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Prepar3D News

Phuket Airport (VTSP) In Development for P3D

Phuket For P3d (2)

Over on the FSDeveloper forums, user WTFlorian has been working hard on bringing a version of Phuket Airport (VTSP) to Prepar3D. Although the airport was announced some time ago on the FSDeveloper forum, it’s only in the past few weeks that the airport has begun to really take shape.

WTFlorian has been working on this airport since at least September 2020 and is their first scenery creation for any flight simulator. This is a hugely ambitious project for the part-time developer, but the screenshots shared so far seem impressive. From what we can see, the airport will come with custom ground-texturing, dynamic lighting and also interior modelling for many parts of the airport. WTFlorian says they love the airport and regularly travels in and out of the airport virtually and will be working hard to create it as best as possible.

Phuket Airport (VTSP) is one of the primary airports in Thailand and plays a large role in bringing in tourists to the country. Airlines from around the world visit on a regular basis, bringing in passengers from the likes of Europe, the Middle East and many parts of Asia. Thai Airways, Thai Lion Air and Thai Air Asia have many domestic and international routes in and out of the airport. The airport features a single 9,800ft runway and three terminal buildings.

You can see the full development timeline and progress over on the FSDeveloper forum.

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MK-Studios Shares Previews of Rome Fiumicino Airport

Hot off the heels of their release of Fuerteventura Airport yesterday, MK-Studios has shared some new previews for their upcoming Rome Fiumicino Airport (LIRF). Rome Fiumicino is the largest and busiest airport in Italy. Fiumicino is considered one of the busiest airports in Europe in terms of passenger count with 43 million passengers served in 2018. The main carriers based in Rome
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VATSIM First Wings Event Happening August 14th

First Wings
If you're new to flight simulation, you may have heard of an online network called VATSIM. For those that don't know, VATSIM is short for Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network and is essentially a giant online network that simulates air traffic. Powered by a team of dedicated volunteers and enthusiasts, the VATSIM network has many members who control airports, air space
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Aerosoft Releases Liepaja Airport for P3D

272766 Airport Liepaja 27
Being at it again, talented developer Pavel Movzer, in conjunction with publishing house Aerosoft, has released his rendition of Liepaja Airport (EVLA) for P3D users to enjoy.  Liepaja Airport (EVLA) is a small regional airport located within the Grobiņa Municipality in the western part of Latvia. Although the airport currently sees no international traffic, it is certified to accommodate international connections. Interestingly,
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Orbx Announces Essendon Fields Airport for MSFS, P3D and XPL

Orbx Essendon Airport Ymen Msfs (3)
Over on Facebook, Orbx has announced they will be bringing Essendon Fields Airport (YMEN) to Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane 11. Essendon Fields Airport holds a special place for Orbx as it serves as their main HQ and so we can expect a super high-quality rendition of the Australian airport. In fact, the airport has been developed as part of the
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Majestic Software Releases Visual Extension Package for MJC8Q400

272523 Prepar3D Screenshot 2021.07.18

Majestic Software has released the previously announced Visual Extension Package for their Dash 8 Q400 (Pilot and Pro edition). The package aims to enhance the airplanes visuals and effects, after many users have been asking the team to include this for several years.

The package includes features such as PBR material textures for the exterior model as well as cockpit. It also includes simulated reflections, better night lighting, improved aircraft lights and the team has integrated True Glass by TFDi. It also includes smaller (texture) enhancements, some animations when it comes to failures & damage, or visual wheel chocks, pitot tubes and engine intake covers.

The package is available on SimMarket, and costs €20.

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NL2000 Version 5.05 Released

SS Rot1
The team working on the NL2000 mod has released a new version with a few updated airports. Version 5.05 includes a completely rebuild Teuge (EHTE) airport, to update the scenery to its 2021 status. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has its S-taxiway connected to runway 24. Furthermore, some smal additions have been done to airstrip Ameland (solar park), airport Beek and the
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Majestic Software Announces Visual Extension Pack

51308419869 118d4606bd K
It's been very quiet around Majestic Software and their Dash-8 Q400, a plane beloved by many. But the team hasn't been sitting still. Progress has steadily been on-going on the TRAINING edition of the plane, but the team announced it has also been working on some visual enhancements for the plane. The enhancements, that will come in the form of
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Aerosoft One Announced – A New Product Manager

Aerosoft One Applicatio (2)
A brand new product manager tool from Aerosoft has been announced on the Aerosoft forums. Named Aerosoft One, the new tool will be a new and simple way to install and manage your Aerosoft products for all major platforms. According to the short introduction post on the forums, the new software will be able to keep all of your Aerosoft
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