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More Details on DCTRY – Your Airport Addon Directory

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Back in June, we announced a brand new product: DCTRY (pronounced ‘directory’). It’s been a few weeks since FSExpo, but we’ve been busy hard at work on DCTRY reviewing and implementing community feedback. We’d like to take a brief moment to talk about some things that we’ve changed, improved, and polished since June.

  • When’s the invite only beta? The invite beta is ever approaching and we want to remind you that if you go to you can sign up with your email to be on the invite-only beta team. We can’t give out beta access to everyone who signs up of course, but if you have a particular talent or skill you think would be useful during the beta period, please do get in touch.
  • Airplanes? While we are considering adding airplanes under the scope of DCTRY, at the moment we want to focus on scenery and getting the site into your hands before we seriously consider expanding outwards. We wouldn’t want to be caught in an endless loop of delays like some products we’ve seen lately…
  • Are you going to integrate with XYZ? We have some plans to integrate with 3rd party tools in the future but at the moment we can’t discuss any of them. Be sure that you’re going to see DCTRY all over the place though!
  • We are also working with multiple well-known flight sim personalities to create some cool ways for them to share with their community what products they own via DCTRY. Pretty nifty!
  • We’re planning out scope for future features. If you’re interested in helping development, do reach out via our Contact form or by emailing me at calum [@] dctry [dot] net.

We’ve also got a fresh new style on the homepage, with a more refined design than what was shown during our presentation

But what is it?

DCTRY will be the airport map and search engine of the future. Our goal is to provide the easiest way to find your next airport add-on for modern flight simulators. It will be easy to use, free for all and powerful.

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[UPDATE: Winners Announced] FSElite Giveaway: 29Palms Nuremburg (EDDN)

Nuremberg Giveaway
WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Thank you to everyone who took part in our giveaway. As always, a massive thanks to the guys at 29Palms for giving us the chance to give away a couple of copies. We have two winners! Congratulations to Stefan F who won the random selection from the AviationLads Facebook page and also congratulations to Mark Oxley who won our comment section
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FSElite Threatened with Hack


FSElite Threatened with Hack

We have received a credible threat to FSElite suggesting we may be hacked by the same hacker who breached FSLabs’ website and forums last week.

You can read details on their hack here.

Early last week, an anonymous email was sent to our senior leadership team with ‘supposed’ details that were ‘stolen’ from FSLabs’ database.

To emphasis, the information was sent to us by a random email with no way to respond to authenticate the information. Had we been able to, we would have reported it to the authorities accordingly along with all relevant information, whilst protecting our user’s privacy.

As a result of not believing the data to be accurate, nor us being able to verify the data, we believed it to be something we shouldn’t report on.

The information held in the email was database table names.

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