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Orbx Preview Santa Barbara

Orbx Santa Barbara Previews FSElite 17

You may recall that Orbx Santa Barbara was announced back at FlightSimCon 2016, but since then it’s been extremely quiet with some wondering if they’d ever be able to add KSBA to their library. Fortunately, Orbx Santa Barbara developer Misha Cajic has today reassured us that the project is alive and well, and closer than ever!

(I won’t include every screenshot posted, as well over 40 were included in the original post. You can view them all here.

In addition to the huge amount of screenshots, some new information was shed on the project. Besides the, obviously, high quality rendition of the airport, customers can expect to see a 500sq km fully detailed scenery around the airport, covering the city of Santa Barbara, Goleta, as well as the mountain range that’s visible from the airport. Other features mentioned an additional lite landing area, 0CA3 Crawford airport, as well as advanced rendering, plenty of VFR landmarks and POIs, as well as OrbxFlow technology.

While no information was given on price or a release date, Misha did say that it is, “very close to complete”, and to expect more updates over the coming week. We’ll let you know when we have more on Orbx Santa Barbara!

(some more previews can be found below)

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Black Box Simulations Announce V0.90 Details

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In a recent Facebook post by Black Box Simulations, details were released about their upcoming V0.90 update to their Airbus aircraft: Aircraft will now have a 'Per Livery'/'Per Aircraft type' save function from within the Pro-Flight Manager for the following setups: Exterior model config, Satcom dome and more EIS2 LCD or CRT cockpit displays Analogue or ISIS standby package ISIS
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Just Flight Preview Textured 747 Classic

Just Flight Textured 747 Classic Previews FSElite 8
With the latest and greatest of the 747 family, the 747-8,  having been released by PMDG just 4 days ago, the team over at Just Flight felt it a fitting time to release new previews of the aircraft where it all started: the 747 Classic! These are the first previews we've seen of the aircraft textured, and it certainly looks
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David Rosenfeld Tel Aviv Previews

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Every now and then, David Rosenfeld releases a few screenshots of his current in-development project, Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport. David Rosenfeld announced this project in June of 2017, and though we have no idea what the status of the scenery is and how far away we might be from an eventual release, it does seem to come along rather
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PMDG Continues to Tease 747-8 Release for the Weekend

PMDG 748 Landing

PMDG have started the hype train and continue to run it at full speed. Yesterday, they teased that the PMDG 747-8 would be releasing this weekend. In a Facebook post released by the company, it said “we are planning a big meal for the weekend” – alongside an image of the aforementioned aircraft.

Today that tease continued with RSR posting for the first time in a long time in the Avsim forums. His post topic “Where in the world is RSR & the PMDG 747-8”, he shared a picture of the aircraft configured to land, along with the tease that the answer to his topic question is actually in the image.

This was then followed up with a few more shots of the aircraft from both RSR and Kyle.

As the weekend comes closer and closer, maybe we’ll see some more teases of the aircraft in action. When will it release? Soon™.

Thanks to everyone who sent this out way.

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Jennasoft Preview More for Gatwick

Jennasoft Gatwick Egkk 2
Jennasoft announced a while back that they were busy in development of a brand new London Gatwick Airport (EGKK). The UK's second busiest airport is home to many airlines in the country and is often the base for more of the low-cost and leisure routes to and from the UK. It's been a year since the original images turned up,
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MilViz Preview Night Shots of SR-71

Milviz Sr 71 Preview 5
Military Visualizations (Milviz) posted on Facebook today some brand new previews of their SR-71 during the night to showcase the impressive range of night textures in the aircraft. These are some of the first shots we've seen of the aircraft in a while since the exterior shots were posted in May. You can be sure to follow development of the
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A2A Accu-Sim Bonanza V-Tail Preview Video

A2A Accu Sim Bonanza V Tail 15 Minute Promo Release Imminent
A2A have stated numerous times that their Bonanza V-Tail aircraft is close to being released and the latest from their continues to share that commitment. In the 15 minute video narrated by Scott from A2A, he takes you on a journey through all the features and special attributes that comes with having a V-tailed aircraft. As usual, from an A2A
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Carenado Falcon 50 Previewed

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After a brief hiatus from Falcon 50 previews, with the last renders having been posted in May,  Carenado has posted new shots of the upcoming aircraft to their Facebook page! Typical of preview posts, nothing else was said about the aircraft although it's nice to see the aircraft in-sim and flying, rather than just renders from the CAD. We'll share
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