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Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition Now Available

The complete Thrustmaster TCA Airbus series is now complete and ready to buy from selected outlets, including Aerosoft. The new TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition includes everything you need for a complete Airbus simulation, including an ambidextrous and modular control stick and throttle quadrant with plenty of control options.

Thrustmaster’s TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition comes with everything you need to fly Airbus aircraft in any simulator. Take control with the sidestick with precision built-in thanks to the HallEffect AccuRate Technology sensor, whilst the head button modules mean right or left-handed users can comfortably use the controls. In addition to the sidestick, the pack also comes with the throttle quadrant, which comes with thrust gates and thrust reversing mechanisms. The pack also features the flap and brake module, which also features gear, autobrake and spoiler controls.

Inside the box, you will find the TCA Sidestick, the TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition and the 2 add-on modules that include the brakes and landing flaps. The Captain Pack also includes all the cables you need, as well as the usual manual, quick start guide and interchangeable joystick buttons. Finally, the Captain Pack has native integration with Microsoft Flight Simulator, whilst also being compatible with Prepar3D and X-Plane 11.

Aerosoft has units in stock and ready to ship from their warehouse. You can buy your very own Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition for €210.08  (excluding VAT and shipping).

If you’re unsure, you can read out review on the TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition. If Airbus flying isn’t your thing, then why not check out what the upcoming Boeing pack from Thrustmaster will look like after it was announced at FlightSimExpo 2021.

In the Box

  • 1 x TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition
  • 1 x TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition + 2 x add-on modules: Brake and landing flaps
  • 4 x interchangeable joystick button modules
  • 1 x USB cable (type C to type A) + 2 x Thrustmaster SATA cable
  • 4 x connectors + 1 x mounting rod
  • 2 x stickers
  • User manual + Quick start guide + Warranty information


  • Ambidextrous and modular control stick with 4 interchangeable head button modules that lets you choose between 4 different Configurations (right or left seat in a commercial airplane, narrow or wide control stick configuration for smaller aircrafts).
  • Ergonomic replica oft he Airbus sidestick (type A320) with integrated thrust lever axis and a thrust reversing mechanism
  • 17 action buttons with unique Braille signature!
  • 12 buttons on the base, 4 on the stick and 1 virtual button on the thrust lever (on the lower 20% oft he axis)
  • New 8-way point-of-view head switch for maximum precision
  • 4 independent axes with twist-rudder (controlled by rotating the stick)
  • Selector switch allows configuration oft he 12 buttons on the base in both left-handed and right-handed positions
  • weighted base for improved stability
  • 17 action buttons with unique “Braille” signature!
    • 12 buttons on the base, 4 on the stick and 1 virtual button on the thrust lever (on the bottom 20% of the axis).
    • New 8-way point-of-view head switch for highest precision
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SimBrief and Navigraph Updates Website and Data

Tumblr Dd593803afff65ed3c80af6f6f59ecac 6f87db97 1280
Another month and another month of AIRAC data is available to download through the FMS Data Manager. However, this update actually enables some new features in Microsoft Flight Simulator and also on the SimBrief website. Starting with SimBrief, the latest AIRAC data (2110) now enables users to select aircraft type-based procedures. If you look at charts, you will see that certain SIDs
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WTFlightsim Releases Phuket Airport for P3Dv5

Last month, we shared with you the news that a new developer was working on Phuket International Airport (VTSP) for Prepar3D v5. Now, WTFlightsim, has released the large airport on the platform for a fairly reasonable price. Phuket Airport (VTSP) is one of the primary airports in Thailand and plays a large role in bringing in tourists to the country.
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Flight Sim Labs Control Center Released; MSFS Option Listed

CC 4.png.f1f6d4ee7e733b224ef930d5bddb03fa
Flight Sim Labs announced their new Control Center a few weeks ago and has been undergoing final testing in the past few weeks ahead of today's release. The application will be used to allow users to easily update aircraft, install liveries and generally manage their Flight Sim Labs products. The primary aim has been designed to allow a one-stop update
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Cross the Pond Eastbound 2021 Airports Announced

Cross the Pond Eastbound 2021 is taking place on October 30th on the VATSIM network and, as usual, the event is anticipating on extremely busy for simmers. If you're new or unfamiliar, Cross the Pond is the bi-annual event on the online network that sees simmers travel across the Atlantic between airports on either side of the ocean. The event on
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JetStream Designs Releases Toulouse-Blagnac Airport for P3D


The long-awaited airport from JetStream Designs has been released for Prepar3D v4 and Prepar3D v5. Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, located in the south of France, is home to Airbus. Along with being home to the large aircraft manufacturer, the airport is also one of the busiest in France, serving locations in the rest of France, Europe and beyond. The airport has two main runways and sees airlines such as Ryanair, Air France, easyJet and more take passengers to popular city and business destinations.

Thomas from Jetstream Designs has created the airport with plenty of attention to detail. From an impressive array of 4K textures throughout to a highly detailed rendition of the terminal building that includes interior modelling and 3D passengers at the boarding gates. Alongside that, the airport comes with custom watermasking, SODE jetways, dynamic lighting and seasonal textures. Whilst the airport itself is highly detailed, JetStream Designs has also included a rendition of the Airbus facility, along with numerous static models of in-production aircraft.

You can buy JetStream Designs’ Toulouse-Blagnac Airport now from Flightbeam’s website for $19.99.

A Microsoft Flight Simulator version of the airport is in development and is due out in October.


  • Features the updated Flightbeam Manager system
  • Configuration Manager allows you to quickly customize LFBO to your liking
  • Extensive, highly detailed and realistic 4096×4096 textures
  • Utilizes SODE for advanced jetway interaction with aircraft
  • Includes expansive surroundings of the airport
  • Custom Watermasking
  • Includes custom static Airbus airliners at the Airbus facility
  • Dynamic lights
  • Automatic season-switching
  • Key interior areas modeled in the terminal
  • Optional 3D passengers in the terminal boarding area
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PSA: VATSIM Network Scheduled Downtime

A quick note for you online simmers to let you know that VATSIM will be down for scheduled maintenance from 28 September 2021 at 23:00 UTC with an estimated completion of 29 September 2021 at 01:00 UTC. During this time, the full network will be offline, meaning you won't be able to connect at all. This will also affect some websites during
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A Brief Look at the TFDi Design MD-11 in MSFS

Tfdi Design Md 11 Msfs Aircraft (1)
TFDi Design's MD-11 is a hotly anticipated aircraft for Prepar3D and now it's coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. During FlightSimExpo, we spent some time with the team at the show floor to learn a bit more about the aircraft and how development is proceeding. We have learned from the team that the MD-11 will come with an impressive number of features
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FSimStudios Releases London International Airport (CYXU) for P3D

Developer FSimStudios has released London International Airport (CYXU) for Prepar3D v4.4 and above. Located 5 miles from the city of London in Ontario, Canada, the airport is a focus city for Air Canada Express, WestJet and others. London International Airport comes with 4K texturing and acute attention to detail throughout. Over 10 square KM of seasonal aerial orthoimagery has also
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FSElite Exclusive: PhotoSimLabs Bringing Jamaica to P3D and MSFS

PhotoSimLabs has announced that they will be visiting Jamaica in both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D very soon. Very soon, PhotoSimLabs will release the first of two packs that represent Jamaica in an immense level of detail. Regions: Jamaica 1 will include both Sangster International Airport (MKJS) and also Ian Fleming International Airport (MKBS). Both airports will be extremely detailed
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