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Orbx Shares Release Trailer for Upcoming EA7 Edgley Optica for MSFS

It has been a little while since we last heard anything from Orbx regarding the EA7 Edgley Optica, which is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, but today the team released a new trailer for the aircraft.

The two-minute trailer showcases the quirky aircraft in action. From watching it, we can see just how this aircraft will work when flying across cities in the simulator, along with a sneak peek at the sounds included with the aircraft. You can watch the trailer above.

The Edgley Optica is a low-speed observational aircraft that was developed to provide pilots with a panoramic vision from the cockpit. Orbx said a few weeks back that this is the “perfect aircraft” for exploring their scenery products and has been crafted with a “high attention to detail.”

Stay tuned to FSElite for more information on the aircraft ahead of its upcoming release.

For more on Orbx, check out the recent release of Catalina Island for Microsoft Flight Simulator or Split Airport on Prepar3D.

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WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong International Airport MSFS Previews

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Over on Facebook, WF Scenery Studio has shared several previews of their upcoming Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The previews focus on all parts of the airport, and show of a large part of the terminal areas, and show the airport in a seemingly very finished state, so here’s to hoping the scenery is not too far out from release.

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Flightbeam Previews Toulouse for MSFS; Coming to P3D Soon

Lfbo May B

A short blog post on Flightbeam’s new website has shared some new preview imagery for their upcoming Toulouse Airport (LFBO) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development team said that the product is “steaming forward with loads of detail” and that the airport is nearing completion. A small number of previews were also shared.

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is the home of the final assembly line of the Airbus wide-body aircraft and some of the A320. The remainder of the Airbus narrow-bodies is also built-in Hamburg (Germany), in Mobile (USA) and in Tianjin (China). Toulouse also hosts some important maintenance facilities, as well as the ATR 42 and 72 final assembly lines. Along with this important industrial activity, the airport welcomed nearly 10 million passengers in 2019.

In addition to the new previews in Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flightbeam confirmed that a Prepar3D release will follow soon after. It is worth noting that Flightbeam’s Toulouse-Blagnac is developed by Thomas from Jetstream Designs. Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further news regarding the release. If you haven’t already, check out the new previews of Flightbeam’s other upcoming release, Auckland.

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Aerosoft Previews Twin Otter Cockpit [MSFS]

InGame Cockpit 01.thumb.JPG.9f3bac30ca87f1a069634f8d3a7c858c

New previews of the Aerosoft Twin Otter have been shared by Aerosoft. This time, the developers wanted to highlight the cockpit and some of the more intricate details that will come with the plane once it’s released on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Over the course of the past few weeks, project manager Mathijs Kok has shared a number of preview images of the plane in action. Whilst we have seen a number of previews in the past, this is the first time we’ve really seen the cockpit textured and modelled to this level of detail. A few extra external shots were also shared.

The Twin Otter is renowned for its versatility. Thanks to the numerous attachment or configurations found with the Twin Otter, it can withstand almost any environment type. The tough airframe can be adapted for land or sea, as well as being able to touch down on almost any type of environment. Furthermore, the short take-off and landing characteristics of the plane mean the possibilities on where you can go with the plane are almost limitless.

We have previously seen previews of the plane come with floats attached, which is great for landing in large bodies of water and at seaports. You can view those previews here. We also know that Microsoft / Asobo is working on improving how turboprops are handled in the simulator and we imagine that Aerosoft will be taking full advantage of those new improvements as the plane continues to be developed.

Stay tuned for more previews in the coming weeks and months as the Twin Otter gets closer to release. You can also view the forums for more screenshots.

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Further Previews of Prague Airport by Tailstrike Designs

Tailstrike Designs Prague Msfs (4)

Over the past few months, we have seen numerous previews of Tailstrike Designs’ upcoming Prague Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team appear to be putting the finishing touches to the airport in the simulator and as a result, decided to share some additional previews of the airport in action.

In a series of previews on Facebook, Tailstrike Designs shared new images of the highly detailed interior modelling and texuring of Czech Airlines’ Technics Hangar. This has been faithfully recreated for within the simulator and appears to come with plenty of custom objetcts, dynamic lighting and much more. The previews showcase what to expect outside of the hangar and also the inside. Despite being such a large building, there’s been clearly a lot of work by the team to make it feel full of life.

The Czech Republic airport sees a variety of traffic from across Europe and beyond. Airlines such as Ryanair, Smartwings and Czech Airlines make Prague their home base with services to the UK, Spain and beyond.

We have been covering the airport scenery for months now, and hopefully these images indicate that a release is very close.

Stay tuned for more as we get it.


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PMDG Previews DC-6 for MSFS

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PMDG, has previewed the Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster, for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

PMDG released the DC-6 back in 2016 for X-Plane 10 and then later in 2017 for FSX and P3D v3 and 4. The preview of the aircraft within MSFS comes in the form of a new Facebook banner for the PMDG Facebook page.

The Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster first flew in February 1946 and was primarily used as a post war airliner and later converted for use as a cargo transporter despite being initially commissioned for military transport use. Around 15 DC-6 aircraft are still operated by cargo companies around the world but mainly around Alaska and in Africa. One of the most famous airworthy aircraft belongs to the Flying Bulls of Red Bull. 

