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Fulcrum Simulator Controls One Yoke Feature Overview Video

Chris from Fulcrum Simulator Controls has shared a new video on YouTube highlighting the upcoming Fulcrum Simulator Controls One Yoke and its included feature set. The video goes through what you will find inside of the box, which includes various instructions and more.

A comparison of the yoke compared to the Saitek yoke is included for size reference, along with a reference on the 8-inches of pitch travel. The yoke will also include 180-degrees of role. The Fulcrum Simulator Controls One Yoke will also feature the ability to change the yoke type once future versions are made available simply by swapping out the single part. The yoke will support all current and future simulators, providing it has joystick input.

You can watch the full video above to get a much better understanding of the yoke.

In terms of release, Fulfrum are now just waiting on the current lockdown of the UK to be lifted and supply chains to return to normal. Once things have settled, the release should follow not long afterwards.

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Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle Video Preview

Chrome 2020 04 13 14 00 52
Despite the announcement for the delay to production, Honeycomb Aeronautical wanted to showcase their Bravo Throttle controls to the community in a short video preview. The video preview, hosted by Nicki at Honeycomb Aeronautical, goes into a bit more detail about the inner workings of the throttles, along with the customisation available. To begin, we can see how the throttle
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Yoke Production Images

Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke Bts (4)
The Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Yoke is not far from being in the hands of the community and the team has shared a set of new images of production yoke. Theses images aren't your typical set of product shots, but instead a little behind the scenes of the current production line. Obviously these are images from the production line (your one
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Flightdeck Solutions Preview their B737MAX Pro Panel Set

737max Flightdeck Solutions

It would appear that the simming world has gone crazy over the Boeing 737MAX! Whilst PMDG hinted at them developing the B737MAX and iFly Sim Soft confirming a release of theirs in 2020, people will need beautiful cockpits to fly the latest single-aisle jet.

That’s where the team at Flightdeck Solutions step in. They have plenty of experience in creating well designed, beautiful and realistic looking flight deck parts, and as you can see from the screenshots, below, their B737MAX ones will be no different.

If you don’t know them already, they have already got a large catalogue of aircraft parts in their store. Everything from the Boeing 777 and 747 to the B737NG and the Airbus A320. All of their products are designed with the order in mind and built to the needs of the customer.

Whilst no pricing was given – and typically it’s not public information – they did confirm that the fact sheet and webstore will be available sometime next week.

Give Flightdeck Solutions a like on Facebook to be sure to keep up to date with their products, or check out their range of other stuff here.

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