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PilotEdge Expands to the West

The team at PilotEdge have announced that their subscription based online ATC network will be expanding towards the west of the USA. This time, they will be delivering in the areas of Seattle, Oakland, Salt Lake City, Denvery and Albuquerque.

PilotEdge break down the west into Primary airports and Bonus Airports. They are as follows:

The Primary Airports


  • KASE : Aspen-Pitkin County Airport
  • KDEN: Denver International Airport
  • KPDX: Portland International Airport
  • KPHX: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • KSEA: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • KSFO: San Francisco International Airport
  • KSLC: Salt Lake City International Airport

Additionally, PilotEdge will be delivering bonus airports to help add variety and change to traffic within the Western area. 10 airports will be served on a 2-week rotating basis, encouraging the use of smaller aircraft, as well as the possibility to perform diversions and other types of flying.

The Bonus Airports are:

  • KABQ: Albuquerque International Sunport Airport
  • KEGE: Eagle County Regional Airport
  • KGEG: Spokane International Airport
  • KMRY: Monterey Regional Airport
  • KOAK: Metropolitan Oakland International Airport
  • KRNO: Reno/Tahoe International Airport
  • KSAC: Sacramento Executive Airport
  • KSJC: Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport
  • KSMF: Sacramento International Airport
  • KYKM: Yakima Air Terminal

Finally, there will also be something named ‘The Hidden Gem’, which will have full enroute coverage within 5 ARTCCs. So if you want to visit non-towered airports, but receive flight following, then this is the tool for you.

Of course, this degree of professionalism comes with a cost, so expect to the all-in price for the existing coverage area (Los Angeles ARTCC) plus the Western US Expansion areat to cost $34.90/month, or $329/year.

There’s a full FAQ over on their website, answering some important questions regarding trials and why it took so long to launch.

See you in the skies when it’s available on Dec 27, 2016 and 8am PST.


RealAir is closing down!

RealAir Simulations announced today that thew will be closing their doors. Sean Moloney said “Early in 2015 my partner Carla was diagnosed with aggressive cervical cancer.” He goes on to say that treatment has been unsuccessful and sadly she has only been given 1-2 years to live.

He then ended on a more positive piece of news saying “The great news is that further scans taken several months later suggested the cancer was clearing up, and each scan since then has been good news.”

On behalf of FSElite I would like to extend our best wishes. Rob Young has stated that having reached retirement age he feels he no longer has the energy to continue working for RealAir. The two have decided to shut down the company.  This development is sad to hear as Real Air has been one of the most popular and innovative developers for Flight simulator over the past 16 years. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we wish both of them well in their future’s. And we all thank them for their hard work over the years.

Real Air has stooped selling their addons as of right now. Currently it is unknown what exactly will become of their products, or how they plan on handling activation in the future is Unknown. Real Air has been known over the past 16 years to develop some of the best, and most innovative products for Flight Simulator. Pioneering such things as Smooth Gauge Technology, RealView (a system that simulates the forces experienced by a pilot in flight), Realistically simulated engine failures, And user-configurable VC panel layouts.


Orbx FTX Central 3 Updated to

Since Orbx have released FTX Central 3 and their Orbx Direct store, I have been actively using it to download and buy new products. Since it’s release, it has been highly regarded and Orbx seem relatively happy with the stability of the software.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect, so Orbx have updated FTX Central to version which adds a few new features as well as fixes some bugs from before.

You can read the change list which was posted on the Orbx forums below. In the mean time, don’t forget that they’re throwing together a massive sale.

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Navigraph announces en-route charts

Navigraph have updated their new developer blog found here with some new information on their upcoming update to their charts service.

The new update will include fully dynamic and interactive en-route charts!

If you are used to using the SkyVector service for route planning, these will look very familiar.

Not only are they great for getting a visual representation of the intended route, but also great if you want to manually create your own route.

Showing all FIR boundaries, individual airways, VORs and a lot more.

The new Navigraph Charts product which will be available early 2017

The entire blog post can be found on the Navigraph developer blog. I strongly recommend reading it.

REX Worldwide Airports HD – Release Imminent

The recently announced Worldwide Airports HD by REX is about to be released to the public! This addon aims to make your default airports look better (by a lot) by having new, realistic HD textures for the default buildings, objects, runways, hangars, etc. For a full list of features you can head over to their website. Keep an eye on our website to get informed about its release!

ChasePlane Alpha released!

ChasePlane, the long awaited alternative to EZDock, is now available as an Early Access product. ChasePlane is a new addon for FSX and Prepar3D that adds a new, Modern camera system. Including a Cinematic Mode, Stable and easy to use user interface, Built-in VAS indicator with visual alerts, Full camera control (including roll and smooth zoom), Dynamic CPU Assignment, and meany more features with several more planned. Keep in mind this is an Early Access Product; So Customers can expect bugs and crashes that may prevent the application from running or launching. In addition to this, the Alpha does not include a User Manual. However Purchasing the Alpha Includes updates to Alpha 2, and the release version when it langues in Q1 2017.