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Further Previews of Aerosoft Airport Brussels in MSFS

Aerosoft Airport Brussels Msfs (1)

Jo Erlend has taken to the Aerosoft forums to share new images for the upcoming release of Brussels Airport (EBBR) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This particular developer really has an eye for detail with these close-up shots of the airport. Even the apron lights have copious amounts of detail throughout, none of which would be seen day-to-day. The same attention is also on areas such as the terminal building for example the artwork in the third image. Jo Erlend is known for his ability to recreate airports to a fine level of detail and Brussels for Microsoft Flight Simulator certainly doesn’t appear to be an exception.

Brussels airport is located in Belgium and is considered to be the 24th busiest airport in Europe in terms of passenger count. The airport is home to Brussels Airlines and TUI fly Belgium, along with various cargo airlines.

We have been awaiting Aerosoft’s rendition of Brussels for quite some time (the forum thread dates back to 2013), but the wait certainly appears to be worth it. You can follow the thread yourself, but be sure to stay tuned to FSElite for more in the near future. In the meantime, you can check out even more previews for the airport here.

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New Images of PhotoSim Labs’ St. Croix in MSFS

Photosim Labs St Croix (4)

We’re pleased to bring you a range of new imagery from PhotoSim Labs’ upcoming St. Croix’s airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Henry E Rohlsen Airport (TISX) sees a variety of airlines visit the island on a regular basis, with the majority of flights heading to Miami and St Thomas.

The airport itself already appears to be coming along nicely with a good level of detail in the ground textures, plenty of custom building work and also static aircraft. PhotoSim Labs is known for going above and beyond with impeccable details throughout their scenery products and St. Croix looks to be no exception. Beyond the airport area, the previews show the local harbours and industrial areas with a range of objects, cruise ships and other local objects.

PhotoSim Labs has teamed up with a new part-time developer to help them work on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform to ensure that the project goes well. We can also tease that the team is hard at work on some new projects for the simulator, but we aren’t able to share the details with you just yet.

Finally, we can also share the news that customers of St. Croix on Prepar3D will get $5 off their purchase of the Microsoft Flight Simulator version upon release. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the progress as we hear about it.

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Further Previews of Stockholm-Bromma for MSFS

Orbx Stockholm Bromma Airport Msfs (7)

Back in January, Orbx confirmed that developer Marcus Nyberg is working on bringing Stockholm-Bromma to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has been a little quiet since then from Marcus, but a series of previews were shared for the scenery over on the Orbx forums over the course of the past week.

The new previews have a good amount of focus on some of the outer buildings within the airport area, as well as on some of the scenic lighting in the area. For example, there’s a good number of buildings, signage and even 3D people throughout the airport in key locations. Static aircraft also seem to be prominently placed for maximum realism. In addition to the previews shared below, a range was also shared earlier this month which you can view on the Orbx forums. So far, the work looks particularly stunning with an incredible amount of detail going into creating the Swedish airport.

As with other airports developed by Marcus Nyberg, Bromma Airport is developed to a high standard with 4K texturing, hand-crafted aerial imagery and hundreds of custom objects all designed to bring the airport to life. Marcus has also taken advantage of the new SDK technology meaning you can expect a sloped runway, PBR texturing and impressive amounts of detail without compromising the performance of the simulator. Orbx’s Marcus Nyberg has also crafted over 100 points of interest throughout Stockholm city itself to give that perfect view during the approach into Bromma Airport.

Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB) is the third busiest in the country and sees numerous airlines, jets and GA traffic pass through each year. Approaching the airport will take you right over the Swedish capital with views spanning stunning vistas and parts of the city.

Whilst a release date wasn’t set by Marcus, we’ll be sure to keep you informed of progress when we learn more.

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Just Flight Palma De Mallorca Development Update

Just Flight Palma De Mallorca Airport Msfs 2

We last saw Just Flight’s upcoming Palma De Mallorca for Microsoft Flight Simulator back in February and since then, the team has progressed nicely with the product. Coming from a new development blog post on their website, the team say that they are “turning onto finals” with the project and hope that in the coming weeks, there will be more previews from the testing period.

The team has been committed from day one to ensure that Palma De Mallorca will be both performance-friendly and jam-packed with details to make the representation of the airport as real as possible. As a result of this, Just Flight has created every parking stand, each taxiway and incorporated accurate elevation data into runways and apron areas. In addition, it has been confirmed that ground service equipment and vehicles will add to the immersion and not interfere with aircraft. Further to this, it has been said that the night lighting is accurate, whilst ILS performance to guide aircraft to the touchdown zone has been improved.

The development blog confirmed that all building placement is complete with each building faithfully recreated and with details to make it look as realistic as possible. As the team moves forward, animations and other additions are being implemented to create a “living and breathing active airport.”

As the airport nears completion, you can be sure to stay tuned to FSElite to stay updated with progress. For now, you can also check out the development blog on Just Flight’s website, which also features even more previews of Palma De Mallorca Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

[27-APR-2021: This is a restored version of the article following a period of site downtime on the 27th of April 2021. Sorry if this story appeared in your social media or Discord feeds multiple times.]

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