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Flight Simulator X Previews

What Is Captain Sim Teasing?

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This isn’t the most detailed post, but we want to see what the community think this new tease from Captain Sim is. The teaser image was shared on Facebook and shows what appears to be the fuselage of an aircraft with a GPS box. There is a distinct shine on the metallic skin of the fuselage, suggesting some kind of PBR implementation.

Looking at a lot of the comments, many are hoping that this is a Boeing 767 from Captain Sim. Others think this is simply a PBR update for the current 757 Captain III. Danny M on Facebook seems to think this could even be a 747, saying “looks like an ANPC111-2 GPS antenna used on the 74.” Some people are even suggesting it could be a 707.

With a screenshot such as this, it’s still unclear what it could be. However, we’re keen to hear what you think in the comment section below. Leave us your thoughts. Of course, once Captain Sim confirms what they’re teasing, we’ll let you know.

Source: Facebook

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Prealsoft Announces HD Cities: Vienna for FSX and P3D

Prealsoft Vienna Hd Cities Fsx P3d (1)
Developer Prealsoft has announced they they are developing HD Cities: Vienna for FSX and P3D. The new city package is a photoreal rendition of the city in high-definition 25cm/pixel imagery. The scenery package will include ground textures in HD both day and night, along with seasonal variation. Furthermore, the 3D buildings are injected over the photoreal scenery for an immersive
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The Airport Guys Previews Tazewell County Airport

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The Airport Guys have previewed on Facebook a single image of their upcoming Tazewell County Airport (KJFZ). The airport, sitting on a ridge in the Appalachian mountains in Virginia, holds a 4300ft paved runway that can welcomes a variety of general aviation traffic. The scenery by The Airport Guys is scheduled for release on FSX and P3D. The Airport Guys
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Photosim Labs Previews St. Croix & Mystery Airport

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Photosim Labs has shared on Facebook previews of two of their upcoming sceneries. The first picture shows an oil refinery located on St. Croix island. The real refinery is located a few miles east of St. Croix International Airport (TISX), located in the US Virgin Islands. The second set of pictures previews a mystery airport that is located "deep in
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Brief Black Box Simulation v0.90 Update Video

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Over a year ago, Black Box Simulation stated that their long-awaited update for their Airbus series would be released during 2019. That has come and gone, but no update has been released. With that in mind, it may appear that the update is due to be released very soon.

On Facebook, the Black Box Simulation account uploaded a brand new video (below) informing people “what to expect when our latest update is released.” The video then cycles through 2 still screenshots confirming information we’ve already known. The first screenshot shows the A319/320/321 NEO versions, with the second showcasing the update will include the A330 NEO variant.

A big question still looms over the actual release date for this update. If we find any new information, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Carenado Previews Citation XL560 for P3D and FSX

Carenado Xls 560 (1)
Carenado has shared on Facebook some new previews for their upcoming Citation XL560 on Prepar3D and FSX. Details are sparse, but the Facebook post did state that the aircraft is "coming soon." Here's a selection of those preview images. This aircraft product is a rendition of the Cessna Citation Excel; a Business jet that is capable of flying over 3,4o0km
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New Cockpit Previews of PILOT’S Boeing Clipper B314

B314 Clipper VC 17 Dec 2019 01
PILOT'S has shared with us a range of new images for their upcoming Boeing Clipper B314. The all-new previews highlight the virtual cockpit, including many small details such as radio stacks, scratch and dirt marks and much more. The first Clipper was built in 1938 and began service with PanAm that same year. PanAm operated 9 of the 12 Clippers
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Aeroplane Heaven Hurricane Mk1 “Nearing Completion”

Aeroplane Heaven Hurrican Mk1 (10)
Aeroplane Heaven took to Facebook earlier today to share the news that their upcoming Hurricane Mk1 is "nearing completion." The warbird developed by the team has been in the works for a while but is soon to be made available to the simming community. The aircraft product will feature full PBR materials and texturing both externally and also internally. The team
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PILOT’S Posts more Previews of the Boeing 314 Clipper

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Over on Facebook, PILOT'S uploaded more screenshots of their Boeing 314 Clipper. The Boeing 314 Clipper is is described as a “long range flying boat” used mostly in the 1940s for long oceanic flights. The first Clipper was built in 1938 and began service with PanAm that same year. PanAm operated 9 of the 12 Clippers that were produced. Progress in
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