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FSElite Original: Are We Surprised with Dovetail Games’ Decision?

Flight Sim World Are We Surprised

Just less than a week ago, Dovetail Games gave the sad announcement that Flight Sim World was no longer in active development and that very soon, the sim would be taken off of sale. The news quickly spread throughout the community and many people were quick to form their views on why it happened, what the future could hold and whether this announcement was a surprise or if was foreshadowed in the past.

A few of us at the FSElite team have gathered our thoughts. This includes myself, Ben and John. Furthermore, we asked Jordan King for his take, which we felt was incredibly important especially after his previous videos where he believed that Flight Sim World could be the sim of the future. Equally, his input is important as a former beta tester for the product and someone who worked closely with the Flight Sim World team.

Of course, the FSElite team in general wishes the developers who worked on Flight Sim World all the best, and hope that regardless of their future, it is a bright one.

We have reached out to Dovetail Games for an interview, but at this time, they aren’t ready to go to the press.


The news of Dovetail Games cancelling Flight Sim World happened when I was half-way around the world. Just tucking into my last Peking duck meal before flying home from China, I saw the shocking news. I say shocking as just days before, we posted the news about the new open beta for their career mode. Because of this, I figured that Dovetail Games were pushing on ahead with their phase two of their project and things were going quite well.

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FSElite Original: Why There are Two North America Flight Sim Shows in 2018

2 Flight Sim Shows
Since 2013, FlightSimCon has been a staple in the calendar for many flight simmers across the globe. Over the years, it has grown in popularity. More and more developers have found their way to the event showcasing their new products, more enthusiasts have taken the trip to connect with the community and many, many newcomers to the hobby now take
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Orbx is Hosting a Massive Sale – But What Should I Buy?

Img 599372cf657fb

If you don’t know already, Orbx is throwing a massive sale. Products that were released before July 1st 2017 are getting a huge 48% off of the usual price until August 22nd AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). The question is: what product do you buy? With the huge catalogue of products on offer, we figured this would be a great opportunity to look back on some of our past reviews, as well as recommend the must-haves to really boost your flight sim experience.

FTX Global

Without a doubt, this is the first purchase you should make if you don’t own it already. FTX Global is a world-wide texture replacement tool that generates beautiful looking replacement textures for the entire globe. It may be the most expensive item on the list, but when you consider it’s the base package for the majority of FTX airports, it really is a must. Even if you don’t buy any of the airports on offer, FTX Global breathes a new lease of life into the sim. Furthermore, you get a bunch of freeware airports included to make the product even more appealing.


FTX OpenLC (Europe or North America).

Whilst FTX OpenLC South America has just come out, for me either Europe or the North America packages are your best value for money – mostly due to the number of airports in these regions that are available. OpenLC SA is a great product, but either of these two will add plenty of new land class data to make your flying more realistic. Similar to the FTX Global package, it is a great package to buy to cover a large number of area amongst the regions.

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Understanding What Flight Sim World Is and Will Be

Understanding Flight Sim World.fw
Dovetail Games released their fully fledged flight simulator, Flight Sim World, just over a month ago. The announcement trailer highlighted some key aspects of the sim including the rain-windshield effects, the use of third party applications to enhance the sim and of course, being 64-bit ready. The launch of the sim was also before Lockheed Martin finally revealed their entry
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Setting our Expectations for the Upcoming Prepar3D V4

Setting Expectations.fw
Update: Changed the title a little to better reflect the article. Without delving into speculation too much, we’re fairly confident official information from Lockheed Martin is just days away. We’re reported on rumours, facts, insider knowledge and even some accidental leaks over the past few months – giving as much information as we can to you from Lockheed Martin’s worst
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