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X-Plane News

Charity Scenery Release Falcon Heliport (Vanguard Helipad) X-Plane 11

Falcon Heliport (Vanguard Helipad) (XP 11 Only) 3

The developer Charity Scenery Project has released their first X-Plane release. Falcon Heliport (Previously known as: Vanguard Helipad) is the latest and has been designed by their newest developer, Bradley.

The airport itself is located in the heart of London. It sits on what’s known as the Isle of Dogs – close to Canary Wharf. The heliport itself is pretty close to big tourist attractions such as the ExCel Center, the 02 Arena and the massive Olympic Park.

The X-Plane 11 only scenery features high quality texturing, night lighting and has been designed to be Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South ready!

The development team only creates products which will then contribute to various charities across the country. This time, all proceeds and donations will go to the London Air Ambulance service. If you want to buy the product (or just donate in general), it will cost you £1.00 from Charity Scenery Project website.

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Orbx Release TrueEarth Great Britain Central for X-Plane 11

Obrx True Earth Ctrn
Following up from their popular release of TrueEarth Great Britain South in October, Orbx has today released the next part of the package: Great Britain Central. The product covers nearly 60,000 square kilometres of land area in central England, including areas such as Liverpool, Manchester, the Lake District and the North Wales Coast. Each area has been faithfully recreated using
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Kittila Airport Released for X-Plane 11 as Freeware

Kittila Airport Promo X Plane 11 FLY X SIMULATIONS
Developer Fly X Simulation wrote to us to inform us that they have just released their next Christmas project for the year: Kittila. The Finish airport within the Arctic Circle is popular for passengers wishing to go and meet Santa. Frequented by multiple airlines over the Winter period, it's an airport growing in popularity. You can now fly there yourself
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PILOT’S Almeria for X-Plane 11 Now Available

Pilots Almeria Xp (10)
Released for Prepar3D and FSX many months ago, the latest release from publisher PILOT'S is now available for X-Plane 11 users. Almeria is situated on the Spanish coast of the Iberian Peninsula. It's an ideal destination for tourists thanks to the local towns, harbours and beaches - even during the cooler months. For simmers, it's a great airport due to the
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FlightFactor A350 v1.5 Beta Released

In a forum post, a FlightFactor developer has announced that they've pushed a v1.5 Beta update to the FlightFactor A350 for X-Plane 11. This v1.5 beta update brings along a couple of changes and fixes although none major except for being built on a new version of SASL which can potentially bring some issues. Some bugs squished are hardware throttles
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Orbx Goodwood Airport (EGHR) Released for X-Plane 11


Announced in a Forum post, Orbx has released Chichester/Goodwood Airport (EGHR) exclusively for X-Plane 11 to complement their TrueEarth Great Britain South add-on.

Goodwood Airport is located in Chichester, West Sussex on the Goodwood Estate. This airfield was built and primarily used during World War II by the RAF as a relief landing ground. Today, the airport sees its fair share of GA traffic and its surrounding road is a well-known racing circuit.

From the screenshots below, you can see that developers at Orbx have tried to capture both the history and natural beauty of the airfield and surrounding area with almost every single object seen at the real object photographed, modelled and placed. This airport features 15/60cm/px ground imagery, static objects, animated Ferraris racing, TrueEarth GB compatibility and more which you can see in the key features at the end.

You can grab a hold of Chichester/Goodwood Airport (EGHR) from OrbxDirect at a price of AUD$28.01 (Incl. VAT) for X-Plane 11 until the end of the year at a 15% discount. In 2019, it will cost AUD$32.95 (Incl. VAT). Owners of the FSX/P3D version will automatically be granted a 40% discount.

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Aerosoft Previews Faroe Islands For X-Plane 11

Faroe Islands XP11 16.thumb.jpg.89b993169cdba71f5eb16a50b37af442
Developer Aerosoft has released preview shots of their upcoming Faroe Islands for X-Plane 11. The scenery features an accurate recreation of the complete Faroe Islands, which includes an area of almost 1,400 square kilometres. Included in this recreation is a high-resolution terrain mesh that also has a seasonal representation. Customized local terrain details include the sloped runway at Vagar Airport,
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Aerosoft Airport Genoa (LIMJ) for X-Plane 11 Released

Airport Genoa – XPlane 11 Add On – Official Trailer
Announced on their blog, Aerosoft has released their much-anticipated Airport Genoa “Cristoforo Colombo” add-on scenery for X-Plane 11 developed by Gayasim in collaboration with Stairport Sceneries. Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport is built on an artificial peninsula 4 nautical miles west of Genoa, Italy. It is known for its scenic view of the Ligurian Sea on approach which you'll experience in the
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Carenado C172SP Skyhawk for X-Plane 11 Announced

C172g1000 15
In a Facebook post, Carenado has announced that they're developing the Cessna 172SP Skyhawk for X-Plane 11 along with some previews. From the previews, we can see that this C172 certainly differs from the X-Plane 11 default aircraft with Carenado's G1000 avionics, custom ground aircraft objects and the ability to hide/show the wheel fairings or "pants". The Cessna 172SP Skyhawk is
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Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini Release Everest Park 3D

Vnlk 15
We have been following the news of Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini's Everst Park 3D for a while now, and today was the promised release day. The duo have kept their promise and released Everest Park 3D for X-Plane 11 via the Org store. Lukla Airport (VNLK) is known as one of the toughest airports in the world to land
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