PMDG Updates DC-6 for MSFS

Pmdg Dc 6 Msfs Release (8)

PMDG has issued a new update for their popular and most recent aircraft release, the DC-6 for MSFS. The update includes a number of fixes and performance improvements, as well as some usability improvements for using the plane in sim.

Furthermore, after extensive investigation, PMDG has identified an issue that a small number of users has been reporting. Namely, that they were unable to run the installer for the DC-6. PMDG has identified this issue as a combination of moving around the simulator on the hard drive, and some Windows 10 limitations that come into effect when getting the folder name after moving around the sim. The update that PMDG has now released also tries to mitigate this issue further. If you continue to experience this issue, PMDG recommends you contact their support team.

The update, with version number 2.00.0028 is available right now for download via PMDG’s Operations Center.

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CGN Dev Shares Progress Update on 737 Classic

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Newcomer developer CGN Dev has shared some new progress for their upcoming 737 Classic, which is due to release for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new development update focuses on the FMC and some other areas of the cockpit's modelling. The update from the developer starts with the FMC. The video shared by the team highlights the work that
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Orbx Now Accepts Paypal Again

Chrome 2019 05 23 21 37 57
Along with the release of Prepar3D v5, Orbx has restarted accepting Paypal as a mean of payment. Orbx had dropped Paypal for payment since December 2016 after several problems occured with their account (see here for further explanations). This will please many users who for various reasons prefer using Paypal. The Paypal payment service is only available for payment through
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IVAO Future Software Close To Release

IVAO Public Relations Director Fares Belkhiria has posted a statement on Virtual Sky, IVAO's magazine, regarding the release date of the three upcoming software of the multiplayer network. The three software are ATC Client Aurora, Pilot Client Altitude and Connector Artifice. The three softwares will be showcased next week-end (see details below) on the Youtube Channel of IVAO and released
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VATSIM Cross The Pond 2019 Eastbound Voting Open

Ctp 2019 East

VATSIM has opened the polls for choosing the airports that will be featured during their bi-annual CTP event. Only VATSIM members are allowed to vote. They are asked to pick one departure and one arrival airport among twelve choices for each. The event will be eastbound this time.

VATSIM CTP events are the busiest events of the VATSIM community. They happen twice a year, one being westbound, the other one being eastbound. Hundred of pilots cross the Atlantic Ocean during this events, under full ATC coverage, including transoceanic operations. The voting helps the VATSIM staff pick departure and arrival airports, with traditionally around 4 to 5 airports each side of the Atlantic Ocean fully staffed with ATC. For this particular event, the VATSIM team hopes to release their new voice codec, which has been in development for more than a year already.

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PMDG Comments on MSFS Trailer Release

Pmdg Banner
Over on the PMDG forum, Robert Randazzo, of PMDG Simulations has commented on the PMDG stance regarding the release of Microsoft's trailer of their upcoming Flight Simulator 2020. Having received many questions about possible developments for the new MSFS platform, in efforts to manage expectations of the community, Robert commented that although Microsoft has clearly been working on the title
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FSExpo 2019: POSCON Beta Roadmap Updated

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The folks behind the all-new simulation network, POSCON, have updated their beta testing roadmap as part of their showcase at this year's FSExpo in Orlando, FL. For some time now, as the network has been developed and improved, the developers have had a very small testing team of just 58 people on hand to assist them in fault-finding their new network.
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