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Aerobask Releases Freeware Robin DR401 CDI 155


The Robin DR401 CDI155 is the latest work to come out of the brilliant minds over at Aerobask.

The DR401 is a small, wooden, single engine monoplane developed by Robin Aircraft. Which has been excellently brought into the X-Plane environment, with the typical feature list we have come to expect from Aerobask:

  • Accurate flight model developed by X-Aerodynamics.
  • Integrated Laminar G1000.
  • Fully functional, VR ready, 3D cockpit.
  • 4K textures, complete with PBR.
  • FMOD sound set.
  • Simulated FADEC test and preheating.
  • Windshield reflections.
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Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG Update

Aerobask, a very prominent developer for the X-Plane platform, recently updated their Eclipse 550 NG - A twin-engine, 5-seater very light jet. The update includes the addition of an FMOD 3D sound system for the aircraft as well as added VR support for X-Plane 11. More information about the aircraft and the update can be found on Aerobask's website and on the
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The Charity Scenery Project: Scenery For A Cause

334043 3b7f8510714b47209bca64ad9169ee60 Mv2
If you're like me, you probably don't give to charity as often as you should. If you're really like me, you also have an unhealthy scenery addiction for your simulator(s). Fortunately for people like you and I, we're able to solve both of these problems with the help of the Charity Scenery Project. The Charity Scenery Project was founded by Craig Tomkins,
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PMDG Issue X-Plane Development Update; Future X-Plane Products Not Ruled Out

Pmdg Dc6xp PMDGclassic

Following a controversial major product announcement at FSExpo over the weekend, PMDG‘s Robert Randazzo has issued an unexpected, yet welcomed X-Plane development update on the AVSim forums.

Randazzo starts off by saying that although it has been a long time since the company has said or done anything in the X-Plane community, he assures users that the platform is not being intentionally ignored. With resources being freed up following the announcement of Global Flight Operations and the 747-8 entering beta for the Prepar3D platform, R.S.R. says that it is only now that the company can begin to look at their next move in the world of X-Plane.

As it stands, PMDG’s only product on the X-Plane platform is their DC-6 Cloudmaster that was released just over 2 years ago. This aircraft was designed for X-Plane 10, and since the release has not been updated for X-Plane 11 compatibility. Naturally, with X-Plane 11 well out of its infancy now, users have been screaming for an update to the classic airliner. Finally, the cries have been heard, and Randazzo says that they’re now beginning to look at what needs to be done to bring this aircraft into X-Plane 11.
While this is a promising sign, Randazzo says the amount of work required for this update is unknown at this point, though over the coming weeks and months they’ll be working out just how large this task may be and will insert the task of updating the aircraft into their development schedule for the remainder of 2018 accordingly. Once this is worked out, he promises to update the community accordingly.

Furthermore, Mr Randazzo discusses the possibility of expanding their X-Plane catalogue. He tells of meeting with Ben Supnik from Laminar Research over the weekend at FSExpo and discussing the possibility of their products on Laminar’s platform going forward, as well as the technical aspects involved in this. While nothing firm came out of this, he says that there is a plan for future meetings to be held with the Laminar, after the release of the 747-8, where they expect to clearly mark out the challenges and requirements that they would face should they expand further into the X-Plane world.

Check out the full post from Mr Randazzo here.

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Orbx Release YBRM Broome For X-Plane

Orbx has kicked off the exciting run of announcements from FSExpo with the release of YBRM Broome for X-Plane. Broome is a small regional airport located in the north of Western Australia but serves as a hub airport for the Kimberly region. It sees daily traffic from a huge variety of aircraft including B738, A320, F100, B717, E170 and DHC8 airliners, S-92
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[UPDATED] HiFi Provide Development Update, Previews Of ActiveSky For X-Plane Soon

AS P3Dv4 Splash
HiFi Simulation Technologies, the company behind ActiveSky - the renowned weather engine for P3D and FSX, has provided a development update on their forum. The first talking point that Damian delves into, is the ActiveSky for X-Plane product that was announced some time ago. The team has been rather quiet about this since then. Damian tells us that ActiveSky for
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Turbulent Designs Back At Orbx

Turbulent Designs Mbs International P3dv4 22
Orbx and Turbulent Designs are back together! A little bit over 1,5 year ago, Turbulent Designs made the announcement to be continuing independently. Now they are back with the big publisher and developer and announcing a renewed partnership. The announcement was made by both Orbx and Turbulent Designs. TD co-founder and director, Greg Jones, stated that being back with Orbx
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