Aivlasoft EFB v2 Released


After showing off some previews around a week ago, Aivlasoft has released version 2 of their popular EFB utility.

The updated version of the electronic flight bag brings new features and improvements, such as;

  • Improved Approach displays
  • Oceanic track details
  • Vertical guidance for precision & non-precision approaches
  • TOPCAT integration
  • Detailed weather information with Activesky, FSGRW and NOAA integration
  • Customisable, interactive checklists
  • And much more

Aivlasoft EFB v2 is available now from the developer’s website for USD $59.90.

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PilotEdge Launches SkyHigh Charters And Releases New FSX/P3D Client

PE Logo
PilotEdge, a high-quality, subscription-based online ATC service, recently launched their latest project which was announced at FSExpo, just a week prior. The service is for those pilots who have completed all the tests which PilotEdge offers, who then go on to simulate being a charter pilot on the network. With the focus on offering pilots a variety of flying experiences
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PilotEdge Announce New FSX/P3D Client, Sky High Charters

PE Logo
PilotEdge has announced a new FSX/P3D client for their network users in the very first on-stage announcement for FSExpo. The client, based on vPilot, will bring dynamic model matching to the user experience, along with ground clamping, simultaneous COM radios, yoke PTT support without the use of FSUIPC, and a web-based interface. Additionally, PilotEdge has also announced a new project 'Sky High
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MFSG Releases Kozushima Airport 2018 For FS2004, FSX And P3D

MFSG Kozushima 01
MSFG (or Malaysian Flight Simulator Group) has released Kozushima Airport for FS2004, FSX, P3D v3 and P3D v4. Kozushima Airport (RJAZ) is a regional airport serving Kozushima in the northern Izu Islands, Tokyo, Japan. If officially opened in July 1992. The product consists of these main features: Highly detailed Kozushima Airport Kozushima Photoscenery Terrain Kozushima Groundpoly RJAZ airport area FS2004 version compatible with
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Mettar Simulations Introduce Simstall

Matt Davies has posted over on Mettar Simulation's website officially introducing Simstall. In the post, he has detailed exactly what Simstall is and what we can expect from it as and when it is released; all of which is sounding very exciting. Matt starts off in the post speaking about how we as a community have not enjoyed any significant advances
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Mettar Simulations: 2018 And Beyond


You may not know the name “Mettar Simulations“, but you likely know the main man behind that name very well.
Matt Davies is well known in our community for his Twitch streams and YouTube channel (formerly going by the screen name Belynz,  saving the P3D Tweak Assistant tool (better known as PTA) from being relegated to history by the previous owner and developer, while also giving life to the popular projectFLY flight log-book and dispatch web-app which started the chain of events that lead to the creation of Mettar Simulations.

Matt has spoken freely about the plans for his company on his Twitch streams in the past, giving some details to his followers, but generally not going too far into detail. Thankfully though, he has released a statement via Facebook today giving us an insight as to what happens from here for Mettar.
He starts off by describing the beginnings of the company, how it came to be, and details the team that he has on board. Continuing, he tells of the events that lead to the creation of the company, such as PTA, projectFLY, Simstall, and the start of his highly-anticipated A380 project.
The overview that follows goes further into detail on these projects, such as where they’re at now, and what the plans for the future are.

projectFLY is already released, as most would know, but Matt says that it’s not being forgotten just because it’s the eldest child. He tells us that the team are continuously improving on the website, adding features and data accuracy, fixing bugs, and providing support to the many users already making use of the free tools every day. He describes it as:

An all in one solution to your virtual flying. Using our state of the art desktop application, you can browse global schedules (updated every 30 days), dispatch flights using real dispatching software (yes, the exact same as real airlines use on a daily basis), manage your own fleet and track your flights in real time. It’s the fanciest logbook you’ll ever use. projectFLY is free to use.

If you haven’t already familiarised yourself with projectFLY, check it out here (or try the v3 beta).

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FS2Crew Release Pilot Assist Pro for iOS

FS2Crew released their newest application: Pilot Assist Pro. The application is only available on the iOS platform via the App Store. It is a mobile flight bag that has a ton of features. It is available on the App Store for a one-time purchase of $49.99. The application includes personalised and customised checklists for the PMDG 737, PMDG 747, PMDG
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projectFLY V3 Open Beta Now Available to Use

Chrome 2018 01 17 00 12 08
UPDATE: We are aware that some members of the community are unaware of what projectFLY is and how it works. It's primary function is to be able to give the community a space to log their flights across multiple sim platforms and operating systems, as well as engage in community content. The custom built system will allow users, for free,
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