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Prepar3D News

Immersive Audio 737NG CFM 1.2 Update Now Available

The team at Immersive Audio has just released a brand new update for their 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack. The Immersion Soundpack is a alternative solution for the engine sounds of the PMDG 737NGX.

The free update includes a new sound-set for those that wanted a more ‘bassier’ feel to the engine sounds. It also has removed loop clicks, fixed the reverse thrust rumble and enhanced other elements including ground roll and wind sounds.

The 1.2 update can be picked up from SimMarket. If you don’t already own it, then you can buy it now from SimMarket for 9.80 Euros.

Full Change Log

  • Alternative bassy engine sounds added
  • Removed loop clicks from few sounds
  • Thrust reverser rumble fixed
  • New/more realistic engine buzz sounds added
  • Slightly enhanced groundroll and wind sounds
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A2A Release Dynamic Rain Effects for Developers

A2A Dynamic Rain1
A2A Simulations has today released their Dynamic Rain Effect system for developers free of charge. The physics-based engine will allow developers for both free and payware aircraft to apply the dynamic rain effect to their aircraft. The most recent release applies multi-engine support. The dynamic rain effect was first released with the A2A Bonanza, and has since been applied to various
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PFPX Version 2 Now Available

After some teases and previews, FlightSimSoft has today released version 2 of their flight planning software, PFPX. The new version contains a range of improvements over their original version, which was released many years ago. The first improvement is now PFPX enables users to see profile charts. You can clearly see the wind strengths along the route, as well as
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FSElite Exclusive: LatinVFR First PBR Previews of Santiago SCELv2

SCELv2 PBR Time Lapse 1
With the excitement of Prepar3D V4.4 now starting to die down, developers are starting to pour development efforts into seeing how they can use the new PBR technology in their products. Leonardo Software has already began showing their progress with their MD-XX series, and FSDreamteam with their upcoming Chicago O'Hare. Today, LatinVFR contacted me to inform me that they have
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Aerosoft Madrid Professional Updated to Version

Aerosoft Madrid Pro 1
Aerosoft / Sim-Wings has today updated their Madrid Professional to version for Prepar3D V4. The new updated primarily focuses on a brand new redesign of the ground layout in the south apron. The south apron is specifically for cargo airlines. Further updates include the enhancement of the ground layout and a fix to the tower area to make it
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HiSimulation Release Chapeco Airport

Developer HiSimulation has released their latest scenery product for FSX, P3D V3 and P3D V4: Chapecó Airport – Serafin Enoss Bertaso. The Brazilian airport serves a handful of airlines in the region to provide a range of domestic services.

The product features photoreal terrain from around the airport as well as an accurate representation of the airport from recent images. Furthermore, the developer has taken advantage of the new technology within Prepar3D V4 and has included dynamic lighting.

You can buy it now from SimMarket for 15.00 Euros.

You can view this airport on our sister site, DCTRY.

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FlytheMaddogX Development Update

After a preview of the MD-82, 83 and 88 with PBR, FlytheMaddogX developers have posted a nice update regarding the development of the new MD-83 and 88 Developers of the new MD-83 and MD-88 have already confirmed that these aircraft have entered beta, but are also finalizing the 'advanced icing' feature that will be included in the MD-82, 83 and
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FSLabs Release 32-bit Update For A320-X

Snow A320.jpg.4ec82501bd61067c1923caac8257344c
FSLabs have released a large update for their Airbus A320-X for the 32-bit platforms. Lefteris has stated that despite the usual compatibility updates and code additions, this update includes several fixes and improvements. FSLabs have made multiple fixes and improvements to the FMGC. They have increased the 'Pause at TOD' to 20NM so you will have some time to set
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Mega Airport Prague Open Beta Available for Preapar3D V4 Support

Ma Prag (5)
Developer XHT-Labs emailed us a few days ago telling us that their product Mega Airport Prague (LKPR) has a new open beta released. The open beta provides official support for Prepar3D V4. The airport has been published via Aerosoft, but according to the developer, Aerosoft are starting to take their time with getting the product updated on their end. As
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