Microsoft Flight Simulator Previews

Tailstrike Designs Previews Reggio Calabria Airport for MSFS


Tailstrike Designs has recently released previews of Reggio Calabria Airport (LICR), for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The airport, which is previewed through their Facebook page, has received many thumbs up from the community. For those who are familiar with Tailstrike Designs work know that the developer accurately designs realistic renditions of airport scenery primarily for P3D. Furthermore, the developer has previously released Reggio Calabria Airport for both XP and P3D.

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PerfectSoft Studio Previews Liège Airport for MSFS


PerfectSoft Studio has posted on their Facebook page previews of Liège Airport (EBLG) for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Liège airport is located in Belgium and is mainly used by cargo operators connecting the globe. The only passenger airline serving Liège is TUI fly. Furthermore, the airport is a two runway configuration with the longest of the two being runway 04R/22L, which is 12,106 ft long. This is necessary when hauling tons of cargo long distances.

The developer is known for their accurate rendition of scenery created specifically for P3D and FSX. The scenery for Liège shows previews of objects that depict highly detailed textures covering everything from the cargo buildings, hangars and cargo containers.

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FLYT Simulations Previews C16 Frasca Field in MSFS

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Brazilian developer FLYT Simulations has posted on their Facebook page pictures of their previously released C16 Frasca Field on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This scenery was previously only available on X-Plane 11. Further in the post, the developer stated that all their future products would be released on MSFS. As a reminder, FLYT Simulations is currently developing University of Illinois-Willard (KCMI) and Caratatas International (SBFI) airports. No word was given on their freeware Apucarana Municipal Airport, which is currently available for P3D and XP11.

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Aerosoft Discusses MSFS Development, Showcases CRJ

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Aerosoft is known to be a close partner to Microsoft for the release of the new Flight Simulator. With Aerosoft providing the physical release of the simulator across Europe, it’s no question that Aerosoft is keen to work with the new simulator when it releases on August 18th. What does remain to be seen is the additional content Aerosoft will be bringing to the simulator via their third-party content offerings. We already discussed how they intend on releasing Trondheim Airport (ENVA) and Paderborn Airport (EDLP) and also the CRJ for the simulator. However,  Mathijs Kok gave a nice update today surrounding the progress being made as well as some previews for the CRJ.

The previews for the Aerosoft CRJ below is very much a work in progress but demonstrates how the SDK enables developers to do lots of interesting things. The team are currently working on a video which will be shared soon of the aircraft in progress. High definition screenshots can be found on the forums.

As mentioned as well, Paderborn Airport (EDLP) is also in development by Jo Erlend Sund made. The airport scenery product will be found in the default sim (assuming all editions). The scenery is detailed and represents what developers can do when creating their airports for the new simulator. You can see the first preview of that airport down below.


A few other immediate questions were answered too. First is that there are no free upgrades from existing products. This is because there is a huge amount of work going into bringing these products to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Prices will be decided closer to release.

It is also reconfirmed that Aerosoft will continue to develop for X-Plane and Prepar3D for as long as customers continue to buy products on those platforms.

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Drzewiecki Design Previews MSFS Airport


Scenery developer Drzewiecki Design share previews of their progress regarding MSFS on their Facebook page. The developer is known for their P3D, FSX, and X-Plane 11 sceneries which all show extensive work on airport objects and texture detail.

The developer is currently working on a test airport in MSFS, giving them a head start in releasing future MSFS compatible products. The airport they work on is unnamed at the moment, however the airports main purpose is so the developer can hone their skills on new abilities and techniques for MSFS compatibility.

The images show the true nature MSFS has to offer, along with detailed work on the hangar, vehicles, and airport surrounding objects.

Stay tuned for more MSFS updates and previews in the coming days with FSElite.

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[Updated] Flightbeam Announces Denver International for MSFS

FB IMG 1596662191233

Updated 6th August 2020: It is confirmed that Flightbeam will release Denver International Airport on August 18th 2020 to coincide the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was also confirmed that the pricing will be cheaper than the current Prepar3D versions.

Scenery developer Flightbeam has announced that they will be bringing Denver International Airport (KDEN) to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As with other developers announcing products for the simulator, no other details have yet to be shared. However the previews do give off a lot of visual clues about the quality of the product to expect when it does release for the new platform.

Flightbeam is one of the most prolific scenery developers on Prepar3D and FSX (with the occasional dabble in X-Plane 11) and Denver was one of the most highly regarded of their products. What does remain to be seen is how it will compare to the hand-crafted airports included with the base flight simulator.

Denver is situated in central USA and sees a huge number of international and domestic flights to the city airport.

As always stick with FSElite for more previews from the sim in the coming days and weeks as we gear up for a release.

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FSDreamTeam Shares Chicago O’Hare Previews in MSFS

FSDREAMTEAM Chicago Airport Microsoft Flight Simulator (8)

Another range of previews from FSDreamTeam has been shared, but this time for Chicago O’Hare International Airport (KORD). The new previews follow a trend from other developers showcasing still imagery from their products in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

These previews share a lot of the progress made on the ground texturing, the airport buildings and even some very detailed interior modelling.

As with the other posts, no further details were shared at this time. You can see previews for FSDreamTeam Basel here.

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Military Visualizations Previews Aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Milviz Aircraft Microsoft Flight Simulator (2)

Another developer has come out of the woodwork today and shard the first previews for their upcoming product. Military Visualizations is known for their extensive library of aircraft, including fighter jets, and has today taken the time to share a handful of previews from some of their aircraft range in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Shown off on their Facebook page, we can see the first previews for the T-50 Bobcat, the Boeing 737-200 and the Cessna 310R.

As with other developer previews, no further information is said other than these are very much a work-in-progress from the development team.

View previews from PMDG, Gaya Simulations and also IRIS Flight Simulations on their respected pages.

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TDM Scenery Design Shares Single Preview of Coruña Airport in MSFS

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Another developer has taken to Facebook to share their first preview for a product in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. TDM Scenery Design is developing Coruña Airport (LECO) for all platforms, but with the NDA being slightly lifted from developers, the team wanted to showcase their efforts in the new sim.

No new details were shared at this time. However, the said that in the coming days, they will share new information on upcoming projects.

As for the airport itself, it sits in the north-west of Spain serving just a handful of airlines such as Air Europa and Iberia to destinations such as Madrid and Barcelona. The airport features a single 7,600ft runway and a single terminal building.

We’ll continue to follow the progress and let you know.

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FSDreamTeam Previews EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg in MSFS


Continuing on with developer previews for their content in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSDreamTeam has shared new screenshots for its Basel Mulhouse Airport in the new simulator.

The new previews are close-ups of various areas of the terminal building and highlight use of PBR materials on various parts of the buildings, interior modelling and varying use of texturing for different material types.

Information for the airport product is limited from FSDreamTeam but we’ll continue to follow the progress as and when we see it.

The original post can be found on Facebook.

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