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TOGA Projects ENVTEX – New User Interface Preview

TOGA Projects, the team behind ENVTEX, have shown off a new user-interface for their great product. We have been massive fans of the team for a while now, so it’s great to see so many improvements based on the community and our feedback.

As you can see, it’s vastly different compared to what we have today. As we said in our review, it works, but could do with a lick of paint to make it great. Not only that, but there’s brand new customization options which will give you more control than before. This will include sun textures, lens and glow effects, airport textures and much more.

Of course, everything you see is work in progress, so you’re welcome to leave feedback and we’ll pass it onto the developers. I assure you, the team listens and they’re fully prepared to ensure this is a great product for everyone.

Finally, TOGA Projects confirmed that they are prepared for future sim versions as well as some exciting news to share with their friends over at HiFi.

AES 2.45 Released

A new update has been released for Aerosoft’s AES ground services. This update is relatively small but adds a few more airports to the product. This includes a variety of products such as UK2000 Manchester V2, KDM/Aerosoft Pisa X and many other airports. If you would like to check out this update you can take a look at this link here which will take you to the detailed forum post.

Aerosoft Bringing New Store to the Community Next Week

From next week, Aerosoft will be using a brand new modern and clean design web design to help make buying their products easier. Whilst much is unkown with how it will look or function, Aerosoft have ensured that finding the right product for you will better than ever before.

No word if there will be any down time yet.

Not much else is known, and we’re excited to see this fresh lick of paint for the Aerosoft team.

The full quote from their Facebook page reads as follows.

Dear community,

From next week we will introduce you our newest project: our new website! Look forward to our new online world, in a modern and clear design. Your advantage? Through the open and plain design, you can orientate much better in our shop, thus finding your desired products will be much easier, too.
Discover the variety of our products in the new categories Flight Simulation, Train, Bus/Truck, Blue light and other simulations. In the Hardware area, you will find the right equipment for a realistic driving and flight experience on your PC.

We hope you will enjoy browsing!


Airline2Sim Suggesting their 747 Cadet Program Out December 2017

Over on Facebook, the team at Airline2Sim have posted a rather cheeky picture of the flow diagram for the pilot flying of a 747. We already knew the guys were hard at work on the 747 cadet program, but we didn’t realise that we could be learning more about this fantastic plane by the end of the year.

“You ready to learn some of this? #Dec17”

Alongside the image was a quote saying “are you ready to learn some of this?” followed by a hash-tag “#Dec17” suggesting a December 17 release date. This would be approximately a year after their fantastic 777 series (of which I’m currently watching).

We’re already looking forward to PMDG releasing the Queen of the Skies II in the coming weeks and this would indeed be a helpful tool come the end of the year.


Envtex SP1 announcement

In a post on Facebook, TOGA Projects have let us know that they have updated their popular Envtex addon to version 1.0.5. This update improves several features, and is great news of course. But the real news is the announcement of service pack 1. According to them, SP1 will bring a complete revamp of the user interface and ‘bring modern visuals’, as suggested in our review of Envtex. SP1 will also add new customisation options and more.

More details on the 1.0.5 update can be found over here. Make sure to follow us to keep up to date with Envtex SP1!

Ultimate Traffic Live announced

It would appear that long time users of the rather old but still really nice AI traffic pack Ultimate Traffic 2 will get a replacement soon.

On the closed support forum, only accessible for registered owners of Ultimate Traffic 2, developer Steve Halpern announced that beta testers are needed.

This was posted quite some time ago, so they have probably filled the spots.

The full statement reads:


We have been working on an all new version of Ultimate Traffic. The next edition will be called “Ultimate Traffic Live”.

In short, it takes the best of UT2, along with many new features and a new interface, and provides a totally new product from the ground up.

This will be for the FSX and Prepar3D product line.

Watch your spam blocker to make sure any replies are not stuck there.

We hope to have more news soon. It is still very early, so keep enjoying UT2. As things get closer more info will be posted here.”


Airline2Sim PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet Program Released

Update: Ben was kind enough to send us the trailer:

A quick go-around from yesterday’s launch and the team at Airline2Sim have finally released their highly anticipated PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet video package.

The tutorials, training and education all from a real world Triple 7 Captain will surely  help you whether you’re an expert or a novice. There are 24 videos which will take you across the Globe and some of the most challenging airports for any 777 pilot. Each and every operating procedure has been covered in the extensive video package. The whole thing will only cost you $39.99! As already mentioned, the first 11 are ready and waiting, with a further 13 being released throughout January. Of course, your $39.99 entry fee will cover them all!

We’re really excited to get our hands on it and we’ll be sure to share you our first impressions soon!

Buy it NOW from Airline2Sim’s website.

Active Sky 2016 + ASCA Service Pack 1 released

HiFi Simulations have finally released their much anticipated service pack 1 for Active Sky 2016 and Active Sky Cloud Art. According to HiFi SP1 adds enhancements, fixes and adjustments and tweaks to further increase realism. Some notable features are visibility improvements, cloud motion effects, visibility depiction updates, API functionality updates and support for the latest P3D 3.4.18 update that was released very recently. The updates for ASCA include new soft cloud textures, new integrations and API updates, resolution and overcast improvements, new geographic wx-influence profiles and more.

Interested? You can check out the entire post over here as well as purchase AS16 and/or ASCA (current users will receive the update for free).

Immersive Audio update

It’s been quiet for a while now around Immersive Audio after they released their Immersive 737 NGX Cockpit Sounds package (of which you can read and watch our reviews here and here). In a Facebook post they announced to be working on a new audio package for an airplane, but which one is yet to be revealed. What they did reveal yet is that release is scheduled for Q1 next year.

Furthermore they have announced to be almost finished with service pack 2 for the 737 Immersive Audio pack. This update will come with a complete replacement of the GPWS sounds amongst other updates. Even better is that this update will be provided free of charge. Make sure to keep checking FSElite for the latest news on this upcoming update and the announcement of their secret project!

Airline2Sim 777 Cadet and Cadet+ Training Program – Release Information

Ben Weston from Airline2Sim contacted us earlier letting us know of the 777 Cadet and Cadet+ Training Program release information. It’s posted in a massive topic on the Avsim forms, but I have done my best to summarise here.

After nearly a year of production, a former United Airlines Captain will take you from rookie 777 Cadet to becoming one of the most skilled virtual pilots around. Through 23 different episodes, you will learn everything from low speed protections to how the BLEED, HYD and ELEC keep you flying! If you’re interested in NATS tracks, ETOPS and other considerations, you will have to wait just a bit longer, until -hopefully- February for Cadet+, to be able to have that in depth knowledge. During Cadet+, we’ll be taking on an Ultra Long Haul flight from Dubai to Newark, which will cover everything else when flying the twin-engine beast.

Why the additional wait for Cadet+? The 23 episodes are already so detailed for a vast majority of flights that it would only increase cost and development for those who don’t need it. Besides in the mean time you have all of this to cover:

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