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Flight Simulation Product Previews

Iris Flight Simulations CT/4F Akala – More Previews of the Exterior and Interior

CT4 09

Thanks to a friend of ours, we’re able to preview you even more screenshots of the upcoming Iris Flight Simulations CT/4F Akala. The nine previews showcase some of the liveries you will get to choose from as well as a bit more of a detailed look on the inside too. Our friend says that it is really nice to fly and you guys are bound to enjoy it when it’s eventually released.

Be sure to follow Iris Flight SImulations on Facebook for up to date details.

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Just Flight Avro Vulcan B Mk2 Renders

Avro Vulcan B Mk2 6 Ss L 171020102932

Today Just Flight announced that their Avro Vulcan B Mk2 finally has reached the Development section. Their in-house team are working hard to make it the best aircraft of its kind out there for both FSX and P3D.

Vulcan B Mk2 is a very iconic aircraft, four-engines with its delta wings that can drop bombs. Was in service in the UK during Cold War. The model they base their virtual aircraft on was the last aircraft built for the Royal Air Force in 1964. Part of UK’s nuclear deterrent force throughout 60s and 70s.

To develop this aircraft they went to see a real Vulcan B.2 XM665 at Wellesbourne Airfield. Collected a total of several hundreds of photos, a few of them are here below. While they took the photos they took the opportunity to record unique sounds, film control surfaces, airbrakes, bomb-bay, doors RAT and cockpit door to make it as real as possible.

To closely follow the development of this aircraft feel free to sign up on Just Flight’s website for news as well as their Facebook.

Below are some new renders of this aircraft


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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Cold & Dark to Full Flight Part 1

Flight Factor and Thomas Rasmussen has released a new preview video of their A320 Ultimate by FF. It’s a video of a flight from Hamburg bound to Frankfurt am Main or EDDH -> EDDF Part 1 in X Plane 11. Plan is to show the neat cockpit, setup from cold and dark etc.

Important to note is that this aircraft is still in development and things may change before being released.

Preview video is available above for you to watch.

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Drzewiecki Design KRNT Renton and S50 Auburn Preview

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Drzewiecki Design has unveiled even more screenshots of their KRNT Renton and S50 Auburn scenery. They claim it’s 100% complete on their Facebook page.

No price is yet set or release date but they are surely progressing and we will keep you updated. Even better is that the developer say that it’s already flyable.

Until then, look at these preview shots below for you to admire.

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UK2000 Aberdeen Extreme Preview for X Plane 11

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UK2000 has unveiled some information on their current project which is Aberdeen Xtreme or Dyce. This airport includes all assets found in the FSX and P3D version of this airport. Assets included are custom taxiways, grass, signs, buildings and Autogate safedock. And of course X-Plane spill lights is included as well.

UK2000 expect the release on Saturday the 14th of October, price is 16.99 GBP.

More is available here at UK2000’s Facebook page.

Until then lets enjoy these preview shots of this airport but remember, they are still WIP.

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More Previews of Pula Airport from Orbx (LDPL) – Dynamic Lighting Showcase


Yesterday we previewed some more shots of the airport and the external areas. Today, Misha over on the Orbx forums, continued to tease us with new images of Pula Airport (LDPL), but this time showing off the night lighting. As you can see, the P3DV4 shots show off the dynamic lighting effectively used throughout the scenery to create an atmospheric scene.

He says that it is “very, very” close to release and we’re excited to fly around the Croatian airport. There are plenty more previews over on the Orbx forums.

We interviewed Misha a little while back during Developer Month* if you want to have a gander at that.

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I.D.S Newcastle Hotfix Announced + P3D V4 & Boeing Field News

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Today Innovative Development Studios or in short I.D.S announced a Hotfix for Newcastle. IDS has listened to the audience this time and they wanted to give us an update on what’s next.

Newcastle Hotfix consists of the following

  • Removing of default airport vehicles
  • Removed default airport vehicles due to the AFCAD and will instead place custom library objects.

IDS plan to send these updates files next week to Aerosoft for you to download and enjoy ASAP.

The P3D V4 compatible version will include the hotfix already in V1.0 and is progressing nicely. More preview shots will come at a later date.

IDS Boeing Field KBFI:
IDS is still waiting for feedback from Aerosoft and have no more info on that at the moment. IDS mentioned that they don’t want to give out false release dates or promises again.

For more about this go to I.D.S’s Facebook page.


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