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Hardware Previews

Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Yoke Production Images

Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke Bts (4)

The Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Yoke is not far from being in the hands of the community and the team has shared a set of new images of production yoke. Theses images aren’t your typical set of product shots, but instead a little behind the scenes of the current production line.

Obviously these are images from the production line (your one won’t have cables hanging out) as well as images of what appears to be the final box-art.

The Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Yoke is currently available to pre-order via Aerosoft for those in Europe.

We’ll soon have a full in-depth review of the Alpha Flight controls available to you.

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Flightdeck Solutions Preview their B737MAX Pro Panel Set

737max Flightdeck Solutions
It would appear that the simming world has gone crazy over the Boeing 737MAX! Whilst PMDG hinted at them developing the B737MAX and iFly Sim Soft confirming a release of theirs in 2020, people will need beautiful cockpits to fly the latest single-aisle jet. That's where the team at Flightdeck Solutions step in. They have plenty of experience in creating
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