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Aerosoft Planning to Release A320/321 Professional September

A321 07082018 002.png.5e1cb1c569dc16a18ce04e3ffd95c517

After various previews of the upcoming Professional Airbus series by Aerosoft, a date has been finally set down for when the community can complete their narrow-body Airbus fleet from Aerosoft. According to a post on Monday by Mathijs, the current plan to release the A320/321 Professional is for a launch on Thursday September 6th.

It was also confirmed that a 32-bit version of the Professional series won’t be happening. This means users of the current Airbus models in FSX and P3Dv3 will no longer be receiving substantial updates for those aircraft. The reason being is that the 32-bit market is dying out pretty rapidly and the cost of conversion would be higher than the possible return. Of course, if those users have jumped to P3Dv4, then you can pick up the Professional series for a reduced rate. However, as we reported a few days ago, there is still a possibility that a 32-bit version of the A330 will happen.

In the mean time, Stefan did show off some of the differences between the overhead panel of the variety of Airbus models. You can also view some external modelling shots here.


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TROPICALSIM St. Thomas 2018 Released

A new and improved St. Thomas Cyril E. King (TIST) for P3D has been released. Tropical Sim is well known for their Caribbean airports. Their latest upgrade to the new P3D platform is St. Thomas Cyril E. King International airport (TIST) St. Thomas airport is located approximately 2 miles (3km) west of the central business district of Charlotte Amalie on
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Imaginesim Singapore (WSSS) Will Cover the City

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Singapore is a hotly anticipated scenery from developers Imaginesim right now. It's been teased for quite a long time and development promises to be coming to a close soon. However, the team today previewed that work continues - but this time, work is taking place to cover the city as well. Whilst it wasn't part of the original product, the
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Orbx Global Airport Pack Freeware – August 2018

Orbx Global Airport Fs3

Even with Orbx’ impressive library of content, they continue to provide the community with new freeware to accompany their FTX Global packs. Earlier this week, the team released new airports by developers John Barner, Larry Isenore, Neil Hill and Tom Campbell were made available as part of their Global Airports package.

Another important note is that moving forward, the split between NA and EU packs will now exist. Instead, all airports will be included in a single global package. To get it, you will need to head to the Orbx store and add it to your account. Once done, the FTX Global Airport Pack will appear on in your FTX Central account for you to download.

As for new airports, there’s a nice range for all sorts of flying types. You can see the full list down below.

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Majestic Software Comment on Flight Sim Store

MJCQ400 P3Dv4
The troubles for Flight Sim Store continue for multiple users and developers. The latest developer to issue a statement regarding what their customers can do is from Majestic Software. The developers behind the Q400 have given some instructions to customers who have previously purchased their aircraft from Flight Sim Store , as well as information on how to acquire updates
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Charity Scenery Releases London Heliport (EGLW)

Among all of the payware projects in our simulation world, there's a handful of developers who offer profits to charitable causes. One said developer, appropriately named Charity Scenery, has released a brand new heliport to support local charity causes. Previously known as Battersea Heliport, NetJets London Heliport is the only licensed heliport in London. It's used primarily for refuelling services,
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