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Flight Simulation Product Previews

FTX AU AI Traffic P3D V4 Previews


Orbx has a post saying that they’re almost done with FTX AU AI Traffic Pack for P3D V4. All the aircrafts in this package has been put together specifically for P3D V4 platform. They do also support Dynamic Lighting as well as the LUA coding system. Many of the planes have nose wheel steering and some other niceties to be announced later.

One big change is that before the Cessna 177 was everywhere, it’s now changed. It will now show the correct model as C152, C172, C182 etc.

More info is available at Orbx’s website.

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Aerosoft Airbus 2018 Edition Previews – September 2017

Aerosoft A320 P3dv4 01

We’ve decided that we’ll be doing a monthly preview post for any updates Aerosoft share regarding their Airbus 2018 Edition. So whether that’s from the A320 family or the hotly anticipated A330, we’ll cover any updates in this single post for the month. When a new update is out, we’ll update the post and re-share it so you don’t miss it!

22nd September 2017 Update

A ‘small’ update from Stefan shows work continues on the virtual cockpit modelling of the A318-A321 series of aircraft. He’s mostly been working on the shading elements, and will add the smaller details soon.  He says that next week, the team will bring back the system functionality and include new, higher resolution displays. You can see all 9 preview shots below.

Currently the Aerosoft Airbus 2018 Edition (A318 – A320, A330) is still TBD on the P3DV4 compatibility list for a release.



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Live Stream and YouTube Preview of the FlythemaddogX MD-80 Beta

When the team at FlythemaddogX announced their intentions of bringing the MD-80 back to the simming world, we were pretty excited. News soon followed after that the release would be sometime before the end of the year and we got even more excited. Today, our excitement has reached a new level when we were tipped off that one of the beta testers is live streaming the plane over on Twitch. Courtesy of the Online Virtual Pilots Association you can watch one of the first beta videos of the upcoming aircraft.

Of course, this is beta software (and presumably quite early on), so there may be some bugs as you watch. Either way, if you want to get your fix for the MD-80, then this is the place to go.

We’ll be watching it to see if anything interested comes from the stream.

Edit: We’ve also been told that there’s a video on YouTube and you can also watch the stream via YouTube also.


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Just Flight DHC-3 Otter Cockpit Preview

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Just Flight previewed interior shots of their DHC-3 Otter that they are working on. The DHC-3 is a single engine plane with high wings made for STOL operations. The plane was made because of the huge success from the DHC-2 Beaver as it has many similarities. Only difference is that both the wings and the fuselage are larger. On the front this plane comes with a R-1340 radial engine, and it can carry 11 passengers.  Between 1951 and 1967 a total of 446 aircrafts were built.

As of yet, no release date or price is decided.

Features from source page

  • Accurately modeled DHC-3 Otter, built using real-world aircraft plans and from official notes and publications
  • Three variants included:
    – Wheel
    – Float
    – Ski
  • All hatches and doors animated
  • Detailed engine with start-stutter effects and volumetric prop
  • Beautifully rendered airframe detail with accurate strengthening strakes, pitot tubes, aerials and more
  • Fully animated pilots
  • HD textures used to produce the highest possible texture clarity, including bump and specular mapping to produce a truly 3D feel
  • Choice of cockpits:
    – Classic
    – Modern
  • Fully modelled passenger cabin area with a variety of interesting cargo, including a ski-doo and motocross bikes
  • Highly detailed cockpit with uniquely rendered metal effects, realistic wear and tear, and dynamic specular effects on surfaces
  • Instruments constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
  • Realistic systems functionality including engine start and fuel tank selection

More information to be found at Just Flights’ website and Facebook.

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Carenado C172SP Skyhawk G1000 Preview

Carenado has today released preview shot’s of this plane that we would like to share. No release date is confirmed yet but they are saying it’s coming soon.

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Carenado has released a video of their C172SP Skyhawk with G1000 on YouTube.

This plane will be available for both FSX and P3D platform.

To find out more go to Carenado’s Facebook page.


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QualityWings Utlimate 787 – Previews from Beta Tester

Qw787 Willw 10

A few days ago, the NDA was lifted for beta testers of the QualityWings Ultimate 787 to share images on social media about the upcoming aircraft. With the aircraft really close now, we wanted to share with you further images of the Boeing jet. Whilst non of the FSElite team are fortunate enough to beta test, we did get in contact with one of them. After a few emails, we’re delighted to be able to share his images with the community outside of Facebook.

All of the images have been captured in FSX and remember, this is beta software. Right now, he has his hands on the Air Canada and Air Mexico livery, but said he’ll be getting some more soon to be able to share with us. Many thanks to our contact for providing us with these great shots.

If you fancy painting the aircraft yourself, try out the paintkit. Of course, you can also view the official preview shots here. You could also go ahead and read the manual in preparation.

P.S. We’re aware of a product page being online, but we’re waiting for an official release before sharing it with the wider properly community.

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Study Level A380 Cockpit Previews

A380 P3dv4

It’s been a few months since we heard the news that a Study Level Airbus A380 has been confirmed for Prepar3D v4 and XPlane 11 being produced by Matt Davies and his team. Via Matt’s Twitch Stream he has previewed the internal model for the flightdeck of his A380.

He confirms that this is all working progress, but it’s great to see some shots of it!

The clip of Matt showing off the A380 cockpit can be found here. Warning this video does contain explicit language.

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Flight Factor Airbus A320 Ultimate – Prepare for Takeoff Preview for X Plane 11

Flight Factor Airbus A320 Ultimate Prepare for Takeoff video is released. It’s made by Thomas Rasmussen and can be seen above. It really makes the A320 come to life and it sounds glorious. Note that the final product by FF might look different than in this video.

For more about this A320 by FF go to X-Plane’s forum. A previous post we made about this aircraft can be found here.

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