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Flightsim Apps Releases Remote Server 5.5 Update


On their website, Flightsim Apps have released their version 5.5 update to their Remote Overhead product. The developer states that the product “adds a whole new dimension to the Remote Overhead..”. The product is available for the PMDG 777, and that it will work as a web app on a tablet/mobile device.

The update is available right now from the Flightsim Apps website. A free trial is available to test the product. The Remove Overhead Client costs 15 Euros, though the Remote CDU and EFB cost 10 Euros which will cover a single addon. You can purchase the product through the server app (SimServer).


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Virtual Airline Schedules Summer Data Update

Vaslogo Banner 717 White

VA SYSTEMS’ Virtual Airline Schedules has pushed out their latest real-world Summer 2019 schedule data for purchase. They have sent us an exclusive 20% discount code for FSElite readers which can be used on all orders: FSELITE20.

Virtual Airline Schedules now has over 70 million flight records in the database. This gets converted into over 2 million schedules in total. With about 200,000 schedules updated and exported each month for the schedule packs. At the moment Virtual Airline Schedules generate data for over 600 real-world airlines and support various formats such as PFPX, phpVMS v3 & 7 and more.

Included with the purchased schedule data, is matching fleet and airport data which you can import into your desired system. Pricing starts at £5.00 (Incl. VAT) for a one-off purchase and schedules can also be purchased in advance at a discounted rate. Subscriptions to the service are also available. You can visit Virtual Airline Schedules here.

If you’d like to test out the data, you can get a free sample of your choice on your account page.

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AivlaSoft Announces EFB Compatibility for X-Plane


AivlaSoft has announced over on their forum that their EFB is now available for X-Plane.

The utility has impressive features including flight charts, vertical guidance, weather and more.

The EFB also includes custom checklist features that allow you to customise the checklists to your prefered company’s procedures.

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ChartFox AIP Charts Released

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Over on the VATSIM forums, ChartFox announced its first release. ChartFox is a product aimed at collecting every countries individual instrument procedure charts, and offering them in an easy to use and single solution. This would be really useful for those without access to AIP charts, as VATSIM controllers often rely on users having access to these. Of course, you can also replace your existing charts solution with this one. The charts currently already cover a large number of countries and airports, with 20.000 charts and 1706 airports covered.

ChartFox will be updated with every AIRAC to make sure you have the latest information available. It also comes with some other handy features, such as a dock where you can save charts for quick access between charts and the ability to share your charts to a friend. ChartFox works in your browser, on your tablet and even on your phone. But most of all, ChartFox is available for free right now. Simply sign up on the website through your VATSIM account to get access to it right away.

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Flightsim Apps Remote Server 5.1 Released

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As already teased and previewed in the QualityWings 787 Update post, Flightsim Apps has updated their Remote Server with support for the plane. The update adds support for the lower MFK (CDU), as well as the EFB that comes with the plane. Because of this, and how the 787 MFK’s work, you can now stream your ND to your tablet for the first time!

The update is available right now from the Flightsim Apps website. You can try out the free version for viewing only,

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FS-FlightControl Updated to Version 1.3.39

Over on their Facebook page, FS-FlightControl has announced that they’ve pushed out an update to their instructor operation station application.

Version 1.3.39 introduces many improvements, tweaks and fixes along with the ability to now request a jetway on the pushback module where supported by the scenery. You can view the complete changelog at the end of this article.

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Pilot Assist Pro App Updated

Ipad Checklists Rev 3d 800

The Pilot Assist Pro (PAP) app has been updated to version 1.2.4.

Changes to the app include an update to the weather code to match the requirements of the weather service provider and numerous bug fixes.

Pilot Assist Pro has also changed the pricing model, making the app available as a two-week free trial before being asked to sign up for an All Access Pass for $2.99 USD per month (on a subscription basis).

Current PAP owners will retain the app for life.

Try Pilot Assist Pro for free by visiting the iTunes App Store.

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SimBrief Update – Default AIRAC Update & More


Over on their Facebook page, SimBrief has posted enticing information regarding a couple of recent updates they’ve pushed to their online virtual flight planning solution.

Keeping it more up-to-date for those who do not possess of the latest Navigraph navigational cycle, SimBrief’s default AIRAC cycle has been updated to 1803. All users who are not on a newer AIRAC cycle should have 1803 unlocked and available immediately.

For a while now, SimBrief has been electing routes based on a mixture of sources including FlightAware. All of the routes are retrieved and prioritised based on their source, AIRAC validity, popularity and efficiency.

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MWP Projects Releases RealLights for X-Plane 11

211230 2

MWP Projects have released RealLights lighting editor for X-Plane 11. This lighting and illumination editor changes the default X-Plane lighting and adds superb realism and immersion into the night environment. 

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Airline2Sim Releases Airport2Sim Schiphol Trailer

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Airline2Sim have recently taken to Facebook to release a pre-release trailer for their upcoming inaugural Airport2Sim product, Amsterdam Schiphol. The 11 minute video summarizes what customers will be able to expect when the product releases. Users can expect six videos with the package, as well as an improved GSX configuration for 3rd party Schiphol sceneries. The package will also include SODE files and a PDF information sheet.

The six videos will cover real-world operating procedures for Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, including analysis of the taxiway layout, intersections you may expect for a short takeoff, which arrival and departure patterns are used at the airport based on the time of day, and much much more. The preview video also demonstrates the enhancements that Airline2Sim have made to FlyTampa’s Schiphol with the use of their own custom GSX profile, which ensures that your aircraft never receives conflicting marshaling instructions, or clips its wings on SODE elements such as jetways.

Airport2Sim Schiphol will cost $9.99 USD and will be made available for purchase on the Airline2Sim website, as well as all major flightsim retailers. No firm release date has been set, however we can expect the product to come out sometime within the next few days.

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