FSUIPC6 for Prepar3D V4 & V5 now Available


John Dowson has released on Simmarket the latest version of FSUIPC, that is now compatible with both Prepar3D V4 and V5.

FSUIPC (Flight Simulator Universal Inter-Process Communication) has been around for more than two decades in the world of Flight Simulator for Windows, created by Pete Dowson, and now taken over by his son John. It provides an easier interface to interact with the deeper inner data of the Flight Simulator and Prepar3D engine. It is extremely popular as it enables simmers to configure and calibrate their hardware in a much more advanced way than the default simulator settings. By reading deeper needed data, FSUIPC (in its basic unregistered version) is also required by many add-ons to work properly.

FSUIPC6 also incorporates WideFS7, which allows running external programs to FS from a remote computer. The use of WideFS requires a separate key purchase.

Feature List

  • Easier and more accurate joystick calibration
  • Direct axis assignements
  • Fine tuning of multi engined aircraft throttle
  • Joystick button programming
  • Compatibility with Project Magenta controls
  • Detent setting for flaps and spoilers
  • Specific aircraft profiles

FSUIPC6 can also be used as a free version, which does not give access to the specific fine calibration functions.

FSUIPC6 is available from Simmarket for €29.99. An upgrade fee for owners of FSUIPC V5 is available if it was bought through Simmarket. The upgrade fee is €9.99.

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XSquawkbox Updates Vatsim Client to Version 2.0

XSquawkbox 2.0

Vatsim client developer XSquawkbox has updated their Vatsim client to version 2.0 for X-Plane.

XSquawkbox is a plugin that is used to communicate between the simulator and the Vatsim network to allow you to fly online.

XSquawkbox has been in development since 2011 and has been improved no end and has become one of the most recommended Vatsim Clients for X-Plane. Version 2 has been through a development process consisting of six public betas and is now at a stable version 2.0.

Some of the features that have been reworked as part of the new version has been the integration of a native Audio For Vatsim tool that handles the new voice codec without the use of a third-party application to bridge the gap between XSquawkbox and Vatsim.

Alongside making XSquawkbox up to date with current software, the developer has made other changes such as implementing warnings before disconnection as well as letting you know when your system may not be satisfying the 20 frames per second minimum for Vatsim as well as a further message to tell you when you have reached the minimum FPS afterwards. The plugin now supports text and voice on COM2 radios.

You can find the final changelog for the stable V2.0 below as well as a full list of changes since V2.0b1 over on the XSquawkbox website. You can also find comprehensive documentation of how the plugin is best utilised with X-Plane.

XSquawkbox version 1.3 will become deauthorised to work with Vatsim and therefore you will need to update your current version of XSquawkbox if you wish to continue flying on the network. you can do this by heading over to the XSquawkbox website and re-downloading the plugin. Be sure to keep checking this page for further updates as the plugin does not contain an auto-updater.

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VATSIM Cross The Pond 2020 Westbound Bookings Open

Ctp 2020 West

[Update 21MAR2020 @1430Z : all slots have been booked in a matter of minutes. In the mean time, VATSIM has broken the record of connections on the network. Definitive figures will be published this week-end].

VATSIM has opened today the booking system for the slots of their upcoming popular Cross The Pond event. The first edition of the CTP event for 2020 will take place on April 4th and will start at 1100z.

This Westbound 2020 event will take place at the following airports.


The bookings are opened today in the following order :

12:00z – EDDK & LOWW bookings open
12:30z – EGCC & LIRF bookings open
13:00z – EIDW bookings open
13:30z – EHAM bookings open

Pilots can still fly if they have not been able to grab a slot ; however, they might expect very long delays for departure.

Slot reservation can be found at VATSIM dedicated Cross The Pond website.


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VATSIM Announce Restructuring of Pilot Rating System


In a post over on their website, VATSIM has commented on the new revised Pilot Rating System used to grade their pilots who use the online network.

VATSIM currently grades both pilots and air traffic controllers by the user’s experience and knowledge about their chosen area, but the revised system will be aligned with real-world operations and the natural progression of a pilot. With the alignment comes an all-new rating at level P0, this is to engage all new starters with the network and to ensure their level of competency is good enough to hit the ground running when they do connect for the first time. The new rating will be delivered by an automated training program and is designed to cover the basics and how to become a good VATSIM member, even before they sign into the network and also to build confidence in those existing members that might want to develop their initial skills. All existing members will automatically be awarded their P0 rating, this will enable user progression to P1 and above.

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Simbrief Status Update


Many users of the popular online flight-planning tool Simbrief have noticed that the servers have been under a lot of load lately. An increase in users has led to slowdowns and errors of the tool which were mainly occurring during the busy weekends. This has been visible on the website not only in terms of performance, but also a warning icon indicating a high server load.

To mitigate and prevent this issue, Simbrief is looking to upgrading the web server. This process is currently ongoing, and the website should hopefully be online on the new server by the end of this week. The developer states that no promises can be made however. During the transfer, there might be some downtime.

We’ll continue to keep you updated in the case of any significant changes with Simbrief.

