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FSElite Original: Does it Hold Up – FSBuild

Does It Hold Up Fsbuild

Huh.  It’s been a long time. Following up on Integrated Simavionics heels, we have another addon from Ernie Alston. This one has been around even longer than ISG. It released in 2006 though versions of it existed long before that. It’s a flight planning add-on designed to convert route strings into a file usable by the sim or other add-ons. It’s notably good a taking a long route string and converting it to PLN format for use in FSX or P3D, even if the waypoints or airways don’t exist in the sim. An updatable navigation database, multiple performance files for time and fuel calculations, custom or automatic route building – it has everything you’d want from a good flight planner. Though it does not really stack up against its competition anymore, I still believe it has a purpose. Let’s take a deeper look.


 Flight Planning

Release Date:

 October 26, 2006

(10 years)

Current Price:



 Ernie Alston

Flight planning add-ons are things I find interesting. Interesting in that each one does the same thing, but somehow does it differently enough that it’s kind of hard to say for sure which one to go with. And when you consider that the sims these add-ons are for generally have decent flight planners included – combined with the fact the most popular add-on aircraft don’t really require a flight planner (just a route for you to program into its FMS) – it becomes increasingly difficult to say “go with this one.”

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Win Majestic Dash 8 Q400, ENVTEX or MK-Studios Fuerteventura

At FSElite, we’re really proud to be working with some of the best developers, publishers and community people in the flight sim space. For the past year and a half, we’ve produced some excellent content and something I’ve been excited about is our video content. Both Patrick and Shane from their respected channels do some amazing video work that really compliment the style and direction FSElite are aiming for. Whether it’s our First Looks, our Video Reviews or FSElite website specific content, each video produced is always high in quality.

That’s why we have supported and promoted their own personal channels just as much as our own. It’s a wonderful working relationship and it’s opened up many doors for them and for us.

To help encourage and continue this cross-community relationship, we’ve teamed up to provide you with an opportunity to win some fantastic prizes.

Thanks to SimMarket, we’re able to give you guys an opportunity to win Majestic’s Dash-8 Q400, TOGA Project’s ENVTEX and MK-Studio’s Fuerteventura.

All you need to is ensure you’ve subscribed to the three YouTube channels. For each one you’ve subscribed to, you’ll be entitled to an entry into the raffle.

Here they are:

FSElite  |  The Flight Sim Deck  |  Aus Flight Simmer

If you’re not subscribed to any of the channels, simply make sure you’re logged into your account and subscribe via the links below. Then click on the SECOND box which says “Enter Now”

Subscribe to the channel, and then click on Enter Now to validate your entry

If you have already subscribed to any of the channels, then simply click on ‘Enter Now’ and ensure you’ve signed in.

In both scenarios, the system will search to ensure that your account is subscribed to the channel and will give you a single entry. For each channel you’re subscribed to, you will be entitled to a single vote. If you’re subscribed to all 3 channels, you will have 3 chances to win.

The contest starts today and will close on December 2nd at 23:55z. At that time,  THREE random people will be picked and will be allocated a single prize each.

WordPress Contests by Rewards Fuel

Best of luck and thank you for your continued support as always.

Don’t forget, we also support a range of other YouTubers thanks to our Featured YouTube Community.



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FSElite Video: Chase Plane 0.4 Redesign Beta – First Look

Since FSFX Packages revealed Chase Plane beta 0.4, we’ve been really excited. Alongside the much anticipated replay version, it will also come packed with new updates to further enhance your use of the product. As announced, the new version will use significantly less CPU usage and be much more stable. Alongside that, it will now finally be available even offline. So even if the servers go down again, the product will still work in an offline environment. This is a huge step forward for the team and simmers.

As mentioned, there’s also the brand new replay system and the ‘Hot Corners’ system.

I’m not going to talk too much as Patrick has put together a great first look video for you to watch.

It should be available to all users of Chase Plane free of charge sometime next week – providing no big issues pop up.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the video.

