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FSElite Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Pilot Plus’ Bristol Airport (EGGD) Definitive

Pilot Plus Eggd Bristol Xplane 11 (2)

We delivered a few Behind the Scene type articles with a few Orbx products over the past few weeks. The community reception was excellent and so it’s going to become a nice trend going forward as we see new releases. This time, we’re with Joe from Pilot Plus, who gave us some insight into their soon-to-be-released Bristol Airport (EGGD) Definitive Edition.

This project has a personal attachment to me considering it’s my home airport, so was extremely excited to see it brought to the simulator in an updated manner. I won’t go on too much and instead, leave you with Joe from Pilot Plus who will talk about some of the development that went on behind the scenes.


The project was initiated with regular on foot visits to the real airport. We spent days analysing key buildings and all infrastructures from a modelling point of view. The multitude of these visits was to gain a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the airport environment and surrounding area.

We spent many hours on foot around the airport collecting texture samples and reference imagery, as well as spending time in both remote and busy areas to get a feel for the environment (spatial awareness).

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FSElite Exclusive: [NOW LIVE] Live Interview with MilViz About Future Products

Now Live: Join us later today for an exclusive LIVE interview with Colin from MilViz. Colin will be joining John from the FSElite team as they show off some upcoming aircraft and also some exclusive news about what the future holds for the developer. We'll be broadcasting the interview live on both Twitch and YouTube today (August 23rd 2019) from 17:00 zulu.
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Video: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | August 15th – In-Depth Analysis

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 August 15th In Depth Analysis Fs2020
Microsoft has finally opened up its Insider Program for Flight Simulator 2020. We take an in-depth look into their August 15th media update, which included 5 new video clips and 2 brand new screenshots. This is pre-alpha footage so always time for improvements from Microsoft. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was announced at E3 and we have been following the progress
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Vote on your All-Time Favorite Prepar3D Plugin

Greetings everyone, Patrick from the video team here. Over the next year, we want to explore the communities favorite add-ons for flight sim. Therefore each month, we will release a poll to narrow down the top five add-ons in their specific category. From the results, our video team will produce a top five video featuring your favorites! Part of the reason
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FSElite Original: Developers React to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


One of the biggest shocks to the flight simulation community took place a few weeks ago with Microsoft announcing their intention on re-entering the flight simulation market. Coincidently, it took place just hours after the conclusion of FlightSimExpo 2019 in Orlando. Regardless, it was quite the sight to see so many developers find out the news at the same time and watch their mouths quite literally hit the floor.

With a few weeks now gone since the initial announcement, as well as some further snippets of details, we started asking developers what it meant for them and also how they feel about it. Some of these developers were unable to answer our questions for fear of breaching their NDA, whilst others were a bit more willing to answer some questions and share their immediate thoughts. This isn’t to say that those who did answer aren’t under any kind of NDA, but that they were willing to offer some input which they felt did not breach their terms (our reasonable assumption, anyway).

[Full transparency: We asked developers a series of questions and have put them into a written format you see below. Please note that we requested these quotes before the recent blog update from Microsoft regarding some of the questions the community had.]

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FSElite Original: 2018 – A Year in Review

2018 A Year In Review Fselite
We’re well into 2019 and have already seen multiple releases, new announcements, and product updates. Flight simulation has become a huge hobby for many people over the past year and we’ve seen it change drastically over the course of 2018. I can easily say that 2018 was one of the most successful years for flight simulation. The number of people
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FSElite Original: Internal Staff Flight – KJFK to KMIA

Prepar3D V4.4 FSElite Staff Flight Full VATSIM Approach KMIA PMDG 747 400
On Saturday, December 1, 2018, members of the FSElite team partook in an organized group flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Miami International Airport. This was done in an effort to bring us together and enjoy our core passion of flight simulation. The morning started off for me at The Atlas Air Cargo terminal on the north side
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FSElite Exclusive: Interview with Adam Breed from Lockheed Martin

Interview Adam Breed
Yesterday, we confirmed our report that Physically Based Rendering technology was coming to Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. Specifically, it will be available as of update V4.4, which is planned to be released tomorrow November 28th 2018. To celebrate the new version of P3D, we spoke to Lockheed Martin's Engineering Project Manager, Adam Breed, to tell us more about PBR, why it
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