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Flight Simulator X Previews

A_A Sceneries Announces Phuket Update

VTSP 2019 21
Followed closely in the tracks of the recent release of Bdo Aviation's Phuket scenery, developer A_A Sceneries has announced to be working on an update for their version of the airport. A_A Sceneries currently has a version of Phuket (VTSP) available on SimMarket, but this version dates back to 2012 and is rather outdated, though it still works in our
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LHSimulations Budapest Preview

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Not exactly much is know about LHSimulations upcoming Budapest LHBPv2 (LHBP) scenery. So far, previews have been far and few between, with very little know about this new version of the airport. Though this time too, all they shared was a single preview, it's one we'll add to the very slowly growing list of previews. The preview shows off a
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New IronSim Karpathos Previews

Developer IronSim announced his newest upcoming scenery, Karpathos (LGKP), earlier this month. The developer has now shared some more previews, addressing some feedback that was noticeable over the previous previews. The airport now looks in a much more completed state, and a lot of accents and details have been added throughout the scenery, addressing the feedback that the airport looked
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Bdo Aviation Phuket Almost Ready for Release

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Announced back in August, Bdo Aviation seems to be almost ready to release their upcoming scenery for Phuket (VTSP). The team shared that the scenery would be 'ready to release very soon', along with a plethora of previews. The previews look very nice, with high detail modelling and textures, dynamic lighting and seasonal textures. Phuket is a popular tourist destination
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GSX Seasonal Clothing Update

GSX will receive a free update this weekend, adding seasonal clothing.  With a short YouTube clip, FSDreamTeam is previewing this newest update, showing the parking marshaller in different kind of weather conditions.

Previously, marshallers were always wearing the same clothes, regardless of the weather. After the update, there are several variations available for the clothes and high visibility jackets. In the preview, short sleeve shirts, heavy high-vis coats, gloves, shorts and tank-tops all make an appearance, though it is unclear if there are more variations. Furthermore, the trailer shows a slight layer of snow on both the marshaller and the clothes during snowy winter operations. If the weather conditions will also apply to other figures in GSX, such as the pushback walker or baggage loaders, is yet unknown. You can find some screenshots taken from the video below.

A full changelog for the upcoming GSX 2.7 update is not yet available.

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Just Flight Shares Fokker F28 Fellowship Cockpit Previews

JUSTFLIGHT Fokker F28 Cockpit Previews (2)
On Facebook, developer Just Flight has shared a few new previews of their Fokker F28 Fellowship for FSX/Prepar3D. Whereas before the team shared some of the exterior modelling, this time, Just Flight chose to showcase some renders for the cockpit being built for this aircraft. Following on from this, Just Flight will now work on the texturing of the aircraft.
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More Previews FSDG Rhodes

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Nearing the release on September 11 (if all goes according to plan), FSDG has shared a few more previews of their upcoming Rhodes (LGRP) scenery. Just two days ago we were able to share the very first preview we've seen of the airport itself, after having been teased plenty with the island and surrounding region of the airport. Now FSDG is
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FSDG Rhodes Nearing Release

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Over on Facebook, the FSDG team is happy to share that their upcoming Rhodes scenery has 'finished construction'. We assume they are referring to the initial development of the scenery. They also shared the add-on has now entered beta testing. And a new release date has been set for September 11th, according to their website. This is a bit over
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FS2Crew Ground Crew X Coming in 2 Weeks

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Courtesy of their Facebook, FS2Crew has posted that their upcoming Big Ultimate Ground Crew X (UGCX) update is coming soon. The developer claims that the program is expected to release in approximately 2 weeks. It is intended to work alongside with GSX, as GSX provides the baggage cars, "little people" (and more of-course). In the comments, FS2Crew stated that custom
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