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Laminar Research Welcomes Feature Requests and Suggestions for XP

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“Have a burning feature request for X-Plane? We have a site for that! Here you can describe fun new features for our apps and then collect votes from other users.” With that Facebook post, Laminar Research asks users to share every feature and suggestion for their flagship X-Plane 11 they’ve ever wanted. Once posted on this easy to use website, users can upvote what they feel should get priority in a feature release, already creating a not very surprising trending range of topics: an improved atmosphere and lighting model, volumetric clouds, seasons, dynamic weather and multicore CPU-utilization. Coincidence or not, most of those ideas already exist in some way in MSFS.

Early user comments show some surprise about Laminar Research’s initiative because Meyers’ willingness to appreciate outside comments didn’t exactly cause a lot of wake turbulence in the virtual skies. Other users see an attempt at gathering input for XP12, or even the proof that competition works. You can follow the trends, upvote and add your suggestions at the XP feedback website.

Austin Meyers and his team, developers on a mission to create software that accurately reflects the laws of physics, are based in Columbia, South Carolina. XP version 11 was released in May 2017, and after quite a long and bumpy flight, XP version 11.50 landed in September. X-Plane comes in two flavours: a consumer version, next to an FAA certifiable professional version.





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SAM AirportVehicles XP Now Available

SAM AirportVehicles X Plane 11 Add On Official Trailer Aerosoft
Developer Stairport Sceneries has released its latest add-on for SAM; AirportVehicles XP. The new product will give you worldwide replacements for default and animated airport vehicles in X-Plane 11. The new models will also be set specific for regions including North America, Europe and Asia. The built-in engine will apply a regional system that varies depending on each airport in 'real-time'
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New Developer InDepthSimulations Announces A220 for X-Plane 11

A newcomer developer called InDepthSimulations has confirmed that they are developing an A220 for X-Plane 11. The post shared on Twitter highlights the plane taking off with an active PFD. Latest work on the PFD of the #A220 made for @XPlaneOfficial Stay tuned for more updates — InDepthSimulations (@InDepthSim) September 25, 2020 There is very little information to go
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X-Crafts ERJ Family Updated to V1.3.22

The new version 1.3.22 for the ERJ Family updates the FMS, General, Interface, VR, and flight model for X-Plane 11. The full changelog can be found below. The FMS has received some work and now allows the user to select and edit a waypoint while flying towards it. "Direct To" a waypoint now proceeds directly from your present position. Additionally,
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Aerobask Epic Victory Update Coming

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Aerobask has brought to Facebook that an update was coming for their Epic Victory. The update will make the aircraft compatible with X-Plane 11.50+. It is a complete overhaul, with a new VR compatible 3D model, new sounds, a new flight model and a G1000 avionics suite.  The sounds will simulate a PW617F engine, while the real aircraft was equipped
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Magknight B787-9 Updated to Version 1.6.0


A new update for the Magknight B787-9 has been released on X-Plane 11. The new update brings both the new cockpit and also the next-generation EFB. Furthermore, version 1.6.0 also brings full X-Plane 11.50 support (Vulkan/Metal) and a host of bug fixes.

The new cockpit brings high-resolution textures for the cockpit and cabin, along with more complex lighting for the cockpit. Modelling has also been improved to make sure that the dimensions of the cockpit is more accurate than before. In addition, the new cockpit brings new animations for all buttons.

As for the “Next-Generation EFB”, Magknight has included an all-new WTBAL calculator which will support various cabin configurations and load-outs. Also, a new takeoff calculator has been added which will take into consideration INTX and runway slope, max weight for the runway along with calculating automatic derate calculations and also trim calculations.

The new update is fairly extensive in also fixing a range of bugs that have been reported. For example, ACARS messaging formats have been rectified, along with numerous alterations to how the EICAS is handled in the simulator. A full list of those bug fixes and changes can be found down below.

The update is available now from the store or via the Magknight updater tool. That said, the team are recommending that people update with a fresh installer due to the large file size and amount of changes.

If you haven’t picked up the Magknight B787-9 for X-Plane 11, you can do so from the store for $44.95.

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Aviotek Simulation Software Announces Frankfurt, Teases Multiple MSFS Airports

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Scenery developer Aviotek Simulation Software has today announced that they are bringing Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a teaser post shared on the company's Facebook page, the team will be bringing the German airport to Microsoft Flight Simulator and also X-Plane 11. This is the first time Aviotek Simulation Software will venture into creating German airports, so to
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iniSimulations A300-600R(F) VR Profile Ready

The iniSimulations A300-600R(F) 'ON THE LINE' released for X-Plane 11 last month and has seen numerous updates over the course of time. Whilst the passenger version is still being developed, having the aircraft with virtual reality capability was another popular request by users. As such, iniSimulations has partnered with SIMVRLABS to produce a VR profile for those looking to fly
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DeltaWing Simulations Announces F-16 for X-Plane 11

DWSim 003.jpg.be30ed66f079573aebc3e7da1a396829
Newcomer developer DeltaWing Simulations has announced they are bringing a brand-new fighter jet to X-Plane 11. Announced on the forums, the newly founded team are bringing the F-16C Block 52+ Fighting Falcon to X-Plane 11 and will include numerous features and functionality. The aircraft has been developed to include highly detailed 3D modelling both inside and out, with a custom
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