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Photosim Labs St. Croix Released


Announced on final last February, Photosim Labs has finally released their United States Virgin Islands St. Croix scenery. The entire island is rendered as well as the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (TISX). The scenery features detailed rendition of many of the island landmarks such as the harbor, oil refinery, resorts, detailed cities. It also has custom night lighting however seems to lack PBR textures. The scenery also uses the trademark Photosim Labs very dense vegetation (read more about it in our review of the Bimini and Cat Cay review), which covers the entire island. The airport also has very detailed modeling in both departure and arrival areas and ground clutter.

The St. Croix Island is part of the US Virgin Islands and is located in the Caribbean Sea. Just like the other US Virgin Islands, St. Croix is a free trade zone. Its economy is based on tourism and on the huge oil refinery that is located only a couple Nm east of the airport. The St. Croix Airport has a single 10,000ft /3,000m runway, but sees mostly air taxi and general aviation traffic. The airport saw about 400,000 passengers in 2019.

The Photosim Labs St. Croix is compatible with all Prepar3D versions, and is currently being ported to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer stated on Facebook that purchase of the Prepar3D version would count as a credit for a future purchase of the MSFS version.

The Photosim Labs St. Croix is available on the Photosim Labs website for $25.99

Feature List

  • Entire St. Croix Island modeled (214.66 km²)
  • Custom landmarks through the island
  • Detailed cities with accurate buildings
  • Custom dense vegetation
  • Custom lighting
  • Detailed airport buildings
  • Accurate ground clutter
  • Christiansted seaplane base


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Orbx Releases Malmö Airport (ESMS) for Prepar3D

Announced a few weeks ago, Orbx developer Marcus Nyberg has released Malmö Airport (ESMS) for Prepar3D. The Swedish airport is the fourth busiest in the country and sees charter, domestic and international flights from a range of airlines. Such airlines include SAS, Wizz Air and SunClass Airlines. Marcus has taken care and attention to use plenty of advanced techniques to bring this
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A2A Simulations Discusses Aerostar 600 Twin

A2a Simulations Accu Sim Aerostar 600
Aircraft developer A2A Simulations has already confirmed that they are working on Microsoft Flight Simulator content, which starts with the Aerostar 600. This is an aircraft close to the team at A2A Simulations as they already own and operate the particular type of aeroplane in the real-world. In a brief update today from the team, a few new renders of
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Just Flight A300B4-200 Liveries Update for P3D

Aircraft developer Just Flight has recently posted a full list of liveries that ship with the Airbus A300 upon release. Since our last post on Just Flights' A300B4-200 product showcase, we wrote about the detailed cockpit of the aircraft. The full list of liveries found below included with the A300 display some well known aircraft from the past and present.
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Pacific Island Simulations Announces Cleveland Intl Airport (KCLE) for P3D and MSFS

Pacsim Cleveland Airport P3d (2)
Scenery developer Pacific Island Simulations has announced that they are working on Cleveland Intl Airport (KCLE) for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Speaking on a Facebook post, they said that they are looking forward to developing for these new simulators. Alongside the news, Pacific Island Simulations also shared a handful of images of the Prepar3D v5 version of the airport. Alongside the previews,
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SamScene3D Releases Frankfurt RealCity x2

Samscene3d Frankfurt P3d (1)

Scenery developer SamScene3D has released a new update for its Frankfurt RealCity product. The new update is totally free of charge to users and features numerous updates and changes since the original version.

The new version of the product features colour corrected so it better matches the base simulator, a range of fixes to autogen and stadium positions along with a fix to building night lighting textures. Whilst the new fixes are welcome, there has also been a handful of new features added. New buildings in the city centre have been added, along with new street night lighting for a more immersive flying experience after the sunsets. Finally, the product is also compatible with Prepar3D v5.

The new update is ready to download and an email to previous customers has already been sent informing them of how to get their copy.

If you are looking to pick up SamScene3D’s Frankfurt RealCity x2 for Prepar3D or FSX, you can do so via their website ($18.00) or simMarket (€19.95 + tax).

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JustSim Releases Dusseldorf Airport (EDDL) v2.1 Update

237250 16 07 2020 08 19 44
JustSim has released Dusseldorf Airport (EDDL) v2.1 for Prepar3D v5. The newly released update is a paid update for anyone on previous versions of the scenery. The number of changes released in this update from JustSim are limited to just four items, according to their changelog. Those include the texture ground polygons changing and the updated of areas of the
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Orbx Preview KSJC San Jose International Airport for Prepar3D

Orbx has shared numerous new previews for their upcoming KSJC San Jose International Airport for Prepar3D. The airport product originally was announced and previewed back in March, but Ed Correia this time has shared a lot more detail and imagery of the airport directly from the simulator. The airport is located right in the heart of Silicon Valley and sees
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UK2000 Release Glasgow for X-Plane 11

83cba8 C2b14f49ad05450cbbd9002ce0e28179 Mv2
Scenery developer UK2000 has taken to their Facebook Page to announce the release of their brand new Glasgow 2020HD for X-Plane 11. Glasgow International Airport (EGPF) serves west Scotland and Glasgow and is the busiest of the three main Scottish airports, with passengers expected to exceed 10 million a year very soon.  ​Not only is the scenery another airport added to the
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FS2Crew Updates NGXu Immersion For Prepar3D v5

109545245 3397678320284216 6438909478882456809 N (1)
Immersion developer FS2Crew has just update their PMDG 737 NGXu immersion package.  Their PMDG 737 NGXu Immersion Pack is now at v1.4, which brings the Boeing aircraft out of maintenance and ready to fly in Prepar3D v5. FS2Crew informed users that this is a free update for current users, and if you don’t already own FS2Crew for the PMDG NGXu, now is your chance
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