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Colimata Shares Previews of Concorde FXP V2.0

CFXP V2 Preview Tex

Letting supersonic fans’ heartbeat accelerate, X-Plane aircraft developer Colimata has shared some initial previews and a changelog regarding their upcoming extensive upgrade to their Concorde FXP product.

Bringing the product up to version 2.0, the developer’s upcoming update will include some extensive changes and add some new features to the existing V1.50 of their Concorde replication. Beginning with some of the new features that will come included with the update, V2.0 of the developer’s Concorde product will allow users to directly program navigation coordinates using the 3D CIVA flight management system in the aircraft’s virtual cockpit. Also, a fully detailed fuel management system has been implemented, with each individual pump and valve being modeled, thus allowing users to try their hands at managing the aircraft’s weight and balance during the supersonic cruise. Finally, the developer has made it possible for customers to directly use AviTab when in the aircraft’s virtual cockpit.

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JARDesign Further Previews Airbus A340-500 for XP

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Taking to their official Facebook page, Airbus add-on developer JARDesign has decided to share some additional previews of their upcoming Airbus A340-500 aircraft add-on for X-Plane. Serving as a successor to the previously developed Airbus A340-200 aircraft, the Airbus A340-500 series first flew on February 11th, 2002 and, until the introduction of the Boeing 77-200LR, was considered the world's longest-range commercial
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New Previews of the Next-Generation of X-Plane

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During the Flight Simulation Association livestream with Austin and Martin from Laminar Research, all-new previews and details were shared for the next generation of X-Plane. During the presentation, Austin spoke about new autogen, pricing, version numbering, seasons, clouds and more. Previews During the stream, a series of new screenshots were shared. This was broken down into four sections. Airports Autogen
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Watch What the Future of X-Plane Might Hold

X Plane Past Present And Future
FlightSimExpo and Flight Simulation Association have teamed up with Laminar Research to do a deep-dive seminar on the past, present and future of X-Plane. Both Austin Meyer and Marty Arant will be taking to the stream to discuss the current state of X-Plane and what the future holds. This webinar will be presented LIVE from AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, WI! You
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FlyJSim Closing In On Q4XP Release

Screenshot 2021 07 26 At 11.05.30
With the product having begun development two-and-a-half years ago, famed X-Plane developer FlyJSim has announced that their Q4XP product is nearing completion, with the final phase of development having recently commenced. Beginning their post by drawing the reader's attention to the aircraft's detail-rich exterior model, the developer indicates that only the propeller blades were retained from their earlier released version of the
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iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE Released


iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11 has been released.

The aircraft product comes with a suite of features that brings this aircraft to life. Building on their A300 series of aircraft, iniSimulations has crafted a custom FMS designed to replicate the experience of the A310, which implementing a brand new NAV system. The aircraft has been extensively tested by real-world pilots to ensure that flight dynamics and systems closely align with the aircraft itself.

As with other aircraft developed by iniSimulations, the aircraft comes with detailed modelling, 4K texturing and a detailed cockpit. Initially, the package comes with a Passenger, Freighter, ACJ (Private Business Interior Configuration) variation of the aircraft. Coming in August, iniSimulations say that the Medevac and MRTT variants will be available as a free update for A310 customers.

In addition to the comprehensive features, the A310 also comes with over 50 failure situations you can simulate within the aircraft. The aircraft also comes with complete ACARS/CDPLC functionality, a custom EFB and an in-sim printer which will spit out key information from the CDPLC operation. Furthermore, the aircraft is compatible with Active Sky XP.

You can buy the A310-300 ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11 now for £69.99 (excluding VAT). If you own the A300-600 ON THE LINE, you are entitled to a 35% discount. If you want to buy the A300 after owning the A310, you can upgrade and get a 25% discount.

If you’re looking to find out more about the aircraft, you can watch a series of videos that the team has put together a number of videos highlighting the features and functionality of the aircraft.

Finally, be sure to enter our contest so you could win yourself a free copy!

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Aerosoft One Announced – A New Product Manager

Aerosoft One Applicatio (2)
A brand new product manager tool from Aerosoft has been announced on the Aerosoft forums. Named Aerosoft One, the new tool will be a new and simple way to install and manage your Aerosoft products for all major platforms. According to the short introduction post on the forums, the new software will be able to keep all of your Aerosoft
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Boundless Releases Bournemouth for XPL

Boundless Bournemouth Xpl (3)
Scenery developer Boundless has released Bournemouth Airport (EGHH) for X-Plane 11. Located on the southern coast of the UK, Bournemouth has seen increasing popularity as of late due to the surge of low-cost carriers and charter services to parts of Europe. As with other Boundless Airports, there is a focus on ensuring that there is plenty of detail within the
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Aerosoft Releases Zagreb for XP

Ldza Xp 05
Aerosoft has released Zagreb 'Franjo Tuđman' Airport for X-Plane 11 (LDZA). The airport serves the capital city of Croatia, and is also the largest and busiest one in terms of passenger movements. The airport offers connections to several other European cities, and a small number of connections to cities outside of Europe, such as Toronto and Seoul. The airport, developed by
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