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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Released for X-Plane 11

The P3D community had their fix of Airbus sims today, with the release of the FSLabs A320-X update. However, the X-Plane community haven’t been left behind either! Today, Flight Factor released the first public build of their A320 Ultimate for users to purchase.

The Flight Factor A320 Ultimate aims to be the most in-depth, realistic and detailed aircraft yet released for X-Plane 11. Utilizing a custom flight model, high quality texture set and thousands of simulated objects, the A320 Ultimate promises to ‘mimic the real aircraft’. The aircraft has been under beta testing for a while with customer feedback and many are saying this is a fantastic aircraft.

The A320 Ultimate features high quality texturing and modelling throughout. Both the interior and exterior modelling provides a realistic appearance. Of course, being an Airbus aircraft, all flight modes are modeled, the aerodynamics are accurate and comes complete with specific engine modelling. The aircraft also simulates transition effects, self-tests and other features that aren’t documented in the manuals, but approved by real-world pilots.

The aircraft is now on sale at for $89.95. You can find the full feature list down below as well as product requirements. As this is version number 0.8.1, we imagine there will be a bunch of updates in the coming weeks and months to further improve the aircraft. We’ll be working on a review for you guys as soon as possible.

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FLY X Simulations announce Lanzarote for X-Plane

GCRR 3.thumb.jpg.59ea9d69a1d76a37e99b1d4f1f19c794
FLY X Simulations have announced their first payware airport, Lanzarote (GCRR), is now in development for X-Plane. Since November of 2016, FLY X has uploaded 2 freeware airports (Rovaniemi and Fuerteventura) and one livery (Thomson G-OOBA for the FlightFactor 757) to the X-Plane forums. The two airports are of a reasonably high quality and were uploaded around 12 months apart,
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Nimbus Simulation Studios Phoenix Update Released

B738 23
The other day Nimbus Simulation Studios released an updated version of their Phoenix (KPHX) scenery for X-Plane 11. It's a free upgrade for customers of earlier versions. New price is 19.95 USD. Phoenix Sky Harbor is both a civil and military airport located about 3 miles or 5 km southeast of Phoenix city. The biggest airport in the entire state
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Justsim Larnaca X-Plane 11 Preview

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Justsim has just announced that they are releasing their Larnaca (LCLK) scenery for X-Plane 11. Release is expected to be in 3 to 4 days according to Justsim. Larnaca is situated on the island of Cyprys in the Mediterranean Sea, main big international airport for the country.

No price is available at the moment but once released we will keep you updated.

More information is available at Justsim’s Facebook page. Also the P3D version is available here¬†with a video if you own that platform as well.

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ASDG announce Citation X for X-Plane

ASDG Citation X WIP
The incredibly busy lads from Aero Sim Dev Group have announced a new project in the form of the Cessna Citation X, which is currently well into the development process. Showing off the current progress on the forum, we can see the 3D model is all but done, with functional cargo and pax doors, 3D cockpit, and a cabin
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IXEG 737 Classic Updated To v1.21

IXEG Iberia
A short time ago, IXEG released an update to their highly acclaimed 737 Classic for X-Plane. This update brings some visual enhancements, along with improved systems and realism logic. The X-Plane 11 model receives glass reflective surfaces, and a tweaked flight model for a new downwash effect - something they say will bring a "mild nose-down effect when close to
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UPDATE: Orbx Coming To X-Plane With The Help Of Skyline Simulations

Cessna 172SP 3.jpeg.0bddd194bf9bb03321c1fd9c8a744262
Yesterday we brought you news of the announcement that Skyline Simulations (formerly Icarus Simulations) have teamed up with Orbx to assist in bringing their famous FSX/P3D/AFS2 sceneries to the X-Plane platform. Following this, there was an outpouring of joy from eager X-Plane simmers everywhere - it was clear that this was something that the X-Plane community had been holding onto
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Skyline Simulations Team Up With Orbx To Bring Orbx Products to X-Plane

Skyline Simulations (formerly Icarus Simulations) have announced that they're teaming up with Orbx to bring their famed sceneries to the X-Plane platform. In a very brief post on their Facebook page, Skyline Sim announced the collaboration with one simple line: Great news! Now Skyline and ORBX work together to convert ORBX sceneries for X-Plane 11! The announcement means that Orbx
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