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Digital Design Releases Salzburg v2 for P3D

Digital Design Salzburg (1)

Digital Designs has surprised everyone this morning by releasing a new version of their famed Salzburg for Prepar3D v4 and v5. The new update builds on the original version adding new technology, improved texturing and also a more accurate rendition of the real world airport. Salzburg Airport (LOWS) sees plenty of seasonal flights from various European airlines in particular for ski season during the winter months.

The new update incorporates a range of modern technology to bring the airport to today’s standards, including increased texture resolution throughout and improvements to almost all objects to include PBR materials and better detailing. In addition, there is now a range of new static models throughout the airport and also a new interior to Terminal 3 and the air traffic control tower. Furthermore, Digital Design has redesigned the airport to match the state of the current airport layout and its latest changes. Finally, Digital Designs has improved the city center with new landmarks seen previously in the Microsoft Flight Simulator version.

The new version can be purchased for €20.50 from simMarket, but if you previously owned the original version, you can upgrade for €7.50 (excluding VAT). Salzburg v2 will also be made available soon through OrbxDirect.

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FLAi Shutting Down

The popular flight model matching solution FLAi has been shut down. FLAi was used by many VATSIM pilots due to its ease of matching airplane models in VATSIM and displaying these in the users' simulator. FLAi could also be used to add traffic to your offline simulator using traffic tools, as it offered one of the largest aircraft and livery
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PMDG Previews 777-200ER Expansion Package

Pmdg 777 200 Er P3d (2)
Robert Randazzo from PMDG has taken to the forums to update the flight sim community on the current development cycle for the 777 on Prepar3D. The update covers both the upcoming 777-200 LR/F and 777-300ER product updates, along with some of the first previews for the 777-200ER Expansion Package. He opened up the forum post by saying that throughout the
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Gaya Simulations Vienna International Airport Updated

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Gaya Simulations has updated their rendition of Vienna International Airport (LOWW) to version 1.2. The update is available right away for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator through Orbx Direct, with other stores (including the Microsoft Marketplace) to follow in the next few days. The update will also be coming to X-Plane soon. The 1.2 update is quite significant, and adds
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Airline2Sim Airbus A320 Cadet Training Program New Episodes Now Available

Late last year, Airline2Sim released the first module of their long-awaited Airbus A320 Cadet Training Program. The release saw Ben and James (real-world A320 pilot) take you through some of the basics of the aircraft and introducing you to the many training scenarios the collection of videos will take you through. The new batch of episodes, available to all current
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FlyTampa Previews Sydney in MSFS and Joins Orbx Partnership Program

Flytampa Sydney Msfs (18)

Established scenery developer FlyTampa has announced they are now part of the Orbx Partnership program. This means that specific products will be made available through OrbxDirect and can be installed through Orbx Central. Very soon, Sydney Airport (YSSY) v2 will be available to download through OrbxDirect and also the Microsoft Flight Simulator version of the airport.

Sydney International Airport is the main airport for Australia. Whilst it has seen a downturn in traffic lately, it is the gateway to the country serving plenty of destinations across the country, Asia, North America and beyond. FlyTampa’s Sydney Airport for Prepar3D also includes objects from the city itself seeing as how the airport is just a few miles away from the hustle and bustle. Whilst the airport itself is detailed and brimming with life, the additional nearby surrounding buildings add to the excellent approach to the airport. Whilst the product page is live, the product will be made available for all to download soon.

Alongside the announcement of Sydney Airport V2 for Prepar3D, FlyTampa also shared a handful of preview imagery of the airport in action for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The extensive number of images highlight the work that developers FlyTampa have put into the product and we can see various features to expect upon the product’s release. This includes a range of PBR materials throughout, dynamic lighting, impressive interior modelling and also wet ground effects impacted by the weather in the area. It is also confirmed by Orbx that the scenery product will blend seamlessly with Orbx’s Cityscape Sydney. Again, the product page is already online, but the product is not yet available.

Stay tuned to FSElite as 2021 kicks off with a huge airport release for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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SceneryTR Design Releases Istanbul Airport for P3D

249794 LTFM030
Renowned Turkish payware and freeware scenery developer SceneryTR Design has just released Istanbul Airport (LTFM) for P3Dv4 and v5 via the simMarket online store, finally providing P3D users with an accurate rendition of this recently inaugurated Eurasian aviation mega-hub. Officially commencing operations on April 6th, 2019, Istanbul Airport (LTFM) took over passenger services from the continuously aging Ataturk Airport (LTBA) and
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FlyTampa Updates Amsterdam to V1.3

At long last, FlyTampa has issued an update for their popular Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM), ahead of their big 'V2 Upgrade' which is coming at a later point. The 1.3 update adds support for FlyTampa's Universal Installer, as well as improved Prepar3D v5 support. Furthermore, the update adds several autogen and performance optimalisations, lighting and elevation fixes. The update is
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Airline2Sim Releases A320 Cadet Training

Airline2Sim is back with their all-new A320 Cadet series, which will teach you how to fly the A320 like a pro. The latest from a long-line of professionally created training videos is the biggest yet from Airline2Sim as Ben is joined by a real-world Airbus A320 pilot. Throughout the series of episodes, the duo will show you how to set
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A2A Simulations Releases B-17G Flying Fortress

B17 2
Well known aircraft developer, A2A Simulations, has released their latest aircraft in the Accu-Sim range, the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress for P3D v4/5. The Flying Fortress is a World War II heavy bomber which saw action across Europe, Africa and Asia throughout the war. The B-17 first flew in 1935 and saw service up until it's retirement with the Brazilian
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