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Black Friday Sales Round-up 2020


With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holiday season upon us, many developers have announced their sales to take part in the festivities. As per tradition, FSElite has gathered all the sales for you in this handy round-up post. We will be adding to this post as more developers announce their sales over the coming days.


Starting off our list is LatinVFR, with a 40% sale on all of their FSX and Prepar3D products. With several destinations all over the world, there is ample choice to pick from. Valid until December 3rd.


Taburet is having a 30% sale on their entire product line, with over 200 products on sale over on SimMarket.


With a large number of holiday destinations, TropicalSim is having a 40% sale on their products. Valid until November 30th.


PrealSoft is giving a 25% discount on all their products. An excellent chance to pick up some new airports, or upgrade some of your popular cities. Valid until December 1st.

Dreamflight Studios

Dreamflight Studios is giving 50% off on all their products. Valid until December 4th.


SceneryTR Design is giving 40% off on their two sceneries, valid until December 1st.


TechnoBrain is giving 25% off on all their sceneries. An excellent opportunity to expand your Asian Pacific scenery list. Valid until December 5th.

Island Scenery

Interested in Island hopping? Island Scenery has 25% off on all their products. Valid until December 12.


Taxi2Gate is giving 25% off on all their products. An excellent chance to pick up popular sceneries such as Munich, Paris, Seattle or the recently updated Hong Kong among others. Sale valid until December 3rd

M.A. RealTurb

M.A. RealTurb is giving you a 40% discount on all their sim-enhancing products, as well as their Greek airports pack. Valid until November 30th.
Sirrasim Simulation

40% Off on all Sierrasim Simulation products. Valid until December 5th.


FranceVFR is having a 40% discount sale on their extensive range of products.


Verticalsim is giving you a 30 – 40% discount on several of their products for both Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane. Valid until November 30th.


Fly to Mexico with MagMexico’s 50% sale on all their products. Valid until December 6th.

TOGA Project

Upgrade your sim’s textures, shaders or sounds with TOGA Project’s popular add-ons, ENVTEX, ENVSHADE and ENVSOUND, with discounts ranging from 10 to 30%. Valid until November 30th.

Gaffer Simulations

Gaffer Simulations is giving you 35% off on all their sceneries. Valid until November 30th.

Pilot Experience Sim

Enjoy 50% off on Pilot Experience Sim until November 30th.


CentralSim is giving you a chance to upgrade your Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery with a 40% discount on their Buenos Aires and Aguadilla sceneries. Valid until December 11th.


FSDreamTeam is giving you a 40% discount on all Prepar3D products. Valid until December 6th.

Drzewicki Designs

Enjoy a 30 – 50% discount on Drzewiecki Designs sceneries for Prepar3D, X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

WFScenery Design

Upgrade your Asian scenery with WF Scenery Design’s extensive range of products. Now with a 25% sale until November 30.


Using the checkout code ‘BLACK2020‘ you can a 30% discount on your order at FS2Crew.


Over at Aerosoft, you can get a 25% discount on your order using the checkout code ‘BLACKWEEK25‘.

REX Simulations

Enjoy 40% off on REX Simulations products.


Recently got into flight simming and want to have a handy guide to tell you more? More experienced but need to brush up your skills? SoFly is giving you 25% off on their Guide to Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Orbx is giving you select discounts on several products and product ranges. You can get up to 50% off on several airports and TrueEarth regions for both Prepar3D and X-Plane. Or you can enjoy a 40% discount on Orbx openLC regions.

FlightBeam Studios

FlightBeam Studios is also having a sale on their own products for Prepar3D, X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator.


AeroDesigns is hosting a sale where you can get either KPWM – Portland International Jetport or KCMH – John Glenn Columbus International Airport) for 35% off until November 30th 2020. This is for X-Plane 11.


If you want to fly the King Air 350 in X-Plane 11, then you can get the AirFoilLabs King Air 350 for a good discount too costing you just $34.97 compared to the normal $49.95.

Boundless Simulations

Boundless Simulations is also hosting a sale for its Birmingham Airport on X-Plane 11. You can save $8.00 USD for a limited time. Their Kerry Airport is also on sale with the same discount.


If you’re looking to try Perth in X-Plane 11, Axonos‘ rendition is on sale and you can save $6.79.

Mango Studios

The Mango Studios FlightFactor A350 Sound Pack has been reduced by $6.12.