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[Updated] projectFLY Status Update – Patreon Launch and V4 Delays

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projectFLY has posted on their Discord and on their Facebook page a long message regarding the current status of projectFLY. This press releases covers the projectFLY Focus Group, a projected timeline and the launch of a Patreon campaign.

projectFLY Focus Group

The projectFLY Focus Group is targeted at Flight Simulation intense flyers that will act as beta testers for the early releases of future projectFLY updates. The Focus Group members will be recruited through an application process that will go live at the same time as their Patreon Campaign. Only once the Focus Group will be gathered, the projectFLY team will turn back their attention to projectFLY V4. No further information on the application conditions have so far been stated.

The Focus Group process is expected to take from 4 to 6 weeks, which implies that the release of V4 is still much further away. 

Patreon Campaign

The major announcement of this release is without a doubt the launch of their Patreon Campaign. It is a secret to no one that projectFLY has often had difficulties with paying their bills, and has in the past been plagued by multiple server cutoff from hosts rendering the application unusable. With the launch of this Patreon, backers will be able to donate on a monthly basis to projectFLY starting £1 a month. It is unclear for now if Patreon will have any benefits compared to other regular members. Patreon is a platform that helps artists and creators get a monthly income set freely by people appreciating their work.

Update March 8th, 2020 2030Z : Focus Group registrations are now opened.

Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further information regarding the projectFLY situation.

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VATSIM Server Migration in Progress


Announced through a Facebook and a VATSIM forums post, Matthew Cianfarani, the VP for Network Infrastructure of the VATSIM network, has indicated that VATSIM was starting a migration of “most of [their] websystems onto a new infrastructure”.

The time window for the migration is set from Monday, March 2nd @1700Z through Wednesday March 4th @1700Z.

Some services will be disabled and databases won’t be written during the migration. Servies such as new user registrations are temporarily unavailable, as well as several servers such as the stats server and the main domain.

The status of the network servers can be accessed at all time through this website.

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VATSIM Cross The Pond 2020 Westbound Date Set

Ctp 2020 West

Given to pilots through a broadcast message on the network, the VATSIM Cross The Pond 2020 Westbound will happen on Saturday April 4th, 2020.

The dedicated website is currently being updated with all the relevant information. The airport application should happen early March, and voting will follow shortly thereafter.

A semiannual event, Cross the Pond sees pilots from all over the world make the trek over the Atlantic. One event sees all traffic head westbound (leaving Europe and arriving in North America) and the second event each year sees the traffic do the opposite.

Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further information regarding this much expected event.

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POSCON February 2020 Progress Update


It has been close to 6 months since POSCON last released a development update to the community. Development seems to have progressed very well and the February 2020 Dev Update by Andrew H. is consequently huge and bears a lot of news.

Public Beta

The pilots public Invite-Only Beta is around the corner. Invites have been sent to the selected pilots who have previously subscribed. There has been up to 700 invitations for Phase 1 pilots. Those pilots will soon receive an approval email. ATC are still hand-picked by the POSCON Staff and will be under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. ATC is still under heavy work, and ATC stations will be scarce during the first weeks of Pilots Public Beta.

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Statement Regarding projectFLY V4 Delay and Reinstatement of V3

Pfly Home Fg Nov 19

A statement issued by projectFLY owner, Matt Davies, was issued with information as to why version 4 of the popular flight logging tool continues to face ongoing delays. The message also confirmed that v3 of projectFLY is now back online. On December 15th 2019, Matt made the decision to take projectFLY offline altogether in an attempt to migrate the platform from the old, costly, infrastructure to a new alternative. This process took place over a period of time with updates from Matt regarding the state of the migration.

Despite the best efforts of the team who worked around the clock, version 4 was never ready “enough” to be released. It was also admitted that even during the downtime for v3, testing on v4 wasn’t being done as “the testing team didn’t actually have access to a working copy of their version as the servers were down”. After about a week, testers finally received an updated Focus Group Build. However, once the new version was online for the testers, many new problems appeared. Matt went onto say “add Christmas to that mix where volunteers are unavailable & you’ve got yourself a tropical storm that won’t disappear.”

As a result, projectFLY v4 was in no fit state to release.

Matt has also said he felt that he gave the community a “false impression” of the application being almost ready. Matt did apologise for this and vowed that the product needs to be 100% ready before it can be released.


The original splash screen when the servers went offline on December 11th due to unpaid bills.

Moving forward, version 3 of projectFLY has been restored on the original servers (GCP) and no data from before the migration was lost. One big question that does come from this, however, is how it would continue to be funded – especially after various campaigns for donations. Matt has said that the current version doesn’t enable the platform to self-sustain, but the donations from previous crowdfunding rounds have covered the costs until “at least March”.

As for the future, Matt said in his message that there will be no timeline for when version 4 will be ready. However, he will be taking time to figure out a “solid development/testing process in place.” In the meantime, users can continue to use projectFLY as a way to track and log their flights via version 3.

Finally, Matt concluded the projectFLY message by saying that he will be “removing my ‘personal’ side from projectFLY & Mettar as a whole”, and will instead have a member of his team conduct communication.

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