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FSElite Original: My Life as a Beta Tester

Qualitywings Simluations 787 Fsx 18

Today I thought I would take you through the process of being a beta tester, some of the pros and cons of it, and maybe inspire a few others to be interested in beta testing – as long as they really know what’s involved!

Life As a Beta Tester

My first beta test was for the QualityWings Ultimate 787. I was first given my invite in May of 2017. I was at work and I received an email saying I had an invitation regarding the beta test of the 787. It was quite the surprise, as I never thought I would have gotten an invite to a beta test of one of the most anticipated flight sim products. I got right to work and was blown away. The level of detail that it had was astounding! It was for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, since that was the base release.

Being a beta tester is an interesting job. It has its ups and downs – since it is beta, you are trying to find bugs while you fly. Some of those bugs would annoyingly crash your sim or make the aircraft unflyable. But it’s one of those things you know will improve over time, and you know that fixing the bug will be put on a list for the next update. I was in constant contact with the developers and even some of the other beta testers. I know when the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) was lifted, I was able to post as many pictures/videos/streams as I wanted. A fellow tester and I did a couple live streams together and eager customers were able to see the 787 in action for the first time and not just still screenshots.

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FSElite Original: Why There are Two North America Flight Sim Shows in 2018

2 Flight Sim Shows
Since 2013, FlightSimCon has been a staple in the calendar for many flight simmers across the globe. Over the years, it has grown in popularity. More and more developers have found their way to the event showcasing their new products, more enthusiasts have taken the trip to connect with the community and many, many newcomers to the hobby now take
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Understanding What Flight Sim World Is and Will Be

Understanding Flight Sim World.fw
Dovetail Games released their fully fledged flight simulator, Flight Sim World, just over a month ago. The announcement trailer highlighted some key aspects of the sim including the rain-windshield effects, the use of third party applications to enhance the sim and of course, being 64-bit ready. The launch of the sim was also before Lockheed Martin finally revealed their entry
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Have You Made The Jump to P3D Version 4

Launch V4 1

On May 30th 2017, Lockheed Martin finally released the long anticipated version 4 of Prepar3D. With multiple aircraft, scenery and utilities now available for the 64-bit sim, I want to see how many people have started the transition from a 32-bit era to the 64-bit one.

I know that this poll may seem a bit premature considering that some big products have yet to be converted and that we’re in the infancy of this new sim, but I wanted to form some kind of basis for an article I’m writing.

I’m not expecting any long comments below, but simply just answering a simple question.

Have you made the jump from FSX (any version), P3D V1, V2 or V3 to V4?

Click either box below to register your vote. I’m going to run this for a few days and see what response we get. Please be honest, don’t try and spam as it won’t achieve what I want it to do. Furthermore, this isn’t about future purchases, but whether you have migrated NOW or not.

And to clarify, this is a complete jump – not using another version in conjunction with V4.

If the below doesn’t work, head to the link here.

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Setting our Expectations for the Upcoming Prepar3D V4

Setting Expectations.fw
Update: Changed the title a little to better reflect the article. Without delving into speculation too much, we’re fairly confident official information from Lockheed Martin is just days away. We’re reported on rumours, facts, insider knowledge and even some accidental leaks over the past few months – giving as much information as we can to you from Lockheed Martin’s worst
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