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Introducing the FSElite Community Choice Awards 2019 [Vote NOW]


Another year is almost over and we’ve possibly had one of the most exciting in recent memory. For flight simmers, this year will be certainly remembered.

2019 certainly saw a huge increase in X-Plane add-ons being released. From new aircraft to ports of old scenery – the X-Plane community has certainly seen a thriving range of add-ons, which is only getting bigger and bigger. For FSX/P3D users, highly anticipated aircraft were finally released and developers really took advantage of PBR materials in the simulator to make scenery look spectacular. Undoubtedly, 2019 will also be remembered as the year Microsoft announced to the world their solid intentions on returning to the flight simulation market with their new Flight Simulator coming out in 2020.

Over the past 12 months, over 390 products have been released for FSX/P3D and X-Plane 11. Of course, there are other simulators too, which have seen a few updates, new add-ons and much more. It’s been a crazy year of add-ons, which is why we’re beyond excited to bring the community our annual awards.

How It Works

The FSElite Community Choice Awards works in two-stages. The first stage is general open voting. During stage one (happening now), you can vote for as many or as few products in each category as you like. When stage-one closes (December 20th 2019), we then create a shortlist of those products / services before putting them back to the community in a final vote. Only products / services released during the period between January 1st 2019 and December 9th have been included. 

During stage-two, you will have a much more limited selection and will have the chance to vote on your favourite product from that selection. The top two results from each category will then receive the FSElite Community Choice 2019 Winner or Runner-Up award.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need to head to our voting form. It will take you about 10-minutes to complete in full. We have listed all the products released in 2019 to make it a bit easier for you to choose from.

Voting for stage-one closed on December 20th 2019.

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A Little Bit Different This Year

Based on feedback from our previous awards, we have done things a bit differently this year. Here’s how.

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