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Alabeo Releases C421 C Golden Eagle Update

In a recent Facebook post by Alabeo, they have announced an update for their C421 C Golden Eagle add-on for FSX and Prepar3D.

Version 1.3 brings along minor bug fixes, improved flight dynamics, adjusted landing gear warning conditions and a flight director bar and INOP flag adjustment.

Alabeo state that for customers who wish to update, it is important to uninstall the previous version of the add-on prior to installing this new version. You can find the updated installer in your marketplace or Alabeo customer account. Any download limits have been increased.

If you don’t already own it, the C421 C Golden Eagle can be purchased over at simMarket for €31.90 (Excl. VAT).

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MilViz Previews ATR Cockpit

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Adding to the ever-expanding catalogue of previews we have of the much-anticipated ATR series add-on from MilViz, a pair of screenshots was released showing the early stages of the modelling and texturing of the cockpit. This time, in the X-Plane platform. Additionally, MilViz has confirmed - in the comment section of the post - that the ATR will release with
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ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Official Trailer

Imaginesim Singapore Wsss Beta Fse Exlusive 10
During Flight Sim 2018, we shared with visitors to our stand the official trailer for ImagineSim's next airport: Singapore (WSSS). The 3 minute trailer showcases the terminal buildings, the surrounding city-scape and the gorgeous night lighting found on Singapore's building. Now we're able to share with the wider community the same trailer. You can view the trailer above, or via
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Milviz Preview SR-71 With PVD Implementation

Milviz SR 71 PVD Preview FSElite
In a quick little post to their Facebook page, Milviz showed off the latest preview of their upcoming SR-71A, this time with implementation of the PVD! For those who don't find themselves buried in the SR-71 flight manual in their free time, I'll give you a basic rundown of what the PVD is and how it's used. PVD stands for Peripheral Vision Display,
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New Heinkel Renders from Aeroplane Heaven

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Aeroplane Heaven took to Facebook today to share some new renders of their upcoming Heinkel aircraft. Although no release date was announced, the plane is now being painted in a variety of skins for users to enjoy.

Upon release, Aeroplane Heaven promises that the aircraft will be modelled complete with a complex control system for all aircraft surfaces, animated virtual cockpit and pilot with upper-gunner. As per previous releases, the aircraft will feature ‘authentic sounds.

These shots follow on from what was previewed before from the team.


You can view more information at the product page.

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New PILOT’S Alicante (LEAL) Previews

Pilots Alicante Leal Oct 5
The team at PILOT'S continue to share previews of their upcoming Spanish scenery, Alicante. This time, it's mostly about the terminal building from the landside areas, as well as a few from outside the airport itself. We have seen plenty of previews now of the airport, with loads of them being exclusive previews from our good friends at AviationLads. You can
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Mettar Simulations Release Development Update #7

After a crazy few weeks, Matt Davies has posted development update #7 over on the Mettar Simulations blog. This update is sure to hype us up with some enticing information and screenshots we've all been longingly awaiting. Matt says that his team have been focusing on every single project at the same time and its been working surprisingly well. The
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Aerosoft Release More Cologne Bonn (Köln/Bonn) Previews

EDDK 075 4K.jpg.6ad87b3dc28c96785d5f6fdd14237025
Aerosoft announced the development of Cologne Bonn (Köln/Bonn) EDDK Airport back in October 2017 and they've since been releasing eye-candy development previews and updates for us over on the forum thread. Along with the previews, the developer, Jo Erlend, has mentioned that we are to expect some more news regarding the scenery this week. In the previews, you notice the
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Black Box Simulations Announce V0.90 Details

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In a recent Facebook post by Black Box Simulations, details were released about their upcoming V0.90 update to their Airbus aircraft: Aircraft will now have a 'Per Livery'/'Per Aircraft type' save function from within the Pro-Flight Manager for the following setups: Exterior model config, Satcom dome and more EIS2 LCD or CRT cockpit displays Analogue or ISIS standby package ISIS
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