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New Magknight 787 Update Previews


Magknight continues to provide development updates for the 787 update they will be bringing to X-Plane 11 in the future. The new previews shared Mitchell Chen’s Twitter (@sp33dm) highlight the new wing modelling that will be included in a future update to the aircraft.

From what we can see, the new renders showcase an improvement in the overall quality of the modelling with a lot more detail in the wings than what was present beforehand.

As the development of the aircraft update continues, you can view a little more on the FMS/EFB update that the team are working on for the aircraft type.

In the meantime, you can purchase Magknight’s 787-9 Aviator Edition from the X-Plane Store for $44.95

Thanks to Gold787FlightSim in our Discord for the tip.

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TDM Scenery Design Provides Update on Coruna Airport for MSFS

Developer TDM Scenery Design has posted various new previews and updates regarding their upcoming Coruna Airport (LECO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. According to a post on Facebook, all of the buildings within the airport area are now completed. The development team are now in the process of adding smaller details such as nearby restaurants, points of interest (such as Hercules
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Vidan Design Showcase Further Billund for MSFS Screenshots

Vidan Design Billund Msfs (1)
Developer Vidan Design announced that they would be bringing Billund Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator back in August and little has been shown or spoken about since then. However, on Facebook, the developers broke that silence by sharing a handful of new previews of the airport in action. Whilst only four were shown off on Facebook, the team highlighted areas
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Terrainy Studios Shares New Previews of Samos for MSFS

Terrainy Studios Samos Msfs (2)
Having announced a partnership with Gaya Simulations, Terrainy Studios are gearing up for a release of their latest scenery development for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Samos Airport (LGSM), part of the Greek Islands, is open to various seasonal operations aimed at providing European travellers a sun-drenched destination to explore. Airliners such as TUI, Condor and SAS offer frequent flights during the
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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Simbrief Integration Preview

123263426 126778999193686 7966913238295950901 O
The talented team over at Flybywire Simulations, that has been working hard to make our MSFS experience even better and more immersive, has shown a preview video of one of their upcoming features: Simbrief integration. The A32NX will soon be able to load your flight plan from the popular flight planning tool. Doing so will pre-fill certain fields, such as
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Stairport Sceneries Greater Moncton In Beta for XPL, Coming to MSFS

Stairport Sceneries Cyqm Greater Moncton Airport (8)

Developer Stairport Sceneries has announced that their upcoming Greater Moncton Airport (CYQM) is now in beta for X-Plane 11. The Canadian airport sits on the East of the country with various airlines visiting including Air Canada Express, Canadian North and PAL Airlines. In addition to passenger traffic, the airport sees various cargo operators such as UPS and FedEx Express visit.

Whilst specific product details are missing from the Facebook post shared by Stairport Sceneries, the screenshots indicate that there will be HD texturing for the building and ground areas, various bits of ground clutter and use of seasonal textures to represent the snow-covered winters.

Finally, the post confirmed that whilst the beta for the X-Plane 11 version is ongoing, there will also be a Microsoft Flight Simulator version coming in the near future.

For more, you can follow the team on Facebook. 

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Single New Preview for FlightFactor 787 Pro on XPL

Flightfactor787 X Plane 1
FlightFactor has been sharing snippets of previews for their upcoming 787 on X-Plane 11 for a little whilst and the team has shared a new preview of the aircraft's texturing. As pictured above, the screenshot shows off the throttle area, including fuel cut off switches, throttle levers and flap controls. It also highlights part of the radio stack and also
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FlyByWire Simulations A380 First Previews

125416920 132095095328743 2388298049810937361 O
FlyByWire Simulations has taken to their Facebook page a few previews of their upcoming Airbus A380 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They screenshots that you can find below how an early exterior model as well as main panel and pedestal, along with a few textured switches. The last screenshots shows two screens of the primary flight display and the engine page
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Introducing NZA Simulations Sceneries for MSFS

NZA Simulations NZRO & Rotorua Scenery Pack 1.0 9
Today, FSElite will be seating with Josh Purcell from the NZA Simulations team. The New Zealand and Australia Simulations team was formed specifically for the Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on community. The team is taking cautionary steps and is looking at progressing along with the iterations of the MSFS SDK. As such, only small airfields and some landscape sceneries have been
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