Flight Simulation Product Previews

JARDesign Group Previews Avitab for Airbus A340-500

Jardesign A340 (3)

X-Plane aircraft manufacturer, JARDesign Group, has released previews of their upcoming Airbus A340-500 with the integration of Avitab.

JARDesign first announced their A340-500 product back in 2018 with initial renders of the aircraft. With the latest screenshots of the aircraft’s cockpit, it is evident to see that great progress has been made with the development including the addition of the multifunctional Avitab. Avitab is capable of displaying any PDF format file such as airport charts, aircraft checklists and standard operating procedure documents that you may want to access right from inside the cockpit. Avitab also has a live map function that will display the aircraft’s current position on either a topographical, satellite or general reference map. 

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Further Previews of Aerosoft Airport Brussels in MSFS

Aerosoft Airport Brussels Msfs (1)
Jo Erlend has taken to the Aerosoft forums to share new images for the upcoming release of Brussels Airport (EBBR) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This particular developer really has an eye for detail with these close-up shots of the airport. Even the apron lights have copious amounts of detail throughout, none of which would be seen day-to-day. The same attention
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New Images of PhotoSim Labs’ St. Croix in MSFS

Photosim Labs St Croix (4)
We're pleased to bring you a range of new imagery from PhotoSim Labs' upcoming St. Croix's airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Henry E Rohlsen Airport (TISX) sees a variety of airlines visit the island on a regular basis, with the majority of flights heading to Miami and St Thomas. The airport itself already appears to be coming along nicely with a
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Further Previews of Stockholm-Bromma for MSFS

Orbx Stockholm Bromma Airport Msfs (7)

Back in January, Orbx confirmed that developer Marcus Nyberg is working on bringing Stockholm-Bromma to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has been a little quiet since then from Marcus, but a series of previews were shared for the scenery over on the Orbx forums over the course of the past week.

The new previews have a good amount of focus on some of the outer buildings within the airport area, as well as on some of the scenic lighting in the area. For example, there’s a good number of buildings, signage and even 3D people throughout the airport in key locations. Static aircraft also seem to be prominently placed for maximum realism. In addition to the previews shared below, a range was also shared earlier this month which you can view on the Orbx forums. So far, the work looks particularly stunning with an incredible amount of detail going into creating the Swedish airport.

As with other airports developed by Marcus Nyberg, Bromma Airport is developed to a high standard with 4K texturing, hand-crafted aerial imagery and hundreds of custom objects all designed to bring the airport to life. Marcus has also taken advantage of the new SDK technology meaning you can expect a sloped runway, PBR texturing and impressive amounts of detail without compromising the performance of the simulator. Orbx’s Marcus Nyberg has also crafted over 100 points of interest throughout Stockholm city itself to give that perfect view during the approach into Bromma Airport.

Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB) is the third busiest in the country and sees numerous airlines, jets and GA traffic pass through each year. Approaching the airport will take you right over the Swedish capital with views spanning stunning vistas and parts of the city.

Whilst a release date wasn’t set by Marcus, we’ll be sure to keep you informed of progress when we learn more.

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Just Flight Palma De Mallorca Development Update

Just Flight Palma De Mallorca Airport Msfs 2
We last saw Just Flight's upcoming Palma De Mallorca for Microsoft Flight Simulator back in February and since then, the team has progressed nicely with the product. Coming from a new development blog post on their website, the team say that they are "turning onto finals" with the project and hope that in the coming weeks, there will be more previews
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Flightbeam Shares New Previews of Auckland in Prepar3D

Flightbeam Auckland Airport P3d April 2021 3
It has felt like forever, but Flightbeam seems to be making some great progress towards finally releasing Auckland Airport (NZAA) for Prepar3D. In a new post on Flightbeam's website, the team shared some "juicy" new previews of the airport in action within the simulator. The post shared on the Flightbeam blog highlighted that the new previews show the "completed groundwork" along with other
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First Previews of the Aerosoft CRJ 900/1000 for MSFS

Msfs Crj 9001000 Aerosoft (1)
Aerosoft released the CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator earlier last month and since then released an update to fix numerous community reported issues. Now, and as initially promised, the team are now gearing up to release the 900/1000 expansion pack. Posted on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok shared the first images of the larger version of the aircraft type. The
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FSElite Exclusive: Dreamflight Studios Previews of Biarritz In MSFS

Lfbz Exclusive1
Developer Dreamflight Studios has sent FSElite exclusive previews of Biarritz Airport (LFBZ) in action in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport hosts a number of domestic and international routes from a variety of airlines but also sees plenty of traffic from local aviation schools. Furthermore, the Dassault Aviation Hangar sees numerous private jets visit on a regular basis. The three previews sent to
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