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FSElite Original: Behind the Scenes Interview with Ricardo from LatinVFR

LATINVFR Interview

LatinVFR has been in the industry developing airports for many years. Known for recent releases such as Miami V5, New Orleans and Madrid, the developer has proven to be able to create a range of products in a variety of locations around the world. LatinVFR’s next airport will be Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) and will come complete with new features such as sloped runways (with working AI traffic).

In preparation for release, Ricardo, founder of LatinVFR, sat down with us to discuss some of the current challenges in the community, why he chose Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and also what the future of LatinVFR will look like.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I am from Florida, and after graduating from college 12 years ago, decided to try and become involved in actively developing airports for FS. 40 airports later, here we are still at it and expanding our catalogue, we have now 6 people directly collaborating with us from many continents and make part of LatinVFR.

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Who’s Missing from the FlightSimExpo 2020 Exhibitor List?

Last month, FlightSimExpo officially announced that over 35 developers, publishers and community teams who will be exhibiting at FlightSimExpo 2020 in Las Vegas. Since then, the reception has been great with many commenting on the number of initial exhibitors to be exciting and varied. Of course, there are still some big names missing from that list. With 2020 destined to be
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Head-to-Head Review: FSDreamTeam and JustSim EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

Head To Head Review Basel
.fluid-width-video-wrapper { padding-top:0px !important; min-height: 430px !important;} REVIEW UPDATE 3-FEB-2020 @ 21:30z Thanks to multiple members in the comment section, I was able to resolve issues with the winter textures. After three reinstallations of the scenery, I was able to successfully have winter texture within the JustSim product. In light of these new findings, we have adjusted the score of the
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Why Isn’t Microsoft Confirmed for FlightSimExpo 2020?

Microsoft Will They Exhibit
Yesterday, we partnered with FlightSimExpo to reveal the initial list of exhibitors confirmed to be attending the show in Las Vegas this upcoming June. Just shy of 40 exhibitors were confirmed to attend including software developers, hardware developers and a huge range of various communities. However, there was one big name missing from that list that I'm sure many simmers
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FSElite Orginal: Behind the Scenes Interview with Marcus Nyberg from Orbx

BTS Marcus Nybger

Delivering possibly one of the last high-profile releases of the year, Marcus Nyberg shared his version of Sweeden’s second-biggest airport Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport. Released earlier this month on Orbx, the scenery was the result of tremendous hard work and passion, Marcus then agreed to sit down and chat to us about the development of the scenery.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Hey there! So, my name is Marcus Nyberg. I’m a 34-year-old freelance photographer & scenery developer and dad to my 2-year-old daughter Nour. Happily married to my wife Ylva and pretty tight with our dog Pluto that is my eternal source of inspiration. After spending quite a few years in Berlin we nowadays live in Stockholm in the suburbs close to the highway which can sound a bit like the ocean if you have a good imagination.

How did you get into scenery development?

I started with flight simming 20 years ago now together with my neighbour, with whom I’m still good friends. He is the guy doing all autogen for my projects these days. Back then we wanted to make Dala Airport (ESSD) as it was our home airport. This was in the era of when FS2004 was the thing, and I released a half-finished freeware version of it back then. At the same time, I studied CGI for one year at the university, partly because I wanted to make that airport (I also made a few short videos that I still am quite proud of that is on Youtube but might be a bit tricky to find). In the end, I ended up as a freelance photographer which is still part of my day to day job. It took a few years before I got back to developing when I decided to take on ESSA, and since then it has been a big part of my everyday life trying to make sceneries and improve my work.

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Behind the Scenes Interview: FSReborn

Fsreborn Interview
The developer behind AI Lights Reborn Professional, FSReborn has taken some time to speak to us and give the community a little insight of some of the behind the scenes of development. The utility is unique in that it offers users the ability to adjust and make AI lighting much more realistic. Whilst the software sounds basic, it actually offers
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FSWeekend – Re-Cap From the Event

Impressions Fsweekend2019 Image
For the first time, FSElite attended FSWeekend. We have known for a while that this was a large event for European simmers, but we were pleasantly surprised at how busy and full of life the event is. Taking place in the Aviation Museum Aviodrome in Lelystad, FSWeekend certainly had the right backdrop for aviation and sim fans. The whole place
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FSElite Original: Interview With PhotoSim Labs

Earlier this week, new developer PhotoSim Labs finally released Bimini For Prepar3D. The long-awaited scenery covers a range of South Bimini and Cat Cay, with full renditions of South Bimini Airport (MYBS) and Cat Key Airport (MYCC). The islands themselves have also been faithfully recreated in immense detail with various custom buildings, hotels and much more. The road to release was a
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