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Active Sky for P3Dv4 Open Beta Now Available

As promised, HiFi Simulations have released the open beta for their Active Sky series for Prepar3D V4. Known as ASP4, it’s been in testing via a private testing team for some time, but now anyone who owns a AS16 P3D license can now participate. You just need to use the same license key to install and use ASP4. If you don’t own one, then we highly recommend buying it!

As this is still a beta, there are some known issues and the team request you don’t report them numerous times.  These known issues are:

  • Real-Time Sky texture dynamics are disabled.  We expect to enable Sky Texture dynamics within the next couple builds.  While dynamics are disable, ASCA sky textures can only be changed by Activating via ASCA and then restarting the simulator.

  • Navigraph data updater has not been updated yet with ASP4 definitions.  We expect a new updater from Navigraph to be available soon which includes ASP4.

As the beta continues, more builds will improve the experience. The team asks that you head over forums to report any bugs to them to help ensure the transition is nice and smooth. to the and the full “official” release will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks.

As ASP4 is a seperate product to AS16, you can run both side by side for use in other simulator environments.

Now how do I download?

Active Sky for P3Dv4 BETA Full Install:

USA Mirror:

Europe Mirror:

Make sure that you uninstall any previous versions when updating any new beta versions.  



ASCA SP2 Update BETA (required for ASCA+ASP4+P3Dv4 use – installs over the top)

USA Mirror:

Europe Mirror:

Pete Dowson Releases FSUIPC 5.10 – First Public Release

Without a doubt, one of the most requested utilities to be compatible with Prepar3D V4 was Pete Dowson’s FSUIPC. Pete has been hard at work (surprised he’s not on holiday) and has already released a 64-bit compatible version of the utility for P3DV4.

Version 5.10 is based off of version 4.967, but will be lacking a few features as Pete is waiting on Lockheed Martin to get back to him for some requests and other bits of information. Over time this will mean that version 5.xx will become a full version of FSUIPC. As expected, the new version will be a paid upgrade for the full version, which will hopefully soon be available on SimMarket. In the mean time, you can download the unregistered version from here.

As of right now, the following features have yet to be implemented into version 5.10. This will change in due time and will be fully documented upon each update. We’ve grabbed the information from the forums as Pete explains it best. Keep Reading

Airline2Sim 777 Cadet+ Training Program Coming This Summer

We’re huge fans of the guys over at Airline2Sim. The team have worked tirelessly to create wonderful video training packages, with the latest being their fantastic 777 Cadet Program. We loved it and you guys should take a look at buying it as even veteran users will learn something new.

Whilst the 777 Cadet Program was great, there’s still much more to the twin-engine beast. Airline2Sim weren’t going to stand still as work has continued on their 777 Cadet + Program, which will bring a new range of lessons for the advance flyer. This will include  ETOPS and North Atlantic tracks, ETPs, enroute diversions, rapid decompression and much, much more. This package will focus primarily on the long-haul operations of the ultra-long range bird.

We spoke to Ben from Airline2Sim who confirmed that the course structure will be the same as the 777 Cadet Program and that pricing will be less than the follow up programs we’ve seen before. He also said that the content will also “look back on the Cadet [program] and some additional content on things that may have changed since we shot it”. He went on to say that there is also some more content on the flight deck controls also.


It’s a thrilling sounding package and we can’t wait to see what Ben and the team get up to this Summer.

Need a Free Weather Engine? FSXWX Has Your Back

Flight Simulation over the years has improved massively. We’ve seen huge jumps in technology for aircraft and scenery and of course weather engines. These engines all cost money, and honestly, they are worth every penny. However, we know that not everyone can afford to splash out on every add-on available especially those that update every few years and ask for additional money for their new version. I’m not complaining, but that’s the reality.

Luckily, it’s been brought to our attention from reader Gary that there’s a free weather engine with an impressive feature list. Using a custom weather grid, it has worldwide coverage to ensure that winds are accurately depicted, as well as a “natural fluctuation” of wind speed and direction. Furthermore, you can expect true wind aloft data as well as realtime updates. Just like the payware weather engines, it uses 3D interpolated data to make transitions smooth, which helps to ensure realistic visibility, accurate turbulence on aircraft and ensures cloud depiction is visually pleasing.

You’ll also be able to go back a year ago for historic weather via the lightweight interface. It’s an impressive package for FREE! By the looks of it, the last update was in January, and the developer has assured users on the forum that development is still active.

I’ve added some screenshots below, as well as the full feature list. You can find LOADS more screenshots on their website.

Keep Reading

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Ultimate Realism Pack 1.1 Released for Prepar3D

We mentioned a few days ago of a preview video of Ultimate Realism Pack 1.1 and since then, the developer has been working hard on the first release candidate of the new version. Today, you can download it for yourself for free!

With version 1.1, there’s a reworked PTA set alongside new ReShade presets for your disposal. There’s also completely new sky textures with complete dawn, pre-dawn and post-dawn textures.

Head over to the official website, click download and you’ll be able to enjoy it. The instructions are dead simple, but be sure to follow them to ensure everything works properly.


