Microsoft Flight Simulator Previews

Further Previews of Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport for MSFS

Ukll Lviv Danylo Halytskyi Airport Msfs (9)

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator was announced a few weeks ago and Pyreegue Dev Co has shared a range of new previews and details for the airport. In the heart of Europe, the airprot grew considerably for the Euro 2012 Championship which saw thousands of people pour through the doors. Since then, the airport has continued to welcome visitors from across Europe.

The product will feature custom animated jetways (with a dynamic hood), custom ground texture work (with accurate markings) and also custom night lighting throughout. Furthermore, the airport product will come with parallax window mapping and a fully developed interior for those that like to explore extra details for these airports. Pyreegue Dev Co also say that the airport will be compatible with default ATC and come with the latest ILS/VOR data.

A short video of Terminal A was also shared with us, which shows the level of detail the team are working towards with this release.

Whilst the product is still unavailable at this time, you can check out the product page over on OrbxDirect for even more screenshots and details. We know that the product will release on April 2nd for $16.99 USD through OrbxDirect. You can also download it through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace at a later date, too.

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport joins other airports such as Tivat Airport and Odesa International Airport from Pyreegue Dev Co.

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Further Previews of Václav Havel Airport from Tailstrike Designs

Tailstrikedesigns Prague Msfs (2)

Following on from a range of previews earlier this month, Tailstrike Designs is back with another round of previews for its upcoming Václav Havel Airport (LKPR) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new previews shared relate to Pier C at the airport and highlight the use of custom modelling, ground service equipment and various pieces of airport clutter.

The Czech Republic airport sees a variety of traffic from across Europe and beyond. Airlines such as Ryanair, Smartwings and Czech Airlines make Prague their home base with services to the UK, Spain and beyond.

We still don’t have any word on a release date or a price yet, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for further information. That said, you can see a range of other previews here.

You can follow Tailstrike Designs on Facebook to stay updated.

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MK-Studios Shares Keflavik and Helsinki Previews in MSFS

Mk Studios Airports Msfs (5)

Following on from the MK-Studios post the other day, the development team has shared a series of new previews for its upcoming Helsinki Airport and Keflavik Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new previews show off various parts of each airport including some of the custom jetways, textured groundwork and 3D grass.

Helsinki Airport was first released for Prepar3D back in November 2020 and saw a large update earlier this week. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator version will also take many of those changes for when it releases on the new simulator.

In addition to the new previews, MK-Studios also confirmed that Ponta Delgada for Prepar3D is going into beta testing next week.

We’ll continue to let you know of any new progress as and when we can.

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Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire MkVb for MSFS Video Preview

Aeroplane Heaven has announced they will be bringing the Spitfire MkVb to Microsoft Flight Simulator soon. In addition to announcing the product, the team shared a new video highlighting some of the features which will be included in the aircraft.

From the preview video, we can see that the aircraft will feature animated engine covers and service hatches, gravity-fed carburettor effects, and animated on-demand oxygen mask and goggles. These are sure to be just a handful of features expected in the release from Aeroplane Heaven.

It’s worth noting that some of the progress and sounds are placeholders right now and that the team are working on many more effects and animations.

As mentioned, Aeroplane Heaven’s Spitfire Mk1A and the MkVb will release for Microsoft Flight Simulator “very soon.”

We’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know once the aircraft is made available for the simulator.



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FlyByWire Simulations Shares Single Preview of A380X


Freeware aircraft modification developers FlyByWire has taken to Twitter to tease something “bigger“. The tease then came with a render of the upcoming A380X overhead panel.

This tease follows on from the announcement from FlyByWire Simulations that they were indeed bringing an A380 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the popularity and ongoing development work of the A32NX modification for the simulator, there are many people who are keen to see the bigger Airbus in action.

We have seen various renders of the Airbus A380 already from the development team, including an early look at the landing gear, the lower pedestal and also the overhead panel.

It was previoulsy  a concern that the A380 would overshadow the development progress of the A32NX, but those fears have been put to rest following the release of the EFB addition and upcoming updates to the plane.

We’ll continue to follow progress and be sure to keep you updated.


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Aerosoft Shares Series of Previews for Twin Otter in MSFS

Aerosoft Twin Otter Msfs (8)

Whilst the hype and anticipation for Aerosoft aircraft is currently focused on the upcoming CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Twin Otter is now getting plenty of attention on the Aerosoft forums as development has continued to progress. Over the past few weeks, various in-development previews of the aircraft have been shared, including those from within the simulator and renders of the aircraft.

