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Just Flight Shares New Development Previews of A300 in Prepar3D

Just Flight A300 P3d Dec 2020 (2)

With the Just Flight 146 Professional firmly in the hands of simmers, attention is now turning to other aircraft in the pipeline from the development team. One particular aircraft that Prepar3D users are excited for is the upcoming A300B4-200 from Just Flight.

The new post on Facebook confirmed that they have finished development on the visual elements such as the modelling and texture work, with work now ongoing for the systems and flight dynamics. The release isn’t “far off” and that we’ll see some video footage of the plane in action soon. To be clear, the aircraft won’t be released this side of the new year.

When Just Flight eventually releases A300B4-200, it will come packed with features. As per the updated product page, the aircraft will feature realistic 4K textures with PBR materials, along with bump mapping for a true 3D feeling. Alongside that, the aircraft will feature realistic wing-flex, authentic checklists and a panel state system which will save when you exit the aircraft leaving it in the same state for when you enter it next.

Stay with FSElite to continue following our coverage on the upcoming release from Just Flight. Whilst not related to the A300 itself, you can get a flavour for a Just Flight developed aircraft by watching our first look on the 146 Professional.


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TFDi Design MD-11 Development Update

1896349759 MD 11Screenshot09252020.png.1db2e6ed96d24486e0c7a80120fe9e65
TFDi Design has been silently continuing to work on the MD-11 and a new blog post from the development team shared some more details about we can expect from the aircraft when it eventually releases. The newest blog update showcases the work that has gone into the FMS. The team said that "significant progress" has been made since the last development
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ZIM Scenery Provides New Previews for Narita Airport on P3D

Zim Scenery Narita Rjaa P3d (1)
Scenery ZIM Scenery has been hard at work on developing their Narita Airport (RJAA) for Prepar3D for a long time now, but development appears to be getting closer to completion. In the latest round of previews, shared on FSDeveloper, the team highlighted that the PBR glass is now being applied to various terminal buildings. This work has been going well
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MK-Studios Final Helsinki Previews

3 Final
MK-Studios has shared what they expect to be the last previews before the release of their highly anticipated Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK) scenery. The previews show all parts of the airport, from runway to the terminal building with construction work going on behind it. The previews also show some of the surrounding scenery of the airport, and the seasonal features we can
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Just Flight Further Previews their Fokker F28 Fellowship

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It has been several month since Just Flight last previewed their Fokker 28 for Prepar3D. This time the previews show the details on the 3D model of the Fokker 28 Mk 20000 and a British Airways operated by TAT livery which will be shipped with the aircraft. There are several close-up and we can appreciate the fine details and the PBR modeling at work, as you can see below.

The Just Flight Fokker 28 is in development for P3D and FSX. An X-Plane version is also planned but has yet to be shown. You can visit the development page of the product to follow along.

The developer said further previews were coming next week, so make sure to stick around FSElite.

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FSDG Hurghada Previews

HRG 62
Over the past months, FDSG has shared on the FSDevelopers forums progress shots of their upcoming Hurghada Airport (HEGN) and surroundings. The scenery is now mature and almost ready for release. While originally intended for P3D, the developer also confirmed on the forums that the scenery would also be ported to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery features an accurate representation
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Iron Sim Previews Sharjah Airport for P3D

Developer Iron Sim has shared on the FSDeveloper forums screenshots of their upcoming Sharjah Airport (OMSJ) for Prepar3D V5. The scenery is developed in partnership with MSK Productions and SimArc, authors of several Middle East Airport for FSX and P3D. The scenery is already available for X-Plane on Simmarket under the MSK brand, the current work in progress is a
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Gaya Simulations Teases Zurich Airport for MSFS

121966923 1476071292563521 4797988659718489019 O
Gaya Simulations has teased Zurich Airport (LSZH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team did so with a single screenshot over on Facebook, together with the announcement that the team will shortly be releasing a roadmap for the coming six months. The teaser shows part of the terminal and the ATC tower in a seemingly pretty advanced stage, with textures already
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ZIM Scenery Previews of Narita Airport for P3D

Zim Scenery Narita Airport (5)
Over on the FSDeveloper forums, scenery developer ZIM Scenery announced back in October 2019 they were developing an all-new Narita Airport for Prepar3D. It has been almost a year exactly since that announcement and the team have now created a Facebook page and shared a handful of detailed images of the product in action. The previews from the developer focus
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