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Runway 26 Simulations Releases EGJB Guernsey for X-Plane

233365 CirrusSF50 2020 05 09 17.33.15

Just less than a month after their release of EGJJ Jersey, scenery developer Runway 26 Simulations has released their next airport, EGJB Guernsey for X-Plane 11.

Guernsey is the second largest Channel Island located just north of the Normandy coast of France and is home to over 60,000 people. The island, although much closer to France, is part of the United Kingdom. Guernsey airport is served by airlines such as Eurowings, Loganair, and Aurigny. Guernsey is the home to Aurigny Air Services which operates flights between the channel islands, mainland UK and seasonal flights to Grenoble in the south of France. Aurigny flies these routes using multiple aircraft types including the ATR-72 and the Embraer 195. There has been recent discussion as to whether to extend the runway to 1700m to accommodate larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320.

Runway 26 Simulations has recreated the airport to incorporate custom-built terminal buildings with PBR materials along with high definition ground texturing and lots of ground traffic and aircraft. The airport also has Autogate Compatability to help park your aircraft with moving gate guidance. 

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Orbx Announces Fresno Airport for X-Plane 11

Over on the Orbx Forums, Ed Correia announced Orbx's newest scenery, Fresno, for X-Plane 11. Fresno Yosemite International Airport, formerly known as Fresno Air Terminal, features two runways with the longest being 9,539 feet long. In 2019 Fresno Airport served over 1.7 million passengers on 8 different airlines. There is a single terminal that handles all commercial air traffic at
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BC Sceneries Releases Genova City and Airport v4 for X-Plane

Bc Sceneries Genova Italy Limj (5)
Scenery developer BC Sceneries has released Genova City for X-Plane 11. This scenery package includes the city itself, along with airport Genova Cristoforo Colombo (LIMJ). Over 1000km sq is included with the package, covering 243km of the city itself and over 850km of the nearby mountains, coasts and forestry. The city is comprised of thousands of 3D buildings, all of
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XFirstOfficer Version 1.7.0 Released

Xfirstofficer BG W.png.cc1b1478a941f41d66fddc23b13edbe3
The latest verison of the popular XFirstOfficer plugin for X-Plane 11 has been released.  Developer ParrotSim took to the X-Plane forums to make the announcement, as well as to explain the numerous changes made to the freeware software. XFirstOfficer can best be explained as X-Plane's answer to FS2Crew in that it aims to fully simulate an intelligent and dynamic virtual
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Magknight 787 Aviator’s Edition Updated to 1.5.0


Developer Magknight has updated their Boeing 787-9 for X-Plane. This significant 1.5.0 update brings Hoppie ACARS support, new custom flight controls, Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine model and flight dynamics (still very much under development) and upgraded air conditionning and fuel systems. There are also various bug fixes (see the full list below).

The previously created liveries are compatible with this new release, however they will obviously not feature new additions such as the RR engines. Users are however keen on quickly creating liveries for this new update, which can be found here.

This update is compatible with Vulkan and X-Plane 11.50, although there are some minor issues with X-Plane 11.50b9. The developer recommends to download the update from the store rather than using the habitual SkunkCrafts Updater.

The Magknight 787 Aviator’s Edition is available through the X-Plane Store for $44.95

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Departure Designs Oakland International Airport (KOAK) Available for X-Plane 11

B738 2020 05 21 18.17.25
Scenery developer Departure Designs has released Oakland International Airport (KOAK) for X-Plane 11. The airport near San Francisco is smaller in size, but sees plenty of traffic primarily from cargo operators. JetBlue, Contour and Hawaiian Airlines also frequent the airport seeing services across the United States. The airport from Departure Designs features PBR textures, SAM jetways and also World Traffic 3
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Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane Released

After a short time in development, JustFlight has released Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane 11. With their original announcement just weeks ago, it wasn't long for them to complete for those X-Plane users eagerly awaiting it. JustFlight promised to make the X-Plane version of Air Hauler 2 the same as the FSX/P3D version, and they certainly delivered on that promise.
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VSKYLABS Releases Polaris AM-FIB for X-Plane 11

AM-FIB release shot
Developer VSKYLABS has released their latest in a long line of light aircraft add-ons for X-Plane 11, the Polaris AM-FIB, a unique looking amphibious ultralight. The Polaris AM-FIB is a product of the European microlight regulations, meaning it weighs less than 450kg and has a stall speed under 35kts. It is one of the only amphibious weight-shift microlights in the
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FSDG Releases Rhodes for X-Plane 11

47 1
It's been a busy week for FSDG, who has just released their Rhodes scenery for X-Plane 11 right after releasing Nairobi Lite for P3D. The FSDG rendition includes the entire island, as well as the two aeronautical platforms, with Maritsa Airport (LGRD), that only sees military activity, and the main Diagoras International Airport (LGRP). These two airports are just 3
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