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First PMDG DC-6 FSX/P3D Beta Video Appears

We have known for a little while that PMDG’s DC-6 has been in beta testing for FSX/P3D. After the release of the experimental product on X-Plane, fans have been eager to get their hands on their preferred sim version.

One of the beta testers has uploaded the first video for the DC-6 on YouTube and talks us through some of the features we can expect.

The 30 minute tour shows us the external view as well as an in depth look at the virtual cockpit and some of the in-sim menus.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for further information and get back to you in due course.

New Screenshots of FSDG Agadir

Agadir, Morocco is somewhere that I have not yet heard of. But it turns out that for some time now this scenery has been in development for quite sometime. Having seen the quality of this scenery I am suprised that I have not yet heard of this scenery. It looks fantastic.

For an airport that I have not heard of, the route selection is huge with airlines such as easyJet, Condor and Ryanair serving the Moroccan destination. A destination that I am now very interested to fly to with this upcoming scenery.

FSDG, as always are looking to produce another excellent scenery. I am looking forward to seeing what the completed product is set to look like. The developer states that release is close and requires just a few bug fixes and improvements before final release.

The scenery covers everything within the airport fence but nothing outside. Not at all a problem considering the detail that seems to have gone into this scenery.

When the product hits the shelves we will be sure to let you know.


New Video Showing Off Navigraph Update Progress

Navigraph have released another video showing them back at work working on their new charts application which is set to release soon. In this video we enjoy a sneak preview of what to come as well as some more emojis.

It’s great to see the progress being made on this application. This video shows off one of the key features for the new update, enroute charts. This will give you the ability to see your route on a much wider scale no matter where you are in the world. Although we do already have some enroute charts within Navigraph this new update will bring a far greater expanse of en route charts with more detail.

That’s all from them for now, it’s obvious that they are hard at work. Any more news regarding this upcoming product will of course be reported by FSElite. For now, enjoy the video.

Back in the office! We just got airway search to work in Charts Cloud. You can search airways by text or by clicking in the chart. No more tracing routes with your finger on busy enroute charts. 👆🌎🚫

Posted by Navigraph on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nvidia Driver 381.65 VAS Issues

Thanks to Rob McCarthy over on the P3D forums we have gathered some information regarding P3D’s compatibility with Nvidia’s latest drivers, 381.65. P3D and Nvidia drivers are a tricky combination sometimes. Most commonly due to the inherint VAS leaks that they so often drag along with them. The latest seems to be no exception.

According to Rob, a test was performed where P3D was left running for three days in the default scenario. A loss of 300mb was seen without any intervention. Although not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things. That 300mb could be the difference between running out of memory or not.

My personal recommendation for P3D is 376.33. Although old drivers I saw a drastic improvement in my VAS after beginning to use these drivers. Most Nvidia graphic cards support this driver so if you haven’t already I can’t recommend them anymore highly.

If anything new arises regarding these drivers we will try our best to make you aware of it.

Orbx Announces LSGK Saanen Airport – New Freeware Project

Orbx have today announced that Saanen Airport (LSGK) is in development and will be completely free. Coming from developer Sylvain Delepierre, the Swiss airport will see you soaring above the Alps in style. Sat between Geneva and Innsbruck, the coverage will allow you to see the villages of Saanen, Gstaad and Rougemont – all photoreal. There’s around 70 sqaure kilometers of scenery to view and will immerse your experience even further.

The first shots are below and as of right now there’s not much to show of the airport itself. No release date mentioned, but if we hear anything, we’ll be sure to update you.



Updated – TFDi Developer Working on Embraer as Side Project

Update @ 21:00z – An update from TFDi:

Before this becomes more than it is – Joshua C has been working on collecting research on his own. We have NOT made this an official TFDi Design project – although the Embraer is/was one of the many things on the table, it’s just a discussion/research point. Our primary focus at the moment is getting the 717 to where it needs to be – then, and only then, we will begin pressing onward fully with whatever our next project may be. Thank you for the support and feedback on the project, though – it’s been noted.
-President, TFDi Design

User JoshChe, known for his involvement with the TFDi 717, was spotted asking for real life Embraer pilots over on Reddit. His particular question was about someone being able to take a picture of the cockpit of an Embraer 17x/19x. Usually TFDi developers go by a flair to recognise them on Reddit, though said flair was missing this time.

