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Eaglesoft Citation XLS+ previews

Eaglesoft have given us some more preview shots of their Citation XLS+ that is currently under development. Unfortunately the post did not state anything about a release window or technical status. But the images are definitely worth checking out regardless.

Aerosoft Release Rome Ciampino X

Aerosoft have just released their long awaited Rome Ciampino scenery. It’s been a fair time coming, but it’s finally released. For a price of EUR23.14 this scenery can be yours. Available from both Aerosoft and SimMarket.

Rome Ciampino airport is Rome’s second largest airport after Fiumicino. Serving both civilian and military operations. The airport is a large base for Ryanair providing a diverse route network through Europe and Africa. Although not a base for Wizzair, there is a variety of flights serving Eastern Europe from this airport.

This scenery seems to match the high quality precedent set by Aerosoft with their previous sceneries and looks to have sufficient value for money.

Expect a review from us on this scenery in the near future.

BlackBox Simulation’s Bird Dog Updated – Includes Free Models

BlackBox Simulations have updated their Cessna Bird Dog to now include both the Sea Plane and the Amphibian versions of the iconic aircraft. Not only does this update include the new models, there’s also some new fixes that improve the aircraft further.

The Cessna Bird Dog was recently updated to include Prepar3D version 4, but this update also works just fine for FSX and P3Dv3.

You can read our review on the Bird Dog here.

Lockheed Martin Release P3D V4.0 Hotfix 1

It’s been a long time coming, but Lockheed Martin have finally release their first hotfix for P3D V4. The main reason many have been anticipating this is because it will bring the 777-300ER from PMDG into V4. The patch brings an array of features which mainly iron out a majority of bugs that have been discovered since it released a few weeks ago.

We can be sure to expect the 777-300ER any minute now as PMDG work with the patch to assure full compatibility in the sim. The release of the 777-300ER will be followed on by the NGX. It will be nice to finally have a popular short haul aircaft in the sim having been stuck with long haul for quite some time now.

To see the full list of fixes, take a look on the P3D website.

Just Flight Weekend Sale

The team over at Just Flight have great savings on six products this weekend. All products are from the in-house development team recent releases.

These Include:

  • Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer
  • PA-28R Arrow III
  • Meteor F.8/FR.9
  • TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad
  • Tornado GR1
  • Canberra PR9

If you are interested in any of these products, you can visit the Just Flight website for more details.

Air Hauler 2 Now Available for P3D Version 4

The Air Hauler 2 team have released their latest early access patch (v51) and now supports P3D V4. The update also includes the new Nomad mode. This difficulty setting doesn’t allow you access to own or build new bases, you can only find jobs and missions by visiting other airports. Great for you explorers and bush pilots.

You can now download the new patch via your Just Flight account or if you are new to Air Hauler? You can visit the Just Flight website for more details on Air Hauler 2.

Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls Regional

Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls Regional nearing Beta

Turbulent Design announced yesterday that their next scenery, Idaho Falls Regional Airport, is nearing the Beta stage of development. Accompanying this announcement they have a list of features and several screenshots. High quality buildings and textures, SODE  Jetway’s, and Dynamic Lighting are just a few of the features mentioned. A release date is pending.

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Aerosoft CRJ Dynamic Light

Matthijs gave us a preview of Prepar3d V4s Dynamic Light capabilities on the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ. It looks very nice, especially the landing light disco (though I am not sure if people in the terminal would agree with me). Check out the post for yourself to get all the latest updates on Aerosofts CRJ or check out the video above.

PMDG Push Update for 777-200LR/F

Users of the PMDG 777-200LR/F will already be enjoying it in P3DV4, whilst they eagerly await the 300ER to be compatible. In the mean time, it appears PMDG have worked to further enhance the 777 line with a new update pushed out via the micro-update system inside the PMDG Operations Centre.

The new update is considered minor, but has added the same ground rolling friction functionality as found with the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II. Furthermore, other items were fixed as well as correcting a bug that caused brakes to overheat in some unexpected conditions.

Right now, this update it only live for both Prepar3D platforms, but FSX and FSX:SE versions will be updated over the weekend.

The next update due is the 777-300ER, which is expected once Lockheed Martin release a hotfix for P3D V4 later this week.