See FSFXpackages website for more information and system requirements. You can purchase the Alpha from there.

Orbx Direct and FTX Central V3 Released

After many weeks of telling us how amazing this new system will be, Orbx have finally released their new online store.

Completely replacing the use of The Flight Sim Store for all your Orbx needs, the new dedicated store will allow you to update, install and purchase all in one place. It is super easy to use and will completely irradiate the need for installers for all your Orbx products.

By syncing your Flight Sim Store details with the new Orbx store, you will be able to easily download and update all of your products easily. The new online service looks really clean and simple to use, meaning products are now even easier to find and buy.

FTX Central has also been updated to version 3 to coincide with the new store, syncing up both experiences. With the ability to chose your installation option, and access all of your products and more – it really is the future of flight sim add-on installing.


Orbx have prepared an easy step-by-step guide on how to use the brand new store, which you can find here.

Check it out now at Orbx Direct.

Why not check out some of our reviews for Orbx products and test out their new download service:

Melbourne V3


FTX Germany North

REX to Debut Their Global Airport Overhaul Tonight

REX have announced that tonight they we be revealing a ‘major’ product tonight live on Twitch. People have been putting their heads together to come up with what it possible could be.

Here’s the original email they’ve been sending to customers.

However, flight sim enthusiast and Youtuber, Froogle, may have let the cat out of the bag by confirming that REX will be showing off their “Global Airport” overhaul, which was shown off during FlightSimCon earlier this year.

We’ve found some screenshots from their forums and posted them below:

So there we go, we now know it’s nothing to do with their upcoming weather engine.

We’ll bring you the news as it’s happens during the live stream later on tonight.

FSFX Q4 2016 Update

FSFX have laid out their roadmap for the coming three months. In their latest update they talk about ChasePlane – their recently announced camera system – and answer some questions that the community has been expressing. I’m not gonna list all the questions here, but I would like to quote the (probably) most heard one:

“How can I join the Alpha Program?
In early November, anyone will be able to join the Alpha program through the product page on the website . Follow our social medias and register for email updates in your account to know in advance when the product page becomes available.”

For a preview of ChasePlane functionality  you can look back the Flight Sim Web Conference 2016 here on YouTube. To watch back the entire conference you can go to this link.

For people curious about the near future: as you might know from their previews, FSFX have been working on a package for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400. This package is supposed to added enhanced visual effects, just like it’s counterparts for the Aerosoft Airbus, the Lear 35 and PMDG 777 and 737. The beta of this package is live and going really well, but right now the team is hard at work on ChasePlane. As soon as the first alpha of this is live and stable the team will continue their work on the Q400 package. Furthermore: a version for the FlightSimLabs Airbus A320 will be looked at after the Q400 version is ready and released.

If you’ll be attending FlightSim 2016 at Cosford you have a chance to meet the developers of FSFX and ask them all your questions. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the black FSFX packages shirts!

You can check out the entire update over here.

OrbxDirect Store and FTX Central v3 Coming November 1st

For some reason, this information slipped under the radar and has actually been confirmed by Orbx since early September. Regardless, if we missed it, then there’s a chance a lot of you guys did also.

Orbx have confirmed that their brand new OrbxDirect Store, as well as version 3 of their excellent FTX Central software will launch simultaneously on November 1st 2016. But what is it you ask? Well, quite simply, this is going to be where you will be able to buy all of your future Orbx products in the future, as they will no long appear on the Flight Sim Store website, AT ALL.

This is a MASSIVE shift of pace for everyone involved and Orbx will be the first publisher to provide an all-in-one system, which will allow seamless product updates, easy to download install and an account system meaning backups will be made easy. It sounds very “Steam” like, which is a great thing!

Whilst John’s post is rather detailed, I’ve done my best to summarise some of the important points:

  • There will be a NEW website launching on November 1st as well, where you can download directly from.
  • FTX central will provide almost 1-click purchases across all sim platforms.
  • If you have already purchased products from the Flight Sim Store, then you will need to migrate your account across to the new OrbxDirect Store, to enable you to download updates / reinstalls of your older products
  • Going forward, it would appear that old FSS installers will no longer work
  • OrbxDirect will only accept PayPal, Visa, Matercard and Amex credit and debit cards. Also, the FSS applid AussieX 5% discount won’t be available. However, student and senior discount will be available at some point
  • There is no longer the need for product codes, serial numbers etc, as there are no wrappers involved. Simply click download, and FTX Central v3 will do the hard work.
  • Internet connection will be required to install.

Using as much Orbx scenery as I currently do, this is absolutely going to make the tiresome experience of installing and purchasing so much easier.

If any further information comes out, then we’ll let you know. If not, see you November 1st!