Microsoft Flight Simulator Updated to Version with New Hotfix

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A brand new hotfix for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released, bringing the platform to version The new version fixes a number of issues, along with adding additional functionality to the sim based on user requests and feedback.

The latest hotfix addresses the broken night lighting when the render scale was not set to 100%. Furthermore, there have been fixes for the trim reset button on the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant, terrain spikes in Innsbruck, and also other general crashes. Speaking of crashes, the hotfix means that ‘Safe Mode’ will no longer trigger when a crash occurs when closing the sim. The other notable change with the hotfix is the addition of ‘Offscreen pre caching’ added to the VR menu for those that use VR in the simulator.

Downloading the new hotfix can be done through the usual way of opening up the simulator and downloading the new update. As usual, be sure to remove everything from your ‘Community’ folder first and then replace it after the update is complete in order to ensure things work correctly.

For more on Microsoft Flight Simulator, check out our interview with Jorg Neumann on the future of the platform, or perhaps read over our review on the Xbox version of the simulator. With World Update VI now in the hands of simmers, the next big release will be the Junkers JU-52 coming at the end of the month.


  • Fixed broken night lighting when the renderscale was not set to 100%
  • Added Offscreen pre caching option in the VR menu
  • Fixed some general crashes
  • Fixed the Trim reset button on the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant
  • Safe mode will no longer trigger when a crash occured when closing the program
  • Missing watermask at Lucerne has been added
  • Color correction for Photogrammetry in Vienna has been tweaked
  • Water crack has been fixed near Moritzburg POI
  • Fixed terrain spike around LOWI
  • Fixed crash with Resync from Aircraft Editor without any aircraft selected
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DC Designs’ Concorde Is Looking Shiny in MSFS

Dc Designs Concorde Msfs (8)

A series of new images from the upcoming DC Designs Concorde has appeared on Facebook courtesy of the developer. These new shots show the aircraft in numerous states and it’s looking pretty sharp in the simulator right now.

On Facebook, DC Designs said that the conversion from Prepar3D is currently ongoing and has been for some time now. In fact, the aircraft is already in the new simulator with many animations already working. In addition, Dean from DC Designs said that many features originally coded for the Prepar3D version carried over to Microsoft Flight Simulator and has given him a head-start.

Over the course of the next few months, time will be spent on ensuring that the aircraft looks as best as possible with new decals, panel lines, rivets, and true PBR. The cockpit is being rebuilt with new modelling and texture work.

In terms of system depth, DC Designs are being clear that whilst it won’t be “study-level” it will come with a number of features and quirks unique to the aircraft. For example, fuel transfer for pitch trim, step-climb profile and a realistic flight model with super-cruise. The product will also have a custom sound set, paint kit and use the in-sim checklist feature to help anyone get used to the aircraft.

The early previews of the aircraft are a work-in-progress, but more will be shown in the near future. Finally, it was confirmed that Concorde is intended to come to the Xbox version of the simulator as well.

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FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Not Returning to MSFS Marketplace, No Xbox Version


Popular freeware development team, FlyByWire Simulations, has today announced that their A32NX freeware aircraft will not return to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. The news comes from their latest news blog post and cites multiples reasons as to why this is the case.

Initially, the A32NX was removed from the in-sim Marketplace due to incompatibility with Sim Update V. However, that was resolved fairly soon afterwards, but there has been a question as to when the product would then return. It is now understood that the freeware aircraft will not return due to numerous reasons. The first being a change in licensing terms. As of July 4th, the source code and license returned to GPL-3.0 from an MIT license. As a result of legal concerns from Microsoft, GPL-licensed projects are not permitted on the Marketplace. Whilst a separate fork of the A32NX was made, it became clear that maintaining this separate version was a challenge.

Another challenge for the team was the limited SDK. Whilst the team said things have improved since the release of the sim, there are many key functions that can’t be achieved within the simulator and requires some components to run outside of the sim. This again means that it wouldn’t be possible to allow the product to be distributed through the in-sim Marketplace.

In addition to all of this, it was confirmed that an Xbox-compatible version of the aircraft will also not happen. Alongside the limitations above, the team also considered that the support and QA required by the team of volunteers would be overwhelming and unmanageable.

FlyByWire hopes that the community will understand the decision, but want to reassure that they remain committed to bringing a detailed and accurate rendition of the A320neo to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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iniScene Announces Queenstown Airport International for MSFS

Iniscene Queenstown Airport (3)

In a surprise announcement, iniScene will be soon releasing Queenstown Airport (NZQN) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The news comes from the new product page over on their store page, which confirms numerous features and showcases a number of previews for the product.

The airport has been developed from the ground up with attention to detail in and around the airport itself. There are plenty of things to discover such as the custom ground markings, numerous bus stops, cargo containers, vehicles, vegetation and more. The hand-made polygons are complete with bespoke textures and completely optimised for the best experience. Along with that, the team has included 30cm/px satellite imagery that blends in seamlessly with the simulator. Whilst the airport comes with accurate 1m mesh data, it is also compatible with Orbx’s New Zealand Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

As New Zealand’s fourth busiest airport, there will be plenty of opportunities to fly to this gorgeous airport in a very scenic part of the world.

It will soon be released through the iniBuilds store for £10.99 and also soon available through the Microsoft Marketplace.

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DC Designs Announces Northrop P-61B Black Widow

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P-61B Black Widow

DC Designs has announced they are bringing their first freeware product to MSFS: the Northtop P-61B Black Widow. The P-61B was the first U.S. warplane that was designed as a night fighter, and the first aircraft to include radar. Dubbed the ‘Black Widow’, the plane saw its first flight in 1942, and its introduction two years later, in 1944. The plane has an iconic look due to it’s ‘twin-boom’ design.

