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Northern Sky Studio Releases Molokai Airports for MSFS


Scenery developer Northern Sky has released Molokai Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new airport package release combines two airports into a single product. Molokai Airport (PHMK) is a public airport on the island of Molokai in Hawaii and mostly sees general aviation traffic. The second airport included in the package is Kalaupapa Airport (PHLU), which features a 2,700ft runway with scheduled passenger operations from Mokulele Airlines. Both airports are frequently served by one another in the real-world making for some fun and scenic routings.

The scenery package was originally designed for X-Plane 10 and 11 back in 2017, but has since undergone major changes to release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As a result, the airport scenery now has complete PBR materials, shading and occlusion effects on all terminal buildings and native models for the simulator for the best performance. Finally, the team has incorporated custom orthophotography for the airport and the surrounding area.

You can buy Molokai Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator from simMarket €15.00.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III: United Kingdom and Ireland Released


After a series of delays, Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update III: United Kingdom & Ireland has been made available to download. The large and anticipated update adds brand new world data for the whole of the United Kingdom along with a huge number of fixes and changes under the hood. Update version is now ready to download by installing the latest package for the simulator.

The new World Update, available now from the Marketplace, includes brand new airports, photogrammetry cities and a range of points of interest. The new photogrammetry cities are Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and London. In addition, nearly 80 points of interest will be included with favourites such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Eden Project to name just a few. Furthermore, five hand-crafted airports will be added including Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton and Out Skerries, along with visual and other improvements to 85 others across the UK. Digital elevation data right across the UK and a range of activities will also be included for free in the update.

Further to the world update, the latest update includes various changes and improvements for the entire simulator. VR has also seen some improvements including changes to some of the accessibility options. Other changes include the noise issue affecting clouds has been fixed, terrain spikes are resolved and various crashes when using Little Navmap in bush trips. Furthermore, the third-party SDK has seen various improvements meaning there are more options for aircraft and scenery developers.

A Word of Warning

On Twitter, the official Microsoft Flight Simulator account made a brief comment that users should ensure they follow specific instructions for a seamless update.

  • If you are using the manual cache feature, please make sure to delete it via the in-game menu and create an updated version as we performed some backend technical updates.
  • Some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behaviour. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.
  • After you download the newest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, head to the Marketplace to download the free World Update.

To Get the World Update

Once you have downloaded the newest update, you will need to head to the Marketplace to download the free World Update. This includes all of the above new airports, photogrammetry cities and trips associated with the update. Simply updating the simulator does not add the content to your simulator.

As a reminder, this update and the World Update add-on is completely free for all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You can read the blog post with patch notes on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator blog.

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Prealsoft Releases Vienna Landmarks for MSFS

Prealsoft Vienna Landmarks Msfs (4)

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is now available as a landmarks package for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Developer Prealsoft has brought the scenery to life in the simulator by adding many city points of interest, lighting enhancements and various autogen buildings adding to the experience.

According to the product page on simMarket, Prealsoft has included various main landmarks such as Ernst-Happel Stadium, Donau City, Vienna City Town Hall and more. Each of the newly adding buildings features PBR materials and all come with a point of interest icon for each to make them easily identifiable from within the simulator (providing you have the accessibility option switched on). Various other objects and autogen has been included to improve the default scenery included with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Prealsoft has taken into account Vienna Airport add-ons and has confirmed that Vienna Landmarks is fully compatible with those already available.

You can buy Prealsoft Vienna Landmarks from simMarket for €9.90.

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MobiFlight Updated for Native Support with MSFS

MobiFlight has been updated to version 8.0.0 which brings native support for Microsoft Flight Simulator amongst a range of other features. The MobiFlight Project is software that integrates standard hardware with various flight simulators enabling cockpit builders to expand their hobby quickly and in an affordable way.

The new update brings new features to ensure that avionics work with Microsoft Flight Simulator and also full support for the FlyByWire A32NX modification. Further to the new features, a range of improvements have also been made such as the ability to resize the settings window, showing additional values to resize various columns and also fixing issues with Windows Defender and online/offline modes. The full list of changes can be found down below. You can also find a lot more information in the overview video released by MobiFlight.

You can download the new version from the MobiFlight website.

Thanks to [EPWA] for the tip.

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FSElite Exclusive: LatinVFR Announces AREX: Airport Regional Environment X North America for MSFS

Arex Airport Regional Environment X North America Latinvfr (1)

FSElite can exclusively announce a brand-new product from LatinVFR. AREX: Airport Regional Environment X North America is a brand-new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will customised logos and companies for ground service vehicles across North American airports in the simulator.

The utility add-on includes logos and skins for most of North America’s ground handling and catering companies and injects realistic-looking vehicles into airports in the region. This includes push back trucks, airport traffic and service equipment such as the ground power unit. Further to the replacement of ground service equipment looks, customised sounds for animations have also been added to the vehicles. We know that ASIG, Swissport and Menzies are included as part of the ground handling pack, with LSG, Gate Gourmet and Flying foods leading the way for the top catering companies included. The full list of included airlines in the pack is down below.

