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Aerosoft Update on the Airbus Lineup and CRJ Series for 2020

Aerosoft A330 Professional Release (2)

On the Aerosoft Forums, Mathijs gave an update for what they plan for 2020. While no new big aircraft announcement was made, a lot of information was given on new work for different simulators.

Mathijs mentioned that the Aerosoft team was very enthusiastic with the release of P3D v4, but were left fairly disappointed with how many parts of the graphical engine were left half done. This is shown by no developer doing a full blown P3D v4 model. Aerosoft has expressed their interest to bring the A318/319/320 and 321 models up to date and add PBR, but would take months of rework for not much gain in sales. They also added that requesting update fees is not the style of Aerosoft.

Aerosoft has mentioned that they have been invited over to the Asobo Studio to take a look at the new MS Flight Simulator, and the reaction was just what we have seen from others seeing the sim for the first time, lots of amazement. Mathijs mentioned how Asobo has been very open with them, being a phone call away for questions, and having many discussions with them. They mentioned as well that Aerosoft has a strong belief in the new MS Flight Simulator.

Mathijs also gave a quick update on future projects and aircraft. First is that Aerosoft will “not work on full new builds of the smaller busses for P3D v4”. Mathijs said that also P3D v5 is expected to come this year sometime and is supposedly to fix a lot of the issues that Aerosoft has now with development. The smaller busses will be getting a smaller update that will add the EFB fairly soon, which will be at the same time as an update to include Navigraph support for the EFB. Once this is finished, they will finish working on the CPDLC that is partially in development. At the same time as well, Aerosoft will be working on the Airbusses and CRJs for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They currently don’t know how much of that will be port and how much will be new, as they currently don’t have an SDK for the new sim. Also mentioned is that there will be discounts for current owners of the products, depending on how much new code is made. This is the same for scenery products and tools.

Lastly, Mathijs announced that depending on the manpower available, they will be working on a product that is fully up to the new standards. This will most likely be in the form of the Twin Otter, and they also mentioned that will be an ideal aircraft to explore the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in.

Be sure to check the Aerosoft Forums for new updated from Aerosoft in the future.

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PMDG Release of the 737 NGXu Expansion Delayed

Pmdg 737ngxu 600700expansion (2)
Last week, Robert from PMDG announced that Wednesday 29th January 2020 would see the likely release of the 737 NGXu Expansion pack, which would include the 600/700 variants. In a statement issued on the PMDG forums, Robert has confirmed that the release will see a short delay. The reason for the delay is that Robert has been called away to
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CentralSim Announces Aguadilla Airport for Prepar3D V4

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CentralSim took to Facebook for their announcement of Aguadilla International Airport for Prepar3D V4. Aguadilla International Airport is a joint civil-military airport located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. While a few airlines like jetBlue, United, and Spirit service the airport, various cargo airlines to the likes of Cargolux, FedEx, Ameriflight, and Emirates Air Cargo offer flights around the world. In 2016, Aguadilla International airport served
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Paulo Ricardo Releases Rio de Janeiro for Prepar3D V4

227500 SDU Cover
Scenery developer, Paulo Ricardo, has released Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont 2020 for Prepar3D V4. This scenery includes a highly detailed rendition of Santos Dumont Airport and the city of Rio de Janeiro. The city of Rio De Janeiro is the second most populous municipality in Brazil and is the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Santos Dumont Airport
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Prealsoft Releases HD Cities Brussels for FSX and Prepar3D V4

227638 8

Prealsoft has released their most recent work, HD Cities Brussels for both FSX and Prepar3D V4. HD Cities Brussels covers the entire Brussels-Capital Region comprising of 19 municipalities and the city of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Located in the central portion of Belgium, the Brussels-Capital Region is part of both the French and Flemish Community and covers 162 km². Brussels is both the most densely populated and richest region of Belgium.

Prealsoft’s HD Cities Brussels features 0.25m/pixel satellite imagery covering Brussels City with autogen buildings and trees. The buildings that grace the landscape of Brussels City have been customized to accurately reflect the architecture and design of the city for the best immersion possible. For those who use Orbx’s FTX Global, 3D street lights on main roads and streets are included. HD Cities Brussels is compatible with Orbx FTX Global, Mega Airport Brussels, and other Belgian addons. A list of all features is provided below. Prealsoft HD Cities Belgium is available from Simmarket for €15.50.

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Immersive Audio Releases 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2

737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack V2 Official Promo
The second version of the highly impressive 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack by Immersive Audio has been released. The new version, which is completely free to current owners, features all-new recordings of the CFM56-7B engines from the flightdeck. The soundpack is now compatible with the recently released PMDG NGXu, as well as the original NGX. Furthermore, the product also features other
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Pacific Islands Simulation Announces Salt Lake City Overhaul, Plus 2 Others US Airports

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Scenery developers Pacific Islands Simulation has announced their intentions to overhaul Salt Lake City. The airport in the US was released originally in 2017 (review), but in the real world has since seen a range of changes. This includes some of the major construction that has taken place, along with updates on the new taxiways. No time frame was given on
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Flight Sim Development Group Casablanca “Coming Soon”

Fsgd Casablanca (1)
Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has announced on Facebook that their upcoming Casablanca Airport will be "coming soon." The news was shared on Facebook alongside some new previews of the airport in what appears to be the later stages of development. Mohammed V International Airport, in Casablanca, Morocco is home to a large number of airlines with the biggest being Royal Air
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