DC Designs has recreated both the interior and the exterior model for MSFS, including PBR textures and 3D gauges. Furthermore, developer OzWookie from Big Radials will be working on a custom, high quality WWise sound set.

F-14 and F-15

The F-14 and F-15 are now available on the Marketplace, and have both received an update. The F-15 now has a more in-depth autopilot, more functional controls, special effects and new LOD models. The F-14 on the other hand has received some minor bug fixes and better LOD models.

DC Designs is also working on further improving these two planes, with texture improvements for the F-15 and effects for both planes. However, this process is lengthy and there is a learning curve involved.

PT-17 Stearman

An update for DC Designs PT-17 Stearman is imminent. It will include a working smoke system alongside a new faired-version model. This model is based on Stephen Coonts’ famous “Cannibal Queen” Stearman. No new engine modelling or sounds are included, but the plane will have a little bit more power to simulate the larger Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engine. DC Designs also announced that a 3D model of the Wasp Junior will eventually come to the sim, but it will require a lot more work and is not essential right now.


Last but not least, the conversion work on DC Designs’ most complex project will begin soon. There is a lot of work involved in bringing the plane to MSFS, such as remodelling and retexturing of the interior. However, DC Designs hopes that the plane will make it before Christmas.

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Aerosoft Airport Trondheim-Vaernes Update, Now on Xbox

Update Trondheim Vaernes Msfs

Aerosoft has updated its Airport Trondheim-Vaernes to version which improves performance, adds new functionality and also numerous other improvements.

The new update has added numerous optimizations around the airport and also reduced the chance of jetway models from being missing within the sim. In addition, the team has improved the terminal and jetway glass textures, whilst also adding missing ground markings on the closed runway. Additionally, the update also makes the airport compatible with World Update V by removing default church models.

In addition, the airport has been made compatible and available on Xbox consoles. This means if you use the Xbox version of the simulator, you will be able to jump into the airport from your home console. You can download the Xbox version of the airport from the Microsoft Marketplace.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to pick up Trondheim-Vaernes on Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC, you can grab it from Aerosoft for €15.08.

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[Update: New Release Date] Junkers JU-52 for MSFS Delayed by a Few Weeks

MSFS Junker JU 52 03

Update 10-Sept-2021 @ 12:35z: From the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, it has been confirmed that the Junkers JU-52 will now release on September 28th 2021.

With World Update VI now in the hands of simmers, the next exciting release for Microsoft Flight Simulator was to be the Junkers JU-52. Initially announced at Gamescom last month, the product was originally due to release not long after the anticipated World Update. However, it has been confirmed that the local legend aircraft has been delayed.

Taking to the official forums, Jummivana confirmed that the Junkers JU-52 will be delayed by a few weeks in order to polish a few remaining bugs. During the final bout of testing, the team has discovered a number of bugs that they want to iron out before releasing to the public. Whilst the team were keen to see people take flight over Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the historic aircraft, we will have to wait just a little longer to get the plane in the air.

The Junker JU-52 was flown by 12 airlines and was to carry both passengers and freight. As time went on, the aircraft saw a large role in the military, deploying troops and cargo during the Second World War. It was also briefly used as a medium bomber. However, it is today maintained for aviation displays and aerial sightseeing. Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, said the team has worked with pilots and organisations that work to keep the aircraft type maintained at various heritage sites and museums in order to create the plane for the simulator.

As Jorg said in our exclusive interview, “this is the beginning of a series of classic planes. The mental model I have in mind for these local legends is that these aircraft are pre-1950s. When we go into a region [for World Updates], we’ll see what’s famous here and what means something to people.”

When we get a new date, we’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, check out the trailer for the Junkers JU-52 coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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World Update VI: Germany, Austria, Switzerland Now Available

Microsoft has released the 6th World Update for their Flight Simulator. World Update VI focusses on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The region offers a large variety of different landscapes. From hazardous mountains to calm and rustic farm fields.

The update, like usual, includes new aerial imagery, high resolution elevation maps and covers several cities with new 3D objects. Furthermore, over 100 handcrafted points of interest have been included,  and the airports of Lübeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St. Gallen have all been recreated as well.

To get World Update VI, you first need to make sure your simulator is up to date. Once updated, you can download the package from the in-game marketplace.

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Thrustmaster Set to Announce New Flying Yoke System and Joystick Soon

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Whilst there continues to be a bit of a shortage of components in order to make hardware across the world, developers and manufacturers continue to press on with their plans to provide fans with new ways to interact with their games and simulators. Thrustmaster is one such company and has confirmed plans to announce a number of new products before the end of the year.

On social media, Thrustmaster said that before the end of the year, they will unveil two new bits of hardware that relate to flight simulation. The first will be a new Flying Joystick bundle for PC and the second will be a new Flying Yoke system for Xbox consoles and PC. Details on both are nonexistent right now. On the post, they said, “we are truly grateful for the support and interest you are showing by regularly asking for news on our upcoming projects.” It continues, “as we have a lot of amazing products in all our different universes to reveal in the next six months, here is a summary of what we will unveil before the end of 2021.”


Thrustmaster has been actively developing and bringing new hardware to the flight simulation scene for years now, with the most recent hardware being the TCA Airbus packages. They have been met with critical acclaim, so hopefully whatever Thrustmaster has in store will meet those same expectations and demands.

As for when and where this announcement will take place; it appears as though FlightSimExpo 2021 is the answer. We don’t have any further details just yet, but with such a large presence at this year’s show, there’s no doubt something will be announced during this period of time. As always, we’ll be following the news and bringing it back to you as and when we learn more.

The featured image used is from the TCA Airbus Series and not representative of a new product.

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