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FSElite Original: QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787 First Impressions

QW787 Firstimpressions

After 7 years in development, the QualityWings 787 is finally here. It has certainly been a painful wait for simmers, but the Dreamliner is finally a reality. Of course, there’s been a lot of vocal people in the community about the fact it’s currently only available for a dinosaur of a sim, but that shouldn’t take away from the aircraft itself and the development time the team has put in. Trust me, I am purely a P3DV4 user, so taking a step back to FSX:SE was pretty painful. Luckily, some gifted developers have produced scenery and environmental packages that really help the sim to look pretty good. With everything ready, it was time to finally load up my most anticipated aircraft in a long time.

So, a quick caveat: this is a first impressions article based on a handful of flights. This is not a review – that I intend to do once the P3D version has been released (with the service pack in check). So why is it not a review? There are a couple of reasons.

a) It’s not in my primary sim – so I’m unable to test it in the same conditions I would other products.

b) Reviews for detailed aircraft take more than a couple of weeks to flesh out, but I felt it was important to share initial thoughts.

c) QualityWings is committed to delivering a service pack which will enhance the aircraft. It wouldn’t be fair to pass full judgment on the initial release. Even with a team of beta testers, things will be missed.

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QualityWings Simulation Ultimate 787 Giveaway Winner Announced

Thanks to the guys at QUalityWings Simulations, we were able to give away a free copy of their recently released Ultimate 787.
Our contest ran for a couple of weeks and we saw 1,600 of you enter, but there could only be one winner! And that person is…
Alejandro L.
Congratulations! Your prize will be with you soon.
Thanks again to everyone who entered. We’ll have a brand new contest coming very soon.
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UPDATED: P3DV4.1 Full Install NOT Required – Setting Our Expectations for Prepar3D V4.1

fselite-Prepar3D V4 Logo 1140×500


Matt Davies has clarified on the rumour we suggested below. We would like to apologize as it appears we made a mistake on some of the information given to us. If you have any further comments, please do get in touch. Sorry again! (Cal) Thanks to everyone who sent us the clarification and Matt for correcting us.

Matt has made it very clear that it doesn’t require a full install and confirms that you’ll have to update the individual components (client, content and scenery). He is creating a video to help make the process as easy as possible to update, which when released, we’ll share as well to support you with the process.


Update – We’ve clarified a few points.

Tomorrow, according to Lockheed Martin, is the day they will release the anticipated update to version 4 of the Prepar3D simulator. Version 4.1 promises to be a relatively big update as they have listened to developer feedback to improve the sim even further. Whilst the official change log hasn’t been released, Lockheed Martin did identify that changes to the way dynamic lighting is used has been looked at and will include the first steps to bringing back virtual cockpit rain effects. Of course, this update will be free of charge.

So what is this article? Well we just wanted to send a friendly reminder that whilst a new update is really exciting, we need to remember that key products may or may not work out of the box. Add-ons such as Active Sky 16, FSUIPC, and Orbx’s Libraries and ObjectFlow usually require an update before they work in the sim. We’ve been informed that FSUIPC (thanks David) has already been updated to work with the new sim and we’re in touch with some other developers to see if they’re ready. If they aren’t, they’re usually pretty speedy updating their installers, but just remember to have some patient as they work on it.

Of course, we know that 29Palms are eagerly awaiting this update as it means they can release their Skiathos scenery and FSLabs are also waiting for 4.1 to be released. Once it’s out, we imagine both products won’t be far behind.

– Removed Rumour –

Of course, we’ll give you the full low-down tomorrow at 3PM EST (10th October 2017 @ 1900z) when it’s due to be released.

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FSElite Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of the QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787 [CLOSED]

Qw787 Giveaway

NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who took part.

The release of the QualityWings Ultimate 787 has been pretty exciting. There are now plenty of people flying the Dreamliner all over the world, whilst many of us are still waiting on a verdict of the aircraft before we splash out the cash. Luckily, FSElite are giving you the chance to win a free copy for a platform of your choice. If you’re unsure about whether you want to buy, you can always read our Q&A session.

