FSExpo 2019

FSExpo 2019 Interview With Aerosoft

We have a chat with Raphael and Dave from Aerosoft to discuss how they find scenery developers. The status of their A330 and A319/18 series, and their Connected Flight Deck project among other topics.

We have a wealth of other content from FlightSimExpo 2019, all of which you can find on our archive hubIt has also been confirmed that FlighSimExpo 2020 will take place in Tropicana, Las Vegas on June 12th – 14th 2020. You can find out more about the event here.

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FSElite Original: Wrapping Up from FlightSimExpo 2019

Fsexpo Original Featured Image

After months of planning, thousands of miles travelled, and hundreds of magazines printed, FlightSimExpo 2019 wrapped up just over a month ago. In the few weeks since the event, it has given myself along with the FSElite team an opportunity to reflect on the event. In this article, we’ll look at how did the event went, what we would like to see at next year’s event, and why we’re already excited to pack our bags for Las Vegas in 2020!

The journey begins

Before we move on, be sure to re-cap from the event on our Archive Hub Page.

Building On 2018

Whilst the people involved in FlightSimExpo have experience in event planning from previous events, the event in Orlando is only their second event as part of the FlightSimExpo brand. Last year in Las Vegas, the expectations around attendance numbers, organisation and more were completely blown away. This year, there was even more pressure on the event to not only deliver but to exceed expectations again.

The exhibition hall before the masses of people moved in.

After what was probably a year of extensive planning and organisation, Phil and Evan, the co-founders of FlightSimExpo, took to the stage on Saturday 8th June 2019 to announce that they had outdone themselves yet again. The opening video showed a stunning takeoff and as the aircraft climbed through the sky, an altimeter appeared on-screen. Of course, that wasn’t just representing the number of feet the plane was climbing, but the registered attendance number. Watching it back, the cool footage, the epic music and seeing that number go up and up and up still gives me chills. The wooing and clapping you hear is totally reactionary to just how incredible the achievement is.

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