Flight Simulator X Previews

29Palms Scenery Design Preview Nuremberg – Releasing in 2018

29palms Nuremberg 2

29Palms Scenery Design today previewed some new shots of their upcoming Nuremberg Airport. Although poised to be released in 2017, the team found that the large project has taken them a bit longer than anticipated. Whilst both Volker from Captain7 and Lars work hard on perfecting it for a release next, they wanted to give a little more insight into what we can expect.

The shots are displaying how the project is coming along. 29Palms has said that the next phase of beta testing will start soon. The team are hoping it will be out in 2018. Still, if you’re looking for top quality scenery from 29Palms, you could get Skiathos.


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New Previews of Tailstrike Designs’ LIME X – Ground Poly Previews

Tail Strike Designs Lime X3
If there's one thing I love, it's ground polys. Today, that's exactly what Tailstrike Designs has delivered. Their up and coming LIME X, Caravaggio International Airport (AKA Milan/Bergamo), will complete the main airports in Milan for simmers. Over the past few months, the team have been sharing their insight into development and today brings the latest. As you can see below, the
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FSElite Exclusive: Previews of Turbulent Design’s KGPI Glacier Park International Airport

KGPI P3dv4 01

Turbulent Designs were kind enough to send us over some FSElite exclusive shots of their upcoming KGPI Glacier Park International Airport. The new shots below show just how building a scenery just for P3DV4 allows developers to create something truly realistic and detailed. Turbulent Designs said that by “concentrating on one platform has not only allowed us to focus on going above and beyond with detail, but has also ridded us of the need to create performance intensive “workarounds” for older platforms.” They went on to say that “Being native to v4, we hope to bring as many v4 specific features as possible to KGPI.”

“This first batch of screenshots focuses on the terminal area of KGPI. Although we’re not ready to show “airside” yet, we hope that these screenshots demonstrate the level of detail to expect from KGPI.”

This is the first time we’ve seen a developer well and truly stick to their guns and develop for a modern sim. As you can see from the shots above, they really do make the difference.

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New MK Studios Tenerife South (GCTS) Previews

Mk Stuidos Tenerife Tfs 5
Our friends at MK Studios have today revealed some new shots of their upcoming Canary Island airport, Tenerife South. The Prepar3D V4 shots showcase the ground poly details that they're aiming to achieve upon release. Further to that, you can see some of the terminal buildings, surrounding shops and even the interior of the airport. We spoke to the developer
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Watch the Aerosoft A330 ‘Pre-Alpha’ In Action

Aerosoft 330 Pre Alpha
With the slew of Aerosoft A318-321 updates recently, it's great to see that the hotly anticipated long haul Airbus aircraft from Aerosoft has made an appearance again. Hosted on the 'Web Conference 2017' hosted by the Online Virtual Pilots Association, Mathijs took the guys through some of the features that will come when the aircraft is finally released. During the
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