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Turbine Sound Studios Release Beechcraft B-1900D Soundpackage for FSX and P3D

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Turbine Sound Studios has released their Beechcraft B-1900D PTC HD Soundpack for FSX and P3D.

If you’re not familiar with Turbine Sound Studios, also known as TSS, they are known for creating high quality soundsets for addon aircraft. They have packages available for many aircraft including the QualityWings 787, the PMDG 777, the PMDG 737, and have also made the soundset found in the TFDI 717 as well as the Aerosoft CRJ.

Their newest soundset is no different, having been recorded in high definition and compiled to meet Microsoftflightsimulator requirements. The soundset includes external engine sounds, internal engine sounds, wind sounds, cockpit environment sounds, and more. A full feature list can be found at the bottom of this article.

The soundpack has been developed for the Carenado B1900D for FSX and P3D but other models will work with it as well. It can be yours for a price of 13.38 euros on Simmarket.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the soundset in action:

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Carenado PC12 For X-Plane 11 Releasing Soon

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Carenado has announced in a Facebook post that their PC12 for X-Plane 11 is "almost ready to take off" and should be releasing soon. Included in their post were some previews of the product, and I must say they look quite good. Nothing else was said except to "stay tuned", but this is certainly good news for those who have
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Orbx Release KMRY Service Pack 1 for Aerofly FS 2

KMRY AeroFly FS2 V1.1.thumb .jpg.5cae8a1bb4600e69586cccb5b50d9c45
Orbx has released service pack 1 for their Monterey Regional Airport scenery for Aerofly FS 2. Service pack 1 brings many changes and fixes with it, including new building autogen textures, resolved water blending issues, an added swimming pool to the Naval Post-Grad Academy, and more. A full changelog can be found below. If you've purchased the scenery through Orbx
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projectFLY V3 Open Beta Now Available to Use

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UPDATE: We are aware that some members of the community are unaware of what projectFLY is and how it works. It's primary function is to be able to give the community a space to log their flights across multiple sim platforms and operating systems, as well as engage in community content. The custom built system will allow users, for free,
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FS-FlightControl Version 1.3.18 Released

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FS-FlightControl has been updated to v 1.1.18, brining a host of changes and improvements.

If you don’t know what FS-FlightControl is, it is essentially an instructor station that allows flight simmers to define weather conditions, see other aircraft approaching the airport, trigger failures, and much more.

This update includes many fixes and improvements such as an improved maximum activation count dialogue text, added AST synchronization and flight plan export, a fixed possible exception while loading X-Plane runway friction information into custom weather, and fixed performance issues while updating fuel and payload values. A full changelog can be found at the bottom of this article.

The update can be downloaded from their website which is linked below.

Version 1.3.18, released on January 14, 2018 (Download)

  • General: Improved maximum activation count dialog text.
  • General: Fixed rare case where license (also test license) could not be validated.
  • General: Fixed possible exception when simulator reconnects happened very often.
  • General: Fixed possible exception when closing detailed module window.
  • General: Fixed possible exception while starting database build.
  • General: Fixed map data loading error message texts.
  • Position: Fixed possible exception when no elevation information can be obtained for a certain airport.
  • Map: Fixed measure text was not always displayed at the correct position, especially for long distance measures.
  • Map: Fixed custom flight plan waypoints were not displayed on the map.
  • Flight Plan: Added AST synchronization and flight plan export.
  • Conditions: Fixed possible exception while loading X-Plane runway friction information into custom weather.
  • Fuel/Load: Fixed possible performance issues while updating fuel and payload values.
  • Failures: Fixed possible situation where ProSim failures did not work anymore after ProSim flight plan synchronization has been stopped.
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TOGA Projects Update ENVTEX to 1.1.2

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TOGA Projects released their newest update of ENVTEX: 1.1.2. The update includes various improvements to the product itself but also comes with an update to ENVDIR. With the update new Aurora borealis and australis effects were implemented. The area where you can see the Aurora effects is now twice as big. Their new apparition algorithm received an update and is
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Aerosoft Release Approaching Dortmund

Dortmund 8
Aerosoft has released Approaching Dortmund, their latest product which models Dortmund Airport and the entire of Germany's eighth largest city. This product includes various great features over the previous 2012 German Airports version of the product including full P3D v4 integration, an updated AFCAD, moving jetways and dynamic lighting. I will be sure to leave the entire feature list below.
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Orbx Has Released Half Moon Bay (KHAF) for FSX and P3D

Orbx Half Moon Bay Orbx P3dv4 6
Orbx has today released Half Moon Bay (KHAF) for FSX and P3D, adding to its impressive collection of airports across North America. The newly released airport features 100sq KM of 30/60cm photoreal scenery, along with custom modelling of both the airport and nearby objects. Developed by both Misha Cajic and Scott Armstrong, both have ensured that advanced rendering techniques have
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FlyJSim Releases 732 Twinjet v3 Pro for X-Plane 11

Delta Photos Fjs Promo 2 61 Of 100
FlyJSim has recently announced the release of their newest aircraft, the "732 Twinjet v3".  This variant includes JT8D-15A engines and an SP-77 autopilot. They state that this is the perfect airliner for any type of pilot, so let me summarize why briefly! If you're a beginner, it's great because it's easy to fly, includes easy-to-use checklists, and the FMC is
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