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Prepar3D Previews

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 4K Footage

YouTuber and community contributor Rob Ainscough has shared public footage of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v5 in action. The 4K footage highlights the new DirectX 12 engine, along with trueSKY being used to simulate the weather and atmospheric effects.

This new video highlights a lot more of the simulator in action compared to the short teaser trailer we premiered yesterday during the announcement period.

As we mentioned in the announcement post, Lockheed Martin will be releasing Prepar3D v5 on Tuesday, April 14th 2020. FSElite will continue to follow any developments on this new simulator as they come.

Be sure to check out our current list of developer statements regarding their product compatibility. 

You can also read our full interview with Chris Metel from Lockheed Martin here,

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Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5 UHD Photo Gallery

Prepar3d V5 Lockheed Martin (16)
With Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v5 now known to the public, we thought it would be a good idea to put together previews for the new simulator into a single post. All of the images we have captured directly from their latest teaser trailer, which highlights many of the new features coming to the new simulator. Prepar3D v5 will feature an
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What Is Captain Sim Teasing?

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This isn't the most detailed post, but we want to see what the community think this new tease from Captain Sim is. The teaser image was shared on Facebook and shows what appears to be the fuselage of an aircraft with a GPS box. There is a distinct shine on the metallic skin of the fuselage, suggesting some kind of
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Gaya Simulations X-Plane 11 and P3D Vienna Airport Previews, Releases this Week

Gaya Simualtions Loww Vienna (7)
Update: We have added the official trailer from AviationLads. Gaya Simulations has confirmed that Vienna Airport (LOWW) will be releasing this week. To accompany the news, they also shared a range of screenshots from the X-Plane 11 version, along with night previews for the Prepar3D version. Both sets of previews were posted on their Facebook page. X-Plane 11 Version
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Aeroplane Heaven Douglas C-47/DC-3 Engine Start Video

The team at Aeroplane Heaven sent us a new video for their upcoming Douglas C-47/DC-3. The video is a brief tutorial on how to effectively start up the engines prior to a standard departure. The video filmed in Prepar3D v4.5 gives users the chance to take a peek behind the systems of the aircraft ahead of its release.

The aircraft is still having the final touches applied to it, but details are somewhat limited at this time.

We have been told to expect a release soon. As always, we’ll keep you updated with the news.

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Tailstrike Designs LICR Professional Enters Beta

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Developers Tailstrike Designs has declared that their upcoming LICR Professional scenery has officially entered beta testing. To accompany that news, the team shared a single new screenshot of some of the PBR weather effects enhancing the scenery. The preview is above. Reggio di Calabria Airport is a regional airport located right at the bottom-end of Italy which caters flights to
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David Rosenfeld Tel Aviv Video and Image Previews

David Rosenfeld Tel Aviv Airport (8)
David Rosenfeld has been developing Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport for a long while now, with various previews being left every few weeks. Today, David Rosenfeld, in partnership with Amos Geva, shared a series of new previews and a brief video teaser. The new previews highlight that night lighting is very much underway and that the ground imagery is of a high
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Gaya Simulations Vienna (LOWW) Full Feature List and Previews

49239 Df402c5d03783a320e878a68c0af8eae.jpg.1ba4a020eea94282ee0134f773d56545.thumb.jpg.ea0e1aafd66755bac405035aba047ad0
Gaya Simulations have shared on their forums the full feature list of their upcoming Vienna Airport (LOWW) and a feature list. The entire airport has received extensive care, especially the terminal. According to the team, the developers were helped by some of the airport staff. The team has applied new rendering techniques for 3D modeling and ground texturing. The vicinity
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Orbx Shares San Jose Airport (KSJC) Renders

Screenshot 37.jpg.a4156d08fd317c40a72231bf3f00ef96
Orbx Ed Correia has shared on the Orbx forums some renders of their upcoming San Jose International Airport (KSJC). These previews show the modeling and texturing of the terminals, which have yet to be shown in game. The Orbx San Jose Airport was first teased this month along with Palm Beach. John Venema, CEO of Orbx, further added in the
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