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Aeroplane Heaven Announce Avro Lancaster Heavy Bomber!

Avro Lancaster

Aeroplane Heaven has announced their development of the Avro Lancaster Heavy Bomber.

This particular bomber was introduced by the RAF (Royal Air Force) in 1942. This aircraft was used by variety of other countries, such as Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Sweden, just to name a few.

Aeroplane Heaven had this to say:

“Heavy Metal (and a touch of fabric)

It has been over 10 years since we produced a Lancaster. Our last one became a big hit for us and is still selling. With the recent success of our B17s and in light of Prepar3d V4 and its features, we decided that it was time to take a new look at the “Lanc”, for P3DV3+ and FSX/FSXSE.

Whilst the B17s ruled the daylight hours, the Lancaster was the hero of the night, carrying out dangerous mission sorties deep into enemy territory, with little or no fighter cover.

Just like its fighter counterparts, the Hurricane and Spitfire, the Lancaster was the maker of legends like Group Captain Leonard Cheshire and of course, the Dambusters led by Guy Gibson to name but a very few.

With all the latest tech and techniques now available to us,we can now bring you what will be your chance to experience just what it was like to fly and crew this legendary machine in the skies of the latest simulators.

The exterior will have a massive amount of authentic detail to explore with many unique animations and the highly detailed VC will include the front turret and bomber’s compartment, engineer and nav station and radio operator’s positions.

We will update you with more news and features as they happen.”

No release date or price has been announced yet. However, you can expect a release for P3Dv3+ and FSX/FSXSE. More information can be found on the Aeroplane Heaven Facebook page.




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Orbx Previews of San Diego (KSAN) 1.10 Patch

Ksan Orbx 1 4
Over on the Orbx forums, Iain has previewed some new shots of the upcoming San Diego (KSAN) 1.10 patch. The update was originally announced by developer Matteo Veneziani back in November, addressing many things including better blending of photoreal scenery, dynamic lighting and new jetways. San Diego was released earlier in 2016 and was met with some good feedback, along
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FSElite Exclusive: PhotoSim Labs Bahamas – Further Previews

Bahamas Batch2 P3dv4 09
Back in October, we were luckily enough to introduce new developer PhotoSim Labs who is currently developer Bahamas for FSX and P3D. If you missed our last article on them, PhotoSim Labs intends to release two different packages. During the first release, this will include South Bimini (MYBS) and Cat Cay (MYCC). Afterwards, he will release an additional package containing Chub
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New FlyTampa Previews of Boston and Saba Airport

26024053 1931003923594909 6865015623392312827 O
FlyTampa are well know as one of the best developers to grace our community, bringing high quality sceneries to flight sim over the last few years. Today on Christmas Day, they have shown off some new previews of Boston alongside announcing a new project: Saba - the airport with the world's shortest commercial runway. Serving the small Caribbean Island with
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29Palms Scenery Design Preview Nuremberg – Releasing in 2018

29palms Nuremberg 2

29Palms Scenery Design today previewed some new shots of their upcoming Nuremberg Airport. Although poised to be released in 2017, the team found that the large project has taken them a bit longer than anticipated. Whilst both Volker from Captain7 and Lars work hard on perfecting it for a release next, they wanted to give a little more insight into what we can expect.

The shots are displaying how the project is coming along. 29Palms has said that the next phase of beta testing will start soon. The team are hoping it will be out in 2018. Still, if you’re looking for top quality scenery from 29Palms, you could get Skiathos.


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New Previews of Tailstrike Designs’ LIME X – Ground Poly Previews

Tail Strike Designs Lime X3
If there's one thing I love, it's ground polys. Today, that's exactly what Tailstrike Designs has delivered. Their up and coming LIME X, Caravaggio International Airport (AKA Milan/Bergamo), will complete the main airports in Milan for simmers. Over the past few months, the team have been sharing their insight into development and today brings the latest. As you can see below, the
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