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FlightSimSoft Previews PFPX Update


Over the last few days, FlightSimSoft, known for PFPX and Topcat have provided a few screenshots showing off some new features that are due to be added to PFPX in a new update.

The first bunch of screenshots posted last Sunday are showing off new options for various charts used in flight-planning including ETOPS and plotting charts to better illustrate how Atlantic crossings are being worked out. On top of this, a chart showing the cruise altitudes during a long flight is calculated and how the winds are at different altitudes.

The second round of previews uploaded today, show off various customization options available to the individual airports with regards to how certain weather phenomenon are to be depicted on the new chart options around certain airports.

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Summary: Mettar Simulations Presentation At Flight Sim 2018

A380 Article 1
Mettar Simulations has provided updates on a range of their projects during their presentation at Flight Sim 2018 this morning. During the presentation, Matt Davies spoke about projectFLY, POSCON and more. projectFLY The widely-used flight-tracking companion for every style of simmer is about to be updated with a number of new and improved features. The items that Matt touched on
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VATSIM Reveal New Voice Codec

For a long time, many a VATSIM user has asked for a new codec which will bring better clarity and ease to using voice on VATSIM. Well, the time is now upon us and the first preview of the new codec has been shown off over on VATSIM's YouTube channel. The video shows off some of the new features of
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Navigraph FMS Data Manager Adds Active Sky XP Support

ASXP Mockup
It's essentially a monthly ritual, where sim pilots hit that "Update" button in the Navigraph FMS Data Manager to keep their navigational data up to date for their next flight. In doing so, the data manager updates all of the (supported) installed aircraft and add-on applications that simmers hold in their arsenal. This month though, Navigraph has made a lot
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Navigraph Charts – Quick News Update

On their Facebook page, Navigraph has said they will soon be providing Commercial Airline Overlay Charts (CAO) from Jeppesen, in addition to all other current charts. These charts were developed to better support pilots that primarily operate category C and D aircraft. No news on when specifically these Charts will be released, though I don't think it will be too far
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AccuMap v2 Enters Open Beta


Last week, FSElite was lucky enough to bring you exclusive previews of AccuMap v2. AccuMap is a modern VATSIM map viewer that originally was released as a desktop application nearly 12 months ago today, however, the application was found to be very heavy on system resources, and earlier this year the development team made the decision to take down the AccuMap server to begin work on a version 2.

Today, AccuMap version 2 has entered open beta after extensive testing behind closed doors for the past few months. Version 2 is web-based, and as a result, does not harm the end user’s PC performance as they may have found with version 1. Users who prefer a desktop VATSIM viewer will be pleased to know that there is a plan to bring v2 to the desktop once the beta has concluded.
The development team has also spent time in the ground-up re-development on improving the interface and adding some handy features into the web application, enabling users to see and access information more easily and with greater speed.

The open beta is available now at http://accumap-project.com.

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Matt Davies Appointed As Lead Technical Manager Of POSCON

One of the exhibitors that the community was incredibly keen to check out last month at FSExpo was POSCON. POSCON, an acronym for Positive Control Network, is a brand new multiplayer air traffic and air traffic control network with a focus on improving on the existing networks that are currently available to flight simmers and virtual air traffic controllers. Their
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Aivlasoft EFB v2 Released

After showing off some previews around a week ago, Aivlasoft has released version 2 of their popular EFB utility. The updated version of the electronic flight bag brings new features and improvements, such as; Improved Approach displays Oceanic track details Vertical guidance for precision & non-precision approaches TOPCAT integration Detailed weather information with Activesky, FSGRW and NOAA integration Customisable, interactive checklists
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PilotEdge Announce New FSX/P3D Client, Sky High Charters

PE Logo
PilotEdge has announced a new FSX/P3D client for their network users in the very first on-stage announcement for FSExpo. The client, based on vPilot, will bring dynamic model matching to the user experience, along with ground clamping, simultaneous COM radios, yoke PTT support without the use of FSUIPC, and a web-based interface. Additionally, PilotEdge has also announced a new project 'Sky High
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