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An Update on the Current Situation with FSPilotshop


Over the past few days, numerous people (community and developers) have been in touch asking what is going on with FSPilotshop. The website is currently unavailable and users are unable to download previously purchased products. At the time, we didn’t know anything, however, we have been busy doing some research into the situation and would like to provide the wider community with an update.

On Wednesday 21st August, we had received a few emails from a few concerned customers and developers stating that they noticed the store was offline. We checked ourselves and it was exactly as said: the store was offline. Checking their Twitter and Facebook feeds, there was no update on either platform from the company.

We then proceeded to reach out to various developers who use FSPilotshop to distribute their products and they also had no idea either. None of them knew what the situation was, nor had heard from the team at FSPilotshop.

However, earlier this morning, one developer told me that they had heard from Joshua Cox, FSPilotshop Manager. This is what this developer was told by Joshua.

“(…)Thanks for reaching out … we are doing an update to our store and ran into a major hiccup – hoping to be back online as soon as possible.”

At the time of writing, the website is still unavailable and still no posts on social media platforms informing the community.

We have reached out to FSPilotshop via Facebook to see if we can get any further information and timelines. Sadly, we do not have a more direct way to contact the team at FSPilotshop at this moment.

What about my add-ons that I have purchased at the store?

We asked a limited number of developers who all said that in the event of the shop being closed permanently, which doesn’t appear to be the case, products can still be downloaded and activated. Each developer will be different.

Damian from HiFi Sim Tech (Active Sky products) said that any customers currently experiencing an inability to access purchased products should use their contact form with their details to be able to download and activate their product.


This is an updating story and we’ll continue to provide new information as and when we receive it.


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Reminder: Flight Sim 2019 Tickets Now On Sale

It is now only 58 days until the RAF Museum at Cosford is the backdrop for one of the largest flight simulation shows in the world. Flight Sim 2019 will be soon with us and there's already plenty to get excited by for the annual event. As usual, the event will be full of developers, hardware manufacturers and other exhibitors
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FlightSimExpo 2020 Venue and Dates Announced

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FlightSimExpo 2019 was a huge success. Nearly 1,700 people attended the show over the course of the weekend. Exploring the large exhibition show floor and enjoying countless seminars from flight simulator developers, enthusiasts and aviation experts. At the end of the busy weekend, Evan took to the stage to confirm that Las Vegas would be the event city for FlightSimExpo 2020.
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[Re-post] FSExpo 2019: Thrustmaster Announces The F/A-18C Add-On Grip

Thrustmaster F A 18C
We have re-posted this article as it appeared to not get published correctly at the time of the announcement. Apologies in advance if you have already seen this. Today at FSExpo 2019, Thrustmaster announced the latest addition to their flight simulation line of products: the F/A-18C Add-On Grip for the Thrustmaster Warthog and Cougar HOTAS systems! The Thrustmaster F/A-18C Hornet
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LAST CHANCE – Buy your FlightSimExpo 2019 Tickets

Flightsimexpo2019 Sponsors

This really is the last chance for you to pick up your FlightSimExpo 2019 tickets. Taking place at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® on June 7-9, FlightSimExpo 2019 will be the biggest North American Flight Simulation show yet. With now, over 1,000 people having already booked tickets to attend this year’s event, and over 60 exhibitors, it will truly be an incredible weekend for all.

Today is the last day to book tickets online. After which, you may still be able to attend with registering at the event on the day. However, you are advised to book ahead of time. Buying tickets today will save you $20.

FlightSimExpo online registration is $80, and includes two-day tradeshow floor access, panels and seminars, a conference bag, drinks and appetizers, and a 6-month membership with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). For pilots, the event also offers an FAA WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program seminar hosted by the Orlando FAAST Program Manager.

We will be giving the full details on our FlightSimExpo 2019 plans including live interviews, content streaming and your community hub. You can see the teaser site here at FSElite/fsexpo19.

Need more reasons to come? Try 10!

Buy Tickets for $80 Now @ FlightSimExpo
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Win an All Expenses Paid Trip to FlightSimExpo 2019

This is your opportunity to win big. FlightSimExpo, in partnership with Thrustmaster, have today announced an all expenses paid trip to FlightSimExpo 2019. Thrustmaster has demonstrated that they are serious about the flight sim community and are doing their bit to get involved. To show that commitment, they are giving people a chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you
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Flight Sim Show 2019 (Cosford) Tickets Now Available

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Whilst hype is building for FlightSimExpo this coming June, UK fans may be excited to hear that the annual Flight Sim Show in Cosford has had its first round of exhibitors announced, along with tickets now on sale. For the first time, the Flight Sim Show at the RAF Museum in Cosford is now running for a whole weekend. Both Saturday
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Navigraph Seeks Beta Testers

Navigraph Beta
Over on their Facebook page, Navigraph has put out a post stating that they're seeking beta testers for an upcoming major revision to Navigraph Charts. The upcoming major revision is said to be a long-anticipated release with Navigraph being committed to providing the best product possible and therefore they are looking to select a broad group of users with a diversity
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