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Airport Madrid XP Released

Airport Madrid XP has been released for X-Plane 11. Developed initially by Sim-Wings, and ported by Windsock Simulations, the airport is a full recreation of the busy Spanish airport in the simulator. As the largest airport in Spain, and the sixth in Europe, Madrid–Barajas Airport (LEMD) serves over 60 million passengers each year. The airport features 4 runways all over 3,500m in length, meaning that aircraft of any size can visit throughout the year. Madrid is home to Spain’s national carrier, Iberia, but also sees airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, easyJet and Air Europa offering routes around Europe and the USA. Those seeking long-haul adventures from the airport can fly American Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and plenty of others.

The airport has been faithfully recreated in X-Plane 11 and brings with it a range of features unique to the simulator. In total, 400 km squared of aerial imagery has been included to ensure that the scenery blends with the simulator well, whilst all of the airport terminals and buildings have been included with the product. Detailed ground markings are also present, and the airport layout is accurate based on current data. Furthermore, the team has worked with Ortho4XP to include a custom mesh patch to ensure complete compatibility with the simulator.

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ToLiss Updating Airbus Aircraft Soon

A319 StdDef 14 1600×900
X-Plane developer ToLiss has taken to the forums to reassure customers of their A319, A321 and A321 NEO that a new update will soon be released. ToLiss will soon be releasing version 1.6 which will add a range of new features and improvements to all the aircraft. The first aircraft to be updated will be the A319, which is
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Volanta Update Released

Volanta Flight Tracker
Orbx's flight tracking application, Volanta, has seen numerous updates over the last few weeks since release, but the most recent update adds a number of changes and improvements which are worth highlighting. The most significant part of the update comes with the new advanced search tags integrated with the application. When on the flight page, you are now able to
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Airfoillabs Updates King Air 350 to Version 1.5

Airfoillabs King Air 350 Update 1.5 For X Plane 11
Owners of the Airfoillabs King Air 350 on X-Plane 11 will be pleased to know that the aircraft has been updated to version 1.5. The new long-awaited version focuses on the physical modelling, avionics, performance and overall handling of the aircraft. The update adds an extensive range of new features and has been supported by pilots and flight instructors who
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Update: Honeycomb Aeronautical Throttle Pack for A319 – A380 Releasing April 19th

Chrome 2021 03 31 17 54 44
Update: Since the original publication of this article, it is now been confirmed that users can pre-order the unit before they ship out on April 19th. As per our article, the price will be $69.99 USD. You can pre-order the throttles right now from the Honeycomb Aeronautical website. It's not known yet if resellers such as Aerosoft will also sell the
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Mango Studios Releases FlightFactor 767 Sound Enhancement Pack

262015 Wasd

Owners of the FlightFactor 767 can now buy the Mango Studios 767 Sound Enhancement Pack. The new sound pack features a range of custom sound and quality recordings from the real-aircraft to enhance the experience for users.

The new Mango Studios sound pack for the FlightFactor 767 includes custom sounds for within the cockpit. This includes elements such as the batter, avionics, packs and also for the switches, buttons and rotaries. Outside, the package contains custom sound packs for 3 different engine types. This includes the  GE CF-6 General Electric, RB-211 Roll Royce and PW-4000 Pratt & Whitney power plants, all of which include jet blast sound effects. Whilst still outside the aircraft, you will be able to hear the GPU, APU and other elements all custom for the aircraft. Finally, a new custom user interface is included to have more control over the sound pack.

You will need to own the FlightFactor 767 already in order to take advantage of the sound enhancement package. If you do, you can buy the pack now from simMarket for €12.75 (excluding VAT).

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TDM Scenery Design Releases Two New Airports for XPL

TDM SCENERY DESIGN Svso Airport Xpl (2)
Following on from scenery releases on Microsoft Flight Simulator, scenery developer TDM Scenery Design has released two new airports for X-Plane 11. Both Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport and Barinas Airport are now available to buy through simMarket and has been made specifically by the team for X-Plane 11. Starting with Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport (SVSO), this airport sits 40km from the
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xAmbience Pro Releasing Within a Few Weeks

Xambience Pro Xpl (8)
Dubbed as the "next generation" environmental plugin for X-Plane 11, the development team has confirmed that they intend on releasing xAmbience Pro within the next few weeks. Coming from HST on their website, a new weekly report revealed plenty of new details about the product and what stages the team needs to go through first before releasing the product. On the blog
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Verticalsim Releases Fayetteville Regional Airport for XP

Scenery developer Verticalsim has released their rendition of Fayetteville Regional Airport (KFAY) for X-Plane 11. Fayetteville Regional Airport is located in the central part of North Carolina. It is approximately 100nm from the largest airport in the state, Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport. Fayetteville hosts a number of US-based air carriers, many of which connect the city to various major hubs.
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AOA Simulations Releases F-22 Raptor

169233146 4086273908120022 649842358392963902 N
AOA Simulations, the aircraft developer known for their F-35 and V-22 aircraft, has released their latest venture, the F-22 Raptor for X-Plane. The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor is a fourth-generation fighter aircraft with stealth capability, produced by Lockheed Martin between 1996 and 2011. The development saw nearly 200 of the type built for the USAF, only. The Raptor is famously
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