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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | TFDi Design Interview

Last but certainly not least, we bring you our Flight Sim Expo interview with TFDi Design.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Just Flight Interview

In this interview we’ll learn more about Just Flight, and where they see flight simulation going in the future.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Navigraph Interview

We interview Navigraph to discuss the importance of their various navigation products.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | REX Simulations Interview

We sit down with members of REX Simulations to discuss their current products, as well as an exciting piece of software coming out in the future.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Infinite Flight Interview

We had a chance to interview members of Flying Development Studio to learn more about the team behind Infinite Flight, and what the mobile application can provide for you.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Flightbeam Interview

We interview Flightbeam to learn the origins of the company, and what’s next for them.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | QualityWings Interview

We sit down with QualityWings to discuss their new release of the 787.

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The Flight Sim Deck: Trip Report From Las Vegas

This weekend I traveled to Las Vegas, NV for Flight Sim Expo 2018. When visiting these events I try to cover all aspects of the trip to immerse the viewers in the entire experience. My vlog this time is no different. Come along during the traveling, arriving at the hotel for setup, going out at night, and of course the expo. 

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Lockheed Martin Interview

As we all begin to wind down from a spectacular weekend in Las Vegas, our coverage does not. To kickoff our Flight Sim Expo coverage we bring you an interview with Lockheed Martin.

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[Reminder] FSElite Event – Dash Down Under – New Details, Prizes and More

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To win a prize for the SCREENSHOT contest, you can either submit it in the comments section below OR via our Facebook event page. We’ll take all the best shots from the event (only) and select a winner based on our favourite in a couple of days.

To submit a screenshot in our comment section, upload your image to a image hosting website (E.g. Imgur) and copy and past the image URL in the comment section. This will magically transform into an actual image. For example:

As previously mentioned, our next event will be taking place on Saturday May 26th 2018 @ 12:00z. Thanks to the guys at VATPAC, we’re able to say that pilots can expect full coverage between Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. The plan is to have it completely staffed 12:00z right up until 15:00z. We appreciate those guys staying up nice and late for the rest of us.

You can find more specific details on the VATPAC portal. Also, make sure to follow our ‘event’ page on Facebook to let us know if you’ll be coming.

Update: Here’s the preferred routing we have had from VATPAC.



An FSElite event wouldn’t be complete with prizes! Thanks to Orbx, we’re able to give away 3 products from their collection to some lucky winners. Details on how to win are as follows:

1 Prize – Best ATC award. We will have a list of the controllers who are taking part in the event and we want the pilots to vote for who they felt did a great job.  It’s our way of giving back to the ATC community for their support.

1 Prize – Picked at during the event. We’ll pick on a call sign, message them via VATSIM and they’ll win the prize.

1 Prize – Best screenshot from the event. On the day of the event, we’ll host a place for you to share your screenshots and the one with the most ‘upvotes’ will win.

Don’t forget, Orbx are still hosting their 47% off sale. This means you can buy Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra with some generous discounts. Or you can grab all three for $56.09 AUD.

If anyone is going to join the event and stream, let us know and we’ll feature your channel on the day. See you all in the skies on Saturday 26th May!

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