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IXEG 737 Classic Updating to Version 1.1 In 48 Hours

Great news for customers of the IXEG 737 Classic as the long awaited 1.1 update will be released free of charge to all customers within the next 48 hours. Very soon, customers will be notified of the update and will be able to download to add loads of new functionality. Also, the team committed to being able to provide frequent updates again on the product.

Some new features include a realistic TCAS system, an improved EGPWS as well as new cargo and cockpit animations. There have been several texture fixes and system faults made more accurate than before.  You can watch some of the new features in the videos above and below.

We’ve published the full list below.

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Rotate Developing McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for X-Plane

Reader Maurits tipped us off that X-Plane developer Rotate will be creating a ‘study-level’ version of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Having previously developed the MD-80, the team will be using their experience to create both a cargo and passenger version of the jet engine.

The team have worked on the aircraft for a while and it is currently in early development with features still not set in stone. The firsts in-sim screenshot has been shown off and the detail is already looking great.

Check out the X-Plane forums for further information as it developers.

Pilot Plus KBID – Block Island State Airport Released

Pilot Plus recently released their latest scenery: KBID – Block Island State Airport that can be purchased at X-Plane Store for 19.195 USD. Also head over to Pilot Plus Facebook page for more about this release as well as other releases. Airport is compatible with both X Plane 10 and 11.

KBID is a public use airport located on Block Island in Washington County, Rhode Island, United States. Airport is only a few miles east of Long Island, New York.

Pilot Plus has not only reached the possible limits of X Plane but also gone beyond it. From the incredibly detailed ortho-imagery to the luscious 3D vegetation surrounding the airfield, all aspects has been replicated to make sure you can enjoy the most realistic experience when flying.

Features built in to this scenery of KBID

  • Whole island Ortho coverage at 30cm/pixel
  • over 25,000 hand placed objects
  • Baked ambient occlusion
  • Dense foliage and forestry
  • Comprehensive building coverage
  • Abundant custom vegetation including grass and bushes
  • Marine Traffic with detailed Yacht model
  • Ground Traffic routes in airfield
  • Custom 3D South Lighthouse

Many more photos can be found on this Google Photos link. Also make sure you check-out FSElite website for very latest info.

Trailer can be seen here below as well as screenshots below.

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Runway 26 Sim Norman Manley Intl Preview 2017

Runway 26 Simulations preview a new airport over at FSDeveloper called Norman Manley International in Kingston, Jamaica.

What is so special with this scenery is that it is compatible with not only FSX and P3D but also with X Plane. Kingston scenery will be payware this time as it is a complete overhaul from the ground up of the previous version made in 2015 that was freeware. Developer is working on it alone and so far no release date has been decided.

For more frequent updates please follow @rwy26sim Instagram account, which also can be found at RWY26 Sim website. Also make sure you follow RWY26 Sim on Facebook as well as FSElite for more updates.

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Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for X-Plane Video Landing

Just a few days ago, Flight Factor announced they’re working on a highly detailed version of the A320 for X-Plane. This got fans excited to see what the 64-bit platform could do for the airline type. With advance features and different simulator parameters, X-Plane fans were excited to see what could be done. Luckily, we didn’t have to hold our breath long as a video showcasing the aircraft landing into Madeira was released onto Youtube.

The video not only shows the RNV approach, but also the incredible rain effects splashing against the windshield.

I’m personally not convinced by all the texturing and modelling work, but it is worth remember this is still work in progress.

You can view it above. More news when we get it.

Aerosoft Airport Oslo XP Release

Aerosoft has released their Oslo Gardermoen XP airport up in southern Norway serving it’s capital of Oslo, about 35 km to the North of the city. A surface area of 13 sq km, two runways and more than 100 international destinations make it the busiest airport in Norway. Optimized for XPlane 11, this highly realistic replica of Oslo Airport offers many exciting features for PC pilots. Airport Oslo is available now as a download for XPlane 11!

A review will be made on this further down the road but for now we announce the release.

Her are some of the features built in to this scenery:

  • Realistic recreation of Oslo airport Gardermoen
  • Highly detailed Terminal models and photo real textures
  • High resolution runway and taxiway textures
  • Highly realistic night time effects
  • Interior models included for Terminal buildings
  • Supports X-Planes „runways follow terrain“ features
  • Custom Jetway animations (Autogate plug-in required)
  • Custom Aircraft marshaller (Autogate plug-in required)
  • Visual Guidance Docking Systems (Autogate plug-in required)
  • Replaces X-Plane 11 ground equipment models with custom local models (X-Plane 11 only)
  • Highly detailed clutter objects
  • Custom Wig Wag models
  • Custom animated windsock model
  • Seasonal Textures included (seasons plug-in required)

This scenery is yous for 20.97 euros excl. VAT and can be purchased here at Aerosoft.

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XP Realistic Pro

XP Realistic Pro has been updated to version 1.0.3. More info can be found here at Future Game Shop.

Future Game Shop released a couple of days ago an add-on called “XP Realistic Pro” for X Plane 11. It appears to be similar to Accusim V2 that we are used to from the FSX and P3D simulation but for X Plane instead.

XP Realistic Pro brings a whole new level of realism by adding vibrations, enhancing your simulation experience by making you feel that you are actually flying. But it’s not only that, also the sounds are enhanced to give you as the pilot flying the ultimate level of realism. Flying through turbulence will be a new experience compared to XP 11 default turbulence.

The video shows enhanced turbulence experience, nose wheel roll sound while being retracted, G-force effects, speed brakes sounds and all this can be easily customized from within the simulator.


  • Growing list of 16 sounds
  • Growing list of 22 real life immersions
  • Aircraft profile editor
  • 2 Default profiles for GA and Jets
  • Tons of realism

For more information make sure you head over to Future Game Shop to purchase this for just 11.99 GBP.

Flight Factor Preview of A320 Ultimate

Flight Factor has today announced their little secret about their Flight Factor A320 Ultimate. They have finally officially announced that they are going to create their Airbus A320 Ultimate.

Flight Factor began two years ago with a cooperation group to work on a real training sim for pilots. A simulation that has a totally different depth than their Profession series models.

After additionally two years of extra tough work FF are close to completion with their A320 model. Compared to the A350 that FF has made before this new A320 is made by a completely different team. This comes from” the real world” so to speak. The model is going to be completely different than what he have previously seen and experienced before which sounds interesting.

Previously the only Airbus A320 available for XP10 and today even XP 11 was the JARDesign A320 Neo.

Here are some of the unique features planned for release:

·        Hi quality and realistic interior and exterior visual model.

·        Hi quality and realistic sound pack with hundreds of sounds from the real aircraft.

·        Hi quality display graphics (4K panel).

·        Unique rain effects.

·        Fast access popup panel system.

·        Precise aerodynamical model with unique features like transonic effects, hi speed stall etc.

·        Specific engine model with realistic performance and dynamics.

·        Realistic simulation of transition effects, self-tests and other real aircraft undocumented features.

·         Precise flight management system with full profile predictions and modes of operation.

For more information head over to X-Plane Forums to read the complete announcement of their new A320 Ultimate by FF.

Renders of Latinwings Santiago De Compostela Airport (LEST)

Latinwings have shown off some new renders of their upcoming Santiago De Compostela Airport (LEST), which is stated to be “coming soon” for FSX, P3D and X-Plane.

You can see work on the terminal buildings and jetways is coming along nicely, with texture work yet to come. The modelling work seems excellent from first looks and we’re excited to see what gets produced in the near future.

When we have more details, we’ll be sure to let you know.