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New Year, New Changes

2018 8 28 15 39 2 565

The start of a new year generally brings changes. Most of us resolve to start something, stop something, or generally try to do something better. A new calendar is full of opportunity and 365 chances to change it up.

We too are changing something. We are changing our reviews.

In the coming weeks you will see a new review format from FSElite. Our reviews will no longer be divided into sections denoting presentation, features, performance, and value. Gone is the scoring matrix at the bottom of the review, the review summary, and the final score (which was an average of the 4 scores in the scoring matrix).

Instead, we will present an easy to understand written summary of our experience with the product. We will cover all aspects of the product (installation, visual appeal, performance) in the body of the review and tell you what we liked and didn’t like. We will present a graphic summary at the start of the review that will summarize our likes in one column and our dislikes in another, along with a score that will fall into a numerical range from zero to ten.

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[Vote Closes Today] Phase 2 of the Community Choice Awards 2018 – Voting Now Open

Cc (1)
Update - Voting closes TODAY! Get your votes in now! Welcome to this year’s Community Choice Awards! We’re confident that many of you enjoyed at least 1 product (or more) from 2018’s massive collection of new releases. Whether that was a new aircraft, impressive piece of scenery or useful utility – there was something for everyone. Over the past 3 years,
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Happy New Year from FSElite

As 2018 comes to a close, we just wanted to write to our community expressing our sincere thanks and gratitude for our successes over the past year. Myself and the team work every day to provide the community a reliable place for news, reviews and original content. We have a real passion to do the best we can to help
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Happy Holidays from FSElite

FSElite 2018 Holiday Video
Just a quick message to our community wishing everyone a happy holiday from the FSElite team. 2018 has been incredible from the number of releases to the amount of support we get from the community every day. We are really humbled by it all and it really drives us to continue making the site bigger and better. 2019 will soon
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Join Our Growing Team – Writers, Video Producers and More

Join Our Growing Team

FSElite are looking for the next generation of contributors to join our global and growing team. Since we began this journey in 2016, our team quickly grew from just a few people to over 20 volunteers all over the world. With such a dedicated team, it has helped us to become one of the most influential media outlets within the flight sim community. Each day is different for members of our team; whether that’s finding out an exciting piece of news first, chatting one-to-one with developers themselves or attending the numerous events around the world.

As we leave an amazing 2018 behind, we’re looking ahead to the future. We have a strong vision for what 2019 looks like for us as a community and we need support helping us to get there. We are looking for passionate, dedicated and talented members of our community to join our team, contribute and get involved. We need those who are excited about the future of flight simulation. We need those that are knowledgeable about flight simulation. Most of all, we need those that work well in a team environment. If you think you fit that criteria, you should consider applying.

We’re looking for a range of people to volunteer their time to help build up our content. Whether you’re a budding writer, a creative film-maker, or just want to spend your time sitting on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram – then we have opportunities for you.


We are committed to rewarding those that drive hard-work and results. From free flight simulation products and beta testing opportunities, to attending large flight simulation events and speaking to developers – we have a range of possibilities to say thank you and more. We regularly host internal team competitions and events to really make you connect with the whole team.

So if all of that sounds super exciting to you, we’d love to hear from you. We have the current positions available:

Content Writer (Simulators)  //  Apply Here

Content Writer (Hardware)  //  Apply Here

Video Content Producers  //  Apply Here

Social Media Specialist  //  Apply Here

We will contact applicants who are successful in stage 1 in the New Year to arrange a interview.

On a personal note: I love working with our team each and every day. We have a huge range of people from various cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. We have people on the team who are pilots, dispatchers or those that work in schools or even finishing up their school work. We are like a big family and we do everything we can to support one another.

The work we do is hard, and sometimes we have to go through challenging periods. However, I’ve worked with some of the team for over 2 years and regardless of what that challenge may be, we always work towards that same goal of delivering great content for the community.

I am really excited to see how much we build on our success of 2018 over the next 12 months and really hope that we find some amazing people to help take us there. 

I can’t express how proud I am of the team I work with daily and I know they feel the same when they interact with our huge community. For anyone applying, good luck and hopefully see you on board soon!

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FSElite Partners with UKVirtual

We're pleased to announce that we have partnered with the community virtual airline UKVirtual. We will be providing our impartial news, reviews, interviews and exclusives direct to their members through UKVirtual's website and discord. UKVirtual is in its seventh year of operation and offers a community spirit with weekly group flights, an active discord community and real-world meetups and visits
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FSElite Threatened with Hack

FSElite Threatened with Hack We have received a credible threat to FSElite suggesting we may be hacked by the same hacker who breached FSLabs’ website and forums last week. You can read details on their hack here. Early last week, an anonymous email was sent to our senior leadership team with ‘supposed’ details that were ‘stolen’ from FSLabs’ database. To
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New Privacy Policy In Effect

You’ve probably heard the term GDPR for a few weeks now. It’s a pretty huge deal for pretty much any website, app service and more for many reasons. The regulation will come into effect as of May 25th 2018, but we want to be a little prepared so are introducing some new privacy measures, more transparent privacy information, and how
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