We know that the P3D version is currently unavailable, but that won’t stop us from allowing you to pick which platform you would like to receive when it is finally released.

As we know this is a really popular aircraft that many people are looking forward to, we’re going to make entering as easy as possible. Simply fill in your first name and email address below.

You have until October 20th 23:55 BST to register and then the entries will automatically be calculated and a winner will be picked at random.

Instagram contests by Rewards Fuel
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Flight Sim 2017: Visit the FSElite Stand and Win Amazing Prizes


If you need yet another reason to visit Flight Sim 2017 at Cosford this year, then allow us to fill that void. If you come and visit us during the show, we’ll give you a free raffle ticket which will be put into a lucky draw to win some great prizes! It’s as simple as that. There’s no cost at all, just simply make sure your name and email / phone number is clearly written on the back of the ticket and you can have a chance to win some cool stuff.

Also at our stand, and thanks to MK-Studios, you can also take fly around their latest scenery Fuerteventura. We’ll also be giving away plenty of copies too.


Thanks to the generosity of several developers and SimMarket, we’re able to offer you a huge range of goodies to win! SimMarket has been amazing and has donated us our top prize of €100 worth of vouchers to spend on their store. It’s very generous and we can’t thank them enough for providing such an incredible prize.

Of course, we aren’t stopping there. We have a range of other goodies thanks to the folks at Dovetail Games, TFDi Designs, MK-Studios, FSFX Packages, projectFly and more. We’re also giving away some cool FSElite related merchandise as well.

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FSElite Exclusive: Your Questions Answered – QualityWings 787!

787 34

As QualityWings has now lifted the non-disclosure agreement from the 787 beta testing team, we are now able to share a number of details about the aircraft – including a number of your questions, just in time for this morning’s preview stream of the 787 which you can watch here at 10:00 AM UK time on October 2nd.

We were able to sit down with one of the beta testers of the 787, Will Westlake, and he was kind enough to spend some time answering your questions while also giving us a tantalizing demo of the aircraft and (in our opinion) some excellent sounds.

First off, Will’s system specifications are the following, so keep this in mind during the ensuing discussion:

  • GPU: nVidia GTX 970
  • CPU: Intel i5 4570
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3
  • Simulator: FSX Steam Edition

Our first discussion centered around performance – VAS, FPS, and the like.  In our test scenario, we were on the ground in FSDreamTeam CYVR, with full Orbx coverage and ActiveSky running.  In this scenario, we started out with 3.0 GB of VAS utilization, and we achieved a consistent 30-40 FPS both in and out of the cockpit.  As a point of interest, the aircraft actually has a VAS meter built in – if you know where to look, it’s on the left side of the PFD hidden away.

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Welcome to FSElite 2.1 – Your Feedback Heard


Just over 2 weeks ago, we launched our brand new look. We spent a long time experimenting, gathering information, designing and building a brand new website to match our quality content and enable a smoother user experience. We also wanted to show the community that we’re more than just a news outlet with plenty of reviews, previews, exclusive interviews and that we also host a wealth of competitions for the community. With this in mind, we designed a website that showcased a lot of content. Some of you really enjoyed seeing the amount of content, whilst others were overwhelmed.

Of course, we wanted to give everyone a chance to share feedback, so hundreds of you submitted your feedback the past week. It was incredible to see so many motivational comments and also areas to develop. There was also a clear indication that the vast majority of you preferred the more ‘blog-like’ style akin to the older version of FSElite. As a result, we’ve listened. Allow me to introduce version 2.1, which I hope will cater to both audiences.

What is new?

Combination of Old and New

Our home page has been reformatted to show you the most recent content in full view. This was key to many of you who like to scroll through the news feed to get to content you want to see. Furthermore, scrolling down will now show you the latest content in order in which it was posted. Some of the posts are considered ‘large’ view as we wanted to break up the repetitive nature, decrease page load times and still show you the range of content we have.

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