Nimbus Simulations

Nimbus Simulations is hosting a sale, too. Their Atlanta International Airport UHD v2 is on sale and you can save yourself $8.68. Furthermore, Orlando International Airport is also on sale, and you can save $7.48. Miami International Airport is also on sale with the same discount as Orlando.

Skyline Simulations

If you want to fly into one of the more challenging airports in the world, then Gibraltar International Airport will serve you well. Skyline Simulations‘ rendition of the airport is on sale and you can save $4.78.


Need a co-pilot with you on the 737? Then the CoPilot for B737-800X (ZIBO mod) will be great.

Pilot Plus

Save 30% on selected Pilot Plus X-Plane 11 products through their store.


X-Codr is having a sale on their Denver International Airport HD for X-Plane 11. Save $8.98 on the store.


Save 50% across the whole FlyTampa X-Plane 11 collection. Only on the store

Rising Dawn

Rising Dawn is having a sale on both their Half Moon Bay Airport and Riverside Municipal Airport. Discount varies depending on the product.

Threshold Store

Threshold Store20% off most products.


FeelThere Embraer Jets E170 and E190 v3 reduced to $30.00.

Gaya Simulations

is having a discount via OrbxDirect. Save 15% on Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons.


Virtual-Fly is having 15% sale during Black Friday. Use code ‘BLACKFRIDAYATHOME‘ at the checkout to save. Save on their control range including their yokes, rudder pedals and throttle sets. Valid until the second week of December 2020.


FlyJSim is having discounts on all their aircraft on the store. Their 732 Series, 727 and their Dash 8 Q400 are all currently discounted.


VirtualCol products are 30% off until November 30th 2020.

ShortFinal Design

A variety of products by ShortFinal Design is discounted by various amounts. Including their Global product and Munich and Los Angeles airports.


You can save $20 on the ToLiss A321 and also the ToLiss A319.

Flight Factor

There is a range of discounts available for Flight Factor products, including the A320 Ultimate, the 757 Version 2 Professional, A350 XWB Advanced and many more. You can view the discounts on and you can get the full listing of discounts on their Facebook page. You can save up to 30%.


MK-Studios is having a 50% sale on all their SimMarket products.


SamScene3D is having a 30% discount on all their Prepar3D products.

Turbine Sound Studios

Turbine Sound Studios is giving a 35% discount on all their products.


You can get 40% off on all Flysimware products.

3D Mountain Parks / Frank Dainese

Want to enhance your environment a bit? 3D Mountain Parks is having a sale on a number of their products.


FSimStudios is having a 10-30% discount on all their products through either Orbx Direct or by applying the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY20‘ in their own store.


JustSim is having a big sale of 45% on their extensive range of products for both Prepar3D, X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator.


You can get $30 off on the popular IXEG 737 Classic.

Just Flight

is having a sale on a number of their products, so make sure to check them out if you want to add some new planes to your library or immerse your flying experience a bit with Air Hauler 2.


You can get 20% off on PacSim products until November 30th.

Majestic Software

Majestic Software‘s popular Dash 8 Q400 Pro Edition is on sale with 40% off, making it cheaper than the pilot edition. Valid until December 2nd.


You can get 25% off on PILOT’S FSG add-ons.

TFDi Design

The popular TFDi Design’s 717 is discounted with 50%, available on Orbx Direct.


TorqueSim’s Pocket Rocket and BN-2 Islander can both be picked up with a discount.

Parallel 42

Enhance your simulation with various immersion packs or the handy ChasePlane camera tool with Parallel 42’s 42% discount.

Laminar Research / X-Plane 11

Looking to get in to flight simming? You can pick up X-Plane 11 with a 42% discount over on Steam.

XP Realistic

XP Realistic can be picked up at a 50% discount.

Immersive Audio

Save 20% across all of the Immersive Audio range on simMarket.
Found more? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update this thread.

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Recap: Worldflight and Simfest 2020 – Last Chance to Donate

Image Asset

Every November, groups of flight simulation enthusiasts join together in home-built cockpits around the globe in order to fly a virtual world tour, all in the name of charity. The collective for this group is WorldFlight, and sees groups from the UK, Australia, Germany, Turkey and the USA, fly various aircraft around the world, ranging from the Airbus A330, Boeing 737 Boeing 747. All the teams operate home-built cockpits that have been meticulously put together using real-world aircraft parts to create their real-world counterpart capable of flying around the virtual skies.blank

Worldflight has taken place every year since 2001 in order to raise as much money for charity as possible. In 2020, there are now 12 teams that take part and raise funds for their independent charities. This year’s Worldflight has taken the teams around the globe in 49 short legs of around 2-3 hours long, starting and finishing in Sydney Australia, visiting areas of the world sometimes more accessible than others, such as Nome Alaska, Gander, famous for being a small airport that handled 38 aircraft from the mid-Atlantic that sought refuge during the attacks of 9/11, and the tricky approach of Toncontin in Honduras which is tough in any aircraft, let alone the Queen of the Skies.

