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Prepar3D Previews

Aeroplane Heaven Previews Heinkel HE111 P2 With PBR

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In a recent Facebook post by Aeroplane Heaven, the developers previewed their upcoming Heinkel HE111 P2 German bomber.

A mass-produced aircraft, the HE111 saw extreme use by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. As a result, it wasn’t uncommon for these aircraft to see wear and tear before eventually succumbing to the many raids they saw; Aeroplane Heaven has been experimenting with P£D v4.4’s latest feature, PBR, in order to incorporate corrosion, chipping and staining into all of the Heinkel varients’ models.

No release date or price announced, yet, but the aircraft looks to be pretty far on in development.

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Orbx Preview TrueEarth Great Britain South for Prepar3D

Orbx True Earth Great Britain South P3dv4 (10)
Orbx CEO John Venema has provided the community a first look at TrueEarth Great Britain South for Prepar3D. After the initial release back in October for X-Plane 11, many P3D fans were eagerly awaiting the product for their sim. Today the first pre-beta shots have been released. As John says in his post, "we are not yet in beta testing
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New Sim-Wings Previews of Gran Canaria

Sim Wings Gran Canaria Dec 18 (4)
Over on the Aerosoft forums, Sim-Wings has shared brand new previews of their upcoming Gran Canaria project. The product which has been in development since 2016 has started to shape up nicely with the new P3DV4 previews. The new work-in-progress shots showcase the new ground-poly textures the team are implementing as well as the detail they are aiming to achieve
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FSElite Exclusive: PILOT’S Alicante (LEAL) Night Previews

Alicante Leal Pilots Fselite Exclusive 03
We're proud to continue showcasing with the community new and exclusive screenshots of the upcoming PILOT'S Alicante (LEAL) airport for Prepar3D V4.4. The newest screenshots showcase the completed internal modelling that will come with the airport once released. The night lighting has also been done to blend realism with performance so users have a great experience. Although we don't have
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The Airport Guys Preview Grundy Airport (KGDY)

The Airport Guys have sent us some work-in-progress previews of their up and coming Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) which will be 3 of 9 in their series of airports located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Grundy Airport is a rather unique airport with a 2,256-foot runway and a straight drop on both ends meaning you'll want to land just right
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Leonardo SH Previews FlythemaddogX PBR Textures

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Stefano from Leonardo SH has today provided some beautiful screenshots of the new PBR feature in the process of being applied to their FlythemaddogX product.  They expressed their thoughts towards the feature as ‘extremely excited’ and that they ‘[couldn’t] resist to show you the progress’ – and I’m tempted to agree; take a look at the screenshots below.

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PhotoSim Labs Shows off Further Previews of The Bahamas

Chub Nov7
Our friends at PhotoSim Labs has sent us further previews of their upcoming Bahamas scenery. In particular, they shared new previews of Cat Cay (MYCC) and Chub Cay (MYBC). The new previews are very advanced in development and are nearly a final build. He is very interested in the use of photoreal scenery as he believes it makes for the most
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Flightbeam Continues to Preview Portland (KPDX)

Announced back at FSCon 2017, Portland Intl. (KPDX), developed by Flightbeam in partnership with iBlueYonder has been coming along pretty well from the regular previews we've been seeing of its stunning detail. In a post on the iBlueYonder Facebook page, two previews have been posted of the airport in action with Ultimate Traffic Live from Flight1. In the post, it is
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Aeroplane Heaven Announce Tallmantz Phoenix P-1

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Aeroplane Heaven have just recently posted some preview pictures of their new aircraft on the Facebook page. The only comment made with the post was "coming soon to all current and future Boxcar owners with our compliments." Just looking at the shots, you can tell the amount of detail spent on this aircraft based the visibility of every screw, bolt,
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FlyTampa Playing With PBR in Prepar3D V4.4

Developers seem to be pretty excited by the prospect of PBR now within the development tools of Prepar3D. Various aircraft developers have told the community they are working on updates (although it will take a little longer than hoped) and FSDreamteam recently shared their Chicago O'Hare using the new technology. Popular scenery developer FlyTampa joined in on the action today
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