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THANK YOU – To Our Whole Community

FSElite Thank You

A quick one from me, as everything that needs to be said is in the video! Still, thank you for everyone’s continued support over the past year. We’ve hit some really big milestones lately and we’re excited for our future.

Just a few key things from the video in case you aren’t able to watch:

  • New website coming soon – focuses on speed, readability and consistency (as well as some cool new features)
  • Our partnership with SimMarket in a bit more detail
  • More YouTube content
  • New writers and quality assurance people
  • Competitions / Giveaways
  •  ..and some other updates as well!

Again, THANK YOU to everyone for making FSElite the fastest growing flight simulation media outlet in recent times. We really are just in our infancy, so if you have any feedback, please always feel free to contact us.

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WIN a Free Copy of Flightbeam Minneapolis (KMSP)


A few weeks ago, Flightbeam released their latest and largest scenery package yet with Minneapolis. We’re still in the process of writing our review, but in the mean time, we’re able to offer you the chance to win a free copy.

All you need to do is answer the following question:

Which gates allow you to use multiple jetways on a single aircraft thanks to SODE?

A) G4, G5 and G6

B) H4, H5 and H6

C) I4, I5 and I6

Not an easy question. However, clicking on through to the product page for Minneapolis will help you to find the right answer!

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Having Micro-stutters in Prepar3D V4 After A Few Hours? We May Have Your Solution

Microstutters P3dv4

This past week, I’ve managed to squeeze in some long haul flying. However, I started to notice that after a few hours of flying, my sim would begin to micro-stutter until I reloaded the sim. During flight, it wasn’t so bad, but when on the ground, it would be a second-stutter every 2 or 3 seconds. As you can imagine, it was very annoying. Let me show you what I mean (thanks to Youtuber touchydafish)

In this video you can see he’s departing Hong Kong – perfectly fine. No stuttering.

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Win A Free Copy of Drzewiecki Design’s New York Airports V2


Drzewiecki Design recently released their New York Airports V2 and FSElite is giving you the chance to win a free copy of either version:

• NY Airports v2 X: KJFK, KLGA, KTEB – (J. F. Kennedy, LaGuardia and Teterboro)
• NY Airports v2 X: KEWR, KLDJ, KCDW – (Newark, Linden and Caldwell/Essex)

Both products are fully compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3D V1-V4 and will really enhance you flying around the area.

To win, all you need to do is ensure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel. If you’re already subscribed, there’s no need to do anything.

For another chance to win, send an email to prize[@]fselite[.]net with the subject “Drzewiecki Design” and your name in the main body to be entered.

We use Youtube to bring you exclusive interviews, first-looks, video reviews and much more.

For your chance to win, just make sure you’ve subscribed to us by August 12th 2017. On August 13th 2017 we will select a random subscriber or email and they’ll be the winner. It’s as simple as that.

If you don’t win, you can buy the product over from SimMarket for 22.80 Euro each.

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Understanding What Flight Sim World Is and Will Be

Understanding Flight Sim World.fw

Dovetail Games released their fully fledged flight simulator, Flight Sim World, just over a month ago. The announcement trailer highlighted some key aspects of the sim including the rain-windshield effects, the use of third party applications to enhance the sim and of course, being 64-bit ready. The launch of the sim was also before Lockheed Martin finally revealed their entry into a 64-bit era with version 4 of Prepar3D, so many flight simmers were excited to see the full ESP engine running with more advance coding. It didn’t take long for some of the community heavy weights to have their say on what they believe the product should be and the impact it will have on them. Whether this be from the development community, publishing partners or long-term flight sim personalities – there was a feeling that this wasn’t going to be the next-generation sim everyone wanted it to be.

With the launch of early access on Steam, reception of the sim was lukewarm to say the least. There were still plenty of questions surrounding third party support, how people will buy products in the future and also what features the sim will roll out next. If I’m being honest, FSElite really had no opinion at this time as many of us were too busy to be able to try out the simulator to form a valid opinion. I’m pleased to say that during Flight Sim Con 2017, I was able to get my hands on it as well as talk to a few of the core team who helped bring the sim to life. It’s by talking to the developers that I’ve been able to really dig deep into what the sim is, what it wants to be and where it’s heading. This is why I finally know the direction Dovetail Games are looking to take Flight Sim World.

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Have You Made The Jump to P3D Version 4

Launch V4 1

On May 30th 2017, Lockheed Martin finally released the long anticipated version 4 of Prepar3D. With multiple aircraft, scenery and utilities now available for the 64-bit sim, I want to see how many people have started the transition from a 32-bit era to the 64-bit one.

I know that this poll may seem a bit premature considering that some big products have yet to be converted and that we’re in the infancy of this new sim, but I wanted to form some kind of basis for an article I’m writing.

I’m not expecting any long comments below, but simply just answering a simple question.

Have you made the jump from FSX (any version), P3D V1, V2 or V3 to V4?

Click either box below to register your vote. I’m going to run this for a few days and see what response we get. Please be honest, don’t try and spam as it won’t achieve what I want it to do. Furthermore, this isn’t about future purchases, but whether you have migrated NOW or not.

And to clarify, this is a complete jump – not using another version in conjunction with V4.

If the below doesn’t work, head to the link here.

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Flight Sim World | The Numbers are in

Cover Main

Flight Sim World released in early access on May 18th 2017. As I did with Xplane 11 before it, I will take a peek into publicly available data to see how well the game is doing a month after its release. Now it’s only fair to remind everyone we are talking about a game in early access. So these numbers are subject to change even more dramatically than normal full released game. Some may even say it’s not fair to do this yet since the game is still in Early Access. Well my response to that is the same stance I have on reviewing Early Access games. Whats out now is all your guaranteed to get. Times change and shit happens so the future is never guaranteed. Plus I firmly believe once you start charging money for something, you are officially selling a product. You will be judged as such! And I don’t show mercy with this so let’s take a look.

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FSCon 2017: FSElite Interview Dovetail Games

FSElite Flight Sim Con Dovetail Games Interview Flight Sim World

During one of many interviews we conducted during Flight Sim Con 2017, we took the time to speak to Dovetail’s Stephen Hood. Stephen acts as the executive producer on Flight Sim World.

We spoke about third party development, future roadmap plans and more in our video interview.

Leave a comment below with any feedback. As our first video interview always looking for help to improve the experience for the community.

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LIVE From FSCon 2017 – Closing Remarks (Starts at 18:00z)

Closing Remarks

Welcome to the FSElite Live from FlightSimCon 2017.

We’ll be updating this post regularly with any information, news or interesting facts as the event goes on. Refresh this page often for the latest news. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates.

This post will be updated live for the Closing Remarks, which starts at 18:00 zulu.

What is this event?

“Thank you for attending FlightSimCon 2017! Nicole Glander, conference manager, will officially conclude the conference by acknowledging the sponsors, partners, exhibitors, and attendees that make this event a reality.”

Updates coming soon

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LIVE From FSCon2017 – Plan Like Pros with PFPX (Starts at 15:00z)


Welcome to the FSElite Live from FlightSimCon 2017.

We’ll be updating this post regularly with any information, news or interesting facts as the event goes on. Refresh this page often for the latest news. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates.

This post will be updated live for the Plan Likes Pros using PFPX forum, which starts at 15:00 zulu.

What is this event?

“This seminar will provide glimpse into the world of airline flight planning and how to apply these same procedures to flight simulation. Topics discussed will include fuel and route planning, alternate airports, Extended Range Operations, Redispatch, and more. Special emphasis will be placed on using Professional Flight Planner X (PFPX) by FlightSimSoft to apply these procedures.”

Updates coming soon

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