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New FlythemaddogX MD-80 Beta Screenshots Showcasing True Glass and Real Light

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The hotly anticipated FlythemaddogX MD-80 has been in beta for some time and with plenty of previews coming out frequently, it’s hard to not get excited. The most recent announcement of the aircraft using TFDi Design’s incredible True Glass and Real Light gave fans yet another reason to want to invest in the aircraft.

The latest round of previews have been sent to us to share with you guys and showcase the tremendous difference the technology makes to the aircraft.

As development continues, we’ll continue to share information with you.

Release is still expected this year.

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FSElite Exclusive: Previews of Latinwings Almeria (LEAM)


We’ve teamed up with AviationLads to bring you some exclusive images of the upcoming Latinwings Almeria (LEAM). The scenery itself is in the final stages of development and serves as an intermediate scenery before the team releases their highly anticipated Madrid scenery in the near future.

Almeria (LEAM) is developed by both Latinwings and PILOT’S and the results are already highly impressive. The screenshots demonstrate the amount of detail that has gone into this little Spanish airport. Not only has the airport been fully modelled to the finest detail, but there’s also been a considerable amount of work done on the surrounding city itself.

Head of development, Trino Rojas had this to say: “Almeria apart from being a work done with passion and dedication, we travel there to take pictures, talk with the airport authorities to get permission to enter and take photos, have a total representation of the city.”

As mentioned above, Almeria was a necessary project to help with the development of Madrid. Quite simply, as such a complex airport, Madrid required a large investment and it was felt by developing a smaller airport in between will help fund the project to ensure it will  be an excellent product in the future.

Finally, it was confirmed that Santiago de Compostela (LEST) is also still in full development and making good progress. Furthermore, the Spanish city of Alicante has also started development work with the team already working on the ground poly.

Lots of Spanish airports in development and we hope you enjoy the shots. This will be the first of many partnerships with the team at AviationLads. Make sure you give them a like on Facebook or check out their Visual Mod – Cold Season as part of our Featured YouTube Community.

Make sure you also like LatinWings and PILOT’S on Facebook for future updates.

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FlyTampa – One Shot of Vegas to Add to the Collection

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We usually wouldn’t just post a singular screenshot, but this view made me pick my jaw off the floor so figured it would make for a good Sunday evening post. It’s no secret that FlyTampa are developing Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport and the strip itself. We’ve seen multiple previews before, but this is the first glimpse of just how jam-packed this scenery will be.

In the shot above, you can see just the multiple array of hotels, casinos, clubs and skyscrapers that make up the skyline of Vegas. I honestly cannot believe the level of detail in the shots and cannot wait to see what FlyTampa produce with this scenery.

Here’s a few more preview shots previously released just to whet your appetite further.

We aren’t sure on release date, but when we get more information, we’ll let you know! Stay tuned to their Facebook.

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Aerosoft Airbus A318-A321 Professional Series Update: November 2017

Aerosoft Airbus P3dv4 A318 02

This is the Aerosoft Airbus A318-A321 Professional Series Update for November 2017.

November 10th 2017

This was a quick update from Stefan showing off a few more screenshots from the cockpit. Plenty of new details stuffed inside here including the torch and now you can get a taste for the high-res textures of the display screens.

(Apologies to anyone who had to click on each image earlier on to be sent to a image page. We’ve fixed it now. -Cal)

If you haven’t done so, click here to watch one of the first streams showing off the Aerosoft Airbus series in P3DV4.

Keep an eye on their forums for more details.

We’ll update this post throughout November if anything more significant comes from the team.


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Watch the Aerosoft Airbus Series Beta in P3Dv4.1


Over on Twitch, the Online Virtual Pilots Association (OVPA) have been busy streaming the latest version of the Aerosoft Airbus family. Specifically, they have taken the A318 from Palermo to Samos in this test flight.

You can watch the full 2.5 hour stream below. Make sure you give them a follow as they often stream beta aircraft before anyone else.

Just remember it is in beta with features still missing or broken.

