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Prepar3D News

Imaginesim Release Singapore (WSSS) P3DV4 PBR Update

Press Product Image 04

After weeks of teasing, Imaginesim has released their newest update to their Singapore (WSSS) scenery package. The new update primarily focuses on bringing the PBR technology into the airport package to give a much more realistic effect on the texturing and immersion of the airport.

PBR technology has been included in the airport to enable a better visual representation of the airport, especially with the new switchable dramatic PBR water reflection and shine texturing. This will make puddles and other wet surfaces look much more realistic than ever before.

Other features with the airport include 2K building textures throughout, SODE jetways, accurate AIRAC procedures and also a large number of custom objects in and around the airport. The update also updates the geolocation of the airport within the simulator.

Finally, the feature list mentions an ‘Airport Animator Plugin’. This plugin, once released, will enable brand new airport animation from people, mechanical objects and vehicles. This update will be due soon.

If you already own the product, you can update Imaginesim Singapore through the Imaginesim Operations Center tool, or download it fresh from the store. This update is free of charge. If you don’t own the product already, you can grab it from their store for £25.99. If you use FSX, you can also grab a copy.

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REX Simulations Reveals Development Updates

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In an announcement on their Facebook page, REX Simulations has revealed some development news regarding Skyforce 3D and the upcoming Environment Force for FSX and Prepar3D. Regarding the upcoming utility Environment Force, (The Universal Real-Time Environment Shader Enhancer, Dynamic Weather & Texture Controller), the QA team has completed the latest round of testing which has so far been relatively trouble free with very
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JustFlight Show Off First In-Sim Shots of PA-38

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JustFlight has shown off the first in-sim shots of their upcoming PA-38 Tomahawk aircraft for P3D, FSX and X-Plane over on their Facebook page. The shots posted by JustFlight show off the PBR that they have worked into this aircraft for P3D v4. From the few shots shown off, it looks like JustFlight has done a good job of integrating
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Aerosoft Approaching Dortmund Updated To v1.2

Dortmund (8)
Aerosoft has announced via a forum post that Approaching Dortmund has been updated to v1.2. Aerosoft Approaching Dortmund covers the entire city and includes a detailed rendition of Dortmund Airport (EDLW.) The release is also popular due to the inclusion of Hengsen-Opherdicken Airfield which when combined with the scenery allows for great VFR flying.  The scenery, available here, now includes new wind turbine
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Kolibri Simulations Releases Chios Airport

211749 1
New developer on the market, Kolibri Simulations, has proudly released their first scenery: Chios Island National Airport (LGHI). The small airport is located on the large, Greek island of Chios (Khios) just off the coast of Turkey. The airport has a number of connections to Athens and Thessaloniki on the mainland. Some airlines also offer flights to the nearby islands
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FSElite Exclusive: PhotoSim Labs Confirm Development of Cuba Scenery

Cuba Photo Sim Labs

New scenery developer PhotoSim Labs has given us the rights to exclusively reveal that their next project, after the Bahamas, will be the entire island of Cuba.

The complete project will be done in 5 different sections, with 2 airports contained in each. The first section which is being worked on will be “Isla De La Juventud & Pinar del Rio”. Regardless of which pack, they will contain hundreds of custom buildings, custom vegetation, high-quality ground textures and of course, photo real ground and water textures.

Further to the objects, airports and tropical landscaping, PhotoSim Labs will also model the various Russain carriers which sail around the island, as well as be able to take off and land on them.

It’s a project on a grand scale. Don’t expect it any time soon, as development is currently in pre-production with multiple photo shoots currently on-going to gather the source material required to create a detailed project such as this.

Finally, we can confirm this is a project for FSX/P3Dv4, and will also be converted to X-Plane 11.

Once we hear more information regarding PhotoSim Labs and Cuba, we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, you can support PhotoSim Labs by pre-ordering / purchasing a copy of their Bahamas scenery.

Image source: Isla Local

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Orbx Stockholm Arlanda Update

Orbx has issued an update for their Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) airport. The updates contains mostly some lighting and texture related changes, such as a new dynamic lights option to make the airport look more like its real-life counterpart. For FSX some missing objects have been added again. For both platforms, this update also brings back the fire training place. You
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Brief Development Update from FSimStudios

FSimStudios has released a small development update over on their Facebook page. In their post, they stated that the expansion pack for Cancun is still in development. They also state the reason for the delay in this expansion releasing is due to an issue they encountered with some autogen. Once the expansion pack has been released they state that update
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France VFR Releases Basse Normandie

Lower Normandy France VFR P3D V4 (9)
France VFR has released Basse Normandie VFR for P3D v4. This extensive VFR scenery package covers the lower region of Normandy in France. This area of Normandy spans over 17,000 km2 and is home to 1.4 million people in cities such as Caen and Cherbourg. The Scenery features dedicated high definition mesh with ground textures crafted from IGN ariel photography. You
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