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FS-FlightControl Updated to Version 1.3.39

Over on their Facebook page, FS-FlightControl has announced that they’ve pushed out an update to their instructor operation station application.

Version 1.3.39 introduces many improvements, tweaks and fixes along with the ability to now request a jetway on the pushback module where supported by the scenery. You can view the complete changelog at the end of this article.

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Pilot Assist Pro App Updated

Ipad Checklists Rev 3d 800

The Pilot Assist Pro (PAP) app has been updated to version 1.2.4.

Changes to the app include an update to the weather code to match the requirements of the weather service provider and numerous bug fixes.

Pilot Assist Pro has also changed the pricing model, making the app available as a two-week free trial before being asked to sign up for an All Access Pass for $2.99 USD per month (on a subscription basis).

Current PAP owners will retain the app for life.

Try Pilot Assist Pro for free by visiting the iTunes App Store.

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SimBrief Update – Default AIRAC Update & More


Over on their Facebook page, SimBrief has posted enticing information regarding a couple of recent updates they’ve pushed to their online virtual flight planning solution.

Keeping it more up-to-date for those who do not possess of the latest Navigraph navigational cycle, SimBrief’s default AIRAC cycle has been updated to 1803. All users who are not on a newer AIRAC cycle should have 1803 unlocked and available immediately.

For a while now, SimBrief has been electing routes based on a mixture of sources including FlightAware. All of the routes are retrieved and prioritised based on their source, AIRAC validity, popularity and efficiency.

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MWP Projects Releases RealLights for X-Plane 11

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MWP Projects have released RealLights lighting editor for X-Plane 11. This lighting and illumination editor changes the default X-Plane lighting and adds superb realism and immersion into the night environment. 

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Airline2Sim Releases Airport2Sim Schiphol Trailer

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Airline2Sim have recently taken to Facebook to release a pre-release trailer for their upcoming inaugural Airport2Sim product, Amsterdam Schiphol. The 11 minute video summarizes what customers will be able to expect when the product releases. Users can expect six videos with the package, as well as an improved GSX configuration for 3rd party Schiphol sceneries. The package will also include SODE files and a PDF information sheet.

The six videos will cover real-world operating procedures for Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, including analysis of the taxiway layout, intersections you may expect for a short takeoff, which arrival and departure patterns are used at the airport based on the time of day, and much much more. The preview video also demonstrates the enhancements that Airline2Sim have made to FlyTampa’s Schiphol with the use of their own custom GSX profile, which ensures that your aircraft never receives conflicting marshaling instructions, or clips its wings on SODE elements such as jetways.

Airport2Sim Schiphol will cost $9.99 USD and will be made available for purchase on the Airline2Sim website, as well as all major flightsim retailers. No firm release date has been set, however we can expect the product to come out sometime within the next few days.

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Just Flight Traffic Global Updated

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Just Flight has released version of their Early Access traffic utility, Traffic Global.

Billed as the latest incarnation of Just Flight’s traffic series, the program provides AI traffic for P3D and FSX. Incorporating thousands of detailed commercial airlines flying real-world routes, the program provides an FPS-friendly traffic alternative for pilots flying offline.

Even though the program is still in Early Access, (meaning the program is not 100 percent complete), the developer continues to release updates for the program. The version update adds over 500 new flight plans, a variety of new liveries, and a short list of fixes for things under the hood.

Traffic Global can be purchased from Just Flight for $41.99 USD.


  • FSX.cfg Steam version identification issue – fixed
  • FSX Boxed and FSX Steam installation duplication – fixed
  • Test compile path issue – fixed
  • Delete Flight Plan bug – fixed
  • Security logic update
  • All affected A320 liveries have had their reversed engine logo issues fixed
  • 500+ new flight plans added

The following new liveries have been added:

  • Peace Aviation A320
  • Peace Aviation A320Neo
  • Peace Aviation A321
  • JetStar Japan A320
  • JetStar Japan A321
  • AirDo 737-700
  • AirDo 767-300
  • Solaseed Air 737-800
  • Viva Air Colombia A320-200
  • Viva Air Colombia A320Neo
  • Thomas Cook Scandinavia A330-200
  • Thomas Cook Scandinavia A330-300
  • Avianca E190
  • Avianca ATR 72
  • Vanilla Air A320-200
  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) A319
  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) A320
  • Ukraine International Airlines 737-800
  • Ukraine International Airlines E190
  • Ukraine International Airlines 777-200
  • Ukraine International Airlines 767-300
  • EasyFly ATR 42
  • Southwest Airlines 737-800
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Just Flight Air Hauler 2 Fully Released

Air Hauler 2 Full Release Coming January 11th FSElite

Following last weeks announcement, Just Flight has released the full version of Air Hauler 2 meaning it is now out of the early access stage.

The full version comes after the accretion of numerous new features, innumerable updates and enhancements during the early access period.

Air Hauler 2 essentially gives purpose to your flying by creating jobs from one, often remote, airport to another. For those not just looking to fly, you’re also able to run your own freight and passenger airline. Being able to run your own airline from both the ‘boardroom’ and the cockpit.

Those seeking a more social and expansive experience are even able to recruit other Air Hauler 2 pilots to fly for their airline, with joining other airlines possible as well. You can view the complete, comprehensive features list at the end of this article.

You can grab a hold of Just Flight’s Air Hauler 2 on their own store for a price of €37.95 (Excl. VAT). To learn more about Air Hauler 2 you can view the product page. It is compatible with FSX/SE and Prepar3D v1-4.

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