Whereas other products such as GSX or Pushback Express add new vehicles, AREX instead uses the default vehicles to make the airport environment more realistic. It is confirmed that the plan is for AREX to work in conjunction with GSX by FSDreamTeam for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

LatinVFR will be releasing the product on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, but has confirmed that the Contrail Version of the product will enable users to select airline liveries for the aircraft ground handling vehicles to enhance the experience further. For those that don’t know, Contrail is a new application created by the developers at 29Palms to make adding specific add-ons to the simulator as easy as possible. Currently, Contrail is supported by FlightBeam, JetStream Designs and LatinVFR.

Thousands of airports within Continental US and Canada are about to become a lot more realistic with AREX: Airport Regional Environment X for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ll be sure to share more details on the release and pricing once we learn more.

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Pyreegue Dev. Co Releases Odesa International Airport for MSFS

Pyreegue Dev. Co Previews Odesa International Airport (7)

Scenery developer Pyreegue Dev. Co has released Odesa International Airport (UKOO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The airport sees frequent travel to and from various other Eastern-European cities such as Prague, Istanbul and Kyiv. Odesa International Airport sees airlines such as Wizz Air, Ryanair, flydubai and SkyUp visit and all help to bring the 1.6 million passengers to the airport each year.

Included with the airport is a range of features to accommodate the high-quality texture and models such as custom ground polygons with custom ground markings and dirt. As we have seen from previous airport add-ons from the developer, there’s a range of interior modelling as well as detailed terminal buildings. Over 100 custom objects have been developed specifically for the airport, as well as animated custom vehicles. Finally, the airport has been developed with the all-new 2021 layout and runway designators.

You can buy Odesa International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator now through OrbxDirect for $21.99 AUD (approximately US$17.10 | €14,09 | £12.29).

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Terrainy Studios Releases Ikaria Airport for MSFS

Terrainy Studios, developers behind the highly acclaimed rendition of Samos Airport for MSFS, have recently released their next destination for MSFS via the simMarket online store, this time focussing on the Greek island airport of Ikaria (LGIK).

Ikaria Island National Airport (LGIK) is a small regional airport located on the Greek island Icaria and is located only 10 nautical miles to the southwest of Samos. According to history, the tiny island has been continuously inhabited since 7000BC. Interestingly, Icaria, together with several other surrounding islands, was once considered an independent state, the so-called “Free State of Icaria,” formed by its inhabitants after the Ottoman empire’s expulsion in 1912.

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Onfinal Studio Announces Stokmarknes Skagen Airport for MSFS

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Following recent releases, including Berlevåg Airport and Båtsfjord Airport, Nordic scenery developer Onfinal Studio has taken to Facebook, announcing the development of Stokmarknes Skagen Airport (ENSK) for MSFS.

Stokmarknes Skagen Airport (ENSK) is a small regional airport located on the island of Langøya, part of Nordland county in Norway. The airport was originally opened on July 1st, 1972, as part of a government-led initiative that opened up the opportunity for local residents to travel to other major Norwegian cities in a matter of hours rather than days. Today, the airport features a 900m long runway and sees regular services operated by Nordic regional airline Wideroe to cities such as Andenes and Bodø.

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PerfectSoft Studio Releases Bouarfa Airport for MSFS

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Adventure seekers and discoverers rejoice! Being their first MSFS scenery project, PerfectSoft Studio has recently released their Bouarfa Airport (GMFB) via the simMarket online store, providing simmers with yet another intriguing aerodrome to fly to and explore.

Bouarfa Airport (GMFB) is a small regional airport located within the Figuig region of Morocco and mainly serves its namesake town of Bouarfa, located 2 kilometers to the field’s south-east. The city prides itself in being the capital city of the Banou Guils, a confederation of local tribes that settled in the region during the Middle Ages. Today, the town is mainly renowned for its local artisana and due to its close proximity to some of the region’s mineral mines, located out in the desert.

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RegDesigns Announces Region of Waterloo International Airport for MSFS

Regdesigns Cykf Waterloo (1)

RegDesigns has today announced their second product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF) will be released by the team and they shared a range of images to accompany the announcement.

Region of Waterloo International Airport is 1 hour west of Toronto and the 14th biggest airport in Canada. WestJet, Sunwing and Flair Airlines all visit the airport flying routes to Victoria, Edmonton and Halifax. In addition, the airport is home to various training centres and groups offering a great degree of general aviation flying in the area.

The team has confirmed that the airport is mostly complete with just a few parts left to finish. RegDesigns has said the airport will likely be ready within the next week and once it’s available, a full feature list will be shared.

You can follow the team’s current development progress on their Discord.

Region of Waterloo International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator joins Lihue Airport (PHLI), which was released in January 2021.

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