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Drzewiecki Design Shares New Previews and Info for Tokyo Project

Drzewecki Design Tokyo Previews 2 2 20 (2)

Over on their Facebook, Drzewiecki Design have shared more previews for their upcoming Tokyo product.

Tokyo is home to to 9.2 million people, and has two major airports, Narita and Haneda. Both airports have been steadily growing in passenger numbers over the past decade, with both airports bringing in over 120 million passengers a year. Narita airport handles more international traffic that domestic, while Haneda has more domestic flights than international.

The previews are from very early stages of development, and are mostly screen captures from in the editor and not the sim. Three previews are of the terminal, while the other three show the airport layout wire frame and ground textures. The terminals look to have lots of details on both the air side and land side, and the ground textures look very sharp.

Drzewiecki Design have also noted that with the new FS2020 on the horizon, the focus of the project will mainly be on the airports rather than the city. They also noted that Narita and Haneda “will most probably be released as 2 separate airport products with Haneda including city landmarks.”  The plan is to make the airports compatible with P3D, XPlane, and FS2020.

They have said their goal for release is before the Olympics in Tokyo start, which is July 24th of this year.

Be sure to check out Drzewiecki Design Facebook for more previews and updates for Tokyo and their other projects.

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Drzewiecki Design Shows New Kraków Airport (EPKK) Development Renders

Epkk Krakow V3 (2)

Developer Drzewiecki Design has shared some brand new renders for an all-new development on Kraków Airport (EPKK). Whilst the Facebook post was brief, the team said that this new airport development is to “[prepare] EPKK for the next decade of sales.” It’s not known exactly what this means, but it’s reasonable to assume that this is in preparation of bringing the airport to the current standards seen by other Drzewiecki Design airports.

The new renders shared to Facebook are below.

What we can’t figure out right now is if this is an update to their release from last year or if this is an all-new product. We’ll let you know should we hear any new information.

Note: we’re unsure which sim this is for, so currently listed under all just in case.

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Eaglesoft Previews Citation X G4

Eaglesoft Citation X G4 P3d (2)

After the release of the Eaglesoft Citation XLS G3 earlier this month, the team shared a few new previews for the next generation of the aircraft. G4 for Eaglesoft means that the aircraft will be released on 64-bit platforms. They confirmed their intention to release the Citation X G4 on Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D and also the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The previews showcase the external modelling as well as some internal virtual cockpit work and also the virtual cabin. No systems or displays appear to be functional in these previews.

No further news was specified at this time, but we’ll inform you should there be anything new. You can follow the team on Facebook to stay updated.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition Beta Branch


In a totally surprise announcement, Microsoft shared that Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition has received a new beta update. The update can be enabled through Steam by opting-in into the beta. This beta branch has been made available so the Microsoft team can obtain valuable telemetry data that will help them in the development of their new flight simulator, that’s expected to arrive sometime next year. FSX: Steam Edition was released in 2014 (FSX itself dates back to 2006) by Dovetail Games. After the unfortunate demise of their Flight Sim World, Microsoft obtained the rights to FSX back. FSX: Steam Edition has an average player count of about 3300 on Steam (last 24h), with peaks to the mid 4000’s and dips to around 2000 players.

Microsoft also updated Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition with some bug fixes and the return of a long lost (but popular) feature. Live weather is now supported once again through the simulator menu when selecting weather. It should be noted that some users have reported some add-ons not being compatible with the beta branch, though we haven’t been able to verify this.


  • Turbine
    • Resolved issue in N1 values where some settings were set to zero
    • Fixed issue where fuel flow not saved and set to 0 when started in the air
  • Agent radar
    • Resolved in flight issue which resulted in intermittent crashes when using navigation way-points
  • Conversion
    • Impression fixes when converting knots to meters per second
  • Piston
    • Small fixes to oil pressure table
    • C172 oil pressure changed to start with a valid value
  • Live Weather
    • Reintegrated Live Weather
    • When a weather station METAR line reading is failing the data will now be extrapolated from the weighted mean of the closest available METAR sources, instead of resetting to default weather
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All-New Footage from Microsoft Flight Simulator [X019]

FSElite was invited to attend Xbox X019 in London this weekend, where we had the chance to go hands-on with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Along with our incredible hands-on with the new simulator, we were also supplied with great new 4K footage, all captured at 60FPS.

