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Flight Simulation Product Previews

FSElite Exclusive: MK Studios Lanzarote Previews

Lanzarote 05

The folks at MK Studios have provided us with some exclusive images of their upcoming Lanzrote airport. Following on from their Tenerife South release earlier this year, Lanzarote looks to set the bar even higher. Although a release isn’t due for another week or so, we can reveal that the airport will come with a bunch of features. Inlcuding 50cm pixel sattelite coverage, custom high resolution ground textures and mesh, dynamic lighting, and much more. Of course, like their past scenery products, it also includes SODE jetways and full GSX compatibility.

When the product is released, we’ll let you know as always.

Full feature listing below:

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Aerosoft Previews Dortmund For X-Plane 11

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Earlier this week, Aerosoft posted 4 preview screenshots showcasing their latest work in progress for the X-Plane 11 platform. The scenery will include Dortmund Airport - a minor international airport in North Western Germany - as well as the whole city of Dortmund, modelled with detailed objects and satellite images. Aerosoft has not announced a price for the scenery, nor
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Drzewiecki Design Previews Chicago City / Airports Renders

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Drzewiecki Design recently showed early renders of various objects from their upcoming Chicago City and Chicago Airports sceneries, in a post on their facebook page. The screenshots given show a variety of textured buildings around the city and some untextured models for the airport. Drzewiecki Design hasn't announced a price or release date, yet, but we will keep you updated with
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JARDesign Previews VR Compatible Ground Handling v4 Plugin

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With more and more Virtual Reality headset products hitting the market, and simulators adding native VR capabilities for added immersion, developers are starting to take VR a lot more seriously than they used to. It’s because of this that JARDesign has begun to show off previews of their upcoming Ground Handling (GHD) v4 plugin for X-Plane, which promises to be VR-friendly.

In a closed Facebook group dedicated to the development group’s products, lead designer Evgeny Romanov described the improvements to the upcoming refreshed plugin as being the group’s “first step in the VR-world”. This VR-focused update gives users the ability to “flexibly control the movement of handling cars” while also being able to resize and move the plugin window within the VR world. In addition to the VR compatibility, Evgeny says that there will be approximately 40 aircraft sets included with the product, and the plugin window has been re-designed to fit into the standard X-Plane 11 UI style.

The new features will come at some cost though, with the price tag of the plugin set to rise by around $5. There is good news for existing users, though – this update will come at no extra charge.

While Evgeny did not indicate a solid release date, he did say that JARDesign are expecting to release this new version in the very near future.

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Aeroplane Heaven Previews Sud Caravelle Renders

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In a recent post on their facebook page, Aeroplane Heaven previewed one of their current works-in-progress, the Sud Aviation Caravelle. Aeroplane Heaven has stated that most of the exterior work has finished with the interior being 80-90% complete. They have also begun work on some of the texturing, namely on the undercarriage. The developer hasn't announced a price or release
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Aerosoft Previews Lukla – Mount Everest Renders

Preview June 001.thumb.jpg.10a97ed1feabdf309b86fe88f729cda3
Sasa, in the Aerosoft forums, posted screenshots of the early development of their Lukla Airport scenery, on Saturday. Lukla - Mount Everest was originally released for FSX back in 2006, but the whole scenery is now being rebuilt from scratch by the LimeSim and S3DD team to meet modern standards. The screenshots show just the base model of the airport
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PMDG Announces Global Flight Operations

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In a much anticipated session at FSExpo, PMDG Founder Robert Randazzo, unveiled details about their new project called PMDG Global Flight Operations. PMDG Global Flight Operations Speaking to a packed room, Randazzo unveiled their software called PMDG Global Flight Operations. Calling it a 'live simulation of global operations', this persistent-state software would allow users to use and share aircraft being
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