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Thrustmaster Showing Off Boeing Yoke and Throttle at FlightSimExpo

Image From Ios

Breaking news. Thrustmaster have on display a Boeing yoke and throttle set at FlightSimExpo. Chances are, this is their big product reveal. This does indeed look “dreamy”.

No information right now, but be sure to tune into the live stream later today to get the full scoop!

We’ll share more once we get it.

For more on FSExpo 2021, check out our live feed.


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X-Crafts Drops New Trailer for E-Jets Family

EJETS Family Trailer
Developer X-Crafts has dropped a brand new trailer for its upcoming E-Jets Family coming to X-Plane 11. The new trailer was shown off during FlightSimExpo 2021 and showcases the new external modelling and texturing. In addition, we get a glimpse of cockpit modelling and systems. Finally, we were also given a 2022 release window. Join us later for an exclusive interview with
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FlightSimExpo 2021 – Exclusive News, Interviews and More This Weekend

FlightSimExpo 2021 kicked off yesterday in San Diego with a handful of great seminars that took us through how to build a new PC, our own home cockpits and how at-home simulation can assist with real-world flying. All of this was discussed during Captain's Corner, the pre-cursor to the main event which starts today. From 09:00PT/16:00Z, there will be a jam-packed
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Orbx Releases Essendon Airport for MSFS

YMEN Essendon Airport Orbx Msfs 15
Orbx has released Essendon Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following a few weeks of teasing and previews, Orbx's home airport has been digitised for the simulator platform. Orbx has developed Essendon Airport as part of the airport's centenarian birthday celebrations. Essendon Fields Airport started initially as Melbourne's main airport but was overtaken by the larger Melbourne International Airport. That said, Essendon
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Infinite Flight 2021/2022 Roadmap

Infinite Flight Roadmap

Whilst Infinite Flight only just released a large update that added 3D airports and improved ground image quality, they continue to build on the mobile platform for their community members. The news shared on the Infinite Flight blog details exactly what’s to come next from the team, including details on a brand new aircraft: the A220-300.

As mentioned, the next big aircraft in development for Infinite Flight is the A220-300, which will come with full 3D modelling. This will give users of the app the chance to fly the new Airbus aircraft on routes around the virtual world. Following the A220 release, Infinite Flight will turn attention to the military fleet already present in the sim. In particular, the F/A-18 will be given some much-needed love to bring it up to a more modern standard. Finally, attention will eventually turn to the Embraer E-Jet family of aircraft. Exactly which model will be added has yet to be decided.

Beyond aircraft, Infinite Flight will continue to develop other features, including continuing with Project Metal. Project Metal will bring improved atmospherics, more 3D objects and improved lighting.

Whilst this roadmap seems a little light, there’s still plenty going on behind the scenes at Infinite Flight that we’re sure will be revealed when they’re ready to be shown. For now, check out the latest news from the release of Infinite Flight 21.5, which added a bunch of new airports to the mobile sim.

You can check out the free version over on the App Store for iOS or on Google Play for Android.

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New Honeycomb Aeronautical Products Announced

Chrome 2021 09 24 23 26 49
Honeycomb Aeronautical's Nicki continues to talk on stage at FlightSimExpo and has just confirmed a few new products coming out. Starting with the Alpha Flight Controls XPC, this new version of the original Alpha Yoke will come with a number of new features. The new form factor means the rounded top has now gone, whilst hall-effect sensors have been added, which
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Announces The Flight Sim Academy

Chrome 2021 09 24 23 09 33
During Captain's Corner at FlightSimExpo, Honeycomb Aeronautical has announced 'The Flight Sim Academy'. This new initiative has been designed by Honeycomb as a way to help overcome the pilot shortage the world will face in the coming years. The new academy will first open in San Diego during Q4 of this year and will be made up of 16 simulators.
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SimWorks Studios Previews Kodiak 100 in MSFS

Simworks Studios Kodiak (1)
Developer SimWorks Studios has shared a number of new previews for the Kodiak 100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team has been busy working on the plane for a while with numerous previews over the course of the past few months. It was originally intended on being released July/August, but has clearly missed that window. Despite the delay, SimWorks Studios
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Thrustmaster Teasing Boeing Partnership; Announcement Coming Tomorrow

Feels Like A Dream Thrustmaster
A teaser trailer from Thrustmaster has been shared online that confirms a Boeing partnership is about to be announced. There isn't much to see in terms of product or controls, but the trailer showcases a rendered aircraft and also the Boeing logo. The camera also pans through a wide-body aircraft, which may suggest what the product may relate to. The teaser
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