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Aerosoft Airbus Professional To Have Global Flight Operations Support


In a recent post in the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok announced that the Aerosoft team have been talking with PMDG regarding PMDG’s Global Flight Operations project.

Mathijs stated that a conclusion was made: Aerosoft’s Airbus Professional will be at Tier 1 in support and compatibility in PMDG’s Global Flight Operations, implying that all features included in Global Flight Operations will be available for use in the Airbus Professional.

With this compatibility, it looks like the Airbus series from Aerosoft is going to make special use of the DCDU and ACARS page in the MCDU, as blatantly hinted at in the single screenshot that Mathijs featured in the post.

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The Charity Scenery Project: Scenery For A Cause

334043 3b7f8510714b47209bca64ad9169ee60 Mv2
If you're like me, you probably don't give to charity as often as you should. If you're really like me, you also have an unhealthy scenery addiction for your simulator(s). Fortunately for people like you and I, we're able to solve both of these problems with the help of the Charity Scenery Project. The Charity Scenery Project was founded by Craig Tomkins,
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Aerosoft DC-8 Updated, Adds FSX, FSX:SE Compatibility

Douglas Dc8 (9)
 FSElite reader Max has informed us that the FSX/32-bit version of this aircraft is numbered as version 1.0.0 and comes as a separate installer to the P3Dv4/64-bit version (numbered as 1.03). Aerosoft released the Douglas DC-8 for Prepar3D v4 back in April which had fans of the classic airliner rejoicing. Fans of the DC-8 who also sit in the crossover demographic of
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FSDG Releases Dakar

Dakar (2)
Flight Sim Development Group, sticking with their very quick development of scenery, has just released their Dakar scenery, which was previewed in late may. The scenery is the latest addition to FSDG's 'LITE' series and is an accurate depiction of Dakar's new airport, Blaise Diagne International, which only opened in late 2017. FSDG state that the scenery has accurate shadow mapping,
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Aerosoft Development Update

Presenting at this years FSExpo, developer Aerosoft detailed their early start in the industry, talking about their first in-house flight sim development which began in 2004, after previously being asked by Microsoft to work with them on a train simulator in 2002. The developer then detailed updates that will be coming this year. A320 Professional Series The A320 series for P3Dv4
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Orbx Announce New Products and Turbulent Designs Partnership

Orbx Logo 1920

During the product announcement forum, Orbx developer Jaraad Marshall took the stage to give us an update on what is coming from Orbx later this year. Keep in mind some of these may be new, and some have already been announced, but these are what was presented today.

First up, 2 new Swedish airports will be coming, Kiruna (ESNQ), and Dala (ESSD). These were followed by the announcement of 2 Swiss airports, Triengen (LSPN) and Beromunster (LSZO). We were then given a brief preview of Palm Springs (KPSP) and Santa Barbara (KSBA).

In addition to this, Jaraad announced that the developer, Turbulent Designs will be joining Orbx in a partnership, and will begin to release their products through the Orbx store, with the first being Big Bear (L35).

More to come as FSExpo 2018 continues…


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FSDreamTeam Announce GSX Level 2 – SODE jetways everywhere, animated ground pedestrians

FSDreamTeam used their time on stage at FSExpo this morning to announce Ground Services X (GSX) Level 2. GSX is their ground services add-on for P3D and FSX used to spawn ground vehicles such as baggage loaders, stairways and fuel trucks, while also being able to interface with SODE jetways at supported sceneries. That changes slightly with level 2, however,
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PilotEdge Announce New FSX/P3D Client, Sky High Charters

PE Logo
PilotEdge has announced a new FSX/P3D client for their network users in the very first on-stage announcement for FSExpo. The client, based on vPilot, will bring dynamic model matching to the user experience, along with ground clamping, simultaneous COM radios, yoke PTT support without the use of FSUIPC, and a web-based interface. Additionally, PilotEdge has also announced a new project 'Sky High
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Captain Sim 757 Captain III Version 1.1 Hotfix 3 Now Available

Captain Sim 757 Iii P3dv4 35 1600×900
Captain Sim has just released the third hotfix for version 1.1 of their 757 Captain III product. The hotfix fixed a selection of bugs as well as added two new features to the product. Changelog: Fixed: Aircraft shaking on the ground. VNAV jetway waypoints speed/altitude assignment. Takeoff/CLB EPR decreasing. Panel State saving of COMM, ADF, XPNDR, Parking Brake position/values. Captain’s
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FlightSimLabs Website Hacked

Last week FlightSimLabs once again found itself at the centre of a discussion in the flightsim community regarding some suspicious files in their A320X installation. This discussion caused such an uproar, most notably on Reddit, that FlightSimLabs felt the need to act on certain claims that were being made. In doing so, FlightSimLabs took to the moderators of the subreddit
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