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Watch the PMDG 747-8 In Action [Beta]

Pmdg 747 8 Chewwy

Twitch stream Chewwy94 has been granted special access to the beta version of the upcoming PMDG 747-8. With access to the latest from PMDG, he took to the stream-waves and spent several hours going through new systems, features, view points and more that the community can expect upon release.

Chewwy covers things such as the new on-board systems, the PMDG Rain Maker, the brand new ACARS system and how it links in with the announcement of PMDG Global Flight Ops. There was lots of great things shown off in the 8 hour stream and even a few PMDG faces popped in to say hello.

With the aircraft now really being shown to the world, we can only guess that a release is closer than not. Just to save you time, release dates and prices were not mentioned in the stream by either Chewwy or PMDG developers.

Watch [P3D v4.3] ✈ KPAE – KSDF ✈ | PMDG Boeing 747-8 Pre-Release Beta!!! from Chewwy94 on

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VATSIM Preview Swift Client

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After all the coverage between VATSIM and POSCON earlier last week, online networks are a hot topic right now. One of the biggest talking points was the future of how simmers can interact via clients. Something that has been in development for a long time already is a new client for VATSIM users: Swift. The Swift client promises to bring
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Additional Previews of Netherlands TrueEarth (Aerofly FS 2)

True Earth Netherlands Orbx Afs2 (4)
Iain Emms at Orbx continues to provide excellent photography skills within the simulator and has today used those skills to create some new imagery for the upcoming Netherlands TrueEarth from Orbx. Following on from their P3D version earlier this year, the Aerofly FS 2 version looks to use the technology from within that simulator to create a high performing and realistic
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David Rosenfeld Previews Ben Gurion Airport

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In a recent post on his Facebook page, David Rosenfield gave us a single preview of the upcoming Ben Gurion Airport, Located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ben Gurion is the main and busiest international airport in Israel, was named in honour of Israel's first Prime Minister: David Ben-Gurion, and handled some 20.8 million passengers in 2017. Judging by the preview supplied,
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Coolsky Announces P3D Compatibility For Super80/DC9

Coolsky Dc9 Super80 Pro P3d Update

In a recent post on their website, Coolsky announced the port of the Super 80 Classic, Super 80 Pro and DC-9 Classic products to Prepar3D V4.

The developers have said that they have spent the last few months beta testing the DC-9 Classic and the Super 80 Pro, with the Super 80 Classic to enter the testing phase in the near future. The P3Dv4 versions of the aircraft will not have any major new features compared to the FSX versions, with the main focus being on making sure the aircraft will work in P3Dv4. The only difference is that the DC-9 Classic flight centre will be included in all aircraft.

Coolsky has stated that the P3D versions of the products will be a separate purchase from the FSX versions, with pricing and discounts for existing customers yet to be decided. No release date has been announced but Coolsky has said that users can expect release ‘soon’…

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New Previews of Aerosoft Cologne (Köln/Bonn) Airport

Aerosoft Cologne Eddk Fse(14)
Aerosoft announced development of Cologne (Köln/Bonn) Airport back in October 2017. Since then, we have been teased with numerous previews and information regarding the product. Whilst there is a lot of anticipation for the airport, Jo Erlend recently previewed some new screenshots of the airport in the sim. Whilst still work in progress, Jo did confirm that helipads will be
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Aeroplane Heaven Hurricane Mk1A Previews

Aeroplane Heaven Mk1a Fse (2)
The team at Aeroplane Heaven continue to develop aircraft from history. Their latest previews continue that trend and this time, they've previewed some more modelling of the Hurricane Mk1A. This is a new aircraft in development from the team. The aircraft itself is covered in history. The 1930s aircraft had a huge role in the Battle of Britain in the
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FSElite Exclusive: MK-Studios Lisbon Previews

Fselite Excl Lisbon Lppt Mk Studios 11
The MK-Studios team have moved away from developing Canary Island airports for the time being to focus on the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Lisbon Airport is one of Europe's busiest and one of the largest airports the MK-Studios team has tackled. Over on Facebook, they've previewed multiple images over the past few weeks and today, the team were kind enough to
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JetStream Designs Preview Orly Airport

JSD LFPO 0908 1 Fse (9)
Paris Orly airport is the smaller of the two French capital city airports, but still is an important base for many airlines. As of yet, we've not seen a decent Paris Orly in our simulators for a long time. After their most recent airport, Nantes (which we thought was excellent by the way), the team are back with fresh previews
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