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FlightFX Announces Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Project for MSFS

Flightfx Cirrus Sf50 Vision Jet

Developer FlightFX has announced they will be working to bring the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development is being worked on by both FlightFX and VolcTech to bring the unique jet to life in the simulator.

The Cirrus SF50 is unique in the fact that it is the first-ever certified single-engine civilian jet. With a focus on flying business passengers in the tiny cabin, it should present some interesting and fun flights in the sim.

“We want to provide as much of an authentic experience to our audience as possible. We know that the community enjoys not only realism, but when developers go the extra mile and add those special touches.” FlightFX Managing Partner Nick Sdoucos said. He continued, “Things like functioning doors, buttons, cabin configurations, peripherals, custom audio and a unique UX. The most well-received contributions to the market are often marked with extra features not typically expected with add-on content.”

Further to creating an authentic aircraft experience, the team is in contact with WorkingTitle in order to maximise the G3000 suite where appropriate. Since the Vision Jet relies utilizes the system, it makes sense to work with the team that has created the wonderful mod that enhances the system capabilities. Sdoucos said, “The SF50, like other aircraft utilizing the G3000 platform, makes use of multiple custom pages and features within the system itself. It is our goal to carry over as many of these features to the sim community that are reasonably possible. With the MSFS platform team’s planned updates for the G3000 in the future, as announced in the most recent Developer Q&A session, it’s our goal to make as much of that functionality available to our customers, while still being compatible with later versions that come online.”

For maximum realism, the team is heading to the DuPage Airport to spend some quality time with the aircraft in the hangar to capture audio and working through the aircraft’s various systems. This will help the teams provide an authentic experience for the aircraft when it eventually releases in the future.

At this point, no official timeline has been specified, but we will be sure to follow progress. In the meantime, you can check out a number of renders for the aircraft currently in development. You can also check out our interview with FlightFX now or read about the upcoming DuPage Airport coming to the simulator soon.

You can stay up to date on the development by sticking with FSElite or following FlightFX on their Discord server.

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Watch the Leonardo Softhouse Fly The Maddog Landing in MSFS

Landing In FS2020
Developer Leonardo Softhouse has posted another video on YouTube of them landing the Fly the Maddog in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The 6-minute video shows the plane on approach and then completing the landing. The video, in full 4K no less, shows various animations, the autopilot working and also the detailed displays. Although the last few moments before landing saw the
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Drzewiecki Design Releases Olsztyn-Mazury Airport on MSFS

EPSY Olsztyn Mazury MSFS By Drzewiecki Design Trailer
Drzewiecki Design has released Olsztyn-Mazury Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Olsztyn is located in north-east Poland and is seen as the gateway to Masurian Lake District. The airport only has a handful of flights to places such as Luton, Kraków and Dortmund from a limited number of airlines. The airport comes with numerous models of the airport that represent the many buildings found
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Fenix Simulations Bringing the EFB to the A320

Fenix 320 Efb 02
On Friday, Fenix Simulations gave another detailed development update for their upcoming A320 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This development blog update focuses on the EFB that is being added to the aircraft product. Whilst the team took some time to take a break from weekly updates, development work continued on the EFB which is taking shape nicely in the aircraft.
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Orbx Releases Hammerfest

63 58409b8d18ebe7adefe755df3f7ce647
Announced just last week, Orbx has released Hammerfest Airport (ENHF) for MSFS. Located in Norway, Hammerfest is considered the worlds northernmost town. It has a unique atmosphere due to its location, as the sun does not set during summer and does not rise during winter. The approach to the sloped runway is challenging and will take pilots through some nearby mountains.
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SimBrief and Navigraph Updates Website and Data

Tumblr Dd593803afff65ed3c80af6f6f59ecac 6f87db97 1280

Another month and another month of AIRAC data is available to download through the FMS Data Manager. However, this update actually enables some new features in Microsoft Flight Simulator and also on the SimBrief website.

Starting with SimBrief, the latest AIRAC data (2110) now enables users to select aircraft type-based procedures. If you look at charts, you will see that certain SIDs and STARs have procedures that can be only completed by a specific aircraft type or if it has certain equipment. With the new updates, SimBrief will now filter out procedures based on the aircraft type you are flying. You can view procedures and their restrictions in the Route Finder section of the Integrated Dispatch System.


In addition to the changes with SimBrief, Navigraph has updated its offering in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest data means that the localizer beamwidths in Microsoft Flight Simulator are more realistic. In the blog post by Navigraph, the simulator has a fixed value of 5 degrees, although some airports in the real world have a variation on the localizer beam. For example, Zanesville Municipal Airport has a beamwidth of 6 degrees. From AIRAC 2110 and onwards, Navigraph will include this data for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


As a small reminder, don’t forget to run your FMS Data Manager to get the most up-to-date FMS data for your simulator and aircraft. If you missed it, Navigraph acquired SimBrief and promises to keep the service free.

Thanks to Kwarazi for the tip.

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DCS AH-64D Laser Hellfire Sneak Peek Video

DCS AH 64D Laser Hellfire Sneak Peek
DCS users will very much enjoy this sneak peek video for the upcoming AH-64D. This is the final sneak peek before more in-depth videos will be shared for the aircraft. The AGM-114K features a laser-guided Hellfire and can target ranges out to 8km. Up to four Hellfires can be loaded onto each of the weapon pylons and suits taking out tanks or
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WTFlightsim Releases Phuket Airport for P3Dv5

Last month, we shared with you the news that a new developer was working on Phuket International Airport (VTSP) for Prepar3D v5. Now, WTFlightsim, has released the large airport on the platform for a fairly reasonable price. Phuket Airport (VTSP) is one of the primary airports in Thailand and plays a large role in bringing in tourists to the country.
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FeelThere Releases La Guardia International Airport for MSFS

KLGA For MSFS2020 Trailer La Guardia International Airport Developed By FeelThere
Scenery developer FeelThere has released La Guardia International Airport (KGLA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The gateway to New York City is now ready to fly in the simulator, thanks to the development team. Often referred to as USS LaGuardia, the airport features two short runways and is surrounded by water from the East River. As such, it makes for a
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Just Flight’s Palma De Mallorca Airport Now Available for MSFS

Palma De Mallorca Airport Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 Ss L 211007100449
Following months of teasing and previews from Just Flight, their awaited Palma De Mallorca Airport (LEPA) is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Palma Airport is a busy airport during the summer months with many airlines frequenting the Spanish Balearic Island. The airport is able to handle a huge number of aircraft types, including wide-body planes such as the 747
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