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FSElite Original: Interview with Orbx’ John Venema

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Orbx has grown massively in the past few years. The number of product releases outpaces pretty much everyone else in the community, and for the most part, the quality has always been extremely high. With a talented team of developers, marketing managers, and web experts, someone needs to manage them all and drive business forward ensuring releases remain of a high standard and boundaries are pushed. That person is John Venema.

John was kind enough to take the time to chat to us. This isn’t your standard “when will product X be out” interview, but I wanted to invest time in speaking to him about Orbx as a business. A few months back, Orbx turned 10 and John gave some interesting accounts on how he built the company it is today. He also gave insight into the future of the brand, so that’s the direction I took this interview.

Enough from me, I’ll let John take the spotlight now.

Q: Orbx has one of the largest libraries of products available. How has your role developed and changed since the beginnings?

JV: My role these days is focused on managing the management team and joining the dots on technology deals and IP acquisitions and partnerships. I do miss the heady days of developing and creating scenery, but I don’t think I’ve developed anything for at least five years or more. I do a lot of work behind the scenes to keep the overall team focused on Orbx’s goals and putting the right people in place to do so. Having a management team that runs Orbx day-to-day gives me the time to focus on growing the business overall.

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