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AeroflyFS2 Previews

New Aerosoft Lukla-Mount Everest Previews

Aerofly Fs 2 Screenshot 24 20180504 160136.jpg.0850ac3199da0e7b1aa2a4b0b2083025

It’s been a few months since we’ve seen any previews of Lime Sim/Aerosoft’s upcoming Lukla-Mount Everest reboot, taking one of their most popular sceneries and giving it the remake it deserves. Today, that all changes with a bunch of new previews of the terrain surrounding Mount Everest shared by Sasa on the Aerosoft preview forums!

The reboot of Lukla-Mount Everest will go beyond what was available before, with a new manually placed satellite image as well as roughly 150 million hand placed trees.

The shots shown are currently from Aerofly FS2, but there will also be versions for FSX and P3D with an X-Plane version coming “a little later”.

This preview was shared back in January, but we thought we’d include it anyways as it looks incredible!

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Huge Preview on Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth

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Over on the Orbx forums, Jarrad has put together a hugely impressive preview on the upcoming photoreal scenery project from the team. This new technology, now being called 'TrueEarth' is the next step forward for Orbx and how they want to make the world in our sims a much more realistic place. The preview thread itself is impressive and littered
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Aerosoft Preview Helgoland in Aerofly FS2

AFS2 Helgoland Preview 003.thumb .jpg.9a4f51d407e764727579bdb32b89fd9f
Aerosoft have recently previewed their Helgoland scenery in AeroflyFS2. which was previously released for FSX and P3D. While FSX, and more notably P3D, are certainly no lightweights when it comes to graphics, Aerofly FS2 takes it to a whole new level. It is clear in these screenshots that the platform has a ton of potential and Aerosoft certainly know how
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