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PMDG 777 Update and 777-200ER Beta Testing Previews

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Whilst the delay news of the 777 Update from PMDG may be unwelcome, the silver lining is that beta testers have been given the green light to now showcase the aircraft in action. The all-new previews shared for the upcoming 777 update and the 777-200ER Expansion pack highlight the plane in use with a variety of liveries and, for the first time, the EFB in the 777 cockpit.

Livery painter John Tavendale has taken to Facebook to share a variety of shots on the P3D LM Main Group Facebook group. In addition, Ryan Syferd, Charles Harris and Chris Makris have taken to the PMDG forums to share their shots.

We also know that the following liveries have already been completed: British Airways, United, American, Austrian, Alitalia, Air France, Japan, ANA, KLM, Asiana and EuroAtlantic.

These images have been sourced from a variety of locations including Facebook and the official PMDG forums. It’s likely that after the publication of this post, even more images will be shared by the various beta testers, so be sure to check back to the Facebook groups and forums regularly to see what’s on offer.

As a reminder, the new update and the 777-200ER Expansion Pack (which includes all the engine types) is now due to release between the 25th and the 27th of February 2021. You can read a bit more about what’s going to be in the update in our previous post. The aircraft will come with a brand new sound engine, refined flight dynamics, PBR materials and also a vastly improved VNAV system. Don’t forget, if you’re looking to get the 777-200LR/F Base Package before the price increase, you will need to do so soon.

Stay tuned to FSElite so we can keep you updated with any progress on the development and any new information.

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Orbx Shares Brisbane International Airport V2 Previews for P3D

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Over on the Orbx forums, Ed Correia shared some new previes of the update for the popular Australian airport. Orbx announced version 2 of Brisbane earlier last year, and a planned release was set for January 2021. Unfortunately, this release got pushed back a bit, but Ed did share that the scenery is supposed to go in to beta testing
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Brand New Aerosoft CRJ Previews In MSFS

Aerosoft Crj Msfs Feb 21 (6)
Over on Facebook, a series of new images for the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The brand new previews highlight a series of new liveries and parts of the external modelling. Furthermore, there are some eye-candy shots of the aircraft in action from the pilot's perspective. On the official Aerosoft forums, there was also some
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New Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III for MSFS Preview Video

PA 28R Arrow III For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Preview Video
The new Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III is nearing release and Just Flight has prepared a brand new trailer for the upcoming general aviation aircraft. The short video highlights the latest build of that aircraft to give you a good idea of the quality you can expect from the aircraft. In particular, the new video highlights the modelling, texturing and
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Just Flight Shares New 146 Professional for XPL Previews

Just Flight 146 Professional Xpl (4)
Whilst we were hoping for the 146 Professional on X-Plane to release last month, Just Flight continue to develop the aircraft in preparation for a release. The new development previews highlight the progress the team is making on the X-Plane aircraft including the new AviTab EFB integration and also the cockpit night lighting. The new previews also highlight various avionics
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Aeroplane Heaven Previews Spitfire Mk1a in MSFS

AEROPLANE Heaven Mk1a Msfs (8)

Brand-new previews for Aeroplane Heaven’s Spitfire Mk1a for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been shared. The all-new previews showcase both external and internal modelling and texturing for the historic aircraft.

Looking at the external model, we can see from the previews that there is already an immense amount of detail. Particular attention has clearly been paid by Aeroplane Heaven on the fuselage with wear and tear, whilst we can see paintwork fading away and dirt throughout. There’s also an indication of PBR materials being used with the light reflecting off of the side of the plane.

Stepping inside the cockpit, we see that similar levels of detail are present. The lack of space combined with the number of pilot controls makes for a cramped look and appearance. As these aircraft are old and well-used, there’s plenty of detail in the texturing to give it a look of age. Various placards and labels are also placed within the cockpit in high-resolution making them easy to read from in the cockpit.

In the Facebook post, Aeroplane Heaven said “she is starting to fly like a Spitfire now,” indicating that progress is going well for the plane’s development.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the development of this historic aircraft and be sure to keep you updated with progress. For now, check out Aeroplane Heaven previews for the DC-3 in Microsoft Flight Simulator to whet your appetite for more aircraft from the team.

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New Renders of TFDi Design MD-11

TFDI Design Md 11 Render P3d (3)
TFDi Design recently took to Twitch to host a live development stream where members of the team answered questions whilst working on the upcoming MD-11 for Prepar3D. During the 2-hour long stream, a handful of new renders were shared indicating some progress with the virtual cockpit. We have primarily seen renders of the external modelling so far, so to see
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Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III for MSFS Comparison Shots

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We've already seen various previews for Just Flight's PA-28R for Microsoft Flight Simulator over the past few weeks, but now we're being treated to a comparison between the original FSX version and the all-new Microsoft Flight Simulator version. The series of comparison shots highlight the external modelling and virtual  cockpit and how far development techniques and quality has come over
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Pyreegue Dev. Co Previews Odesa International Airport for MSFS

Pyreegue Dev. Co Previews Odesa International Airport (7)
Scenery developer Pyreegue Dev. Co has shared some brand new previews of Odesa International Airport (UKOO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Ukrainian airport is situated in the south of the country and is a primary hub for Ukraine International Airlines. The airport sees frequent travel to and from various other Eastern-European cities such as Prague, Istanbul and Kyiv. Odesa International
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Boundless Announces Stansted

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Relatively new scenery developer, Boundless, has announced their latest X-Plane scenery development as Stansted (EGSS). Over on Facebook, Boundless posted screenshots of a particular location on a UK motorway describing that they have managed to create variable speed, custom road traffic that drives on the left-hand side and even reacts to conditions of the road. After guesses from the community
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