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Flight Simulation Product Previews

Turbulent Designs Terra Flora on Short Final – Releasing September 1st


Turbulent Designs just announced that Terra Flora is complete and will be released for customers to buy this Friday, the 1st of September. Price will be 19.99 GBP.

Terra Flora is the next step that Turbulent Designs takes in order to create the best quality vegetation that not only blends seamlessly but is global.

Some facts about Terra Flora:

  • Replacement for all default autogen in order to improve your sim experiation world wide
  • HD textures on vegetation made by Russ White to increase the standard of detail
  • Hugely improved colourisation compared to default vegetation for maximum realism
  • Terra Flora and Real Flora will blend in perfect harmony in future airport updates
  • Supports many sim platforms, FSX, FSX:SE, P3D V3 and V4.

We have made two previous posts about Terra Flora that can be found here and here with lots of preview shots etc.

To learn more go to Turbulent Designs forum for latest info and you can join the discussion here.

Preview below shows what this global add-on will look like in different countries and continents. It also shows what it will look like around Flightbeam Minneapolis KMSP airport.

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New 787 Shots Appear on QualityWings Website

787 1

Update: We’ve noticed a few new things added the to feature list we figured you would find interesting. Specifically, some features QualityWings told us about during Flight Sim Con 2017. This includes the QualityWings JumpAhead feature and the ApproachConfig. The ‘JumpAhead’ element will allow you to literally jump to a waypoint ahead on your flight plan. This will then sync up with the simulator and then also calculate the correct fuel remaining on board. Perfect for those ultra long-hauls. ‘ApproachConfig’, as the name suggests, will place your aircraft in your selected approach and ensure you’re configured correctly to be able to practice landing the Dreamliner.

If you head over to the webpage and click on the ‘overview’ tab, you can see a whole list of features.

Original article: In what is quite a surprise, a new selection of 787 shots have appeard on QualityWing’s website. Showing off the virtual cockpit and external model. With one shot showing off what we believe to be dynamic lighting in P3Dv4. In an image teased recently, QualityWings claimed that their 787 would be releasing summer 2017. Presuming that they are basing this off of US summer. Then they have just under 4 weeks left to keep to their promise.

With these new shots being shown off, some new light is being shone and maybe QualityWings may actually meet their target.

The QualityWings 787 during dusk.

More shots after in the link.

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UK2000 Release Gatwick v4 Previews and Release Date

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UK2000 have just shown off some shots of their upcoming Gatwick v4 scenery. The scenery looks once again to follow on the consistent high quality of UK2000 sceneries. This is the second updated airport we will recieve this year following on from Manchester which released earlier this year. This new version of London Gatwick will include a bundle of updates that will bring it up to scratch to replicate Gatwick in it’s current state. Also included in the post was an expected released date of the 16th of September. Which is just three weeks away from now. 12 shots were also included which I will include in this article. The updated feature list is as follows:

  • New Pier 1
  • New changes to Pier 5
  • A380 stand on Pier 6
  • A new hotel
  • New hangers
  • Transparent glass for Pier 6 and 3 (Rotary Pier)

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iBlueYonder Previews Upcoming GA Airports – The 100 Dollar Burger Returns

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iBlueYonder has today announced they will be giving 2B2 Plum Island a facelift and are also working on 6B6 Minuteman Field. In the midst of the mega airports that they are currently working on, KDAL and KPDX, they aim to prove they still love those little GA airports as well.

Both airports will come packaged together and will deliver the same high-quality work you can expect from Bill. You can see from the screenshots provided that even the smallest details will be included in his work.

Both the airports are located in the US in the state of Massachusetts and add good connections from Nantucket and The Heron’s Nest that iBlueYonder have made before. Below are a couple of previews of Minuteman Field to start with.

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29Palms Skiathos 1.5 is delayed until P3D 4.1

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Developer 29Palms has today announced that their Skiathos 1.5 will be delayed until the next version of Prepar3D. The reason for why it is delayed is because the autogen in the current version of P3D V4 has a bug that the developers don’t like.

No date is set for next release of Prepar3D yet, but here are two preview screenshots of Skiathos 1.5. A previous post about this beautiful airport was made and can be found here.

For the latest info, follow 29Palms Facebook page and website.

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FSDreamTeam Louisville-Standiford (KSDF) Previews Continue

Fsdreamteam Ksdf P3dv4 1

Over on Facebook, FSDreamTeam have given a sneak peak at what to expect when they release Louisville-Standiford (KSDF). The preview shots highlight the terminal structures, the car parks as well as some of the ground texture and clutter. The detail is look pretty sharp with plenty of neat little features scattered around.

Other than the few previews, not much was announced or revealed. When we find out more, we’ll let you know.

There’s some more previews here, here and here.

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New FSLabs A320X Screenshots in Prepar3D V4 – In ‘Early Beta’

FSL320X P3D V4 2

After a long period of silence from the team at FSLabs, they’ve come forward with some new screenshots for the A320X in Prepar3D V4.

They were one of the first developers to confirm that they would be bringing over their popular Airbus product to the 64-bit platform, but since then, it’s been back and forth with whether the product is in beta testing. Andrew from the development team confirmed they’re in ‘the early stages of beta’.

The screenshots show off the new high resolution textures for the aircraft, which will only be featured in the Prepar3D V4 version of the product.

No further information is available right now, but be sure to check back with what Lefteris said a few months back. You can also see the first shots which were publicly shown off back in May.

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Navigraph Announce Desktop App for MacOS

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Over on Facebook, Navigraph announced that they have released a brand new app for macOS. The app includes a Simlink client so it can be interactive with X-Plane.

Furthermore, the new client is part of the ongoing beta program that Navigraph has been having for a few months now that features interactive Jeppesen charts. You can download the macOS client here.

You can read our Windows desktop or Android beta impressions in the links provided.

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Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Service Pack for P3D V4 Preview


Orbx has shown the community preview screenshots of their upcoming Service Pack for P3D V4 of their Orbx Stockholm Alranda airport, the main airport in Sweden and its capital Stockholm.

This service pack update comes with internal modelling at terminal’s 2 to 5 which gives a bit of depth in the windows. Moving jetways are not yet implemented in this update but will come in at a  later date. Users that have tested the SP have also noticed a good increase in performance.

For more visit Orbx’s forum and Facebook page.

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