One of the teams taking part is based in the south of the UK called Simfest. The team is usually made up of over 20 members, both real-world pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts including some names you may recognise from Twitch. This year, due to covid restrictions, the team are down to only six crew members consisting of Gary ‘Goli’ Oliver who owns the sim and is currently studying for his PPL, Dan Parkin, real-world pilot in training, James ‘Horgy’ Horgan who is an airline pilot (not that he will ever mention it), Johnny Vaughan, also an airline pilot who streams on Twitch as well as Matt Smith, known as Chewy and finally, aircraft engineer, Matt Weddell. The team have following covid guidelines and have been living with each other for the past two weeks in preparation for the tour around the world, which consisted of a week of self-isolation and a covid 19 test each, before coming together to ensure the safety of themselves and others. You will even see periodic hand sanitising and the use of masks on stream too.

The Simfest UK team fly a real-world 747-400 fixed-base cockpit which has been put together by Gary and others from the team over the last six years. The aircraft is primarily made from salvaged real aircraft parts from old Boeing 747-400’s that were being scrapped at the time and took around 11 months to wire up and put together, ready for a flight. Throughout the last six years, upgrades have been made to the cockpit to ensure it is as close to operating as the real thing so every button, panel, screen, air conditioning system and circuit breaker works as it would in any real aircraft including the pop-up galley camera and screen. The simulator uses many different pieces of software, which require 12 PCs to bring the whole experience together. The visuals that are shown on projected screens are driven by P3D over three computers, the aircraft systems are driven through PSX, which is a 747 precision systems simulator made by Aerowinx run on a server. The rest of the computers take care of vPilot for interacting with VATSIM, a dispatch system and twitch streaming. Along with the huge PC usage, the team have two iPads for use as an EFB for each pilot, a stream deck along with various cameras throughout the cockpit.

Throughout the past 6 days, the team have endured all sorts of weird and wonderful experiences all for viewers to watch through their Twitch stream which is live 24/7 throughout the event. Viewers this week would have witnessed Johnny and Chewy’s professional approach into Toncontin stopping just short of the runway threshold. The ‘Wine and Cheese Symposium’ was a personal highlight, which saw Gary and Horgy try to operate the aircraft whilst sampling the finest cuisine and beverages Dan had to offer, which included copious amounts of Swedish herbal liquor.  Another highlight was seeing the different crews try to tackle numerous faults and failures imposed on them by suggestions of the chat, not only was it entertaining, but it was also an insight into how real-world pilots would use the Quick Reaction Handbook to combat issues in the cockpit. Each leg of the trip gives viewers the chance to donate a sum of money to the chosen charity, and to be entered into a draw to win a plethora of donated prizes such as copies of MSFS, a B747 CDU, Orbx bundles, SoFly’s Weather Preset Pro and various other prizes. Although there are only six people operating the sim this year, there have been appearances from other team members via video link as social secretary as well as a hilarious comedy link from an igloo where retired flight attendant Mavis and her husband, Dick, have relocated to.

Simfest’s aim is to raise as much money for their chosen charity, The Lullaby Trust, whose efforts in raising awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is helped massively by Simfest and their viewers. Simfest started Worldflight 2020 with a target of £10,000 in mind and at the time of publication, the team and their viewers have raised a whopping £22,000 which has surpassed 200% of their original target still with a few legs to go.  This particular charity is close to the hearts of the team and was chosen because of the relatively small charity size and what the sum of donated funds would mean to them. Not only have the team had support from their viewers, friends and family and the charity, they have also received some important messages from celebrities around the world such as Captain Lee Rosbach from the TV show Below Deck, Jen Colella who plays Beverly Bass in the Broadway musical ‘Come From Away’ – all about Gander during 9/11, and James Buckley who portrays Jay in the Inbetweeners. You can head on over to the Simfest UK’s Facebook page to view these.

To catch the final few legs of this year’s worldflight with the Simfest crew, you can find their Twitch stream here. If you would like more information on the great work that The Lullaby Trust do or to donate to the Simfest cause you can do that by following this link. To find out more about the other teams at Worldflight, their simulators and their selected charities, you can head on over to the Worldflight Website.

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