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FSElite Original: Are We Surprised with Dovetail Games’ Decision?

Flight Sim World Are We Surprised

Just less than a week ago, Dovetail Games gave the sad announcement that Flight Sim World was no longer in active development and that very soon, the sim would be taken off of sale. The news quickly spread throughout the community and many people were quick to form their views on why it happened, what the future could hold and whether this announcement was a surprise or if was foreshadowed in the past.

A few of us at the FSElite team have gathered our thoughts. This includes myself, Ben and John. Furthermore, we asked Jordan King for his take, which we felt was incredibly important especially after his previous videos where he believed that Flight Sim World could be the sim of the future. Equally, his input is important as a former beta tester for the product and someone who worked closely with the Flight Sim World team.

Of course, the FSElite team in general wishes the developers who worked on Flight Sim World all the best, and hope that regardless of their future, it is a bright one.

We have reached out to Dovetail Games for an interview, but at this time, they aren’t ready to go to the press.


The news of Dovetail Games cancelling Flight Sim World happened when I was half-way around the world. Just tucking into my last Peking duck meal before flying home from China, I saw the shocking news. I say shocking as just days before, we posted the news about the new open beta for their career mode. Because of this, I figured that Dovetail Games were pushing on ahead with their phase two of their project and things were going quite well.

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FSElite Exclusive: [LIVE NOW] Join us LIVE For a FlythemaddogX MD80 Preview

FB IMG 1516309305081
Watch live video from fselite_twitch on UPDATE @ 17:35z We should be live in about 10 minutes! UPDATE @ 16:30z Sorry folks, we're experiencing a bit of a delay on this. Our streamer is on his way home soon to set everything up and be ready. We'll update this post with a more accurate time! Sorry guys -
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Want to Try a New Sim? Flight Sim World, Aerofly FS2, X-Plane 11 and FSX:SE All on Sale

Sims On Sale
There has never been a better time to be a simmer. With all major platforms now firmly in the 64-bit world, new simulators being announced and developer support growing and growing, we're really in a unique position the community hasn't seen before. I have been an avid supporter of the Lockheed Martin platforms for a long time now, but with
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FSElite Original: Virtual Flight Experience Visit [737 Simulator]

VIRTUAL Flight Experience

As I de-iced the car on a frosty winter morning here in the UK, my anticipation for what the day ahead looked like filled me with excitement. Not because I had just finished packing for my week away in some well-deserved winter sun, but because I was about to try out a fully featured, fixed base 737 simulator.

During the Flight Sim Show at Cosford earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to chat to a gentleman named Steve. Steve was there promoting his relatively new company: Virtual Flight Experience. The company he has put together specializes in creating authentic and enjoyable full simulator experiences at realistic prices. As we got talking, it was clear that we should work together to further each other’s reach and prospects. Little did I know that he had full intentions on coming over to our stand to chat as a client of his recommended that he speak to FSElite. So to the anonymous person out there, thank you very much!

With my bags packed, the car started and the radio on, it was time to head to the middle of the UK to meet again with Steve and for him to show me around his business.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a friendly welcome and a well-kept reception area which offered food and drinks to customers or to those accompanying their sim-fanatic partners. Despite knowing what Steve’s business was all about, it was taking the time to talk to him that really helped me fully understand and appreciate just what he was aiming for. As described earlier, the full intention here is to allow people to experience a fully-fledged 737 fixed base simulator at a really affordable cost. With flexible options in terms of timing, it allows for a range of flights or procedures to be carried out. While this in itself isn’t unique to the fixed-base sim business, it’s the authenticity in which Steve prides Virtual Flight Experience on. Everything from the trainers wearing pilot gear and Boeing lanyards to the overhead bins and Boeing 737 window blinds in the sim itself as you enter.

A warm welcome to Virtual Flight Experience
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FSElite Video: Chase Plane 0.4 Redesign Beta – First Look

FSElite First Look FSFX Packages ChasePlane V.04 Redesign Beta
Since FSFX Packages revealed Chase Plane beta 0.4, we've been really excited. Alongside the much anticipated replay version, it will also come packed with new updates to further enhance your use of the product. As announced, the new version will use significantly less CPU usage and be much more stable. Alongside that, it will now finally be available even offline.
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UPDATED: P3DV4.1 Full Install NOT Required – Setting Our Expectations for Prepar3D V4.1

fselite-Prepar3D V4 Logo 1140×500
UPDATE 10 OCTOBER 1300z Matt Davies has clarified on the rumour we suggested below. We would like to apologize as it appears we made a mistake on some of the information given to us. If you have any further comments, please do get in touch. Sorry again! (Cal) Thanks to everyone who sent us the clarification and Matt for correcting us.
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