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Aerosoft Release Gibraltar Professional

Gibraltar Prof 4
Aerosoft has released their very popular Gibraltar scenery for P3D v4, being the next scenery to inherit the 'professional' tag. This release came as quite a surprise and was accidently leaked on the Aerosoft website yesterday for what was just a few minutes. Modelling the entire airpot and surrounding area, SimWing's Gibraltar scenery is excellent for those that enjoy a
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ChasePlane Beta 0.4 Released

FSElite First Look FSFX Packages ChasePlane V.04 Redesign Beta
A little over a year after the very first Alpha release of ChasePlane, it has come out with probably it's biggest update yet. FSFX Packages, developer of the very popular camera addon, has released Beta 0.4 of the tool. The update comes with some huge improvements. We'll take some time to go through all of those down below. Make sure
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Imaginesim Singapore Close, New Airport Also Announced

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Imaginesim have posted a brief update over on their Facebook page regarding the progress of their Singapore scenery alongside a new airport announcement. They have stated that their Singapore scenery is nearing the final stages with release expected soon. Alongside this pleasing news, they have also announced that they will be developing Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport. Which is one of
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Taxi2Gate Seattle-Tacoma P3D V4 Update Released

189052 Ksea01
Taxi2Gate has released a new update for Seattle-Tacoma airport in the Northwest region of US, Washington. The airport itself sits approximately twelve miles south of downtown Seattle. New features include SODE jetways, changes to the terminal to reflect the real-world counterpart and dynamic lighting. It's obviously been compiled with the P3DV4 compiler. The scenery is available to buy and or
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Aerosoft are Looking for Airbus Beta Testers

Aerosoft Airbus P3dv4 A318 02
As the year comes closer than ever to an end, Aerosoft are pushing hard to try and get their 64-bit compatible Airbus simulations out the door to the community. In a post on the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs has listed that he's requiring help to test the aircraft extensively. Before you open a new tab to reply to Mathijs, you should
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QualityWings Simulation Has Released Hotfix 2 for their Ultimate 787

787 19
Since QualityWings Simulation released their Ultimate 787, they have been listening to user feedback to help improve their aircraft. The Dreamliner aircraft is certainly one that impressed me, but there were a few teething issues I wanted to see solved. This hotfix fixes a bunch of problems, including random CTDs, ILS issues and ensuring that text fits onto the displays
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Digital Designs Salzburg Updated for P3DV4

155100 4
Finally! Probably one of the most favorite sceneries within the FSElite team, we have all been waiting a long time for this update. Digital Designs just released Salzburg Mozart Airport (LOWS) for Prepar3d v4. This update obviously includes a new installer, but there are a few more changes for Prepar3d v4 that are worth mentioning. There is, for example, compatibility
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Ultimate Traffic Live Updated to Version

Img 58e16e6365aa7
The team at Flight1 has released a new update for their Ultimate Traffic Live. The soft-launch software is now at version and has addressed multiple issues. The P3D Crash bug has now been fixed and the developers are promising that the software is a lot more stable than before. Furthermore, they confirmed that the traffic resets are now nearly
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