[Reminder] FSElite Group Flight: Low N’ Slow – The Rockies [Nov 3rd 2018]

Lownslow Nov (2)

REMINDER: The event starts tomorrow at 16:00z. For those taking part, we have created a bunch of route files for your various simulators or tools. You can find them below.

Flight1 GTN 750 File

FSX/P3D Plan

X-Plane Plan

vPilot File

Also, Orbx has already discounted the airports and regions via their website. Here’s a reminder:

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (KBZN) – 30% discount

West Yellowstone Airport (KWYS) – 30% Discount

Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC) – 30% Discount

Furthermore, the following regions will receive a massive 50% off the usual price:

Northern Rockies – 50% Discount

Central Rockies – 50% Discount

Come and join us for our next FSElite Group Flight! Our brand new series of flights Low N’ Slow focuses on the smaller aircraft and airports enabling pilots to be toured around various points of interest and other naturally beautiful areas of the world often overlooked.

We’ll be joining the event online via VATSIM. No controllers have been confirmed, but this is all about the exploration of the region. We’ll create some channels within our discord for a ‘unicom’ experience also.

Our first Low N’ Slow flight focuses on the Rockies. Our partners at Orbx have created a huge range of beautiful products in the region, which we’ll be taking full advantage of.

Starting off at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (KBZN) and then flying a specifically designed route to explore many parts of the Rockies. We’ll make a quick stop off at West Yellowstone Airport (KWYS) before then continuing onto our final destination at Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC).

The adventurous journey will begin on Saturday, November 3rd @ 16:00 zulu. You can grab the journey plan from SkyVector at this link. We’ll be reminding you guys as we get closer to the event as well as further details on how we plan to arrange everything. For now, mark your calendar.

To celebrate the Low N’ Slow flight, Orbx has kindly promised some nice savings on products related to the event!

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FSElite Original: Looking Back on Flight Sim 2018

Lookingback Cosford Flight Sim 2018

During every event, me and the team have attended since we have started working on FSElite in 2016 has always been something incredibly special. I am lucky enough to work with a passionate, dedicated, and engaging team of people who stop at nothing to provide great content for the community.

Flight Sim 2018 was no exception. The team didn’t let me down and 7 of them dropped everything to come spend a few days in England to meet the community, shake hands with their favourite developers, and even spend 4 hours discussing a past review. It’s just incredible how, after how all these years, it was the first time I’ve met some of these guys face-to-face. Even more incredible is the fact that these events really do allow us to meet the community in person, hear what they think about the website, what our future should be, and give us feedback on what we could do better. Shaking their hands, talking to them and giving them free biscuits is what we thrive on; and for that reason, I feel Flight Sim 2018 was another success for the flight sim community.

Of course, we weren’t the only people there representing our virtual hobby. There were plenty of developers including Orbx, projectFLY, FSLabs, Aerosoft, and of course, the organiser of the event: Just Flight. It’s also important to remember the smaller guys there too like Pilot Plus (excellent X-Plane developer), Virtual Flight Experience (737 Fixed Base Sim) and Fulcrum Simulator Controls (upcoming new yoke system).

There were also plenty of other exhibitors at the event who really impressed us such as the guys at Infinite Flight and Remex Software (the developers behind Deadstick Bush Flight Sim). With so many different developers, publishers and hardware makers participating, there was always something to see and do.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | TFDi Design Interview

Last but certainly not least, we bring you our Flight Sim Expo interview with TFDi Design.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Just Flight Interview

In this interview we’ll learn more about Just Flight, and where they see flight simulation going in the future.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Navigraph Interview

We interview Navigraph to discuss the importance of their various navigation products.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | REX Simulations Interview

We sit down with members of REX Simulations to discuss their current products, as well as an exciting piece of software coming out in the future.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Infinite Flight Interview

We had a chance to interview members of Flying Development Studio to learn more about the team behind Infinite Flight, and what the mobile application can provide for you.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Flightbeam Interview

We interview Flightbeam to learn the origins of the company, and what’s next for them.

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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | QualityWings Interview

We sit down with QualityWings to discuss their new release of the 787.

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The Flight Sim Deck: Trip Report From Las Vegas

This weekend I traveled to Las Vegas, NV for Flight Sim Expo 2018. When visiting these events I try to cover all aspects of the trip to immerse the viewers in the entire experience. My vlog this time is no different. Come along during the traveling, arriving at the hotel for setup, going out at night, and of course the expo. 

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