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Final Reminder: FlightSim Community Survey 2020 – Take Part Now


Final Reminder: You have a few hours left to complete the survey. Click here to take it!

The biggest flight simulation survey is now ready for you to complete. For the past few years, Navigraph has put together a detailed and comprehensive survey to help developers, publishers, media outlets and content creators better understand the current situation within the world of flight simulation. The FlightSim Community Survey 2020 can be accessed by clicking this link.

Between November 13th and November 23rd 2020, flight simmers around the world will be able to take part in the largest flight simulation survey. Whilst the survey may be long in terms of time, the aim is to help a variety of companies ensure that future products and services are made with the results in mind. As such, it’s really important you take the time to answer the questions so that developers, publishers, content creators and media outlets can create flight simulation content suited to your needs. Your response will influence the future of the community.

As with other years, there is a focus on major simulators such as Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D and Laminar Research’s X-Plane 11. However, this year will focus on mobile simulators, combat simulators, and of course, Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Following the survey, Navigraph will release the results publically so that everyone can see what’s going on in the industry and where people’s hearts and minds are at. Right now Navigraph anticipates releasing the results on December 10th 2020, but we’ll be sure to report and provide an analysis of the results when they are available.

For us here at FSElite, we’re really keen to learn how you consume content, what we can do in the future and how we can continue providing the community with transparent news, reviews and original content to inform you of the latest in flight simulation.

Click here to participate in the FlightSim Community Survey 2020.

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Orbx openLC Asia for P3D Coming in 2021

Chrome 2020 11 20 17 55 34
openLC Asia from Orbx has never really been a straight forward product release from the development team. However, today Orbx has confirmed that openLC Asia will start to see a release in 2021. The coverage will be one of the most expansive yet and consequently will be released in three parts. Area 1 of openLC Asia would cover areas such
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Fly The Maddog X 64bit Update, Instructor Panel Expansion, MSFS Announcement

FS 04.jpg.7c53da021e5f4fed726c26f5046bcd5c
In the wake of the release of Prepar3D 5.1 Hotfix 1, Leonardo Softhouse has published their latest open beta update for their popular MD-80 aircraft for Prepar3D. In addition to the official compatibility with the latest iteration of the simulator, this open beta introduces several new features and bug fixes. Furthermore, the team has now confirmed a MSFS version development
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PMDG Development Update; Boeing 777 Family News

PMDG 777 PBR (1)
Over on the PMDG forums, PMDG's Robert Randazzo has given us another status update regarding their development projects. It's a big status update with a lot to take in, especially regarding the highly anticipated Boeing 777 family line products. Robert also draws some attention to the fact that PMDG released their first ever product 23 years ago this week. MSFS
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Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v5.1 Hotfix 1 Released

Enhanced Atmospherics 780×420
Lockheed Martin has released Prepar3D v5.1 Hotfix 1. The new hotfix addresses many issues such as cloud issues with Enhanced Atmospherics, rendering issues and other weather-related issues. Looking at the changelog of client fixes and improvements, Enhanced Atmospherics (EA) seems to have a large number of changes based on feedback. Issues with cloud aliasing have been reduced, along with flashing
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MSK & Iron Sim Sharjah for P3D Released

246006 Screenshot 9

MSK Productions and Iron Sim, have released their Sharjah International Airport (OMSJ) for Prepar3D V4 and V5. Previewed about a month ago on FSElite, the scenery is a joint creation of both developers. MSK had already released an X-Plane 11 version of Sharjah last summer. This scenery brings the airport to the current standars with PBR materials, accurate layout and airport representation, dynamic lighting and SODE jetways. The airport sits on a custom orthoimage. Parking stands and airside airport comprises many ground objects such as buses, signs, belts etc.

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NL2000 Updated Version 5.04

Screenshot V504 005 Zwolle Scaled
The talented team of the popular Dutch NL2000 add-on has issued a new update. The update comes with significant changes, such as the updated photorealistic ground textures. These now date back to just 2019, giving for a really accurate and up-to-date photo-base. The updated textures include more detail and better colours than the previous version as well. The update also
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Gaya Simulations Announces Nine New Greek Airports

Gaya Simulations Greek Island Airports Msfs (4)
After their huge product announcement stream during the weekend, Gaya Simulations announced a further nine airports all in the Greek Islands. It is also confirmed that the airports will be packaged together in 3 separate packs, providing customers with 3 airports in a single package. Greek Islands 1 The first of the three packages announced will include the following airports:
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Gaya Simulations Airport Announcement Blowout: Stansted, Munich, Zurich, Rio and Many More

YouTube Banner
Scenery developer Gaya Simulations has announced a huge number of new airports which are currently in development by the studio. The announcement comes from the live stream from the team over on YouTube. In total, Gaya Simulations has confirmed that they are developing eight brand new updates and also a significant update to their already released Vienna scenery. In summary, the
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MK-Studios Releases Helsinki Airport for Prepar3D

Mk Studios Helsinki Airport Efhk (6)
After an extensive period of development, MK-Studios has released its much anticipated Helsinki Airport (EFHK) for Prepar3D. The main international airport for Finland is the busiest in the country with 90% of the country's international traffic passing through. By far the largest operator at the airport is Finnair which massively contributes to the 350 daily departures. MK-Studios has poured plenty
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