-in-progress with some things having been reworked and/or changed since they were shared. Enjoy!

First up, KCVG Cincinnati International:

Skyline has stated that release is being aimed for sometime in June, it is unknown which platform will come first or if they’ll release side by side.

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VSKYLABS Previews Rutan LongEZ Project

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Developer VSKYLABS has dropped some more information on their Rutan LongEZ project, one of their major releases for 2018. In a post on their Facebook page, the developer gave information on their upcoming home-built performance aircraft for X-Plane 11. Built by aerospace legend Burt Rutan in the 1980’s, the aircraft features superb performance and economy through the use of the
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Skyline Sim Chicago O’Hare for X-Plane Previews

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It's been a busy couple of days for previews of upcoming Chicago O'Hare sceneries, with both Drzewiecki Design and FSDreamTeam having shown off previews yesterday. Now it's Skyline Sim's turn, and this time for X-Plane! For those wondering if it will be compatible with Drzeweicki Design's upcoming Chicago City X scenery, we have some good news for you; it will
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Boeing 737-900ER Ultimate Beta Released for XP11

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The X-Plane 11 world has been chomping at the bit for news of a release date for the much-anticipated 737 Ultimate project from Attitude Simulations. Sought after for its promised improvements to the default XP11 737, such as an additional EFB, scimitars, a modelled cabin, and a 900ER 737 model, this plane has been hotly anticipated for months. Today, the
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FSElite Exclusive: Pair of FlyTampa Corfu X-Plane Previews

Flytampa Corfu X Plane 11 11a

FlyTampa were kind enough to share a further pair of screenshots of their soon to be released Corfu for X-Plane 11. Not a massive post from us on this, but wanted to share with the community any screenshots we can from the developer’s first outing in the world of X-Plane.

The first of the exclusive previews shows us how detailed the ground textures are looking. With the variation in material texturing and the light gleaming from the concrete, it’s looking mighty impressive. On the right, we have a screenshot as the sun sets and it shows the wonderful night lighting we can expect from the scenery on the island.

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FlyTampa Corfu X-Plane 11 Preview Shots

Fly Tampa Corfu X Plane 11 (1)
As we previewed a few short weeks ago, FlyTampa are stepping into the X-Plane ring with their first scenery: Corfu. The Greek Island flourishes during the summer with plenty of tourism from all over Europe flooding into the area. In time for this seasonal jump in activity, FlyTampa will be releasing their much loved airport in X-Plane 11 very soon.
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Update [New Info]: Orbx England TrueEarth and EGCB Barton Manchester for X-Plane 11 Teaser Trailer

Orbx EGCB Barton Manchester For X Plane 11
Update 18:50z 30-Mar-2018 John has added a few more tid-bits to whet your appetite. He added that the reason the teaser trailer was made was to emphasis how realistic this technology can be. The reason it looks so realistic is because of the following: We're using licensed aerial photography taken from aircraft, not satellite imagery We have the position and
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