Watch Online Virtual Pilots Association – Dave from OVPA on

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Carenado PA42 Cheyenne III For FSX and P3D Preview Trailer

For those interested, Carenado have previewed their PA42 Cheyenne III for FSX and P3D in their latest trailer.

As we’ve already revealed to you, the PA42 will feature 4K textures, compatibility with the GTN 750 and plenty of documentation to keep you going. We also previewed you some shots from the plane, all of which can be found at this link.


According to their Facebook page, it will be coming ‘very soon’.

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29Palms Scenery Design Preview Further Skiathos Shots

The team at 29Plams Scenery Design have released a quick status update regarding their beloved Skiathos scenery. The ‘European Saint Martin’ has been missing from Prepar3D V4 since release due to some issues that were only address in the release of v4.1. 29Palms Scenery Design revealed that the “Autogem Definition Merger” (ACM) is now stable, and are just awaiting on a code signing certificate before release. Once that’s done, it’ll be available to download.

They also gave a quick glimpse into the scenery with additional screenshots.

As soon as it is released, we’ll let you know.

You can view some older previews of Skiathos in P3DV4 at this link.

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Orbx Announce X-Plane Development


Yesterday on the Orbx forums, some shots were posted showing off their upcoming EU Netherlands product. These shots caused quite a stir as many speculated these shots were from X-Plane rather than FSX, P3D or AF2. With confusion surrounding with exactly what sim it was.

However, it has now been confirmed that these shots were in fact from X-Plane 11. Which is exciting news as up until now it seemed that Orbx would never be developing for X-Plane.

The three shots shown off show some great work done by Orbx to inergrate their expetrtise into X-Plane with the aid of Ortho2XP and W2XP. With Ortho being such a great piece of software, it’s great to see one of the most well known scenery developers take it on board and use in another platform.



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Actual New Black Box Simulations Airbus Prologue Screenshots from P3Dv4

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After yesterday’s little mishap, the guys at Black Box Simulations have put together a brand new collection of screenshots of their upcoming V0.875 update for their Airbus Prologue series. The shots below include both the A320 family, as well as the A330/340 WideBody edition. It shows off the brand new textures, dynamic lighting and more.

Graham from Black Box Simulations had this to say:

We sincerely apologize for any confusion that was caused by the posting of the Earlier “Non Update” screenshots by one of our staff members. Here are some fresh screenshots highlighting some of the new features and improvements available in v0.875 and we hope you enjoy them

The update will be free for everyone who already owns the package. This includes the upgrade from FSX/P3DV3 to P3DV4.

There’s over 30 screenshots in the collection and we’ve picked our favourite ones to show you below.

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Update: [Not so..] New Black Box Simulation Airbus Prologue Series Beta Test Previews

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Update: Well it looks like the community were mislead on the shots. This Facebook post, which was shared 7 hours ago, gave the impression they were new screenshots showing what the new updated Airbus series would look like. Seeing it, I got a bit excited and wanted to share with the wider community. A little while late, we were informed that the Aer Lingus shots are actually from back in October 2016 when a beta tester posted them in a Facebook group. We were told that these were apparently uploaded by mistake, but the Cathy Pacific ones are ‘new’.

Anyway, we did a bit more digging and found out that the shots of Cathy Pacific are even older than the Aer Lingus shots. They were posted by the same beta tester but back in August 2016.

Black Box Simulations then replied to our question by saying:

well its pretty clear that the New versions will be better than the old ones shown ?
When I get 5 minutes I will upload some new ones

This was 4 hours ago.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure that the Air New Zealand shots are new as they’re from P3DV4.

Anyway, we’ll leave the preview shots below as they’re still pretty to look at. Just a shame it wasn’t made completely clear right at the start. It’s been confirmed yet again that version 0.875 will release in October.

The team at Black Box Simulation have been busy working on bringing version 0.875 to the flight sim market. The new update to the Prologue series will bring capability to P3DV4, as well as a host of new features, improvements and more to the Airbus fleet. The new update will be available in the next few days for all of the Prologue series aircraft. This means you’ll be able to take short haul trips in the single-aisle family, or you can explore some long haul routes with their WideBody package.

You can see the previews from recent beta tests below.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for official release date information going forward.

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