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FSElite Exclusive: Interview with Orbx about their Optica for Microsoft Flight Simulator

ORBX Interview

Orbx is very close to releasing their first-ever aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator and we were lucky enough to get some time with Orbx to talk all about the upcoming release. If you haven’t already seen, Orbx will soon be releasing the Edgley Optica for the simulator and it promised to be a unique experience that provides simmers the chance to see the world very low and very slow.

In our exclusive interview with Ellise, Business Development Manager, we dig into some of the finer details about the plane, how it came to be and some tips and tricks for when you take flight in the aircraft.

The EA-7 Edgley Optica is coming very soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stay tuned to FSElite and Orbx to find out when you can get your hands on it.

This is a truly unique aircraft with only a small number of real-world units in existence. What made you decide to want to bring the Edgley Optica to Microsoft Flight Simulator?

For us, it was a clear choice! We wanted our first aircraft to complement our existing Microsoft Flight Simulator product suite. The expansive cockpit views and 8 hours of flight time let us really take in the wonders of the world with an amazing view. The Optica is a simple aircraft to fly; from starting her up to shutting her down. We were looking for exactly this kind of aircraft for those who like to take in the details of the scenery.

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Hands-On With Microsoft Flight Simulator

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is just a few weeks away from a public release and we have been lucky enough to have had our hands on a beta build for just over a week. That time has been spent covering all corners of the world in this ambitious title. Without a doubt, this is one of Microsoft’s most vital
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Microsoft Flight Simulator – Ask Me Anything

Microsoft Flight Simulator Ama

We’re pleased to announce a brand new way of delivering important Flight Simulation news and information directly to you. With us now having extensive hands-on time with the simulator, we’d like to invite you to ask us anything about the new simulator. In our upcoming live stream, we will answer all of your questions, showcase never-before-seen footage and showcase a range of airports, aircraft and destinations. We will go live on Friday, 31st July 2020 @ 18:00 zulu.

How this will work:

  • Drop a comment below with your question and we’ll do our best to answer it
  • Drop a location/airport request and we’ll try and get some footage of it directly from the simulator.
  • Join us in our live stream.

We will then spend time before the stream capturing whatever footage we can and do our best to showcase as much of it as we possibly can, as well as answer all of your questions.

Tune in LIVE on Friday, 31st July 2020 @ 18:00 zulu on our YouTube channel.

You will NOT want to miss this!

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Flight Simulation Discussion Panel

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As we reach the end of #FlyJuly, several of Flight Sim's biggest names got together to discuss the future of flight simulation. Collectively, Evan (FlightSimExpo), Calum (FSElite), Sergio (, Jarrad (Orbx), Andrew (POSCON) and Magnus (Threshold) discussed how they see the next few months unfolding for the world of simulation and how we're entering an important moment in the community's
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Confirmed List of all Third-Party Developers Working on Microsoft Flight Simulator [Updated 30th July]

MICROSOFT Flight Sim Third=party Confirmed V2
Third-party developers are finally coming out and telling us their plans to support Microsoft Flight Simulator. All kinds of developers are now confirming their plans and it appears as though Microsoft are now allowing them to freely tell the community what their plans are. Stick around to find out what content we can be expecting from the third-party community. If
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