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Airline2Sim 777 Cadet Program Episodes 15/16 Now Available

Although released a little over 2 weeks ago, Ben and the team have been working tirelessly to bring you remaining episodes of their amazing Airline2Sim 777 Cadet Program to you as soon as possible. Today, episodes 15 and 16 were made available with pretty much everything else ready to watch as of the 16th Jan!

Airline2Sim PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet Program Released

Episodes 15 / 16 will take you to San Diego to practice some RNAV approaches, whilst episode 16 gives you chance to test you visual skills into San Francisco. Both episodes are of course the high standard you would expect from Airline2Sim.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the final 8 episodes over the coming weeks. You can buy it now for $39.99 from the Airline2Sim store.

PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet

UK2000 Release Manchester V2

Just the day after the release of I.D.S’ Manchester, UK2000 have released theirs. It is always good to see some competition and this comes as very strong competition. UK2000 are renowned for their good quality British airport sceneries and this one seems to be no exception. Having heard reports of problems regarding the I.D.S scenery maybe this version of Manchester will be slightly better. The product comes in at the regular UK2000 price of £16.99 which is well priced considering the size of the airport. The full feature list will of course be linked below but some of the most notable features include high resolution imagery and accurate buildings. You can purchase the scenery here if you wish to take this product over I.D.S’. We look forward to seeing UK2000’s new upcoming releases in 2017.


Full detail Buildings
Realistic Ground Markings
Hi Res ground image
UK Runway markings
Stunning Night Effects
3D Approach Lights
Dozens of Airport Vehicles
Excellent Frame Rates
Unique Service Fleet
Animated Traffic
Runway Wigwags
Full set of signs
Static Aircraft
Manual and Options
Docking systems
Special ‘Effects’
Improved runway lights

TFDi Update 717 to Version 1.0.5

Quick one for you if you already didn’t know. TFDi Design’s have updated their 717 with updates including fixing incorrect VAPP/VREF speeds, takeoff trim and some issues with the magenta line drawing.  This comes after what Josh said from the TFDi Design Team. Full update below, but you can grab it from the manager now.

FSElite will have a full review soon!

  • [ADDED] Database version indication to MCDU
  • [FIXED] Crash when selecting certain SIDs/STARs/ILSs
  • [FIXED] Autothrottle fighting pilot deceleration
  • [FIXED] Incorrect VAPP/VREF speeds
  • [FIXED] Acceleration and climb thrust altitude resetting during climb
  • [FIXED] Crash when reselecting a STAR (or SID) after beginning to fly it
  • [FIXED] Range not setting to 10NM when TCAS mode was selected on the ND
  • [FIXED] TCAS mode inner range ring displaying incorrectly
  • [FIXED] Takeoff trim being improperly calculated
  • [FIXED] One scenario that could cause strange magenta line drawing
  • [FIXED] One scenario that could cause out of range speed predictions in the MCDU


Immersive Audio announce Majestic soundpack

In a Facebook competition, Immersive Audio have announced that their next sound pack is gonna be for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400. The Dash 8 is a beautiful prop liner with amazing sounds and we can’t wait to hear how Immersive Audio will take this to the next level. No release date or samples as of yet, but according to their post we can expect a preview video soon! In the meantime, check out our written review and our video review of their previous cockpit sound pack (for the PMDG 737 NGX) to see (or hear) why we are so excited about this!

Aerosoft/I.D.S Manchester X Released

We reported a couple of days ago that a video had been released showing off I.D.S’ newest scenery being Manchester. Well it is now out and can be purchased from the Aerosoft website here for the reasonable price of €16.76 excluding VAT. The scenery looks excellent and I look forward to picking it up for myself. You should hopefully be expecting a review on this scenery from us in the near future. This scenery is said to include high resolution imagery and accurately placed 3D objects that can be found throughout the scenery. The full scenery feature list is below this article. Do not forget that I.D.S’ other two in development sceneries are just around the corner. These sceneries being Newcastle and Boeing Field. We look forward to acquiring these other two sceneries and any news regarding these will of course be reported over here at FSElite.


  • All seasons
  • Billboard coverage
  • 3D grass
  • Static Cars
  • Static People
  • Static Ground Service
  • AES-Lite dynamic traffic
  • Custom trees
  • Static Aircraft
  • Scenery Manager
  • Charts

LatinVFR Show Off Some New Screenshots of Barcelona

We have had JustSim’s Barcelona for quite some time now and you can check out the review here. But as I am sure many of you know there is more than one developer creating new scenery for Barcelona. It seems a bit overkill but any competition is good competition. With JustSim jumping the gun and getting there first it will be interesting to see who comes up second. We have received few updates from SimWings which I can only presume is good news. But getting back onto LatinVFR they have just showed off three new screenshots of their upcoming scenery which is looking to be making steady progress. In these latest screenshots they showed of their work on the terminal buildings which are looking to take form very nicely. It’s good to see that they’ve gone to the extent of modelling the terminal interiors which is already an advancement on what JustSim have created. You can check out the screenshots below here. We will of course keep you up to date on any other news regarding this upcoming scenery.