This image was also released with it.

Though we are not sure what this means, it would be very good news to see someone develop an Embraer for the FSX/P3D platform. A high-quality alternative is rather lacking for this popular jet.

We have reached out to Josh (the other one!) from the TFDi team and he confirmed that this is a side project from JoshChe and not associated with TFDi at all. So before you start to panic, the new update for the 717 is still coming (and quite nicely so I hear).

If we hear any more from the project, we’ll keep you guys posted.

Thanks to FSElite reader Ben for pointing this out to us.

HD Virtual Cockpit for Level-D 767 Now Available

Over the past few days, the Level-D 767 has been receiving some huge attention. From the first update that made it compatible with Windows 10, and then allowing it to native-install Prepar3d. Of course, the product itself is around 10 years old. Despite how it functions, it does look quite dated. Lucky for us, Zinertek have stepped in and provided some payware HD quality textures to replace the standard set. They’re available for both FSX and Prepar3d

These are a brand new set of textures for both day and night, as well as new callout sounds. It’s an impressive feature list for a great price. Also included is realistic night lighting, new flood lights and windshield reflections. Those guys have worked really fast to bring this out to us and just at the right time as well.

You can breath a new lease of life into an old aircraft for around 10 euros ($12) via SimMarket.

Feature list below. Let us know if you download and install.



New textures in High Definition bring your Level-D 767 to a whole new level of realism!

New flood lights inside the virtual cockpit.

Realistic night lightings effects during night time!

New and more realistic virtual cockpit.

New EHSI and EICAS displays with realistic reflections!

Realistic windshield reflections.

New and more realistic GPWS callout sounds.

Compatible with the FSX and Prepar3D versions of the Level-D 767

Frame rate friendly!

Aerosoft Iceberg Cancelled

Just a few days ago, Mathijs posted an interesting project to inject icebergs into flight simulator. After all they are a natural occurance in the real world and one pilots get to see day to day when flying over the Atlantic. Despite the assumption it was taking away resource from other projects (which it wasn’t), it was just another piece of freeware to enhance the experience.

Sadly it’s been confirmed that the ice has melted and the project is no more. Mostly down to flight sim limitations. So basically, as pilots are flying always looking ahead, they had to inject the icebergs in a way to be able to see them at distance. Problem is the max distance is around 50km in flight simulator. So if you’re flying and are 51km away it won’t be there but at 50km, it’ll pop it view. Not the smoothest of transitions.

The guys are looking for support from their scenery developers to see if there’s a way to manipulate the sim to show the icebergs at a great horizontal distance.

For now, this project has evaporated into the atmosphere.

Level-D 767 Now Functional with Prepar3d at No Extra Cost

A few days ago, we posted about the fact that Level-D were working on their 767 to make it compatible for Windows 10 users. It would appear the team have now gone even further and made sure that the product works Prepar3d v3. Best part is: all for the upgrade cost of FREE. The only caveat is that you MUST have Service Pack 2a (version 1.42a) installed already before using the upgrade link below. Additionally, Flight1 have updated the original installer to include these new files.

Here’s the upgrade download:

Here’s the product page:

For a product that was released 10 years ago, it’s great to see love and attention being given to it. Sure it may look dated in some area, but it’s still the most sophisticated 767 currently on the market for flight sim user. It also shows that Level-D are back actively developing. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally get their 757!

New Video Shows Off Navigraph Charts Update

In a brief video, our friends over at Navigraph have shown off their upcoming chart product. Including enroute charts, a moving map and much more. What is already an excellent product is set to become even better.

The biggest change being made is that they are making the change from LIDO to Jeppesen charts. A change that many may take a while to adapt to but a very welcome one nonetheless. The video itself shows off what we’ve already seen in images but is cool to see how it actually works.

The video will be linked below this article.