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FSElite Giveaway: Win Leonardo SH Fly The Maddog X MD-80


Since the announcement of the Leonardo SH Fly The Maddog X MD-80, we’ve been following development very closely and providing you with plenty of coverage to get you excited. It’s shaping up to be an incredible aircraft and one we’re confident the community will enjoy. Whilst watching videos, looking at screenshots and enjoying Mungo fail at flying on his first go, we’re pretty sure that you’d rather be flying it yourself.

As we now know, it will be ready for release on February 20th 2018 via SimMarket. It will also come in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit, depending on which sim series  you want to use. With the release right around the corner, we wanted to give the community another opportunity to win the aircraft for free on release day!

How can I win?

We want you to share your excitement for the plane. As a result, the way to win is simple, we want you to tell us Where will be your first flight be with the Leonardo FlythemaddogX MD-82? And Why!? **This must be done in the CONTEST section – NOT the comments**

You can only use 30 words to describe it. We want you to be creative, unique and fresh with your answer – as the best one will win a free copy of the plane on a platform of their choice!

Contest details below. Last entry will be February 20th @ 18:00z. Winner will be chosen shortly afterwards and notified as soon as possible. 

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FSElite Original: The State of Reviews in Flight Simming

ORIGINAL State Of Reviews Flight Sim

With the release of Sky Force 3D from REX, FSElite naturally requested a press copy for our reviewers. However what we got in reply was that not only would we not receive a press copy, but a confirmation that neither us nor any other outlet would be receiving press copies for the first 30 days of its release. At that point, a significant number of people would have already purchased the addon. Of course, this would be long after anyone cares about a review for the product at all. This is not something that bothers us, but it is something that we feel our readers should know about. It’s also something that the consumers of Flight Sim addons should know as well, as they are the ones most affected. This article is written as a general state of reviews in this industry, and why they so often come out long after the addon in question.

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FSElite Exclusive: [LIVE NOW] Join us LIVE For a FlythemaddogX MD80 Preview

FB IMG 1516309305081
Watch live video from fselite_twitch on UPDATE @ 17:35z We should be live in about 10 minutes! UPDATE @ 16:30z Sorry folks, we're experiencing a bit of a delay on this. Our streamer is on his way home soon to set everything up and be ready. We'll update this post with a more accurate time! Sorry guys -
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Exciting Partnership Between FSElite and 08Left Announced

08l Fselite Partnership
We are absolutely thrilled and delighted to announce that we will soon be partnering with a fantastic company known as 08Left. 08Left is a unique and established aviation themed shop selling incredible artwork to enthusiasts of real and simulated flight. Their blend of simplicity, and stunning attention to detail, comes across in their design work. Everything from mugs, T-shirts, canvases and
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