Ultimate Traffic Live announced

It would appear that long time users of the rather old but still really nice AI traffic pack Ultimate Traffic 2 will get a replacement soon.

On the closed support forum, only accessible for registered owners of Ultimate Traffic 2, developer Steve Halpern announced that beta testers are needed.

This was posted quite some time ago, so they have probably filled the spots.

The full statement reads:


We have been working on an all new version of Ultimate Traffic. The next edition will be called “Ultimate Traffic Live”.

In short, it takes the best of UT2, along with many new features and a new interface, and provides a totally new product from the ground up.

This will be for the FSX and Prepar3D product line.

Watch your spam blocker to make sure any replies are not stuck there.

We hope to have more news soon. It is still very early, so keep enjoying UT2. As things get closer more info will be posted here.”


Aerosoft update German Airports 3 – Hamburg

Aerosoft have released an update to the in 2012 released Hamburg scenery addon. This scenery was previously only available for FS9 and FSX, although it was possible to have it installed and working in Prepar3d. The update adds installer support for Prepar3d (v3) so it can be more easily installed. Also updated are the jetways which are now animated and the AFCADs have been updated with realistic approach procedures. German Airports 3 – Hamburg is available for €15,08 from the Aerosoft shop.

FSLabs January 2017 Update

Update 11 JAN 2017 @ 20:30z:

We’ve been following the forums and Andrew from FSLabs has clarified some important information.

We have every intention to release the A320 for P3D.

We are not going to wait months for LM to produce another hotfix.

We are working around the clock on this – if LM can help, that’s great. If not – we’ll be taking additional steps with the A320-X to mitigate (as much as we can) the memory problems introduced in P3D v3.4.

So there we go, the team aren’t resting until LM fix the issues, but are continuing to work regardless of the outcome.

Original article:

Lefteris from FSLabs has taken to the FSLabs forums to update the world with what’s going on with the team for this year. Not only the long-awaited Prepar3d version of the A320X, but also snippets of the future.

He began detailing what will come in 2017 for Simmers. He confirmed that the next update for the A320X will be with us very soon. This will fix several bugs (e.g. MCDU freezes and autoland flare logic) as well as other improvements.  Of course, once we get closer to a release, we can expect a full list of details. Whilst this update won’t bring in features like detailed winds, we can expect that in a service pack later this year. The team have broken the service pack down into smaller tasks to push updates faster, as well as add any improvements and user feedback along the way.

Now, like me, you really just want to know when the Prepar3d version of the ‘bus is coming out! Lefteris has said that there are no ‘major bugs’ with the version the team have, but as awaiting some more fixes from Lockheed Martin with their most recent version of Prepar3d. Some users have reported VAS issues and an error message called “DXGI_DEVICE“. I’ve personally not experienced either, so can’t comment, but the logic is, FSLabs don’t want common users to associated the issues with their product and build up a huge list of support issues not meant for them. I can understand the frustration of users especially after hearing there’s no bugs, but completely understand their position. With development fast and active, hopefully it won’t be long until LM solve the issue.

Further information was also given about the ‘cockpit builder’ features. Basically, lots of vendors want to work with FSLabs (and vice versa) to bring the best hardware to the community to work with the A320X. FSLabs are asking you to contact your favourite vendor to contact them to begin the discussions!

Finally, the forums have had a spring clean to make things easier to find and more helpful. The team are also looking at different ways to use support facilities to help people who have purchased the product!

Other than that, that’s about it. We’re excited and eager to get our hands on the plane. Come on Lockheed, chop chop!

Don’t forget to vote in our FSElite 2016 User Awards for FSLabs A320X to be your aircraft of the year, and FSLabs to be your Aircraft Developer of the year.

You could even possibly win a prize just for voting!





Aerosoft/IDS Showcase Manchester in New Promo Video

Aerosoft in partnership with IDS have been working on Manchester for quite some time now. Just now they have released a promo video showing off the new scenery which looks excellent. It seems that IDS have spared no detail in the creation of this scenery with what looks to be modelled terminal interiors and other small details such as 3D grass. In the description of the video they explain how high resolution images and hand placed 3D objects have been used throughout the scenery which is great news and it is looking like we can expect a very good product coming very soon. It will be nice to finally have an update to the dated UK2000 scenery that is currently the sole option for Manchester. However, UK2000 themselves will soon be releasing their updated Manchester scenery. We will have to see if UK2000 can reach the high standards of IDS with their upcoming scenery. You can find the link to the video here. As with most Aerosoft preview videos it is expected that the scenery will soon follow so we can hopefully expect this new scenery in the very near future. We will of course notify you of as and when this scenery is released.