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Prepar3D Previews

Imaginesim Preview Singapore (WSSS) in the Rain (PBR Effects)

Imaginesim Singapore Pbr Rain P3dv4 (6)

Further to their confirmati0n that they are going to bring Singapore to a new standard with PBR (Physically Based Rendering), Imaginesim has shared some new previews of the effects in full force.

Speaking to the developers earlier today, the team have discovered a new way PBR rain textures into the product for fantastic effects. As you can see from the various screenshots, when the rain falls in Singapore, you will know about it.

The Prepar3D V4 update will come along soon and will include a few bug fixes and also ensure that the location of the airport is correctly geo-located. Once we know about a release date, we’ll let you know about it.

For now, follow Imaginesim on Facebook. Or you can buy Singapore from Imaginesim via their web store for £25.99. If you still use FSX, you can grab that version for the same price here.

It should be noted that the PBR update will only work for Prepar3D V4.4 and above.

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Drzewiecki Design Chicago Midway Previews

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As progress is coming along nicely, and for some airports reaching or nearing completion, Drzewiecki Design has been showing more and more previews of the upcoming airports of Chicago City X. Previously we saw screenshots of the in-progress Chicago Midway airport, and the finished Chicago Executive airport. Now the developer has taken to Facebook with the announcement that the first
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Cloudberry Sim Announces Oakland International Airport

A first time scenery developer is coming out with a well needed scenery. The lone and first time developer posted on the FSDeveloper forum stating that he is nearing completion of his first ever scenery. Embeee (his forum name) or Cloudberry Sim, which is what he seems to call his project, says that the buildings, ground polys and ADE layout are
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Aerosoft Posts Geneva Professional Previews for P3D v4

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A Facebook post by developer Aerosoft is giving the community a look at the ongoing work on their upcoming Geneva Professional scenery for P3D v4. While details are few, the developer commented that the scenery is ‘soon ready for takeoff’ and the work-in-progress shots seem to indicate the same. Geneva Airport (or Genève Aeroport) (LSGG) is the international airport of
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Aeroplane Heaven Shows Off Previews of Upcoming Spitfires

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In a nod to war aviation history, developer Aeroplane Heaven is showing off their latest project - the iconic Spitfire MkV and MkIX airplanes. Promising an ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ wing variant, the developer says the planes will feature all of the detail that was put into the Dunkirk (Spitfires Mk1 and Mk1A) project. Along with the multiple wing variants,
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Captain7 & 29Palms Share Renders of Hannover-Langenhagen (EDDV)

Captain7 29palms Hannover Langenhagen (EDDV) (1)

After winning our Community Choice Awards for their excellent Nuremberg (EDDN), the teams are back all-hands-on-deck producing their recently announced Hannover-Langenhagen (EDDV) Airport.

On Facebook, the team wanted to give a brief overview of the current status with a couple of renders of the airport. Although all in German, when translated (roughly), the team wanted to let the community know that release is still “miles away” at this point. However, progress is being nicely made. Texture and retouching work is a much lengthier process than modelling, according to the post.

You can follow the team on Facebook or check our their Nuremberg (EDDN) scenery.

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New Gaffer Simulations King Shaka (FALE) Renders

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Scenery developer, Gaffer Simulations has shared a handful of renders of their upcoming King Shaka Airport (FALE). The South African airport serves a number of airlines including Mango Airlines, British Airways and South African Airways. The renders shared on Facebook showcase the early development of the product. Right now, the only renders are that of the terminal building. It should
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New Milviz ATR-72 PBR Preview

Milviz Previews Their ATR 72 FSElite
Just shy of a month after showing off the animated cockpit of their upcoming ATR-72, Milviz is back to show off yet another preview of the upcoming bird! This time, we are treated to a shot of the ATR in-sim (Prepar3D, v4 in this case) and with PBR applied, if the hashtags under the post are anything to go by. We
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Additional Just Flight VC10 Professional Previews

Just Flight Vc10 Professional (4)
Whilst the Just Flight VC10 Jetliner was released back in November 2017, the team has been hard at work on creating the Professional version. The Professional version of the VC10 will include a lot more system depth than the Jetliner version along with a range of other details and features. In the meantime, Just Flight has shared some additional previews of
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Onfinal Studio Announces Reus Airport

Onfinal Studio has announced the development of Reus Airport (LERS) for Prepar3D v4. Developers at Onfinal Studio are hard at work designing the Spanish airport, Reus, which is located Catalonia approximately 90km west of Barcelona. Whilst the majority of airline service to Reus is seasonal, you will still be able to fly any and all GA aircraft into the airport.
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