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Flight Simulator X Previews

Golden Age Simulations Share Fleet Finch MK II Previews

Golden Age Simulations Fleet Finch Mk Ii (2)

Aircraft developer Golden Age Simulations have shared a bunch of new previews from their upcoming Fleet Finsh MK II. The aircraft developed by the team represents the default aircraft with the Winter canopy, which is powered by the Kinner B-5. Furthermore, the team will be making the MK i “R” model with the Kinner 160 hp R-5 and open cockpit.

You can follow Golden Age Simulations on Facebook. Back in September, the team released their Stearman PT/N2S for €22.00.

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The Airport Guys Preview Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) Screenshots

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Developer "The Airport Guys", have previewed further screenshots of their upcoming Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) for FSX. They claim that the scenery will drop on Friday, May 3rd. Grundy Municipal Airport (KGDY) is an airport located 3 nautical miles southwest of Grundy, in Buchanan County, Virginia. The airport is at an elevation of 2,304 ft (702m), and features an approach
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Additional GSX Update Video – Customising Jetbridges

GSX PBR Update Preview 2 Customization
After yesterday's extensive FSDreamteam GSX update video, we are pleasantly surprised to see yet another highlight the new features to come from the free update. In this second video, FSDreamteam shares how quick and easy it will be to add custom logos and artwork to jetbridges that use the GSX SODE jetbridge. The video sees the team demonstrate you will
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REX Environment Force Releasing on April 30th 2019

Rex Environment Force P3dv4 (3)
In March, REX Simulations gave us a huge overview on what to expect from the upcoming Environment Force. The new software is described as "the first real-time, on the fly dynamic living environment & atmospheric utility". Whether that be clouds, texturing, shaders and more, it's all designed to change the atmosphere around you. In the real world, atmosphere, weather and location
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Aerosoft Previews 330 Professional Wing Flex

Prepar3D 2019 04 13 23 05 22 01
The last previews of the Aerosoft 330 Professional were that of the newly recorded sounds for the aircraft. Provided by TSS, the sounds were to give a static representation of what we could expect. In a new video shared by Aerosoft, we can now see that the model will indeed have wing flex. Aerosoft are often asked if it would
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Black Box Simulation A319 Neo Preview

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It’s been over a year since the last update of the Black Box Simulation Airbus family. But that hasn’t stopped the team from releasing previews and teasing us with everything that’s coming up in v0.9. For example, we have seen an A320 Neo and A321 Neo in the past. We’ve also seen a few previews of the new virtual cockpit, that features an entirely re-written and new MCDU amongst other features. And we heard news of some new Airbus wide body variants, such as the A340-200 and the A340-500 Plus, and the A330-800/900 Neo.

Now the team has taken to Facebook once again with a new preview of a plane (Neo variant) that we hadn’t seen yet: the A319 Neo, featuring the new CFM Leap engines. As always, a release date is not yet know, but the team did comment that ‘work is still ongoing at a rapid pace’.

You can learn more about the upcoming update here.

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Navigraph Charts Closed Beta Video Preview [Chewwy94]

Popular flight simulation Twitch streamer Chewwy94 has released a video via his YouTube channel showcasing a first look of the closed beta Navigraph Charts utility. The short video provides a detailed insight into what to expect from the new look client. Firstly, Navigraph is allowing a select amount of beta testers to test the brand new features as a web-based client.
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New Brief Video Demonstration of POSCON In Action

POSCON ✈️ Inbound ✈️
Whilst there certainly has been a colourful development history with POSCON, the group are trying to move on from all of that and focus on developing a 'next generation' flight simulation network. With that in mind, a very short video demonstration was shared on YouTube highlighting the new radio sets and codecs they will be using. After you have watched
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Godzone Virtual Flight Offer Update on Christchurch Airport (NZCH) Development

Godzone Christchurch P3d (2)
Developer Godzone Virtual Flight started work on Christchurch (NZCH) back in 2009, and has since hit a few stumbling blocks along the way. However, their most recent post suggests that development is starting to wrap up. Described the "tidying-up" stage, GodzoneVF are getting close to releasing the product to their beta testing team. Originally, the product started off as a
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WF Scenery Studio Preview Kunming Changshui Airport (ZPPP)

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Scenery developer WF Scenery Studio has previewed their upcoming rendition of the Kunming Changshui International Airport for both FSX and Prepar3D. Kunming Changshui International Airport (ZPPP) is based out of Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. The airport is served both domestically and internationally by airlines such as China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Korean Air. It also serves
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