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Ultimate Traffic Live – Soft Release

Steve from Flight One Software today announced that Ultimate Traffic Live has been “Soft Released”.

Soft Release?

The team have been beta testing the product for a while now and are feeling confident that the product is ready for a much “broader” use. Looks like we’ll be playing the role of “tester” again, but with the privilege need to pay. So similar to what other developers have been doing lately and offering the product early for people to test across a magnitude of platforms so they can iron out issues before a full release. Yeah, I’m not really sure either.

As this is a “soft release,” there’s no manual or quick start guide, but they should be available soon.

The team also warn that once the full product is out, there may be some changes that affect liveries as well as some functionality.

We recently posted some preview screens of the product, but Flight One Software didn’t really leave much in the way of features or what to expect, so anyone partaking in the “soft launch” gets to find out for themselves.

If you’re willing to pay for the chance to be a beta tester, then you can for the same price as the current Ultimate Traffic 2  ($44.95). Or if you already own UT2, you can get around 33% off by using the following coupons:

If you originally purchased the Download version, click here for the download version coupon.

If you originally  purchased the DVD version, click here for the DVD version coupon.

To download the UTLive program, here here:

As I write this, Jordan say a “firm release” will be much more exciting than something “soft”. We’ll let you be the judge.

There were some instructions from the team that are important to read, so I’ve left them below:




Ultimate Traffic 2 cannot be run at the same time as UTLive. You need to make sure UT2 is disabled. The easiest way to do this is to locate the EXE.XML file for the sim you are using.

For Prepar3D, that would be in the following location:

C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 (or v2)

For FSX it will be in:


To make it easier, you can download the XMLFolder tool which can find and open the folder for you. Download this tool at

Once you open the EXE.XML file in a text editor, such as Notepad. Right-click the file and select “Open With”.

There, you will see this section. You need to set Disabled to True:

<Path>C:\FSX\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe</Path>

The price of UTLive is the same as UT2 ($44.95).

Make sure you report any issues only in the forum

Navigraph Jeppesen charts announcement

It’s been some time since we wrote on Navigraphs upcoming update to their charts app. This was because Navigraph has been very quiet about what the next update will bring. Today they have finally given us some insight on what they’ve been working on, and it looks very exciting!

In a new blogpost Navigraph announced to be partnering up with Jeppesen for their charts data. It’s an extensive blogpost and our article won’t go into too much detail about it, so make sure to read it yourself as well. Jeppesen will provide pretty much all the data for the charts: SID, STAR and Enroute data will all be delivered by them. Using one provider to deliver all the data enables Navigraph to synchronise data easier between all different charts. Another thing that Navigraph will incorporate are the enhancements to SID and STAR charts that Jeppesen is currently working on, making them more interactive through overlays and providing a new format for the charts at the same time.

I’m sure you’re wondering what this effectively means for you. Navigraph have taken the time to list some of the biggest benefits in their blog:

  1. First and foremost, the coverage will dramatically increase to 6,784 airports. This is the most comprehensive coverage available.
  2. Secondly, with the Jeppesen chart format we can now offer charts in a darker night mode color scheme.
  3. Thirdly, since Jeppesen charts are generally geo referenced and true-to-scale, we will be able to place an ownship overlay (“moving maps”) on top of the charts, aiding situational awareness during a flight.

The Jeppesen format was decided upon after a survey that was held by Navigraph itself amongst its users. There is also a short Q&A over on their blog that may answer some questions you are having. To summarise it, there is no release data available yet (although it will be ‘soon’). The price of Navigraph Charts may be slightly affected, but Navigraph will honour your current subscription as they make the transition to Jeppesen and update their apps.

Ultimate Traffic Live Previews

Over on the Flight1 forums, some previews for the upcoming Ultimate Traffic Live was shown off. Complete with a brand new interface a new traffic engine and fully compatible with Prepar3d v2 / v3 (as well as FSX).

As you can see from the previews, there’s plenty of statistics to be viewed including the breakdown of domestic and international routes, number of airlines and number of flights per hour/day/week.

You can see the inflight maps, adjust various options and look at a live traffic board.

Some cool stuff in the shots so take a look.


REX Simulations logo

REX Simulations anounces their plans for 2017


Today REX Simulations announced their plans for the year of 2017. They made these announcements in a forum post in which they reflected on 2016, then went on to make several announcements. Their plan for 2017 is “Improve and Expand.” How they plan on doing this was detailed in the post, but the bullet points were: release enhancements and expansions to existing REX products. Along with several other very interesting announcements.

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Rumour: Aerosoft CRJ Releasing May 18th

Here’s an interesting one for you.

Navigraph sent out their monthly email today to inform people that navigraph data 1703 is now out.

