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Flight Simulator X Previews

Aeroplane Heaven Hurricane Mk1 “Nearing Completion”

Aeroplane Heaven Hurrican Mk1 (10)

Aeroplane Heaven took to Facebook earlier today to share the news that their upcoming Hurricane Mk1 is “nearing completion.” The warbird developed by the team has been in the works for a while but is soon to be made available to the simming community.

The aircraft product will feature full PBR materials and texturing both externally and also internally. The team appears to also include a 3D companion and plenty of other little details inside the cockpit for immersion purposes. Along with the snippet of news, the team shared over 20 new previews. We have selected a few to share with you down below.

Finally, Aeroplane Heaven confirmed that the aircraft will also be coming to FSX, although without the PBR features.

Check out the team on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their development.

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PILOT’S Posts more Previews of the Boeing 314 Clipper

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Over on Facebook, PILOT'S uploaded more screenshots of their Boeing 314 Clipper. The Boeing 314 Clipper is is described as a “long range flying boat” used mostly in the 1940s for long oceanic flights. The first Clipper was built in 1938 and began service with PanAm that same year. PanAm operated 9 of the 12 Clippers that were produced. Progress in
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Whiskey Jet Simulations Shares Further A220 Previews

Whiskey Jet Simulations A220 (3)
Aircraft developer Whiskey Jet Simulations has shared just a handful of new previews of the cockpit for their upcoming A220. The aircraft has been in development on FSX for some time and the team continue to share teasers. Today is no different with the team sharing some new previews of the cockpit texture work. On Facebook, the team said that
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DC Designs FA-18E/F/G Package for FSX / P3D Previews

Dc Designs F18 Aircraft P3d (8)
Developer DC Designs reached out to us to share with the community some new information and previews for their upcoming FA-18E/F/G package coming to FSX and P3D. The developer has now gone full time to ensure that this aircraft is as best as possible upon release. In total, there will be 3 different variations of the aircraft included in the
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UK2000 Scenery Bristol 2019 HD (EGGD) Previews

Uk2000 Scenery Bristol Eggd P3d 3

UK2000 Scenery has shared a few new images for their upcoming Bristol 2019 HD airport. The airport is an all-new version based off of the new techniques UK2000 Scenery has been building to create the next wave of airport products. The new images primarily show off the new library objects included in the release.

The new previews focus heavily on some of the new objects which will be scattered around the airport. This includes Swissport Airstairs, tugs, mini tugs and also the Houchin GPU, along with BP Fuel Bowser, the Cobra 2 Fire Engine and also the Cobus 2000 Airport Bus. Further to those images, a range of ground texture examples were shared that showcases the new environmental effects.

The airport will “soon be released” according to the developer on Facebook. Stay with FSElite to stay updated with any new information. Just like previous releases, it is expected that Bristol 2019 HD will come to P3Dv4, FSX and X-Plane 11.

In related Bristol Airport information, we reviewed the Pilot Plus version for X-Plane 11. You can read that here.

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Jennasoft Previews More Gatwick Screenshots

1239769811 GatwickJennaSoftSept(1).thumb.jpg.b3b351d9a2f3a2cd022db9dc8c740702
Scenery developer Jennasoft has shared more previews of their upcoming Gatwick Airport for FSX and P3D. The first previews of the product were shared back in September 2017, and since then we've had a good look at what to expect for the release. The release date is unknown right now, as it has been pushed around quite a bit. The
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A_A Sceneries Announces Phuket Update

VTSP 2019 21
Followed closely in the tracks of the recent release of Bdo Aviation's Phuket scenery, developer A_A Sceneries has announced to be working on an update for their version of the airport. A_A Sceneries currently has a version of Phuket (VTSP) available on SimMarket, but this version dates back to 2012 and is rather outdated, though it still works in our
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LHSimulations Budapest Preview

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Not exactly much is know about LHSimulations upcoming Budapest LHBPv2 (LHBP) scenery. So far, previews have been far and few between, with very little know about this new version of the airport. Though this time too, all they shared was a single preview, it's one we'll add to the very slowly growing list of previews. The preview shows off a
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New IronSim Karpathos Previews

Developer IronSim announced his newest upcoming scenery, Karpathos (LGKP), earlier this month. The developer has now shared some more previews, addressing some feedback that was noticeable over the previous previews. The airport now looks in a much more completed state, and a lot of accents and details have been added throughout the scenery, addressing the feedback that the airport looked
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