Educational Pieces

Educational Pieces

How to Improve Your Landings with a Flight Simulator: The FSElite Tutorial

In this FSElite tutorial, we discuss the basic techniques you can use to help improve your landings with a flight simulator. In this video, I showcase different aircraft landings ranging from Cessna 172 to a Boeing 747.

Disclaimer: This tips and tricks video is designed to help you in a flight simulation environment and does not substitute any kind of real-world training.

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FSElite Original: Dev Diary – Dave Britzius Flight Simulator Cockpit Shell

Fselite Original Flght Sim Cockpit Shell

We’ve always been keen to give the community more insight into the development world and we’re pleased to say this is the start of us delivering on that. Dave Britzius is a brand new developer, but in a different way than most would expect. Dave created this incredible e-book to help people create their first Flight Simulator Cockpit Shell.

I’m going to leave the talking down to Dave below. If it’s something you’d be interested in, then you can buy it from SimMarket for 55.00 Euros.

It was a dark and dreary day when Dave Britzius threw up his hands in frustration. “There has to be a better way!” he bellowed.

The scene: A small room containing many computers and monitors.
The problem: Despite lots of hardware and monitors, it just didn’t feel like being in a real cockpit.


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Setting our Expectations for the Upcoming Prepar3D V4

Setting Expectations.fw
Update: Changed the title a little to better reflect the article. Without delving into speculation too much, we’re fairly confident official information from Lockheed Martin is just days away. We’re reported on rumours, facts, insider knowledge and even some accidental leaks over the past few months – giving as much information as we can to you from Lockheed Martin’s worst
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Cloud Surf Team Update – Post-Article, Developer Stories and Official Statement

Well, that escalated quickly! We knew that publishing an article shedding light on dodgy practices from developers would see us getting a lot of attention, but we certainly didn’t expect the level we have received. So firstly, thank you to everyone who supports us, and also those that offer criticisms to help us better ourselves. Of course, regardless of article,
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Looking Back: The Gimli Glider

Our "Looking Back" feature takes us into the past of Aviation. This could be a famous incident, a milestone for aviation or an educational piece to help Simmers. On Saturday, July 23rd, 1983, things were about to get a lot more exciting at the racetrack/former Royal Canadian Air Force Station Gimli, Manitoba.  Due to a fuel calculation error, Air Canada
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