The footage was captured and takes you around Europe to various destinations. Locations include Southampton (GB), Venice (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark) and beyond.

In related news, it was confirmed yesterday that a 747-8 will be included in the simulator when it releases in 2020. To coincide with that announcement, Microsoft also shared a new trailer and additional information. We also shared the news that the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls will also be compatible with the new sim.


Our FSElite @ XO19 is brought to you by Orbx.

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MSFS2020 Development Update – November 7th


The developers at Microsoft have posted a new update of the upcoming simulator via their website. Tech Alpha 1 is incoming for those who were chosen, expect it’s release within the next few days. Also, Tech Alpha 2 recruitment is now open, those who are participating in Tech Alpha 1 are automatically registered. The Feature Discovery Series is part of Microsoft’s presentation of the new sim to the public, Episodes 3 and 4 are coming on the 21st and 28th respectively.

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Microsoft Releases October 10th Dev Update

As promised, Microsoft is delivering the deliverables and this is no different with the October 10th update. Posted on the MSFS 2020 website, the October 10th update will give us more information on the feedback pipeline, the Tech Alpha timeline, and a build program update.

The first episode of the Feature Discovery Series has been released. Episode 1 will feature the world and will give us an in-depth look at the world inside of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The full 9-minute video goes in-depth about what to expect from the world in the simulator. Many of the talking points were highlighted in our technical piece, but this is the first time the presentation has been shared with the public beyond the Global event. You can watch the video if you’re an insider.

Microsoft gave us some insight on how their feedback dashboard is used and how features are implemented into the new sim. The amount of feedback after the recent Global Preview Event was incredible. The team will focus on feedback because they believe it is critically important to ensure the voice of the community is put into action.  The dashboard Microsoft uses contains a summary of all feedback collected from the community on a daily basis. Once this feedback is collected, the data is prioritized and assigned a current plan of action. As time progresses Microsoft will regularly provide the community a document called the “Feedback Snapshot” so we can see how feedback from the community is assessed and implemented. The first “Feedback Snapshot” will be announced in the next update.

Moving along to the Tech Alpha update, Microsoft will close applications for the Tech Alpha 1 next week on October 15th. If you would still like to sign up, head over to the Insider Area to fill out a survey. On October 17th, build release preparation will begin. Communication with those accepted into the Tech Alpha 1 will begin and will continue to run through October 24th. The release window opens on October 24th and those accepted will be granted access to the Tech Alpha build.

Finally, a build program update is expected to take place in the middle to late November. The recruitment for this tech Alpha 2 is expected to open near the end of October. A final date will be given in the next update on October 17th.

That’s all the information for now, check back with FSElite on October 17th for another Microsoft Flight Simulator update.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator – 4K Previews from the Global Preview Event

4k Library Ms2020

To consolidate all of the glorious imagery for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (also known as FS2020 in the community), we have made a special post for all of them in a single place. All of the screenshots below have been captured in-sim at glorious 4K. The full library of 4K images can be downloaded from our Google Drive account.

If you wish to download them to your desktop, for whatever use, your best source would be through our Google Drive account. You can find that here.

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Hands-On with Microsoft Flight Simulator

Technical Overview for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Interview – Episode 1: World and Weather

[Premier – live on October 1st @ 16:00z] Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Interview – Episode 2: Aerodynamics and Cockpit

[Premier – live on October 2nd @ 16:00z] Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Interview – Episode 3: Community Engagement

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Microsoft Releases September 19th Dev Update

Procedurally Generated Grass Normandie 1

Following the road map provided last update, Microsoft has released the current schedule for the Tech Alpha Timeline.

Microsoft also released an image with procedurally generated grass in a field. The caption reads, “The grass is always greener… especially when its procedurally generated” hinting at volumetric grass being stock to all parts of the sim.

On September 26, we can look forward to the Feature Discovery Series Previews! This series will contain four episodes showcasing the core changes you will see in the new sim. Episode 1 will feature the world, 2 will showcase the weather, 3 new aerodynamics, and 4 the cockpits.

The Tech Alpha Timeline will begin on October 10 as follows:

  • October 10: Release testing complete. Lock final delivery schedule.
  • October 17: Build release preparation.
  • October 24: Release window opens.

The next update is scheduled to drop September 26. Check back next week for the newest update on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

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