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Prepar3D News

TOGA Projects ENVSHADE Updated To P3D 4.2

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TOGA Projects has today released a new and P3D 4.2 compatible version of ENVSHADE for us to use. It’s available for download from your SimMarket account.
Envshade was updated for P3Dv4.2 v4.1 and v3.4 as well. The transition between the day and night has been adjusted as well as the 3D lights power and the urban areas saturation at night. Envdir was also updated to welcome both new Envshade and Envtex updates.

In order to update ENVSHADE download the 1.0.2 patch and install it over your current 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 version.

– Prepar3D v4.2 compatibility added
– Aurora borealis & australis coverage increased for P3D v3.4, v4.1 and v4.2
– Adjusted darkness transition between day and night for P3D v3.4, v4.1 and v4.2
– Adjusted 3D lights power at night
– Envdir updated to : please click on “Update” in Envdir to install the new version automatically.

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PTA 2.61 Compatible With P3D 4.2

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Matt Davies has today updated PTA to version 2.61 which means it's now fully compatible with P3D 4.2. PTA is available to download from Simtweaks website. No new functionality is added, only compatibility. Important to note is that this PTA 2.61 version is not compatible with earlier versions of P3D due to different shader structure. It's ONLY if you use
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[UPDATED: REVISED INFORMATION] FlytheMaddogX Price and Possible Release Timeframe Announced

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Update @ 18:00 Zulu: It has been clarified by Leonardo over on Facebook that the previously provided prices were including a 22% VAT. The prices you'll see on Simmarket will be 70€ + your country's VAT for the 64-bit edition and 57€ + your country's VAT for the 32-bit edition. The 5€ discount will also be available throughout all of February and will
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FS Global Real Weather X Updated to P3D 4.2

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The guys over at PILOT's has just now released a P3D 4.2 compatible version of FS Global Real Weather X (build 401). At the moment it is a manual update only which means you have to download it yourself. It's not distributed automatically via the auto updater. Because of some issues with FSUIPC. When at the website scroll down to
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Orbx FTX Central Updated – P3DV4.2 and X-Plane 11 Compatible

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We are going to put together a more robust P3DV4.2 compatability list soon, but we wanted to specifically share the news that Orbx has updated FTX Central as it has officially added support for X-Plane.

We have known for a while now that Orbx intends to step into the world of X-Plane with a lot of stuff in the bear future and this is the first step of that future.

Just to remind you, nothing specific for X-Plane has been released yet by Orbx.

This update also fixes a bunch of bugs including entry placements, improved the speed you can change categories and some more. Furthermore those that use Aerofly FS 2 DVD will now also be supported.

You can download the update now if you’re part of the Fastlane group. You can find out more at this link.

What’s new
Backend changes to support X-Plane.
Support for Aerofly FS 2 DVD edition.
Support for Prepar3D v4.2.

Bug fixes and improvements
Fix case sensitivity issue with the ObjectFlow 2 add-on.xml.
Fix errors when uninstalling products.
Fix incorrect “FTX” entry placement in scenery.cfg in certain conditions.
Button to toggle local mirror scanning.
Added a confirmation dialog before uninstalling a product.
Made category switching faster.
If only one category is visible, automatically select that category.
Don’t force a product category to be selected if the user has already navigated to the another page.

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Lockheed Martin Releases Prepar3D V4.2

P3Dv4.2 Released 2 SmallWatermark
Since the release of Prepar3D v4, simmers have been enjoying using the ESP-powered sim in a 64-bit environment. The new sim from Lockheed Martin brought a bunch of new features including dynamic lighting, virtual reality and improved weather effects. The first update, 4.1, saw a few improvements to these areas. However, today, Lockheed Martin has released Version 4.2 for simmers
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Stinn Creations Cochin International Airport Released

Stinn Creations Cochin International Airport Reloaded FSXP3D. VOCI
Stinn Creations just released their Cochin International airport for FSX. If you are a P3D user then you can upgrade for free. FSX version costs only 12 EUR which is a fair price for what you get and the free P3D upgrade. Cochin International airport (VOCI) is one among many others busiest airports in the South Indian state of Kerala.
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Carenado Fokker F50 Preview More Shots

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Carenado has been kind to preview even more shots on their Fokker F50 that they are working on. Aircraft will be available for both the FSX and P3D platform. As the preview shots tell, this aircraft will have support for the GTN 750 which is a separate add-on. Release is expected to be very soon. An earlier post made about
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