What was very interesting is the fact that Digital Aviation’s (Aerosoft’s) CRJ 700/900 X has been added ahead of its release. Even more interesting, the email clearly stated it’s due for a May 18th release.

Nothing from Aerosoft has been confirmed, so we’ll keep an eye on it.

Thanks to Discord user Azoresst, the placeholder on Aerosoft’s website is also the same. We know that Aerosoft have had multiple placeholders in place before (it’s for retailers) and that the date has changed multiple times. We’ll keep this marked as a rumour until we hear back from Aerosoft.

Still, it’s strange that Navigraph are confirming the same date.

Vatsim Cross the Pond Airports Revealed

Here at FSElite, we are big fans of the VATSIM network and also the huge events they throw. Cross the Pond is perhaps their biggest bi-yearly event, seeing thousands of connections and pilots all try and cross the Atlantic ocean.

As the name suggests, airports with side of the Atlantic will be involved. For those unfamiliar, it’s usually a departure from a UK airport, or several European ones, landing into an east-coast USA main hub. This year is no different and you can expect to see plenty of flights from Manchester, Amsterdam, Munich and Stockholm. As for arrivals, you can expect the usual New York JFK and Boston to be full of traffic. Slightly different from usual this time, you’ll also be able to visit Orlando McCoy and Toronto.

The date for bookings will come shortly and as usual, it will be announced on the forums.

As per usual expect booking slot windows of 15 minutes with flight levels at +/- 1000ft. Your exact times will be confirmed on the day of the event.

Head over to the VATSIM forums to see further details.

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FSFX Packages: Apology for Server Outage and Chase Plane Alpha 2 Preview

Earlier today, users of Chase Plane (including myself) experienced a few issues. The reason being, FSFX Package’s servers were completely down. The issue occurred at 04:36 (not sure on time zone, but I think it was Canadian time) and around 5 hours later, they were back online. As a result of the outage, Chase Plane was inoperable (as it needs an always-on connection), and both the website and VFX Central were out.

Naturally, FSFX Packages apologied for the outage and assured the community that they have plans to improve the infrastructure of the servers to better handle the server and ensure there’s less chance of this event happening in the future. This should all be in place come April.

As a result of this untimely issue, the team have pushed back Alpha 2’s release until satisfied with the new servers. So basically, don’t expect to see Alpha 2 until April.

Furthermore, as a result of feedback from this incident, the team have confirmed an offline mode before the official release of version 1 later this year.

Finally, they also released a cool video showing off the community feature coming with Alpha 2. As you can see, it’s simple and quick to upload and download camera sets, which should make the tool even more useful. You can watch this above or via their blog.

Don’t forget to watch our preview via our Youtube channel.

TOGA Projects ENVTEX – New User Interface Preview

TOGA Projects, the team behind ENVTEX, have shown off a new user-interface for their great product. We have been massive fans of the team for a while now, so it’s great to see so many improvements based on the community and our feedback.

As you can see, it’s vastly different compared to what we have today. As we said in our review, it works, but could do with a lick of paint to make it great. Not only that, but there’s brand new customization options which will give you more control than before. This will include sun textures, lens and glow effects, airport textures and much more.

Of course, everything you see is work in progress, so you’re welcome to leave feedback and we’ll pass it onto the developers. I assure you, the team listens and they’re fully prepared to ensure this is a great product for everyone.

Finally, TOGA Projects confirmed that they are prepared for future sim versions as well as some exciting news to share with their friends over at HiFi.

AES 2.45 Released

A new update has been released for Aerosoft’s AES ground services. This update is relatively small but adds a few more airports to the product. This includes a variety of products such as UK2000 Manchester V2, KDM/Aerosoft Pisa X and many other airports. If you would like to check out this update you can take a look at this link here which will take you to the detailed forum post.

Aerosoft Bringing New Store to the Community Next Week

From next week, Aerosoft will be using a brand new modern and clean design web design to help make buying their products easier. Whilst much is unkown with how it will look or function, Aerosoft have ensured that finding the right product for you will better than ever before.

No word if there will be any down time yet.

Not much else is known, and we’re excited to see this fresh lick of paint for the Aerosoft team.

The full quote from their Facebook page reads as follows.

Dear community,

From next week we will introduce you our newest project: our new website! Look forward to our new online world, in a modern and clear design. Your advantage? Through the open and plain design, you can orientate much better in our shop, thus finding your desired products will be much easier, too.
Discover the variety of our products in the new categories Flight Simulation, Train, Bus/Truck, Blue light and other simulations. In the Hardware area, you will find the right equipment for a realistic driving and flight experience on your PC.

We hope you will enjoy browsing!