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Orbx Cancels Project X (X-Plane Scenery)

Orbx’s John Venema has today announced that Orbx will NOT be continuing development of Project X. Despite the detailed road-map posted just a few weeks ago, the team have determined through various criteria that X-Plane won’t be a platform Orbx will develop on for the foreseeable future.

John said that “it’s important for a company to share its vision with customers and generate excitement around future plans” before detailing this is exactly why Orbx, and probably many developers, refrain from showing off pre-alpha screenshots. It’s understandable in this competitive market, but a decision that will surely disappoint many users.

To rub salt into the wound, it appears that the screenshot shown off from Project X was a “98% complete” KCGX Meigs Field which was contracted out to Orbx to be ported. Other than animated characters, the scenery was a real product and ready for both X-Plane 10 and 11.


With so many projects on-going and different experiments happening, the team had to make a decision. Unfortunately, internal measurements, SDKs and community markets all had a part to play in that choice being one  X-Plane users probably won’t like.


He went on to confirm what we knew anyway, that Project A is Aerofly FS2, that there will be major announcements in June at Flight Sim Con and that they will continue to develop for FSX/P3D and install the P3D 4.x SDK to see what it’s like. And of course, the Dovetail SDK whenever that comes out.

Disappointing news to many I’m sure, but in a business world, this seems to be the right decision for them.


SkyMaxx Pro v4 released

Popular weather engine SkyMaxx Pro for X-Plane has today released version 4. Version 4 comes with a bunch of new features and upgrades from the previous version. You can check those out over here, as well as purchase SkyMaxx Pro v4 from X-Aviation for $39.95.

Xenviro released for X-Plane 10 and 11

The popular weather environment software Xenviro has released for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. This weather engine adds new textures and effects, new sound effects, realistic wind simulation as well as realistic effects simulations amongst others. Xenviro replaces the entire built-in X-Plane weather system and is completely customisable up to your likings. The tool is available for $69,90 from the store for Windows.

X-Plane 11 Demo/Public Beta Released!

Laminar Research has released a Free Demo for X-plane 11. A tweet from X-Planes Official twitter called it a Public Beta. So there may be bugs and such that wont appear in the final version on release day. As a reminder they wanted to have X-Plane 11 out by November of which there are 5 days left. So you may not have to wait long for the full release version. At first glance there appears to be no restrictions listed on the demo like limited play time, limited aircraft selection, ETC. So if your looking to give X-Pane 11 a try go ahead and download the Demo from their webpage here.


EDIT (1613EST): It appears the demo area is limited to Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State. There was no mention of this on the web page or the Tweet. I only found out once i ran the demo and changed my graphical settings.

EDIT (1650EST): There is also a play time limit of 20-30 minutes TOTAL! This is not per flight, thats all you get to play around with it and see if its what you want. Laminar maybe tell us the limits next time!

X-Plane 11 with Navigraph default dataset

That’s right! Navigraph have explained in a new blog that X-Plane 11 will come with Navigraph as default dataset. This is big news for all those X-Plane fans amongst us, with Navigraph having one of the largest coverages ever.

As a bit more technical in depth, Navigraph explain that X-Plane 11 will come with only one database for all data (scenery, map, ATC, AI and GPS/FMS) instead of multiple databases for each type of data like it works right now for other sims. If you really want to know what’s going on under the hood here, Philipp Münzel has made a really interesting and in-depth blogpost about this over on the X-Plane Developer forum. X-Plane 11 will come with a recent set of default data.

Navigraph Charts update

Navigraph posted their (first) developer blog last Friday, making an interesting announcement regarding their Charts application. Unfortunately this went a little bit under the radar, but we still wanted to share it with you!

In their blog they announce an update coming to the Charts app some time in early 2017. Navigraph has secretly been working on this update for over a year. The result, although yet unknown what it’ll exactly look like, will come with new clients for all your favourite platforms; iOS, Android, Windows and macOS as well as a brand new browser client. As if that wasn’t great news already, the Charts application will also be expanded with a lot of new functionality. Details on these new functions will be announced over the coming weeks, but apparently they have listened to our requests and managed to include a lot of items from our wishlists.

Of course we are really excited about this as the Charts app seems to have gotten very little love by Navigraph the last year. We’ll continue to bring you updates as more details will be announced!

X-Plane 11 FMOD Sound Preview

Laminar Research has released another Video previewing X-Plane 11. This time they showcase the new sound engine. To Quote the press release, “The new FMOD sound model is a versatile engine that will be in the default Cessna 172SP on day one, but is also highly customizable by third party developers. FMOD sound reacts to the physics of the world, and everything you do makes a difference in what you hear.”

A video is attached to the press release showing of the new Sound engine on the Default Cessna 172. Unfortunitly it seems from the Post the only Airplane that will have this is the Default Cessna and any Third Party planes that choose to make use of it. They do however imply that more aircraft will have this as time goes on. One other thing I picked up from the video is that there may be Cat Simulation. A Cat can be heard at 1:48. it may be Possible we have to keep the cat off the glare shield for full immersion. No word in the press release that confirms or denies the presences of Cat Simulation so I guess we will have to wait until release day.

FMOD is a sound effects engine for video games developed by Firelight Technologies. Its used in Meany Game Engines including Unity, Unreal Engine 3 & 4, Cry Engine, and Source. Its also the Technology that runs the sounds in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, War Thunder, Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War,, LittleBigPlanet, And meany more High Profile games.

X-Plane 11 System requierments released

Laminar Research has released the Minimum and Recommended system requirements for X-plane 11.


  • Intel Core CPU, 2 or more cores, 3.0ghz or faster. Or an AMD Equivalent
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Nvidia Direct X 11 capable Video card. Or an AMD, or Intel with at least 512MB VRAM


  • Intel Core i5 6600k at 3.5ghz or better
  • 16-24GB of RAM or more
  • Nvidia Direct X 12 capable video card. Or AMD or Intel with at least 4GB of VRAM
    • GeForce GTX 1070 or better, or Similar AMD card

Supported Video cards

  • Nvidia GeForce 400 series or newer.
    • 600 or newer recommended.
  • AMD HD5000 or Newer.
    • HD7000 with GCN Core or newer recommended.
  • Intel HD2000 or newer.
    • HD4000 or newer recommended.

Supported Operating System

  • OSX 10 or Newer
  • Windows 7, 8 ,or 10 at 64bit
  • Linux: “While X-Plane 11 will run on Linux, we don’t provide support for specific distributions; if you want to run on Linux, you will need to try X-Plane on your distribution to see if it is compatible. With that in mind, we have developers using Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 LTS successfully. For Linux, we require the proprietary driver from AMD or NVIDIA to run X-Plane. You may be able to get X-Plane to run on the Mesa/Gallium driver with an Intel GPU, but this is unsupported.  We absolutely do not support the fully open source drivers for AMD and NVIDIA.”

Even the minimum requirements are quite steep; As to why this is so we do not know. X-Plane 11 is expected to be released later this month. And just as a reminder if you purchase X-plane 10 from their website you can get X-plane 11 for free.

FlightFactor 757 v2 released!

FlightFactor have released a much anticipated update to their Boeing 757! Version 2 of this narrow body airliner has gone live and is available for $64.95 from the X-Plane store. It includes new 3d models, new systems, a new interface and much more. The 757 features an accurate flight model, has completely functional systems like the FMS and EFIS, an interactive cockpit, customisable options, custom 3D modelling and custom effects, a custom failure model and much more! Owners of the previous 757 are entitled to a discount coupon as well.

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