FSFX Packages’ Chase Plane Alpha 2 – Starting Today

Since FSFX Packages released Chase Plane alpha at the end of last year, the team have worked really hard on ensuring they listen to community feedback and improve the camera system leading up to their version 1.0 release. It’s safe to say that over the months the improvements have been regular and have greatly enhanced the user experience.

One feature that is key to alpha 2 is the community feature, which was previewed back in February. FSFX Packages have today confirmed that on April 30 (today!) @ 2300z, they will begin the process of migrating servers. The servers will be down for around 10-20 minutes. If you plan on using Chase Plane at this time, then simply ensure your product is up to date and you’ve switched it on by 2300z.

Developer Month: FSFX Packages Interview

They will then gradually switch on the community feature for users. As for when you have access? You’ll have to keep checking as it looks to be a staggered approach. Keep Reading

Ultimate Traffic Live – Soft Release

Steve from Flight One Software today announced that Ultimate Traffic Live has been “Soft Released”.

Soft Release?

The team have been beta testing the product for a while now and are feeling confident that the product is ready for a much “broader” use. Looks like we’ll be playing the role of “tester” again, but with the privilege need to pay. So similar to what other developers have been doing lately and offering the product early for people to test across a magnitude of platforms so they can iron out issues before a full release. Yeah, I’m not really sure either.

As this is a “soft release,” there’s no manual or quick start guide, but they should be available soon.

The team also warn that once the full product is out, there may be some changes that affect liveries as well as some functionality.

We recently posted some preview screens of the product, but Flight One Software didn’t really leave much in the way of features or what to expect, so anyone partaking in the “soft launch” gets to find out for themselves.

If you’re willing to pay for the chance to be a beta tester, then you can for the same price as the current Ultimate Traffic 2  ($44.95). Or if you already own UT2, you can get around 33% off by using the following coupons:

If you originally purchased the Download version, click here for the download version coupon.

If you originally  purchased the DVD version, click here for the DVD version coupon.

To download the UTLive program, here here:

As I write this, Jordan say a “firm release” will be much more exciting than something “soft”. We’ll let you be the judge.

There were some instructions from the team that are important to read, so I’ve left them below:




Ultimate Traffic 2 cannot be run at the same time as UTLive. You need to make sure UT2 is disabled. The easiest way to do this is to locate the EXE.XML file for the sim you are using.

For Prepar3D, that would be in the following location:

C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 (or v2)

For FSX it will be in:


To make it easier, you can download the XMLFolder tool which can find and open the folder for you. Download this tool at

Once you open the EXE.XML file in a text editor, such as Notepad. Right-click the file and select “Open With”.

There, you will see this section. You need to set Disabled to True:

<Path>C:\FSX\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe</Path>

The price of UTLive is the same as UT2 ($44.95).

Make sure you report any issues only in the forum

Navigraph Jeppesen charts announcement

It’s been some time since we wrote on Navigraphs upcoming update to their charts app. This was because Navigraph has been very quiet about what the next update will bring. Today they have finally given us some insight on what they’ve been working on, and it looks very exciting!

In a new blogpost Navigraph announced to be partnering up with Jeppesen for their charts data. It’s an extensive blogpost and our article won’t go into too much detail about it, so make sure to read it yourself as well. Jeppesen will provide pretty much all the data for the charts: SID, STAR and Enroute data will all be delivered by them. Using one provider to deliver all the data enables Navigraph to synchronise data easier between all different charts. Another thing that Navigraph will incorporate are the enhancements to SID and STAR charts that Jeppesen is currently working on, making them more interactive through overlays and providing a new format for the charts at the same time.

I’m sure you’re wondering what this effectively means for you. Navigraph have taken the time to list some of the biggest benefits in their blog:

  1. First and foremost, the coverage will dramatically increase to 6,784 airports. This is the most comprehensive coverage available.
  2. Secondly, with the Jeppesen chart format we can now offer charts in a darker night mode color scheme.
  3. Thirdly, since Jeppesen charts are generally geo referenced and true-to-scale, we will be able to place an ownship overlay (“moving maps”) on top of the charts, aiding situational awareness during a flight.

The Jeppesen format was decided upon after a survey that was held by Navigraph itself amongst its users. There is also a short Q&A over on their blog that may answer some questions you are having. To summarise it, there is no release data available yet (although it will be ‘soon’). The price of Navigraph Charts may be slightly affected, but Navigraph will honour your current subscription as they make the transition to Jeppesen and update their apps.

Ultimate Traffic Live Previews

Over on the Flight1 forums, some previews for the upcoming Ultimate Traffic Live was shown off. Complete with a brand new interface a new traffic engine and fully compatible with Prepar3d v2 / v3 (as well as FSX).

As you can see from the previews, there’s plenty of statistics to be viewed including the breakdown of domestic and international routes, number of airlines and number of flights per hour/day/week.

You can see the inflight maps, adjust various options and look at a live traffic board.

Some cool stuff in the shots so take a look.


REX Simulations logo

REX Simulations anounces their plans for 2017


Today REX Simulations announced their plans for the year of 2017. They made these announcements in a forum post in which they reflected on 2016, then went on to make several announcements. Their plan for 2017 is “Improve and Expand.” How they plan on doing this was detailed in the post, but the bullet points were: release enhancements and expansions to existing REX products. Along with several other very interesting announcements.

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