Flight Simulation Product Previews

Imaginesim Preview PBR In Singapore on Prepar3D V4

Singapore P3dv4 Pbr (2)

As developers get to grip with PBR being in Prepar3D V4.4, the more products are starting to receive the texture treatment. Announced a few weeks back, scenery developers Imaginesim are bringing PBR texture work to their most recent release Singapore (WSSS). Today, the team shared a few new previews of the work in progress.

The team concluded their Facebook post by stating that it should be “due in a few weeks”.

Whilst development of bringing PBR texturing to the Prepar3D V4 version is underway, there is also another handful of developers within Imaginesim working on porting it over to FSX. Furthermore, X-Plane 11 users have Austin to look forward to from Imaginesim. Finally, we shouldn’t forget they’re also working on bringing Los Angeles (KLAX) to Prepar3D.

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In-Sim Previews of the Aerosoft A330 Professional

Aerosoft 330 Previews Sim (2)
Whilst testing out some features on the upcoming A330, Aerosoft decided to share just a handful of beta testing shots of the A330. These shots were taken by beta testers and come directly from the simulator. It's still work in progress, but the team wanted to share them nonetheless. Further information in the forum post included that "things are moving
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Turbulent Designs Shows First PBR Previews

Turbulent Designs Shows First PBR Previews FSElite3
In a somewhat different post than we're used to, Turbulent Designs showed off the first PBR objects from them, choosing to show off the new textures on various ground equipment. Looking through the comments, it's a possibility that these objects may not just be static, with Russ replying, "Oh, the possibilities" when asked if the objects would be functional or
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Aeroplane Heaven Previews Their Cessna 140 for P3D

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On the 9th January 2019, Aeroplane Heaven announced that they were putting the finishing touches to their upcoming Cessna 140 aircraft for Prepar3D. Within this post, they promised a "highly polished" aircraft with the use of dynamic reflections both inside and out of the aircraft. In a post on their Facebook page recently, they have been true to their word
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Orbx Previews Sumburgh (EGPB) for X-Plane 11

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In an announcement on their forum, Orbx has teased us with some fascinating screenshots from their upcoming X-Plane 11 scenery Sumburgh airport (EGPB). This will be Orbx's first airport scenery to integrate with their TrueEarth GB North scenery package. Situated in Shetland, Northern Scotland, Sumburgh sits on the southern tip of the mainland and produces many visual treats on approach
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Sneak Peek of FSDG Bremen Airport

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Although they may have revealed their roadmap for 2019 and beyond, developer Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG), the team are preparing to release their upcoming Bremen Airport. The German airport is nearing the final stages of development according to the developer via a Facebook post made earlier today.

The single preview simply shows off the detail and texture quality.

Below are some previews which are older but just to give you a reminder of what is being developed.

No further news other than that, but be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay up to date.

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New AOA Simulations F35-A Lightning II Previews

F 35A Lightning II For X Plane 11
AOA simulations, developers of the V22 Osprey and F35-B announced over a year ago that their next project was to be the F35-A. The aircraft isn't quite ready for release just yet but in true AOA Simulations fashion, we are in no shortage of previews; The latest of which was posted on their Facebook page, an in-depth video showcasing the
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GayaSimulation Courchevel Previews

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GayaSimulation has released some previews of their latest development Courchevel. Initially announced in 2017 we have received very few updates on the progress of the project. On Saturday some previews of the altiport were released. Very few details have been announced however we do know for sure that it will feature realistic hand painted asphalt textures and PBR. GayaSimulation announced
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More PMDG 747 QOTS II PBR Previews + Update

PMDG 744 BOE 3
Following their initial PBR progress update two weeks ago, PMDG's Robert Randazzo has dropped some new mouth-watering previews of the 747-400 QOTS II in all of it's PBR glory marking 50 years since the first Boeing 747 took flight. Also, he's provided a short update in regards to the upcoming PBR update
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Orbx Previews Final Screenshots for Friedman Memorial Airport (KSUN)

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In a post on their forum, Orbx has provided more eye-catching screenshots of the upcoming Orbx/Turbulent Designs Friedman Memorial Airport (KSUN) for Prepar3D v4. Exactly a week ago we shared information and screenshots which showed KSUN in its summer glory. This time around we get to see new screenshots showing how the dynamic weather and seasonal change features affect the
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