Audio For VATSIM Launch Date Announced

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In a press release, VATSIM has provided us with details announcing the release date of Audio For VATSIM, their brand new voice technology, which is set to launch on Monday the 14th of October 2019.

VATSIM state that this is the dawn of the next generation of online flight simulation. This will be the biggest and innovative technological change to their well-aged system and the VATSIM community in many years to be rolled out across all pilot and ATC clients.

In order to implement this change, the AFV team will need to do two things. Firstly, the entire network must be taken offline for maintenance for a short period on the 13th of October 2019 at 2000z. Secondly, all VATSIM members will be required to have updated their ATC and pilot clients to be compatible with the brand-new infrastructure.

Some of the innovative features Audio for VATSIM will introduce include:

  • State of the art voice quality – a brand new Opus-based voice codec with optional realistic distortion, white noise, VHF and HF simulation.
  • Reduced delay – up to 80% reduction in latency, making busy frequencies more realistic and manageable.
  • Range simulation – transceivers set up as per real ATC positions, with signal strength dependent on distance and altitude.
  • Customisable technology – this upgrade paves the way for future amazing development by the community.
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Parallel42 Announces Release Timeframe And Pricing For The Skypark

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In a recent press release on The Skypark portal, Edson Soriano, the managing director for The Skypark, has announced the pricing and release details for their new utility.

Two major modes will be available: The Skypark and The Skypark Online.

The Skypark will be released in the next 2-3 months via Orbx Direct. As Soriano points out, The Skypark has largely passed its initial release target of Summer 2019. The Skypark will first launch as an offline version. It will offer three initial features: Skypad, which is the interface, basic SkyBlogs, which is a sort of logbook and Skypad Adventure, where pilots will be able to get new flying assignments. It is to be noted that one of the key features, the Skypad Anywhere, which allows the user to connect to The Skypark with any device, will NOT be included. The Skypark will come at a flat fee of $30.

The Skypark Online will come next. This version is “commercial level cloud-based software as a service (SaaS)”. The Skypark Online will allow users to receive dynamically created content. No specifics have been released yet, and no launch date has been set. The Skypark Online will be accessible through a monthly $7 fee. This fee is lower than the $10 fee originally announced at FS Expo. A discounted yearly subscription will also be available. Customers of The Skypark will receive a free 2 months trial to the Skypark Online. Finally, it is worth mentionning that The Skypark Online subscribers will not need to buy The Skypark on top of their subscription.

The Skypark, in a funny move, has also recently announced a recreation of the Area 51 raid.

To conclude, simmers going to the Flight Sim Show 2019 in Cosford will be able to meet with Parallel42.


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Self-Loading Cargo

Newcomer Lanilogic Technology Solutions released their very first add-on Self-Loading Cargo (SLC) earlier this week. SLC is a tool that aims at enhancing your flight experience by simulating passenger conditions. One of our content creators Aus Flight Simmer has been busy Test Driving SLC and has produced this first look video. 

You can purchase Self-Loading Cargo for £12.99 in early access from Lanilogic’s own Website. Here you will also be able to find even more detailed information about the tool, as well as a full list of factors that impact your flight.

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POSCON Details Huge Updates on Development and More

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Andrew H. from POSCON has updated the community on the development of the upcoming program. Earlier in the year, the developers had outlined a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) list of features that needed to be complete before their first public release. First off, the voice client. The developers have finished development on their voice codec. It is currently stable and ready for release.

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TFDi Announces SmartCars 3

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Developer TFDi Design has announced their plans to release smartCARS 3.

With a complete code rewrite, the new version of smartCARS 3 will allow flexibility to developers, offering a platform to build on. The platform will offer better support of mobile services, as well as enhanced flight tracking – allowing pilots to see a variety of flight data at any point in the flight, including during playback after the flight.

The new version of the tracking software will also offer better API support for using maps. A recent change in Google’s API licensing model has meant that TFDi has resorted to using a resource-intensive mapping model that has offered them limited flexibility. This has meant that they have had to remove maps from the server, and hope to release an updated version along with smartCARS 3.

Used by a variety of Virtual Airlines, the new version of the software will allow users to see which VA’s are using smartCARS and users will be able to use a single installation of the software with all of their virtual airlines, eliminating the need to install multiple instances of the same software. This consolidation will also allow users to track their hours across all of their virtual airlines in one central location.

Developers are currently working on the user interface, and it is expected that a new version of the software will be revealed in the next several months. With TFDi focusing on the recent release of their PACX software, developers are busy with multiple projects.

A pricing model for the software will be determined before release, and developers expect pricing to fall in line with the current smartCARS 2 pricing model.

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UTLive Roadmap Update

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In a recent post on their forums, the developers of Ultimate Traffic Live gave an update on the state of the software and also gave readers a preview of upcoming features and changes in UTLive 2.0.

In addition to integrating PowerPack into future versions, UTLive 2.0 will come with a variety of new features and be a free upgrade for current users of UTLive 1.0.

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Flightsim Apps Releases Remote Server 5.5 Update


On their website, Flightsim Apps have released their version 5.5 update to their Remote Overhead product. The developer states that the product “adds a whole new dimension to the Remote Overhead..”. The product is available for the PMDG 777, and that it will work as a web app on a tablet/mobile device.

The update is available right now from the Flightsim Apps website. A free trial is available to test the product. The Remove Overhead Client costs 15 Euros, though the Remote CDU and EFB cost 10 Euros which will cover a single addon. You can purchase the product through the server app (SimServer).


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Virtual Airline Schedules Summer Data Update

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VA SYSTEMS’ Virtual Airline Schedules has pushed out their latest real-world Summer 2019 schedule data for purchase. They have sent us an exclusive 20% discount code for FSElite readers which can be used on all orders: FSELITE20.

Virtual Airline Schedules now has over 70 million flight records in the database. This gets converted into over 2 million schedules in total. With about 200,000 schedules updated and exported each month for the schedule packs. At the moment Virtual Airline Schedules generate data for over 600 real-world airlines and support various formats such as PFPX, phpVMS v3 & 7 and more.

Included with the purchased schedule data, is matching fleet and airport data which you can import into your desired system. Pricing starts at £5.00 (Incl. VAT) for a one-off purchase and schedules can also be purchased in advance at a discounted rate. Subscriptions to the service are also available. You can visit Virtual Airline Schedules here.

If you’d like to test out the data, you can get a free sample of your choice on your account page.

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