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FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated to v2.0.2.415

2019 10 12 19 16 16 974

In a forum post, Flight Sim Labs has announced that they’ve pushed out an update for their well-known A320-X and A319-X add-ons.

Version brings along some significant changes such as fixes and improvements throughout the product line with the most notable being a complete redesign and overhaul of the Elevator and Aileron Computer (ELAC). Of course, not to mention, this version also brings compatibility with the latest version of Prepar3D v4.5 Hotfix 2.

This version with the new ELAC system implemented was featured in the aircraft featured at the FSLabs stand at Cosford earlier this month. FSLabs reported that their audience considered it a major improvement over previous versions.

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FSDreamTeam Announces Beijing Daxing Airport (ZBAD) for Prepar3D

Bejing Daxing Airport (ZBAD) P3d
Scenery developer FSDreamTeam has today announced that their next airport project is going to be Beijing Daxing Airport (ZBAD). The Chinese airport opened only a few weeks ago in real-life and is the capital's second international airport. Currently, a variety of airlines operate into the airport with the primary airline being China United Airlines. With the airport's non-existence in Prepar3D,
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Zibo Mod Boeing 737-800 Updated to Version 3.37

B738 304
The popular X-Plane freeware, Zibo Mod Boeing 737-800, has issued a major update, bringing it to version 3.37. The new update adds a range of features, improvements and fixes a number of reported bugs. Some of the more major changes to the Zibo Mod include the addition of a toggle for airstairs and lights, along with support for the librain
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xPilot Public Beta Released

Xpilot Public Beta Fselite Meta
Initially announced in the Audio for VATSIM beta Discord, the developers over at xPilot have released the public beta of their much-anticipated X-Plane 11 pilot client for VATSIM. xPilot is the next generation of X-Plane pilot clients, with a very similar user interface to vPilot, there's no doubt that xPilot is just as easy and intuitive to navigate and operate.
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Aerosoft Announces CRJ-700/900/1000 Professional for P3D

CRJPro 002.PNG.85cff8ddbf170d23a5dbd00f3782c404
Developer Aerosoft has announced over on their forum that they are working on a redesigned CRJ family including the 1000 variant for P3D V4.5. In the forum post, Hans Hartmann, the lead developer of the CRJ, promises a revamped CRJ-700/900 as well as an additional 1000 series for P3D. There is little remanence from the original CRJ with this release
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Audio For VATSIM Launches

2019 9 19 8 19 19 982 (1)

Flipping the switch earlier than expected, VATSIM has announced that Audio For VATSIM is now active.

Featuring an all-new modern audio codec, the transition now allows for vastly improved audio quality on the online air traffic control network.

A post on the VATSIM website says connection restrictions have been removed and Audio For VATSIM is available for everyone. The post cautions that the servers will remain in a monitoring state until Monday (October 14) at 2000z and that users “may experience disconnects and other abnormalities as [they] continue to tweak the update to [their] servers.” Voice ATIS may also be unstable as updates are pushed.

Users are encouraged to update their software via the Audio For VATSIM page in order to take advantage of the new features.

Stay tuned to the VATSIM Network Status page for ongoing updates.

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X-Codr Announces Evansville Regional (KEVV) for X-Plane

Over on the X-Plane forum, developer X-Codr has announced their next payware airport, Evansville Regional Airport (KEVV) in partnership with AeroDesigns. X-Codr has included lots of information about the release, including screenshots and a list of features that they hope to include with the scenery. The screenshots come straight from X-Plane and would suggest that the development is moving towards the
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Fly the Maddog X Open Beta 1.5b492 Now Available

2019 10 8 17 38 9 247.jpg.99ffa92214030a75a175965a549c2221
Open Beta Leonardo Softhouse has released another open beta today, in anticipation for an 'official' release next week. The update introduces some fixes, but also an exciting new feature: an ACARS message printer. The printing functionality allows you to print your ACARS messages to any Windows printer (whether that be a physical of virtual one). But if that's not enough,
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Carenado 182T Skylane G1000 Released for X-Plane 11

CT182 10X11
The Cessna 182T Skylane G1000 from Carenado has been released for X-Plane 11. Carenado's Cessna 182T includes a G1000 cockpit built around Laminar's fully functional G1000 avionics suite. The 182T boasts a fully modeled interior with PBR material, exquisite exterior model with lots of attention to detail, and customized FMOD sounds.  Accompanying the beautiful model, the 182T includes optimized flight
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Canada4XPlane Edmonton Released

1888566107 CYEG(20).png.60246c03ea2d0dc15668c282a855a314
On the X-plane forums, freeware scenery developer Canada4XPlane released Edmonton, the "Gateway to Canada's North", for X-Plane 10 and 11. Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province Alberta. In 2018 Edmonton airport hosted 8.3 million passengers travelling to one of their 55 destinations. Edmonton has been reconstructed with attention to detail including over 100+ custom buildings, buildings in downtown
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