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Flight Simulation Product Previews

New Previews of ShortFinal Design ‘SFD’ Global

Shortfinal Designs Sfd Global X Plane 11 (7)

ShortFinalDesign is known for his airport work on X-Plane, but his latest project will span the whole Globe. Similar to that of Orbx Global on FSX/P3D, SFD Global will apply a brand new set of global textures to the entire X-Plane world. On Facebook, ShortFinalDesign shared some new previews with the community.

Most likely in response to LTD releasing Global Earth on X-Plane, but the developer has clarified that “terrain textures are independent of the autogen”. This was then followed up with confirmation that terrain textures work globally with independent autogen and are not limited to individual regions.

You can view the post on Facebook for the original details. You could also check out previous previews for SFD Global on X-Plane.

ShortFinal Design’s most recent release was Munich, which you may want to check out.

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Colimata Preview Further Concorde Screenshots

CONCORDE FXP 01.thumb.jpg.4b71e35ef7f2c7ba7eccc51ea9055b09
Aircraft developer Colimata has just posted further screenshots of their upcoming Concorde for X-Plane. The hyped aircraft appears to be near completion, with only a few things still on the list to be done. Colimata claims that their rendition of the Concorde is ready to release within the month. The developers at Colimata tell us that they are currently working
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Flightbeam Share New Previews of Quito (SEQM) – On Finals

Flightbeam Quito(seqm) (1)
Flightbeam has had a busy 2019 so far. With the release of Portland (in conjunction with iBlueYonder) and Wellington already this year, you would have thought Flightbeam would be taking it easy for the next few months. Well, we thought wrong as Quito (SEQM) is nearly upon us and some brand new previews have been shared. Developed by Dreamflight Studios,
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JRollon Previews CL415 Canadair for X-Plane

CL 415 01 Plane Maker Live
Over on the X-Plane forum, Javier Rollon posted a video where he continues work on the development of the CL415. JRollon is known for the successful SIAI SF260 Marchetti and the Bombardier CRJ200. In fact, Javier mentions that the CL415 was a project in development before the Marchetti. The Canadair CL415 was nicknamed the 'Superscooper' for its water scooping abilities.
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Aerosoft Previews 330 Professional Wing Flex

The last previews of the Aerosoft 330 Professional were that of the newly recorded sounds for the aircraft. Provided by TSS, the sounds were to give a static representation of what we could expect. In a new video shared by Aerosoft, we can now see that the model will indeed have wing flex.

Aerosoft are often asked if it would and multiple times they confirmed. The video above is confirmation of the fact the aircraft will indeed have wing flex.

From the post, this is what Mathijs has to say.

“Not the best vid as it is done to test something but just to silence people who feel we can’t do floppy wings. The algorithm is pretty cool, it more than the standard animation.”

You can check out the full forum thread on Aerosoft.

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Aeroplane Heaven Shares New Renders of Embraer Project

Aeroplane Heaven Embraer Feelthere P3dv4 (2)
In collaboration with FeelThere, Aeroplane Heaven have shared brand new renders of their upcoming Embraer Project via Facebook. The new previews are still not from within the simulator, which explains some of the oddities in the texture work, but the team were curious to show some of the progress. As previously mentioned when the news first broke, the collection will
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SimWing’s Gran Canary Islands Professional Previews

SimWings took to the Aerosoft Forums and posted some more previews of their upcoming Gran Canary Islands Professional for P3Dv4 specifically the Gran Canaria airport (GCLP). Gran Canaria (GCLP) is one of many of the airports in the Gran Canary Islands. The previews displayed, are that of the Gran Canaria airport on the island Gran Canaria. This airport serves as
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Ultra Weather v2.5 Promo Video and Feature List

X Plane 11 Ultra Weather XP V2.5 Plugin Promo Not Yet Released Coming Very Soon
Whilst the update for Ultra Weather is not yet available, it is still in private beta, the developers have released an extensive promotional video for the product highlighting a range of the new features to come with v2.5. Along with the video is a massive change log that the update will bring. Within the update, users of Ultra Weather will
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