Whilst development is still ongoing, various renders of the aircraft have been shared, along with how the aircraft’s cockpit is being developed to make use of the new technology found in the new simulator.

Furthermore, we also now know that there will be two virtual cabins; one that is for passengers and another which is designed specifically for cargo.

Along with renders, we have also been treated to various in-sim screenshots of the aircraft in action.

It was also pointed out that various experiments are currently taking place to enhance the realism of the modelling and texture work even further. For example, the top layer of the textures have a “clearcoat” applied to “create a less uniform color.”

Progress of the aircraft appears to be coming along nicely and with frequent updates posted, the forums are a good place to keep an eye on the development. Anything significant, FSElite will keep you updated.

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New Previews of Palma De Mallorca for MSFS

Just Flight Palma Airport Msfs (5)

Just Flight continue to share previews for its upcoming Palma De Mallorca release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Palma De Mallorca International Airport (LEPA) is one of the busiest in Spain thanks to its location in the Balearic Islands that sees pleasant weather and great resorts throughout for the millions of travellers that visit each year.

In the development post from Just Flight, much of the work has been on the 3D objects to ensure that they have all objects and buildings fit precisely with the information and dimensions the development team has to hand. Furthermore, work on the ground texturing is almost complete and is also based on real-world data.

In addition to the standard modelling and texturing work, the development team has also been experimenting with new features such as moving escalators and swapping all default jetways with custom ones representing the real-world counterparts.

The team said that all major building work should be completed soon, with plenty of additional buildings outside of the airport area added soon. Following this, Just Flight will commence performance testing to make sure it runs smoothly on a variety of computer systems.

More progress on Just Flight’s Palma De Mallorca will come soon. You can see other previews in our last post.

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Aeroplane Heaven Shares Previews of North American P-51 Mustang for MSFS

Aeroplane Heaven P 51 Mustang (2)

A suite of new previews for the upcoming Aeroplane Heaven North American P-51 Mustang for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The new ‘work-in-progress’ previews and video show the first in-sim shots of the external and internal modelling of the long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber.

In addition to new static screenshots, a short clip of the plane in the Microsoft Flight Simulator hangar was also shared.

No other information for the aircraft was shared by Aeroplane Heaven at this time. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with information on the plane as soon as we hear anything new. If the aircraft is anything like their FSX version, we can expect that real-world pilots will have been involved in the development of the plane to help ensure it’s as accurate as possible.

You can view additional screenshots on the Aeroplane Heaven forums.

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Aeroplane Heaven Previews Spitfire Mk1a in MSFS

AEROPLANE Heaven Mk1a Msfs (8)

Brand-new previews for Aeroplane Heaven’s Spitfire Mk1a for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The all-new previews showcase both external and internal modelling and texturing for the historic aircraft.

Looking at the external model, we can see from the previews that there is already an immense amount of detail. Particular attention has clearly been paid by Aeroplane Heaven on the fuselage with wear and tear, whilst we can see paintwork fading away and dirt throughout. There’s also an indication of PBR materials being used with the light reflecting off of the side of the plane.

Stepping inside the cockpit, we see that similar levels of detail are present. The lack of space combined with the number of pilot controls makes for a cramped look and appearance. As these aircraft are old and well-used, there’s plenty of detail in the texturing to give it a look of age. Various placards and labels are also placed within the cockpit in high-resolution making them easy to read from in the cockpit.

In the Facebook post, Aeroplane Heaven said “she is starting to fly like a Spitfire now,” indicating that progress is going well for the plane’s development.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the development of this historic aircraft and be sure to keep you updated with progress. For now, check out Aeroplane Heaven previews for the DC-3 in Microsoft Flight Simulator to whet your appetite for more aircraft from the team.

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Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III for MSFS Comparison Shots

132496114 10160960116223499 6643651481485453027 O

We’ve already seen various previews for Just Flight’s PA-28R for Microsoft Flight Simulator over the past few weeks, but now we’re being treated to a comparison between the original FSX version and the all-new Microsoft Flight Simulator version. The series of comparison shots highlight the external modelling and virtual  cockpit and how far development techniques and quality has come over the years.

It’s clear the new technology such as bump mapping, PBR and the higher number of polygons used make a huge difference in the overall presentation and quality of the add-on. The higher texture resolution is also very apparent on dials, switches and labels within the virtual cockpit.

The Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III is still progressing nicely for Microsoft Flight Simulator and will include a range of features to make the experience as authentic as possible. We last found out that the coding was about 70% complete back in January 2021.

We’ve now seen a video preview of the aircraft in action, various previews and more. We’ll keep you updated with any further developments as we get them.

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