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X-Plane A380 – A Statement from the Developer

Yesterday, a forum post over on the X-Plane official forums sparked us to look into an A380 project being designed as freeware for X-Plane 11. That developer was previously involved with the Cloud Surf Team scandal that we exposed back in February of this year. Because of the association with the previous development team, we were skeptical on the situation and re-posted our original editorial providing context and proof of what was going on.

We were then contacted by the developer who shared this statement with us:

To begin with, I fully understand you being skeptical about this project. However I was hoping that nothing would be made public before we would officially announce it on our (still being built up) Facebook page. As of now we only have our own personal facebook accounts, where we have been posting updates over the last few months. Nothing official. Same goes for the XP11 forum post. That was me on my private account since we don´t have anything official yet.
However, I have spent the last 5 months looking for talented people to join me after the disaster of CST. I fully regret my mistake I made, but I moved on and tried to forget what happened. I always wanted to give something to the community and I thought why just stop believing because of a stupid mistake? So I spent months looking for people to join me and so far have found like the most talented people I could think of. I was hoping to do everything right from the beginning on, not like CST. That´s why we internally decided not to post anything official too early to ruin it again.
Also to proof people that we are legit this time, Nicholas Isaacs, the head of our modelling department, recorded his work and put them as timelapses on youtube. (
To begin with the search I messaged James (HD Aviator). We had a long and brief talk about what happened and together we moved on and are still trying to get the best we can do, but this time with our own work.
We do have a name for our “company” and the facebook page to it. However, “Advanced Dynamics Development Group” is still invisible on facebook since we need to add nessecary information and haven´t finished our logo´s and banners yet.
Furthermore, the original X-Plane thread has been closed by forum admins until more information has been provided.
We’ll keep an eye on how this progresses and of the developer provides any further insight.

Carenado C208B Grand Caravan Released for X Plane 11

Carenado has released their C208B Grand Caravan for X Plane 11 only and it comes with two models, one is the Grand Caravan and the other is the Super Cargomaster.  Make sure you get your FedEx and DHL free liveries for the Super Cargomaster after you have grabbed your copy of this magnificent aircraft.

More can be found at Carenado’s Facebook page as well as Carenado’s own website where you can buy it for 34.95 USD, as well as get the free liveries.

This aircraft comes with full PBR (superb material shines and reflections) as well as specially designed engine dynamics for XP 11 as well as flight dynamics, as well as ice and rain effects. It can be used with X-Plane’s GNS 430 that is FPS friendly.

Many different PDF documents and manuals comes with the aircraft as well to keep you busy, one of them being recommended settings for XP 11 to fully enjoy this aircraft.

Flight Factor A320 Wingflex Video

Flight Factor, the group that is creating the A320, has released a preview video showing the wingflex in X-Plane. It’s a good sign that FF reach out to their customers with an update and show us the latest news.

According to developer Ramzzess the A320 is getting closer and closer to public beta – there are only a few things to finish.

For more go to Flightdeckx website and this forum over at x-plane.

UPDATE: [NOW OUT] UK2000 Norwich Xtreme – Release Today

UPDATE: It’s now out.

UK2000 has announced on their Facebook that their Norwich Xtreme for X Plane 10 and 11 will be released today between 2PM and 3PM UTC. More info will be available as soon as it is released, but until then, take a look at the screenshots below.

More info can be found at UK2000’s Facebook page. Also, an earlier post I made about this airport can be found here. It’s great that UK2000 has decided to support the X-Plane platform and when looking at both the day and night preview shots below it looks promising. It’s a very highly detailed airport and I can’t wait to see what airport they decide to create next for the XP platform.

UK2000 Norwich Announced for X Plane 10/11

UK2000 has announced their next X-Plane scenery and this time it’s Norwich. It includes all the assets you can find in a P3D/FSX scenery, such as custom ground textures, grass textures and taxiway edge lighting. Release is predicted to be on August 5th for X-Plane 10 and 11 users. It will have a new ‘experimental’ static aircraft option which you can add add or hide planes using the executable inside the scenery folder or at the end of the installer. Because it is a ‘experimental’ thing you can expect bugs which are known such as lighting issues which are currently unsolvable.

Here are some screenshots and more will come at a later date once more info is available to us. For more check out UK2000’s Facebook page as well as FSElite for latest news.

Rotate MD-11 Cockpit Preview

Rotate, the developer who made the MD-80, has released new screenshots of their new in development ‘study level’ McDonnell Douglas MD-11 that they are currently working on for X-Plane.

As said in our previous post about this aircraft, the team will be using their experience to create both a cargo and passenger version of this jet. Judging by the in-cockpit screenshots, it looks very promising still, and I – along with the rest of the FSElite team – are looking forward to this release.  Personally, I’m a fan of the MD-11.

For more take a look at Rotate’s forum. More info will come as soon as it is available. A previous post we wrote about this MD-11 can be found here. Also check out Rotate’s website.

VSKYLABS Aerospace Releases the Douglas DC-3 for X-Plane

Very recently a new developer came to our attention who have been working on bringing the Douglas DC-3 to X-Plane. VSKYLABS Aerospace has released version 001.1, which is compatible with X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10.51. The project is “under development”, with many features and attributes still being worked on. According to the product page, the following areas are being worked on:

Flight dynamics model refinements, 3D Model and texture works, systems integration, FMOD sounds and more.

When an update is released, an update will be pushed to all users through the VSKYLABS Online Store and through the store.

Just reading through the product page gives the impression this is intended to be a ‘lite’ version of the aircraft, whilst still modelling many aspects of the classic aircraft.

If you’re an X-Plane user willing to be a part of the development cycle, then you can buy it now for $19.99Just remember, this is an aircraft very much still in development.

Justsim Salzburg X Plane 11 – release soon

Justsim has announced that they are going to release Digital Design Salzburg LOWS airport for X Plane 11 in a few days. This is a XP 11 compatible update of this airport which is currently only XP 10 compatible. So if you are a XP 11 user and want this airport, then this update is for you.

More information will be published once it’s released, so stay tuned for more on FSElite’s website as well as Justsim’s Facebook.

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Flight Sim World Numbers cover 1

Flight Sim World | The Numbers are in

Flight Sim World released in early access on May 18th 2017. As I did with Xplane 11 before it, I will take a peek into publicly available data to see how well the game is doing a month after its release. Now it’s only fair to remind everyone we are talking about a game in early access. So these numbers are subject to change even more dramatically than normal full released game. Some may even say it’s not fair to do this yet since the game is still in Early Access. Well my response to that is the same stance I have on reviewing Early Access games. Whats out now is all your guaranteed to get. Times change and shit happens so the future is never guaranteed. Plus I firmly believe once you start charging money for something, you are officially selling a product. You will be judged as such! And I don’t show mercy with this so let’s take a look.
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